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Poker night turns into Gang Band

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Denise dropped me off at my place and I went upstairs to my apartment. Unfortunately, the guys were still there, playing poker and laughing, and drinking beer. I came by the table and all the guys were playing their cards close to their vests. I asked who was winning and they said no one was really that much ahead. Tom at that point had to leave and I asked if I could sit in. They all seemed a little uncomfortable and looked around, but Mark said, ?I guess so, as long as the game doesn?t offend you?. I said that it couldn?t possibly offend me, poured a glass of wine, and sat down. When I picked up my first hand I got a real shock. The cards all had women on them engaged in various sexual acts, and usually with cum dripping from their mouths or tits. I tired not to look offended, but the cards were more than a bit of a surprise. No wonder Marc was usually hot after his games! I won a couple of hands but then started to loose regularly. One card really made me loose my concentration, it had a woman sucking off three guys, and obviously loving it.

Marc suggested that maybe we should take a break, and I could show the guys my belly dancing. I had recently finished up a belly dancing class and had my own outfit. Marc had let me dance for him and it always led to pretty hot sex. I went back into my bedroom and got out the costume. The wine, the skin flicks and then the cards had me in a very sexy mood. Usually I wore the costume with an inner top under the sheer outer blouse, but this time I put on a demi-bra that showed almost all of my tits. For the bottom, again under the sheer pants, I wore a thong. I thought that getting all the guys excited would really excite Marc. By the time I got back Marc had moved the coffee table away in the living room and gotten the music ready. I had another gulp of wine and got ready to dance. With the music going and the wine working I really got into my dancing. All of the guys were transfixed on me and it was exciting to be the center of attention. I got right up into their faces and let their eyes feast on my tits. By the time the first song was over I was really getting into it, and I spun down into the hall as the music finished. The guys were all applauding for more and I decided to give them more of a tease. I took off the bra so they could really see my nipples through the sheer material. When the second song started I danced back into view, this time with my nipples clearly visible and pointing rock hard against the very sheer fabric. I felt really free, my breasts swinging with the music and the shaking of my body. I danced in front of each guy, giving him a good look as I teased and danced about. As I got to Marc, I pressed my breasts into his face, and the guys all said that was no fair! I looked to Marc and said, ?Should I?? He just said, ?if you want to?. The guys were all pretty excited and I danced around and pressed my breasts into each of their faces. By the bulges in their pants it was clear that I was a hit, and now my dance became more suggestive, I wanted badly to really turn them all on.

Dancing in front of Marc again he ran his hands up and untied my top. I peeled it back and pressed my flesh into his face, feeling him suck on my hardened nipples. I worked around and let all the guys suck my breasts, sometimes climbing on their laps, sometimes bending over them and letting my breasts reach their full extent. While sitting on their laps I could grind my wet pussy on their obviously had cocks and feel their demanding kisses on my tits and lips while their hands explored my breasts and nipples. Between songs I ducked back into the hall and pulled off my now wet thong, and put back on the sheer harem pants. As I danced the now I could feel the juices dripping from my pussy and begin to trickle down my leg.

Working around to Marc once again, he kissed me firmly on the lips, caressed my tits and now dripping pussy, and asked if I would like to suck his cock. ?Yes!? was my answer and he opened his pants. I sucked him deep into my mouth. While I was sucking him I reached over to Paul who was beside him on the couch. I ran my hands up and down his bulge and in short order he had his pants open and I was pulling on his cock while I sucked Marc. I worked around, sucking each one for a bit, tasting them all, teasing them all, but giving each only enough to want more. Paul had the most raging hard on and tasted the best so I picked him to be the first one to finish. I pushed my tits around his hard cock and rode them up and down, all of the wetness from the kissing and sucking his cock gave it plenty of lubrication. I looked deeply into his eyes and saw him mesmerized by what I was doing to his cock.

I took Paul by the hand and led him out to the middle of the room. I pulled down his pants and started giving him the most fantastic blowjob I could. The guys were all pulling their cocks and enjoying the show. Paul moved to hold my head and began to fuck my mouth. On each stroke I pulled him deep into my throat. I knew that he couldn?t last long and I felt him getting ready to cum. Paul groaned and I pulled him out and squirted his come into my waiting mouth. It tasted fantastic and I swirled it around my lips, showing the guys his cum in my mouth. Then I sucked hard and deep to get the last drops from his pulsing cock.

Jerry and Rob came forward and Rob pulled off the bottom of my sopping wet costume. He positioned me on all fours and while I sucked Jerry, Rob easily entered my flowing wet pussy from behind. God that was what I wanted! I could feel his hard cock filling my pussy and I could work on Jerry?s sweet cock with my mouth. I wasn?t long before I had my first orgasm, and I was gasping for breath while the pounding of my pussy continued. I redoubled my efforts on Jerry?s cock, I wanted to taste his cum so badly now. I felt Jerry tensing up, ready to give me his cum, and I pulled him deep and sucked as hard as I could. He shot his load deep in my throat while I sucked him and he kept squirting and pulsing in my throat while he groaned. I didn?t release him even though he couldn?t stand the suction. He shivered but I held him in my mouth to capture his final pulse of cum, and swirled my tongue around his cock to savor and taste his juice. He fell back on the sofa muttering something about knowing about what an ultimate blowjob was. About this time Rob began to pound me furiously, getting ready to fill my flowing pussy. I reached around and pulled him deeply into my pussy as I felt him pulse and squirt his load into me, filling me with his juices. I squeezed his cock inside of me and shuttered to another orgasm as he pushed his cock and held it deeply inside me.

Jeff was next and I put him on the floor and climbed up onto his large cock. My pussy quickly adjusted to his size and I rocked back and forth on his member, enjoying the fullness that it gave me. Marc came over and kissed me on my lips. I whispered to him ?You know that I am saving my ass for you baby.? He nodded and he kissed me deeply the he pulled away. Carl was sitting on the sofa, pulling on his cock and I motioned for him to come over. I took him in my mouth and began a slow sucking while Jeff?s cock stretched my cunt and his hands and lips roamed all over my tits. The feeling was exquisite; I was in control and yet could only float on the sensations. I felt Marc rub around my bum with some lotion and finally probe my willing ass. He worked the lotion into my bum and I felt his two fingers relaxing me. I looked back around to see his glistening cock and I begged to him, ?Please, do it now?. I pressed Jeff deeply into my pussy and held Carl in my mouth as Marc started a slow entry into my ass. As Marc pressed deeper I held onto Carl?s cock until Marc reached the depth of my ass. I pulled Carl into my throat and felt as though I was as thoroughly filled with cock as a woman could possibly be. I sucked hungrily on Carl while the boys in back worked to fill my pussy and ass alternately. Carl, after watching all of this and with my tonguing and deep throating of his cock, didn?t last too long, groaning and spraying my mouth with his cum. I smeared it around my lips and then sucked him some more, getting an extra little taste on my tongue for my effort.

Now I could pay attention to the cocks in my pussy and ass. With Jeff holding me up from underneath I could work my body to engulf these two cocks. I rocked back and forth and came to another shuttering orgasm. Jeff and Marc really started to work on my pussy and ass now. I could feel their cocks rubbing together between my pussy and ass. Marc picked up speed in time with Jeff, giving me a real driving. I wanted to collapse, but Jeff held me up, right in the perfect position to be ravaged. Jeff held on to me and pushed up deeply into me expending his load into my pussy. I pushed down onto him as he came and felt his juices flowing around his cock. I worked my pussy in a circular motion as I felt him soften within me.

I let Jeff slide out from under me and turned to Marc. ?Please, finish me,? I begged. Marc firmly pushed me down to the floor with his cock still in my ass. I spread my arms out, kept my legs together and lifted my bum to meet his deepening thrusts. He knows that I love to be deeply filled in the ass, and that it gives me the most fantastic orgasms. I was completely at his mercy, spread on the floor, feeling all his weight pushing him deeply into my ass, cum oozing from my pussy and mouth. His speed slowly increased along with the depth of his reach into me. Soon he was stroking deeply, firmly and completely filling me. My breath came in short gasps, with each stroke I let out a short gasp, punctuating his penetrations, until, as the strokes came hard and fast they all blended together into a single long moan. I was quivering, and shaking and coming all at the same time. My head was spinning and I couldn?t take any more and I told Marc that, between gasps as he thrust into my ass. Just when I thought I was going to pass out he plunged to my depths and held there pulsing as he filled my ass with his hot cum. As Marc ground deeply within me I came again, releasing what little energy I had left. He rolled me over and I looked up to see three more cocks above me. I just lay there arms out, totally spent as they knelt above me and pulled on their cocks. First one then another came on my tits, and then as the third one came I opened my mouth to receive his gift. He squirted it into my waiting mouth and I kissed the end as the last squirt came across my lips and dribbled across my mouth and cheek.

I lay there rubbing cum onto my tits, licking my lips and tasting the salty reward while feeling cum ooze from my ass and pussy. All I could do is savor the feeling of being totally filled and satisfied. Marc picked me up and carried me to the bedroom as the guys all began to gather up and leave. He squeezed my nipples and massaged cum into my tits. Every so often I would feel a wave of passion come over me and I would quake. I was so sensitive that every different touch caused a mini orgasm. He ran his fingers around gathering cum on my face and my mouth and I sucked them clean. He asked if I was satisfied, and I told him that it was more than I ever could have imagined...

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