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Parking lot at the club

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We were at our usual off premise swingers club that we go to last Friday night. Lorraine looked hot. She always dresses to get attention at the club and tonight was no exception. She was in a tight sheer red button up blouse, a denim mini skirt with buttons on the front, fishnet stockings and black 5inch heels. Topped off with lots of make-up and of course no bra or panties. She looked like a street walker, but it gets her noticed by all the guys at the club.

After a few drinks we headed out to the dark, crowded dance floor. She loves it when I feel her up on the dance floor. I was rubbing her nice tits and getting her nipples hard before undoing several buttons on her blouse. Then I was caressing her bare tits before sliding a hand up her short skirt. Her smooth shaved pussy was already wet. I knew she was horny and we would have a great time tonight. The DJ played slow song after slow song to let the couples stay close and have some fun. Lorraine turned around so I was slow dancing with her from behind, rubbing my crotch against her ass. I continued to massage her bare tits and pinch her erect nipples. It was quite a show for the single guys standing at the side of the dance floor, Lorraine's hips swaying to the music, the buttons on her mini skirt undone so they could see her bare thighs above her stocking tops. And of course, her nice round bare tits getting a sensual massage from me.

Lorraine then danced us over to a nice looking guy for some "3some" dancing. Tonight she picked Domi, an Italian guy with dark hair and a dark moustache. Lorraine and Domi had danced many times before. Domi knows just how to get Lorraine off on the dance floor. They have a long French kiss as Domi slides his hand up Lorraine's short skirt. I can feel Lorraine starting to breathe harder as Domi works over Lorraine's juicy pussy with his fingers. First he inserts 1 finger, then 2, then 3 getting Lorraine going more and more. Lorraine bounced faster and faster riding his fingers all the while I'm behind her still playing with her nice tits.

Soon a few other guys join us on the dance floor and Lorraine is "dancing" with 3 strangers. Each guy enjoying all parts of her body, taking turns pinching and sucking her erect nipples and fingering her juicy pussy while Lorraine would unzip their pants and stroke their hard cocks. Lorraine came a few more times and so did one of the horny guys, in his pants and on Lorraine's hand. Lorraine thanked her friends and wanted to sit down in a booth in a dark corner of the club.

We enjoyed another drink with Lorraine's top still open when Domi came over and slid into the booth on the other side of Lorraine. They chatted a while as Domi put his hand on Lorraine's knee under the table. They continued to make small talk as Domi's hand slid higher up her leg until he was past the top of her fishnet stockings. Several other guys were hovering around hoping to see some action, or even get some from Lorraine. While still just chatting Lorraine took Domi's hand and moved it to her still wet pussy, she leaned in and gave him a long kiss as he started to finger her again. Lorraine played with her own breasts giving all the guys hanging around a good show as she had another orgasm.

This is when Lorraine and I normally say good-bye to the club and head to the parking lot to fuck in the back of our minivan, just the 2 of us. However tonight Lorraine was feeling extra horny and asked Domi if he wanted to see our minivan. Domi said "sure, sounds like fun". My cock was rock hard by now thinking about what she was up to next. I opened the sliding door and Domi and Lorraine went to the long bench seat in the back of the van and sat down. They embraced and Lorraine spread her legs wide and started to finger her wet pussy. Domi's fingers joined her's for a few minutes. Lorraine then leaned down and unbuckled Domi's pants and slide them down. His cock was big and rock hard as Lorraine's mouth engulfed it. Domi just leaned back and enjoyed the blow job as I watched the show from the middle row seats. Lorraine sucked him like an expert until he was close to cuming. She was fingering her own pussy the entire time. Domi said "I want to eat your pussy" and Lorraine said "mmmmmmmmmgreat, let's do a 69!".

Domi laid on his back as Lorraine moved around and planted her smooth pussy on Domi's face, then leaned forward and started sucking him again. It was cramped back there. Domi was tonguing her wet pussy while holding her 5 inch heels, Lorraine sucked his cock like never before, her hips riding Domi's face and tongue. The van started to rock a little with their thrusting and a guy walking by noticed and came over to see what was going on. He peered though the side window to soon realize what was going on. Domi was doing a good job as Lorraine's moans were getting louder.

Next 2 black guys that were headed into the club noticed the van and came over to see the show also. Lorraine came all over Domi's face with a loud moan as he shot a load of cum into her mouth. She licked her lips clean and then licked his cock clean. They sat up together and that is when I pointed out the guys watching them. Lorraine thought that was great and decided to give them a show, she spread her legs wide and started fingering herself with one hand while playing with her tits with her other. Domi was also enjoying the show and stroking himself to get ready for round 2.

His cock was rock hard again in a few minutes Lorraine got on top and mounted him, His cock was pretty big and she had to lower herself onto him slowly. She started bouncing up and down on his cock slowly at first but then she was going faster and faster. Domi's hands would move from her holding her hips to squeezing her ass while sucking her bouncing tits. The van was really rocking now and we could hear the guys outside talking. "What a hot slut", "Look at her ride that guy!", "I'd love to fuck that bitch too, I hope she wants more when she is done him". Their breathing was getting faster and Domi tensed up with one last thrust up, you could tell he was cumming. Lorraine just bounced fasted and came with a loud scream. Lorraine rolled off him and lay on the van seat, cum dripping from her sloppy pussy. Domi said "that was great Lorraine, you've drained me dry, and I don't think I've ever had a better fuck". Lorraine said "thanks, that is sweet, are you ready for another one?" He said "no, I don't think I can Lorraine, you've wore me out!" with a smile. She was still rubbing her cum soaked pussy when she said "that's OK, I'll just do those guys out there that have been watching, Dave can you open the van door and let them in please!". "Sure Hun, but there is only 3 guys there, you sure that will be enough" I said half-jokingly. Her reply shocked me, "I don't think so, can you go into the club and get some more guys please?" I said, "sure, I'll be back in a few minutes".

Domi gave Lorraine one last kiss and stepped out of the van as the white guy that was watching stepped in, he already had his pants down. Lorraine just stayed on her back and spread her legs wide her heels pointed straight up to the ceiling of the van. He started fucking her real hard as I headed into the club on a recruiting mission. There was a group of 4 black guys standing together watching the dance floor, that I thought Lorraine would like. I walked up to them and said "my slut wife is doing her first gangbang in the parking lot, you guys want to join her?" They looked at each other in disbelief for a few seconds and they said, "sure lets go."

We headed back out to the van and could hear loud moans from the across the parking lot. I could see they just left the van door open. The guy she was fucking when I headed into the club was finished and we met him as he was headed for the club. "Thanks, man" he said "she's one hot bitch, I hope you guys come to this club again and I get to do her again, real soon".

When we got to the van Lorraine was doing both the black guys, she was on her hands and knees. One guy was doing her doggie style while she sucked the other guy. They were talking dirty to her which just got her hotter and hotter. They were calling her slut, bitch and whore and telling her how good she was at fucking and sucking cock. Lorraine's moans were very loud and we all could hear each slap of her ass as he thrust into her. Soon the guy fucking her shot his load into her sloppy pussy so she turned around to let the other guy fuck her from behind. As he started fucking her she cleaned the cock that just finished her. This guy slapped her ass a few times as he fucked her which Lorraine liked, she just fucked and suck harder. These 2 guys used her until they came again and then they got out of the van and headed into the club.

I said "hey Lorraine, how's it going? I got you some more guys like you asked". She just looked up at the 4 black guys standing with me and said "oh good, you found more black guys! They know how to fuck!, Who's next?". She got onto her back again and spread her legs wide as another guy mounted her. He had a large cock and was fucking her good as she started to moan again, and talk. "oooooohhhhhhhhhh, that's it, fuck meeee, fuckkkk meee with that big cock, use me as your slut, oooohhhhh, that's it, fuck me, you're sooooo big it me, don't stop, don't stop . . . ."

The 4 new guys took turns fucking her for the next hour, her loud moans carrying across the parking lot. A few couples leaving the club would come over and watch for a few minutes. After the last guy pumped his cum into Lorraine I asked her if she wanted me to get some more guys. She said "no, that was great, but I want you to fuck me now". I hopped into the van and jumped between her legs to add my cum to that of the 8 guys that already filled her, used her as a cum dump before heading off. As I shot my load into Lorraine, she said "that was a great night, Honey, can we come back here again next Friday night?"

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