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One night and Never Again

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Nervously adjusting her skirt as she stepped out of her vehicle, she straightened, smoothing her hair briefly and walked towards the bar. A casual meeting of friends? Not tonight. She was meeting someone she had spoken to for nearly two months on the internet, but had yet to meet face to face. Searching for a man that could find her attractive was not difficult. Finding a man that was willing to share her to fulfill a fantasy, now that was a challenge.

She entered the building and was nearly blind at first attempting to adjust to the darkness within. They had agreed to meet here, see if they felt comfortable, and then move onto the rest of the evening as planned. She had shared with him only briefly what she wanted, leaving the details of who would be involved, how the night would play out, and how it would end totally up to the man she was walking towards. She knew him instantly. She had seen his face in pictures, had heard his voice on the phone, but it was his confidence in himself as a man that attracted her online and again here in person.

Sitting at the edge of the bar as it curved towards the kitchen, he had planted himself in a position to be able to watch the doorway. Subtly nodding towards her as she entered, the woman was then certain this was her man. This nod, a sign predetermined by the two, had been given to assure the woman that indeed this was the man, and that he liked what he saw. They had agreed not to speak to each other. Not a single word was to be ushered forth from their lips. Their arrangement for this evening would not be the mundane dinner, casual conversation and then an erotic evening together. This was something she had wished for all of her life.

As she nodded in return, and moved to her seat, she removed her compact and seductively glided her lipstick across her lower lip. Her sign to him that she in return found him to be attractive. He finished his beer, paid his tab, and walked straight out the door. She smiled at the bartender as he asked what he could get her, declined a drink, and stood. Squaring her shoulders, feeling apprehensive for only a moment, and walked out the door as well.

She knew his truck from the description he had given her. She opened the passenger door, and climbed into his truck. Her first impression was he was much taller than she had anticipated, and she glanced at his hands as they gripped the steering wheel. They were also much larger than she had imagined. She sat quietly letting her mind ponder on those two words. Anticipation. Imagination. Tonight she would weave both of those together and experience something that she had needed for many years. The man next to her had never asked her why the need for this fantasy, and she had never offered. She had been grateful for his lack of questioning.

After only a few miles, the driver pulled into the parking lot of a small motel. They would not need anything beyond a bed with posts, and a bathroom for washing when the night was over. She had all evening to pursue her needs, and he had all evening to accommodate her. Although the motel was seedy, it would serve their purpose. There were quite a few cars parked in the lot tonight, all of them clustered in front of a small bar to the south of the motel. Quickly counting, she noted more than a dozen. She wondered if they were there for her. Time would tell.

The man exited the vehicle, walked towards a room directly in front of his truck, and opened the door. The light was on in the room, and she could see him standing there with his head low waiting for her. She wondered if he was struggling with the thoughts of what was to come, but didn?t give it more than a moment of thought. She stepped out of the truck, and entered the room. Behind her, she heard a car door open and close and then the sound of a cigarette lighter being used.

The man closed the door behind her, turned off the main light switch and turned her towards him. Planting his lips on hers, with force she was expecting, he dove inside her mouth with his tongue. Fingers groping beneath her blouse, popping buttons as he forced himself under her clothing, he found the closure to her bra and snapped it loose. His hands were everywhere at one time. She could barely breathe with him in her mouth, and yet her body immediately reacted to him. She blushed realizing she was already soaking wet. Not even attempting to scream, she allowed him to pick her up and nearly slamming her on the bed in one clean move, he had already restrained her left wrist to the bedpost. While removing her clothing with the one hand, holding her down against the mattress, he managed to snap the restraints on her right ankle. Removing his mouth from hers for a brief moment, he tore the remainder of clothes from her body, tossed them aside, and finished restraining her.

Lying there completely helpless, she knew she was already creating a small circle of wetness on the bedspread below her. Removing blindfolds from his pocket, he stepped towards her. Just before placing them on her eyes, he leaned closely, kissed her in the most provocative manner she had ever felt, whispered in her ear that she would be ok, and put the blindfolds on. It was time.

Only a few minutes passed before the door was opened following a soft knock. The woman knew that her nipples were as erect as they could be, as the room was to remain cold so that she would know no comfort tonight. Taking in a deep breath, she noted a mixture of beer, cigarettes and polo cologne. This was the man she had heard before entering the room. The cars parked near the bar likely indicated how many men were here for her tonight. She felt her body flush in an attempt to warm itself, and then he was there upon her.

He touched her nipples briefly before placing his mouth upon them. Nibbling fiercely, whispering obscenities in her ear, he had been told he would not be allowed to kiss her. He did, however, kiss her face. Running his tongue down her chest, her belly and finally to her mound, he blew lightly upon her clit. She knew he had to be able to smell her juices since she had been wet for some time now. Feeling him settling his body weight on the bed, she was surprised how gently he moved his tongue over her clit. To remind him that this was not a contest, nor was it a love making session, she thrust her hips up into his face, banging his face into her pubic bone. Angry, he thrust his fingers into her, sending shivers into her. He bit and suckled her clit angrily for only a few moments before she realized he had moved on the bed. Within seconds, he drove his hard cock into her, thrusting with all of his strength; it was over before it began. She did not feel his cum inside of her for the rules required condoms to protect all of them. The man was in the corner being certain that the rules would be followed, and she knew this simply by his smell. She had made sure to note his cologne while in the truck so she could be certain he was always present.

She didn?t remember hearing the first man leave, but she heard the next man enter. There was brief whispering between the two men in the room before she felt the weight of the bed shift yet again. This man had no intention of making his presence known. He was here for one purpose and he intended that purpose to occur at his pace and his need. He drove himself into her, thrusting with power, and she felt her body opening to accommodate his size. She knew immediately she could not take the entire of him, but he didn?t even break stride. Driving himself further, she whimpered. Instinctively, she attempted to bring her legs together to drive him back but could not because of the restraints. She felt his arms lift her hips into the air to make room for him and she knew the pain that would come when he did this. Sucking in air to keep from screaming, she filled her lungs and waited out the attack. This man was not only large, he was vicious. His hands digging in to her thighs told her he was close to being finished. The restraints not only kept her from fighting but from him lifting her to the point of full penetration, and he was getting angry. She heard his breathing quicken, and the pace picked up. Her head banging slightly on the headboard, he punished her body with deep thrusts. Finally, when he could not hold back any longer, he orgasmed within her and withdrew. The man in the corner moved to let him out, but before he left, after putting his pants back on, he knelt on the bed between her legs and bit her thigh hard.

Trying to kick him, but failing miserably, she heard her protector throw him from the room. The man went to the bedside, leaned towards and whispered to her asking if that was enough. She answered no, and he retreated to the door to allow another entry.

Hours later, nearly unable to remain conscious, the woman spoke for the first time to the man who waited for instructions. Enough, she whispered to him. Enough. He returned to her bed, leaning to her, informing her that more awaited her. She said again, enough. The man retreated again, spoke to someone at the door, closed the door and latched the deadbolt and chain.

She heard him moving around the room, but was not aware of what he was doing. She felt him remove the restraints, and the blindfold. His face was once again before her eyes, and she marveled at how concerned he looked. She couldn?t hold his gaze, feeling that perhaps she was no longer worthy of his protection. He knew that she must be exhausted in some pain, so he gently picked her up, and carried her to the bath he had drawn for her. Placing her in the tub, he gently washed her body, and inspected her for signs of injury. He whispered she was bleeding slightly from a few tears to her vagina, and that he would take care of those momentarily. She rested her head against his chest while he washed her.

He picked her up out of the water and took her to the second bed in the room. Placing her on the bed, he carefully cleaned her wounds with a first aid kit he had been told to bring. The woman knew she was small in size vaginally and that some of the men that would visit her might injure her. Having taken care of the immediate needs, he laid down next to her. Wrapping the woman completely into his body, he drew her into him. Pulling the covers over them both, he held her and whispered one last thing into her ear before allowing her to sleep. Those two words were the sweetest words she had ever heard. And she drifted to sleep with his arms protecting her, listening to the echo of his words.

Never again.

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