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Paid to be watched Part 9 Sex Slave Memoirs

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Elaine walked with Barry to the car. He was holding the chain attached to her collar. It was dark and the street was quiet. There wasn?t anyone around to notice the naked couple walking down the driveway. Their Master M, had promised her to another couple for the rest of the evening and next day. It was the first time they had been separated for more than a few hours since they began their work as part time slaves to help pay off the mounting bills. She turned and hugged him, tears falling from her eyes. She brought his body close to hers, taking in his warmth against the chill of the night air. The tears falling on his cheek, she kissed him passionately, their tongues exploring the others? mouth. Her new master placed his hand on her shoulder and separated them. He held her face in his hands, and said, ?She belongs to me for the next 24 hours, and I?ll make sure she takes good care of me.? As his hands fell and roughly groped her breast. Barry opened the door for Elaine and watched as she got in the back seat. The new Master was standing by the car door when Barry realized he was waiting for him to open it. He opened the door for Master and let him in. He went to the other side of the car and waited for Elaine?s Mistress. After saying her goodbyes, she walked over to the car as Barry opened the door for her. She grabbed his cock and pulled as she got in. Barry watched them drive away with his wife.

Mistress instructed Elaine to shower, get cleaned up and to meet them back in the living room. Freshly cleaned, with new make up applied, she returned as instructed. Not knowing if she was allowed to sit on the furniture, she stood for the half hour it took for her Masters to return. They finally appeared. She was wearing a black see through teddy with nothing underneath. He had on a silk robe. Mistress walked over to Elaine with something in her hand. ?This is a remote vibrator, put it on, I want to see how it fits.? Elaine put in on. It was nothing more than an abbreviated pair of underwear with a pocket for an egg shaped vibrator. There were wires and a little antenna in the back. Mistress stuck her hand in the panties and felt for Elaine?s clit. Then she put the vibrator in the little pocket, making sure it pressed up against where it would be most effective. ?John, try putting it on.? Master flipped the switch on the remote control from across the room. The little vibrator came to life, buzzing against Elaine?s clitoris. She felt the chills go up her back, as she the egg vibrated against her clit. The buzzing stopped. Mistress asked Elaine to pour some Port for them as a nightcap. She found the bottle where Mistress said it was, and poured the drinks. ?Buzzzzzz,? she had put the bottle down and rest her elbows on the counter as the egg vibrated against her clit again. Then it stopped, she continued to pour the drinks. Her knees were weak with her unfinished orgasm. With all the strength she could gather, she walked back to serve her Masters. After she gave them both their drinks, ?Buzzzzzz,? there it was again, her knees buckled as she twisted her body to use her thighs to force the egg tighter against her. The Masters laughed at her reaction. They told her to sit down. Master turned on the switch again. Since she was sitting she was able to lean back, relax and let the little egg to its work. Just as she was about to climax, it stopped again. Master told her to get up and get another drink. She was so shaken and stimulated she had to brace herself on the chair with her hands as she straightened up. She walked to the kitchen on wobbly legs. She handed Master his second drink as he smiled at her. ?Buzzzzzz.? Elaine?s body twisted, she thought she would climax this time, but then it stopped again. Mistress was finished with her drink and told Elaine to clean the glass and put it away. She returned to the kitchen. Her whole body was one bundle of raw nerves. As she stood in front of the sink, Elaine placed her hand in her panties against her pussy. She moaned as she placed her fingers inside, looking for her g-spot trying to find relief. The fingers found their way to her clit. She held it and rubbed it with her fingers, before then placing her whole hand against her pussy to rubbed it hard. ?Whack? she felt the sting on her back. ?Whack? ?Whack? ?Whack? as Mistress brought the leather strap to her back. She turned to face Mistress, her spittle hitting Elaine?s face, ?I didn?t tell you to pleasure yourself, you masturbating little whore.? ?Whack? as Mistress brought the strap to her ankle. Elaine fell to the floor face down. Mistress bent down and ripped the panties off Elaine. Elaine was completely naked and vulnerable. ?These are too good you, whore!? ?Whack? Mistress landed the strap against Elaine one more time. It hit the back of one of her thighs and the end of the strap caught the inside of the other thigh. ?Get up you whore.? Elaine struggled to get up and face Mistress. Tears streaming down her face, running the make up she painstakingly applied. Elaine saw Mistress raised her hand, and then it came across her face. ?Crack? Her neck snapping as the force pushed her head to one side. Mistress screamed, ?Turn around and bend over you whore.? Elaine was dazed, and she just stared at Mistress. ?Crack? Mistress took the back of her hand to Elaine?s face as it snapped again. It was then that Elaine registered what Mistress said, and obediently turned around, placed her arms on the kitchen counter and presented her ass to Mistress. Mistress raised her hand and brought it across Elaine?s ass. She felt the sting each time Mistress?s bare hands went across her naked flesh. ?Crack? ?Crack? ?Crack? as she slapped her hands back and forth across Elaine?s behind. Master walked in, ?Amy stop it!? ?Crack? Crack? her hands still swatting Elaine?s ass until John was able to grab her hands and stop her. Elaine felt relief as the assault came to an end. She was grateful to Master that he came to stop her.

Master told Mistress to leave the kitchen. Master took Elaine in his arms and told her everything would be OK now. She was so happy that he saved her. She looked up at him, looking into his eyes, and took his head in her hands and brought it down to her so that she could kiss him. She placed her lips against his, his mouth parting to accept her tongue. She felt safe in his arms and did not want to leave his side. She didn?t think about Barry right now, he was just a memory. She just wanted to feel Master?s arms around her protecting her. She pulled his arms off her body as she knelt down in front of him. She looked up at him again, as she undid his robe, so that she could get at his cock. She wanted to show her appreciation for being her savior. She took his cock in her hands, gently kissing it with her lips. She ran her tongue down his shaft and around his balls. He was starting to get hard, so she continued until he was fully erect, placing his stiff cock in her mouth, rocking back on it for his pleasure. She wrapped her hand around his cock as she pumped her mouth back and forth. She wanted to please him; she wanted to taste her Master, her savior?s cum. She was so happy when she tasted his salty fluid exploding in her mouth. She was going to make him happy so that he would continue to protect her.

Amy sat on the bed and couldn?t believe what she had just done. She never considered herself a violent person. Yet, she beat this woman leaving welts and bruises over her body. But if her husband was going to make love to this slave, she was going to show her who was in control. Perhaps, she went a little overboard. She would make it up to Elaine later. John walked into the bedroom with his arm wrapped around the naked slave. His robe was opened leaving him exposed. She could only imagine what he let the slave to do him. That controlling feeling washed over her. She had to be nice, but she could still be in control. She patted the bed, ?Come here darling? as she looked in Elaine?s direction. ?Yes dear, I mean you,? she said to Elaine. She walked over and sat next to Mistress on the bed. She rubbed her fingers over Elaine?s welts, ?I feel bad that I went a little overboard.? She handed Elaine a vibrator and said, ?Why don?t we finish where you left off.? Elaine feeling nervous and unsure just looked at her. Mistress took her hand and rubbed Elaine?s pussy. She ran her fingers through her bush and stroked the space between her vulvas. She let her fingers rise up to her clit and felt Elaine?s body tense. She gently stroked her slave?s clit, this time wanting to please, wanting to make up. Amy made sure John could see how nice she was treating the slave. She gently put her hand to Elaine?s face and turned it towards her. She kissed Elaine on the lips. Elaine opened her mouth to accept her mistress?s tongue. Then her hand fell to Elaine?s breasts as she caressed and massaged them. She took the vibrator in Elaine?s hand and guided it towards her pussy. She told Elaine to lie back and focus on the pleasure as the vibrator worked her clit. Elaine lay her head back on the pillows and spread her legs exposing her pussy. She stroked her own clit with the vibrator, her body bucking and jerking with pleasure. She pressed the vibrator even closer until she felt that much needed wave of relief over her body. Elaine looked up at Master watching her, and was pleased see his cock grow again. She hoped she had something to do with that.

Lying next to Elaine, Amy looked up and saw her husband standing at the foot of the bed. The size of his cock and the look in his eyes told Amy he was extremely aroused. Taking charge she sat at the foot of the bed before John and took his cock in her mouth, kissing and sucking his manhood. She intended to put that whore in her place and show her that John belonged to her. She was his wife and that whore was going to watch her make love to her husband. Amy pulled her husband to the bed on top of her. She brought her lips to his and kissed, a tender passionate kiss that only lovers can share. Elaine feeling stabs of hurt and a little jealous watching her protector with this woman, decided to leave and give the couple some privacy. As she was getting up, Amy looked over and said, ?Please don?t go I want you to stay. We?ll need you soon.? Elaine watched as Master placed light kisses on Mistress?s eyes and face. He tenderly kissed the crevices of her neck as he hunched over her. Moving down to her breasts, he massaged them and brought a nipple to his mouth, sucking tenderly. Mistress?s breathing quickened. He kissed her stomach as he made his way to her love triangle and paused as he took in that familiar scent, before plunging his tongue into her pussy for her pleasure. Elaine watched as Mistress?s body tensed in response to Master?s tongue. Her breathing tempo changed to short quick breaths, her groans growing louder until she screamed for him to stop as her body relaxed. Mistress took her husband?s head in her hands and brought his lips to hers for a tender and appreciative thank you kiss. Elaine wanted to go away but she couldn?t and Mistress knew that.

Mistress lay Master on the bed sandwiched between herself and Elaine. She told Elaine to follow her lead. Elaine watched as Mistress licked Master?s ears and did the same. She followed Mistress, mirroring her actions as she worked her way down Master?s body. Together they kissed his face, sucked on his nipples and worked their way down to his cock. Mistress took Master?s cock in her hands, stroking it before placing it her mouth. She ran her tongue the entire length of his shaft and handed it to Elaine. Elaine wanted to please Master. She engulfed his whole cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking at the same time to increase the sensation for Master. She released the cock from her mouth so that she and Mistress could run their lips and tongues on either side of his cock. Elaine watched his face and saw that he was pleased. All of a sudden, she felt Mistress?s lips on hers. She opened her mouth to accept Mistress?s tongue as they sensually kissed in front of Master. Amy wanted to make sure her husband saw her being gentle with his slave. Mistress lay on her back on the bed and asked Master to enter her. As he gently rocked his cock in and out of Mistress, She directed Elaine to lick his balls, and pierce his asshole with her tongue. Her face picked up the slow rhythm of Master?s cock as it went in and out of Mistress. She let his hole impale her tongue as it rocked back and forth. Mistress needed to put the slave in her place; Mistress was the object of Master?s love. The slave was just a toy to be used. Mistress caught Elaine?s eyes and motioned for her to get on all fours. She placed Master behind the slave, took his cock and directed into her asshole. Mistress picked a position that required the least amount of body contact. Elaine wished that she could feel the entire length of his body as he entered her and they would become one. But Mistress had other plans when Elaine felt his cock enter her asshole. Still, she wanted to please him, so she pushed her body back forcing his cock further in her hole. She pumped his cock with as much force as she could, back and forth, back and forth until she felt his seed flow inside of her. She just wanted to stay in that position and feel Master inside of her. But Mistress pushed him away and jammed her finger into Elaine?s hole looking for her husband?s cum. Mistress was pleased when she felt the slippery substance inside Elaine. She looked at Elaine and dismissed for the evening. ?Please have the coffee ready by 8:00 and make sure you bring the paper in.? she yelled to Elaine as she walked out the door.

Elaine woke up, put the coffee on and went to look for the paper. The paper was in the middle of the driveway. She looked out the window to make sure no one was around. Again she checked before she walked out the door. There was no one in site, so she ran down the driveway to get the paper. She notices the couple staring at her as she stooped down to pick the paper up. Elaine gathered as much poise as she could, snatched the paper and said good morning as they watched the naked slave walk back into the house.

Elaine stood in front of the kitchen sink and looked out the window. She was beginning to fall in love with Master. She yearned for him, his touch, and his scent. She watched his reflection in the window when he came up behind her, encircling her body with his arms. He held her close. She laid her head against his arm and took in his warmth. She turned around, their lips met, their kiss passionate and strong, a lovers kiss. Elaine held him tight and didn?t want to let him go. And then she turned around; she didn?t want him to see the tears falling down her cheeks. She knew she could never belong to him, at least not in the way she would like. ?Let me get you some coffee,? she said as she walked away to put some distance between them. She wiped away the tears. He would never know how she felt. She spent the rest of the morning serving Mistress her breakfast, before she cleaned her house.

Master told Elaine he was taking her to his afternoon polka game before he returned her to M. Mistress gave her a robe to wear in the car for the daytime trip. They walked in the house and the other men looked at their surprise guest. John told them he had a slave for the weekend. He removed Elaine?s robe and they all stared at her naked body. She was told where everything was as she went about the business of serving drinks and snacks. Each grabbed a feel, a pinch or a soft touch as she served them. ?John, can she do more than just served drinks?? ?Of course,? he replied. One of the men walked up to her. Master said, ?Let her undress you, Steve? Elaine took off his clothes, and was pleasantly surprised when his erect cock jumped out when she removed his boxer shorts. Elaine sat him back on the chair. She straddled him, taking his cock in her hand, and guided it into her pussy. She impaled herself on his cock. His hands went to hold her breasts as she motioned her body up and down. Elaine hoped Master was enjoying the show. She placed her hands on the back of the chair and pumped the cock faster and faster until she felt his hot fluid erupt inside her. With the cock still in her pussy she turned around and noticed the other three men were undressed, stroking their manhood, except Master. He was dressed and seemed content to watch. She got off the chair, ignoring the fluid running down her thighs, and walked over to the men. She grabbed on cock and placed it her mouth, while stroking another with her hand. Master watched as she bounced her head back and forth on his friend?s cock. She found another cock placed in front of her. Letting the first one go, she put the other in her mouth, still stoking one by hand. She alternated back and forth with the two cocks in her mouth. Elaine looked over at Master and saw him smile and that made her feel good. Master, suggested that everyone go into the bedroom. Elaine placed on of the men on the bed. She got on top and placed his cock in her pussy. It slid right in lubricated from the cum leaking from within. She bent over exposing her ass, reached the cock behind her with her hand and guided it to her other hole. The cum had leaked around lubricating there as well. The second cock slid right in. She loved the feeling with both holes filled, her nerves stimulated. She started the rhythm rocking back and forth when she took a third cock and put it in her mouth. She couldn?t see Master, but imagined him smiling as he looked on. Slowly she swayed back and forth letting the men get use to the rhythm before she could speed it up. She closed her eyes and focused on the cocks, trying to please them all. She licked the one in her mouth with her tongue, and then sucked, alternating the sensations back and forth. She positioned her body to increase the friction of the other two cocks placed inside of her, rocking her pelvis up and down. She had her rhythm as she rocked back and forth. She almost gagged with the surprised rush of hot fluid as the cock was pressed against the back of her throat. She caught her reflex and swallowed the juice. She kept her pelvis pumping, and then she felt the second explosion in her pussy. The cock slipped out and his juice gushed down her legs spotting the sheets. She was able to concentrate on her last cock, pumping it with her ass, pumping, pumping and at last another load emptied into Elaine. She opened her eyes searching for the Master. She panicked when she didn?t see him and bolted off the bed into the house to find him. There he was, laughing with a drink in his hand. She felt better knowing he was still here. He looked over to Elaine and saw all the cum leaking down her legs. He pointed to her legs, ?I think a hot shower may be in order.? She turned around, heading to the bathroom. She ran the water as hot she could stand to let the water wash everything away. She was going back to M and A, and her husband. After she got out of the shower she looked at herself in the mirror. She didn?t want to leave and it hurt knowing that she could never have Master. She loved him, but it was not meant to be. And now this only complicated her feelings about Barry as she wondered if she still loved him.

She walked back to her Master sitting by the bar. ?Ready to go back? he said as he handed her a robe for the car trip back to M?s house. As they drove past the houses in the neighborhood, she looked out the window and wondered if anything could be the same again. M split her and Barry up, and she worried that they might not be put back together.

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