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Online Affair Gone Bad

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My husband does not know this and you must NEVER tell him, but a few years ago I met a nice looking black guy on the internet and had an affair with him, just the two of us. I had already had affairs with several other black guys from the internet during my marriage without my husband knowing, so this seemed okay too.

We met at his apartment, again without my husband even knowing of our meeting or me being there alone with him. The black guy seemed really sexy and romantic and a really nice guy. I quickly started to trust him as he sweet talked me and lovingly kissed and caressed me all over my body. Soon we were romantically handling each other all over his apartment.

After we undressed each other, we had foreplay on his bed where I sucked him off while he tongued my pussy 69 style. His tongue was long and wonderful, probing deeply inside my vagina like a small penis. After a lot of foreplay, I came hard with his tongue and lips working my pussy lips and vagina. When my orgasm cascaded erotically and intensely hard throughout my body, I got very energetic about his blow job and started deep-throating his dick, which took him over the top too. He then came as he pumped his dick deeply and repeatedly inside my throat. We were both quite satisfied with our orgasms.

To continue, he lovingly and convincingly suggested bondage role-play and I agreed since I like that too. It seemed so natural and innocent at the time. He wanted to tie me to his bed for a pretended r*pe scenario and I was okay with that, having been tied many times by my husband and other sex partners for really good role-play sex that always ended in fantastic orgasms for both of us.

So I let this black guy carefully and securely tie my hands to the head of his bed. He seemed to take his time and do a very thorough job of carefully and securely tying my hands to the head of the bed. Then he pulled out a ball gag and asked me to open my mouth. I refused because I did not want to be gagged and unable to speak. Also I can barely breathe through my nose due to sinus and allergy issues.

His attitude suddenly change to anger and meanness. He grabbed my hair, jerked my head backwards, and slapped me hard several times across the face, insisting that I open my ?fucking mouth?, as he referred to it. With me dazed and stunned from his horrible slaps, he forced the ball gag inside my mouth, suddenly stifling my continued objections. Then he pulled my head forward and tied the straps firmly behind my head with the ball pulled deeply inside my mouth so that I could not speak at all, making only subdued groans after that. I was struggling now to breathe through my nose, and not doing well with that.

After securing the ball gag inside my mouth by uncomfortably and roughly tying the strap very tightly behind my head, he seemed content with my restraints and relaxed. I could tell by his actions that he was slowly and methodically planning what he wanted to do with me next. After much hesitation, he slapped the inside of my thighs hard to force me to spread my legs open.

Then he carefully tied each of my feet very tightly and securely to the opposite corners of the bed. He jerked the rope around each ankle hard to stretch my body taut over the bed. He painfully jerked my legs and stretched my body to full extension in both directions and then tied the ropes tightly, holding me stretched painfully across the bed. I was totally unable to move at that point and beginning to freak out about my situation. He randomly slapped me hard several times on my breasts and pussy during the time that he tied me securely and helplessly to his bed, making me wonder why he thought he needed to do that. Obviously he wanted to let me know who was boss and in charge of this situation.

Then he said things about what he wanted to do with me that freaked me out. His wicked smile and bone-chilling laugh freaked me into a panic. I no longer expected at that point that we might still have mutually good sex on his bed.

Even though I had specifically told him that I did NOT want sex in my anus and he earlier agreed with that, he now taunted me joyously about later doing that to me. He laughed in a wicked way as he sarcastically said how much I would enjoy his big dick pumping my ass hole later that evening. He said he was going to ream my ass out after he finished whipping my pussy into submission with his big, black dick. Needless to say, I was totally freaking paranoid at that point and crying even though he had not really done anything except slap me, talk wickedly, gag my mouth, and tie me to his bed.

He left the room and returned several minutes later with a syringe. He tied a tourniquet on my upper arm and waited for a vein to become visible. When he saw a vein, he grabbed my arm tightly and inserted the needle. He proceeded to inject something into my arm as I vainly struggled to avoid it. The liquid went quickly into my vein against my will but I could not say anything or move to avoid it. After injecting my arm, he released the tourniquet and just watched me.

After a few minutes, he saw that the drug was starting to take effect. He slowly started untying my feet, watching me carefully to see how much I still responded as the effects of the substance started to immobilize me. As I felt myself losing feeling in my body and becoming totally paralyzed, he slowly and cautiously removed the ball gag and untied my hands. I remained conscious with my eyes open, though severely drugged, unable to move and totally out of it.

He grabbed me and proceeded to slap and beat me as he r*ped me all over the bed and room. He thrust his huge penis savagely hard inside me, ripping and tearing my vagina and bruising me deeply inside as he ram-fucked me repeatedly. Although barely conscious, my body was like dead meat as he jerked me around the room and bed and r*ped me in many positions.

After cuming inside me several times, he stopped and made a phone call. A short time later there were several other black guys entering the room with us and undressing.

I had previously told him that I did NOT want sex in my ass, but he turned me over and thrust his rigid penis deeply inside my rectum in my comatose condition, pumped me viciously hard and finally came inside me that way.

I had no feeling in my body so it did not hurt. If I had been fully conscious, it would have hurt tremendously.

Each of his three black friends undressed as he finished cuming deeply inside my butt. Then each of the other black guys took a turn with me and fucked my mouth, pussy, and butt until each of them came several times inside me and all over me.

I was drugged to semi-consciousness for several hours as they sexually used me for their pleasure, never trying to please me and simply using my body for their sexual pleasure.

I was there without my husband knowing, so I could not share it with him or report it to police. I like bondage and role-play bondage sex, but this guy and his friends took advantage of me far beyond what I wanted.

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