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Playing Pool

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"Eight ball in the corner pocket." I said as I pointed my stick at the far side. My wife of three years was sitting cross leg at a high top table watching, holding her cue, sweating fruity drink in hand. Just as I took the shot four guys walked into the pool table area. There were only two tables and both were occupied. My wife and I recently discovered this refurbished former dive bar. The owners did an outstanding job and it's usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights. It had a moat of ice on the bar where you could set your beer to keep it cold, a separate room off to one side with the aforementioned pool tables and an outside bar with additional seating under umbrellas. My wife Mia was looking especially nice on this Thursday early evening in a red and gray miniskirt and white cotton blouse. She stands 5'6" weighs 123lbs, has wavy dark hair, but by far her best feature are her long, smooth, tan legs. She is beautiful, but the first thing everybody notices is her legs. She knows this, has known it for a long time. In high school when all the other girls were wearing tight sweaters to get boy's attention, she started wearing short shorts and short skirts to do the same. Her breasts just never got beyond B cups, but they always hounded her. We chose Thursday in the hopes of scoring a pool table. It worked and we were into our 2nd game when the four guys walked in. They weren't scruffy, but they were dressed in biker garb. Two were clean shaven, one had a smooth bald head with a nicely kept goatee, the last one was probably ten years younger than the other three which I pegged as mid -forties. They were all wearing the uniform of a biker gang, but it wasn't one I've ever heard of. They had a medical caduceus on the back of their leather vests with the name, House of Pain circled around it. Made no sense to me at the time. They looked at both tables and placed their dollar's worth of quarters on the edge of ours. In pool hall etiquette that means they get next game. I had hoped to play one more game with Mia before we left, but failed to put my own quarters on the pool table to lay claim to the next one. "I was hoping to play one more game fellas," I told them. "Well, how about we just play doubles for the next game?" Goatee guy asked with a lopsided grin. He grabbed the young guy by the shoulder and said, "Jake here can be my partner." "Okay, no problem." I replied. I looked at Mia and she had tight straight lips, which I knew meant she wasn't sure about this. "I'm Mike." goatee guy said extending his hand toward me. I shook it, said, "My name is Jerry." I pointed at Mia and introduced her. As this was happening the other two guys playing on the second table laid down their cues and left. The two bikers that hadn't yet introduced themselves made their way to the other table and ignored us. "Since it's your table, I'll rack 'em." Mike said plugging quarters into slots. Jake went to select a cue from the rack. Mia curled her finger for me to come to her. "I don't know about this Jerry." She whispered. "What's to worry about babe? We'll leave if they offer to sell us drugs or anything else we don't like." "Okay, but I'm holding you to it." Mia responded. "Go ahead and break Jerry" Mike said. He ordered shots of Tequila when the waitress made her way through the pool room. "Can I get you guys anything?" he asked Mia and I. "Sure, refills on both ours would be great." I said. The waitress collected our empties and said she'd be right back. The first game went our way. I did notice that all eyes in the room were on Mia when she bent over to take a shot. Her short skirt climbed up invitingly as she leaned over the table, her long, perfect legs on display. The guys at the other table even stopped to stare whenever she took a shot. Mike bought 2 more rounds during that game. Which really gave me a buzz. I have trouble holding my liquor as my somewhat small frame just doesn't have the means to process alcohol that fast. I only stand about 5'8" and weigh in at 160. I'm older than Mia by 15 years and unless you knew the size of my wallet you'd wonder what a super hot 20- something girl like Mia was doing with me. Mia is not much better with her alcohol than I am. Her drink of choice is usually white wine, but tonight she was drinking fruity island drinks with little umbrellas in them. I could tell the drinks were affecting us as we were playing worse and worse. But Big Mike (as I thought of him) seemed unaffected. After they lost I started to tell Mike and Jake that was it for us. "No, don't go. We'll make the next game more interesting if you guys stay." He offered. "What did you have in mind?" I asked warily. "If we win you guys buy the next round." he said. Okay, I thought, that's not out of bounds. During this next game Mike bought one more round. We talked more during this game and learned they were all doctors from the Hospital in town that started a Harley riding club. Well, except for Jake. He was a xray tech. Now their vests made a lot more sense to me. "Well, you guys look the part." Mia said to them. This was really the first time she had spoken up. Knowing they were doctors seemed to have made her relax a little. We lost that game. "Why don't we all do shots?" Mike asked. "Sure why not." I said and went to the bar to ask for shots. I came back and Mike was standing on one side of the high top table where Mia was sitting, Jake on the other side. She was giggling. I brought the tray of shots and set it on the table. We toasted to local motorcycled gang doctors and slammed them back. Thoughts of leaving were forgotten as I racked the balls for the next game. Mike and Jake were still in the same place as they talked to Mia. Once set Mike moved in to break. I eased up to Mia and asked her what they were talking about. "Oh, that my legs and incredible ass distracted them, which is why they lost that first game." She said. I noticed her glassy eyes and knew we were both pretty hammered. "I told them they didn't stand a chance then, because there's no way I'm going to let them win." she said. "How are you going to do that?" I whispered. "Oh you'll see. They couldn't concentrate before, well, they damn sure won't be able to now that I know." She said. With her first shot Mia leaned way over the table, lifted one leg up. Her skirt rode up high enough that her panties that cupped the bottom of her perfect ass peeked out. All five of the men in the room stood frozen, staring. "Oh shoot." she said when she missed and pouted. Maybe next time. I looked around the room, none of us had moved yet. Jake had an obvious hard on. he didn't even try to hide it. In fact I think he turned toward Mia, hoping she would notice. I looked at Mia and could tell she knew. I caught her stealing a lingering glance at his cock. "What are you doing?" I asked her quietly. "Winning, dammit. Now hush while I destroy these boys." "You like the affect you're having on them, don't you?" I said petulantly. "Yes. Don't be jealous." She responded. "Did you notice that bulge you created in Jake's pants?" I asked her. "Of course! It made me wet." She said near my ear. She never would have said something like that sober. "These guys may be doctors, but they are still men. This is a dangerous game you're playing." I told her. "Your shot." Mike spoke up to Mia. Again, all eyes stopped what they were doing and watched her sashay to the table. This time when she bent over the bottom of the pool cue caught in her skirt, lifting it up completely exposing her panties to the entire room. I'm sure the move was intentional. Mike was grinning, Jake's hard cock was more prominent than before. Her move worked too, as Jake completely missed his next shot, whiffing the que ball. It was my turn and I was determined to finish this game and get the hell out of there before irreversible things happened. I lined up my shot and caught Jake standing next to Mia, his hand behind her back, down low near her ass. She wasn't moving away. In fact I thought I saw her wiggle her hips a little bit. But I blew it off as just my imagination. But in my distracted state I missed an easy shot. "Let's make this exciting." Mike said as he moved in for his turn. Before I could even think about responding Mia asked. "What did you have in mind?" She was now standing close enough to Jake for her to rub side boob on his arm. I noticed the back of her skirt was slightly raised and Jake's hand was under it. I had no idea how far he had taken it. Was he rubbing her ass? Was he fingering her as we chatted like nothing was going on. I felt the heat rise up my neck. I started to say something to Jake, but Mike said. "How about this? If we win Mia has to take off her panties and donate them to the House of Pain." "But What do I get if Jerry and I win?" she asked. I don't want your underwear. Everybody laughed. I couldn't help it, I laughed too. "Good point. How about a C note?" with that Mike pulled out his wallet and placed the $100.00 bill on the pool table. "Deal!" Mia Shouted. "That money is as good as mine." she giggled. "Can I speak to you for a second. Privately?" I said. "Excuse me boys, I'll be right back." She said to them and we walked outside. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked peeved. "Winning one hundred dollars." she started to spin around and head back in. I grabbed her arm. She looked down at my hand and I dropped her arm. "What's wrong with you we're just having fun." She said. "Yeah? What was Jake doing to your ass?" I asked. She was quiet for a second. I think she even turned red, but it was hard to tell in the poorly lit outside. "He was fingering me. And I liked it. Made me feel naughty and sexy at the same time." she told me. Then she turned and went back inside leaving me standing there stunned and for the first time in my life baffled by my rigid cock. Never had I ever thought knowing that my girl was being naughty would make me hard and jealous at the same time. After a couple of minutes I went back inside and she was shaking Mike's hand. "Too late now. The bet has been placed. Are you going to help me win or not." She asked me. "Well, we gotta win now." I responded. Mia looked down at my hard cock showing through my jeans and reached out and rubbed it. "Seems like you don't mind your me being a bad girl too much." she said not caring that Mike and Jake watched her rub my cock. Mike smiled as he picked up the pool cue. They slaughtered us in minutes. Shit I thought. "Well, I always pay my debts. Can you boys block the doorway from the rest of the bar." she asked the two bikers at the other table. "Nobody else won the right to watch this." she explained. I sat at the table, resigned that Mia was going to do whatever she wanted. The other two guys, whose names we didn't know blocked the opening between the tables and the rest of the bar and Mia stood. She spun around twirling her short skirt. She grabbed the side of the pool table and looked back over her shoulder at Mike, Jake and myself. She swayed down low, swinging her hips from side to side as she brought herself back up. Reaching around behind her back with both hands, she slowly unzipped the red and gray plaid skirt and let it drop to the floor. I was angry at my traitorous cock for throbbing so hard at the sight of her striptease. She turned around to face the three of us, hooked her thumbs into the side of her panties, shot a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure the other two by the door were watching also. She wiggled her hips side to side and slid her panties down over her ass. She cocked her ass upward for the guys by the door. Then she slowly pulled her panties to her ankles bending over as she did so. Her smooth shaved pussy was facing away from Mike, Jake and I but I knew the other guys could see it. She tossed her panties at Jake, spun back toward the pool table and bent over to grab her skirt from the floor. Even from my seat a few feet away I could see her pussy was soaked. Her juices dribbled down the inside of her thighs. She pulled her skirt back up and zipped it back into place. "Whose ready for another game?" she asked and everybody laughed again. The two guys by the door restarted their game. "I'll rack." I said. Mia sat back at the table, crossed her legs, took a big gulp of her drink. Mike moved up beside her and whispered something to her. He slid his hand up her thigh as he talked near her ear. She uncrossed her legs and let his hand slide all the way up. He started rubbing her pussy, she hunched forward and grabbed his hand helping him. I watched her upper body shiver and quake for a second. She closed her eyes and leaned her head slightly forward. Then threw her head back while holding Mike's hand still. I was pretty sure she had just had an orgasm. Mike turned toward me smiling and asked. "ready for me to break something?" I just backed away from the table. "Whats the bet?" Jake asked looking at Mia. "Well hell, what do you boys think." she slurred. "I think we should get the chance to fuck you on this pool table if we win." Mike said. "But what do I get if we win?" She said with a grin. Mike pulled out his wallet, whipped out nine more $100.00 bills and laid them atop the one still on the pool table. "But what do I get?" I asked trying to say something, say anything to stop this. Mike looked at my crotch and said, "Your cock seems to be okay to watch." Fuck, I thought. I started to protest but it was again too late. "Deal." Mia said. I walked up to whisper to her. "You sure, once you cross that line you can't undo what you've done even when you sober up." "Ha! Either way I win. I get fucked by two hot guys or I take home $1000.00." She said. I knew she was too far gone to reason with. It was game time. Mike ran the table for 4 shots before missing. Mia got up and walked to the table. surveyed the balls for a shot, decided on which one she wanted and bent way over to take it. Jake walked up beside her and she glanced at him, a small smile curled her lips. Jake said don't let me distract you and he slid his hand over her ass, slipped his middle finger in her soaking pussy. He started sliding it in and out, her juices making a slight wet sucking sound as he did so. She missed her shot but didn't stand up right away, letting Jake finger fuck her a few moments longer. Jake stopped and said. "My turn." Mia stood and straightened her skirt and went for another sip of her drink. Jake ran the rest of the table. "I call eight ball in side pocket." as he lined up the easy shot. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty as Jake sank the last ball, winning the game. "Can you guys guard the door again?" Mia asked the two bikers form the other table. "Sure." One of them said. "You're not thinking of going through with it are you? Much less right here, right now?" I asked. "Hell yeah I am. Just watch and enjoy." Mia replied. She leaned her ass against the pool table hands flat on the felt sides. Mike stepped up to her, kissed her hard. She grabbed the sides of his head and really got into the kiss as he lifted her skirt. He slid his middle finger inside her and started pumping it in and out. Mia lifted her ass higher onto the table and sat on the edge. She leaned back onto the felt, on her elbows. Mike lifted her skirt over her hips and knelt down and put his tongue on her clit. Mia took one hand and grabbed the back of Mike's bald head holding his face in her pussy. Her body started quivering again as she threw her head back and arched her pussy upward to meet the thrust of his tongue. Her juices splurged out, coating Mike's cheeks and goatee in cum. Mike stood and lifted her legs, resting them against his shoulders. Mia laid back on the table. Jake walked up to the side closet to Mia's head and unzipped his pants. His hard cock sprang free. Mia turned her shoulders and face toward Jake's cock and leaned over to take it in her mouth. As she stroked his cock, her head bobbed forward and back as she ran her tongue up and down both sides of his shaft. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and began pumping it, letting her tongue swirl around as she did so. Mike dropped his pants to his ankles and rubbed his hard cock against her soaking pussy. He shoved his hips forward, burying his cock deep inside my girl. I watched Mike's muscular buttock contract and pump, contract and pump. He grabbed her hips and held tight so he could pump and pound her harder. She started groaning around Jake's cock. Stopped sucking it long enough to look at Mike and tell him. "That's it Mike fuck me... fuck me hard. I'm a dirty whore and deserved to be fucked really hard." That spurred Mike to slightly roll her hips upward which allowed his cock to go as deep as he could make it. His balls were slapping her ass. Mia went back to work on Jake's cock but soon had to stop. Her hips involuntarily started thrusting up and down grinding on Mike's thrusting cock as he pumped her as hard as he could. She leaned up onto her elbows and yelled. "That's IT! fuck me... I'm cumming..." Mia squirted all over his cock, coating his balls, all over his hips and waist. When she came, her vaginal contractions made Mike unable to hold back any longer. His balls cinched up, his hips thrusts forward, his grip on her hips tightened as his cock throbbed, pulsed and pumped load after load of cum deep inside my girl. With each pump of cum he was jerking forward, making sure it went as deep as he could make it. Mike eased away from his own orgasm and slowly backed out of Mia. She wobbly lifted herself up onto her palms. Mike leaned down, lifted his pants, zipped up and stepped to the table and slammed a shot of Tequila. Jake wasted no time coming up to Mia. He grabbed her waist, pulled her over the edge of the pool table. As she slid off the table on the way to standing on her feet Jake drove his upright, hard cock into her pussy. Mike's cum gushed out the sides and globs of it hit the floor. Mia wrapped her hands around the back of his head interlocking her fingers. Jake youthful ass thrust upward. he grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her with each push. "Ohhhh... That's it. This slut needs more cock Jake. Give it to me hard." she said into his ear as she held on. Jake humped her hard for about 10 pumps, then said, "I have to take you from behind so I can see that incredible ass of yours." Mia didn't say a word, she just let Jake pull his cock out of her and spun around. She laid over the side of the pool table, reached back with both hands, reached down low and and pulled her ass cheeks apart in just the right place to fully expose her dripping pussy. Cum was still oozing out when Jake stepped forward and slammed his cock to his balls with one swift motion. He held her hips tight as he began pounding. Mia reached forward across the table to be able to push back against his thrust. "OHHHH MMMMMYYYY GODDDD..." She screamed. Her body met his, thrust for thrust. And again her hip gyrated up and down, in and out, grinding on his cock as he pumped. Her cum squirted out, down her legs, his balls. Jake tensed up and thrust forward. Just as his balls cinched up, he pulled out, grabbed his cock with one hand and began stoking it. Half a second later his first load hit her ass hole, then he covered her entire ass in cum as he stoked and pumped wad after wad of cum. Mia reached back and rubbed his cum all over her ass, shoved a finger in her pussy. The two guys guarding the door started to unzip and move forward for their turns. But Mia said,"Sorry fellas, but a debt is a debt and those guys won fair and square. Maybe we'll play you guys next time." They both looked sad, but shrugged and continued to guard the door. Mia looked at me and said, "Jerry come here and fuck me." She was still bent over the table. Cum was dribbling down her inner thighs. her pussy was red, well fucked, loose and sloppy. My cock betrayed me. I wanted her so bad at that moment. I got behind her and dropped my pants. My cock slid in easily and I pumped her maybe 4 or 5 times and blew my load. But I was so wound up I just kept pumping and cumming, pumping and cumming. I had never cum so much or so hard ever before. When my softening cock finally slipped out of her Mia stood up, dressed and grabbed the stack of hundreds on the table. "I think I earned this tonight." she said

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