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Perfect Payback

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It was Friday afternoon and in order to keep up with deadlines I had to work late. I was the only one left in the office and it was quiet except for the click of the keys on my keyboard and in the background I could hear the clanking and banging of the machines in the shop. We were so busy the guys had to work overtime all week. It was hard to focus on the work at hand as I had a big night planned with my boyfriend. I may be all proper and by the book at work but once I got home things were the total opposite. My man knew how to turn me into a wild animal and I was willing to do just about anything to please him, which in turn made it so he gave me the most intense and pleasurable orgasms I?ve ever experienced in my life.

This morning when I woke up he was gone already and all that I found was a note addressed to me on the kitchen counter. In it he wrote that he wanted this to be the best night of my life but that in order to make that happen he asked I do a few things. First I was to dress for work as he requested, and it made me nervous to think about heading to work as he explained, but I knew it would be totally worth the effort and embarrassment.

I was to bath and shave as he likes, legs soft and silky and pussy area shaved clean and smooth. Then I had to put on a pair of new black stockings, but no bra and no panties or thongs this day. My heart skipped a beat as I read that as he also instructed my to wear my shortest black skirt and my see through blouse that he loved so much. Although I was allowed to wear a suit jacket to complete the business look I knew that in the right lighting anyone would be able to tell there was nothing underneath. I was worried that my jacket would fall open exposing my 38D?s and my nipples would be hard from the feel of the fabric rubbing against them all day long . Also my skirt is so short that often the tops of my thighs peek out from above my stockings and the jacket is not long enough to cover that. I sighed, but also smiled, as I knew this was definitely going to be a night to remember, if I could just make it through the day.

I completed the finishing touches to my make-up and hair and slipped into my 5? stiletto?s hoping against hope I wouldn?t have to walk into the shop today. No matter how busy the guys were they always had time to turn look at any woman that might be walking through. It always made me uncomfortable; however, it also made me feel good to know I was still able to turn heads. Last order of business was to take a picture as best I could with my cell phone and send it to him on his phone which I did and nervously drove to the office.

So as you can imagine being dressed hot all day and knowing I was in for a great night of hot, kinky sex with my boyfriend I was getting pretty horny as the day went on. The day flew by though and as expected I received the odd frown from the girls in the office; however, I also noticed more and more of the men seemed to have to talk to me about ?business? that day and for some strange reason I was the one who had to walk through the shop to take a rush order to production which was the reason they were all working late on a Friday afternoon??

It was about 5:30 when I finished my report and I was getting ready to leave. Knowing I wouldn?t have much time to freshen up once I got home I went to the bathroom and fixed my hair and make-up so when I got home I would look as good as I did in the morning. I tousled my hair a bit to give it the ?just been fucked? look as being sweet and innocent wasn?t what I planned on being that night.

I walked out of the bathroom and noticed the lights were dim and it was eerily silent. No machines punching through metal and no forklifts driving in the shop. I thought they must have made short order of that last job I gave to them. I walked back to my desk to turn off my computer and started for the door when I noticed the shop door was still open. I cursed the ?useless men? that never do anything right and went to lock and code the alarm. Just as I grabbed for the door though I felt a hand grab my wrist. I let out a squeal and dropped my jacket and purse. I was pulled into the shop, which was even darker than the office and I had no clue what was going on. ?What are you doing?? I snapped, followed up with ?You will be written up royally for this!!? to which I heard laughing, and not just one voice, it was many masculine voices laughing at me. ?OMG? was all I could think to myself ?what is going on??

Then all of a sudden the lights came on and the shop door slammed shut. Once my eyes adjusted to the light I saw him, it was one of the lead hands that had grabbed me. I went to yell at him but he swung me around and put his hand over my mouth. He held me tight and pushed me into the supply room. There he shoved me against the wall and told me to be quiet. He grabbed both wrists with one hand and held them above my head. His other hand started grabbing at my shirt and ripped it open, exposing my tits. He bent his head down and started sucking one of my hardened nipples and then the other. Then his free hand reached down and lifted my skirt and started rubbing my thighs and pushing his hand between them. I tried hard to fight it but he was strong and had big hands. I was scared but not just about what was happening, I was scared for him to find out how excited I was by what was happening. But then I felt it, his hand had made its way to my pussy and he shot me an inquisitive look when he realized I wasn?t wearing any panties. I just rolled my eyes and smirked at him. ?So that?s the kind of girl you are hey?? he said and his finger found my clit and started rubbing it and I knew he would not help but notice I was wet. Then he shouted ?Come on in guys - she?s ready!?

Well my eyes grew wide and I looked to the door where I saw about 5 heads peering in watching all of this. I tried to push him off and get away but he still had my wrists tightly in his fist and by that time 2 or 3 fingers were shoved in my pussy where he was sure to find my g-spot, my very sensitive g-spot! I started to yell and threaten termination of their employment but none of that mattered. These guys knew what they wanted and how they planned on getting it. And now they knew that I liked it???

Before long I was grabbed by 3 more guys and picked up and dragged to the middle of the production floor where they were kind enough to grab some jackets to put down. They placed me on the floor and ordered me to my knees. Being outnumbered I figured I had better listen. Then one of them came over to me and pulled his cock out of his overalls. I pursed my lips shut but he grabbed my hair and pulled me over to him so I opened my mouth and took his cock in and started sucking and licking, bobbing my head up and down the shaft, figuring the sooner I got this over with the sooner I could leave. It didn?t take long and he blew his load down my throat and almost fell over as he backed away.

?That?s enough? I heard someone say and I thought they had been discovered and I would be saved from this carnage; however, that wasn?t to happen. ?Don?t you know a lady needs a little foreplay guys? Let?s give her a little attention before we take advantage of her.? With that he pulled my already torn blouse off of me and stood me up. He put his mouth to mine and started kissing me and shoving his tongue in my mouth and although again I tried to fight him off he started grabbing my ass and pulling me close so I could feel his hard shaft through his coveralls and then I felt someone else lift my skirt in the back and hands forcefully spreading my legs and all of a sudden I felt a warm, wiggling tongue licking and sucking my clit, causing my legs to shudder. It didn?t take long and I came all over his face and he started licking it up and shoving his head further between my legs to make sure he captured every drop. My knees got weak and I was placed onto the pile of jackets.

?Get on your knees slut? is all I heard next and by this point I was so hot I was willing to do whatever they said as long as it meant I would get someone else?s tongue lapping up my juices. Once on my hands and knees I had another cock in my face and I opened without any prodding this time and started massaging and sucking like it was the last one on earth. I heard more zippers opening and as I looked up from this magnificent shaft I saw every one of the guys was naked and massaging their cocks in preparation for my handiwork to be done. Then all of a sudden I felt my skirt lifted again and this time it wasn?t a tongue, someone had their rock hard cock rubbing up and down my pussy lips, mixing my leftover wetness with his precum and all of a sudden he shoved his dick into my pussy hard and deep. It caught me off-guard and caused the cock in my mouth to hit the back of my throat which made that guy explode his load which I had no choice but to swallow. Right behind him was another one and I went to grab it with delight as that cock continued to fill my pussy but the guy behind me grabbed my hips and slammed me so hard I thought I would break in two. His cock hit the right spot inside me and seeing all those eyes peering down at me as I?m being fucked, and fucked hard, made me cum right there and then, and my contractions were just enough to push him over the edge and he exploded deep inside me and slapped my ass when he was done.

Once he pulled out I felt 2 guys grab me and shoved me onto my back. Each grabbed a nippled and started sucking and licking and their hands were rubbing my thighs and one of them started massaging my hot, wet clit making me arch my back hoping to get more. Then I felt him move away only to feel him spreading my legs and before I knew it I had another tongue manipulating my clit so intensely I didn?t know how long I could take it. Then he slipped a finger in, then 2 and maybe more but I will never be sure, and he was finger fucking me as his tongue drove my clit crazy as the other guy was sucking my nipple another one knelt down and started whispering in my ear what he wanted to do to me when it was his turn and that made me spray a shower all over the guy eating my pussy.

He enjoyed every bit of it so much that once I was done he shoved his cock into my pussy and it didn?t take many strokes for him to be at the point of no return but he pulled out and shot his load all over my stomach and breasts. I always love that and I used my hands to rub it all in and then sucked off each finger when I was done. Fuck I was hot!

The guy who had been patiently sucking my tits had about had enough and he rolled onto his back and pulled me on top of him and shoved me down on his rock hard cock which felt like it reached my throat from the inside out. I started riding him like a wild bull and everyone could tell I was looking for another dick to suck dry and it didn?t take long for one to appear. I was totally immersed in the pleasure of 2 cocks again when I felt someone grab my hips and lean me forward and before I knew it someone was slowly but steadily sliding his manhood in my ass. At first it hurt but then when I realize the extent of this madness and that I would finally have my ultimate fantasy of 3 men at once and all holes filled I relaxed enough that he slid all the way in and the 3 started fucking me in rhythm. I must have cum about 4 times and then all of a sudden I could feel the cock in my mouth pulsating and I knew he was close and hearing my moans of excitement made the guy with the cock in my pussy tighten up and all 3 came at once - one if my mouth, one in my ass and the final one in my overly sensitive, overly excited, used and abused pussy.

Once this final climax was done and I realized what had just happened and how much of a crazy woman they must think I am I could feel the embarrassment starting and my already flushed face turning red. I looked at all the smiling faces staring at me, stood up and grabbed my clothes and headed for the door. As I was getting closer to it I noticed someone standing there and it was my boyfriend! ?I can explain? I said in a nervous voice to which he replied ?You don?t have to - I planned it all?

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