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Now I'm Making Movies Of My Wife....

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I wrote a note the other day about finding out my wife had taken sexually care of six very young college boys, while they painted our house. The way I found out is that I bought a homemade DVD from a friend of mine. He has been buying and selling these homemade movies for a while. In the painting of our house, his wife showed up to get some young college cock and was very familiar with the boys. Turns out her house painting escapade was titled House Painting II. After I got over my shock at watching my sexy wife take on all six of these guys for three days. I had to know more. I called my buddy and asked him out for a beer to find out what he knew about all this.

We met for lunch at a bar not far from our houses. I arrived early with my copy of the DVD my wife made without her knowledge. After we order lunch and get our first beer, ask him if he has seen this movie (his wife is a guest star). He says no, he has been buying and selling these movies for over three years, since the kid who sells them was a freshman. He also said that he used to watch everyone, but that in the past year he has stopped. Saying you seen one fuck you seen them all. I told him I doubt that. I then told him that his wife set up my wife with our house painters. He said he knew this as one of the house painters is the kid who sells him the DVD's. I asked him if his name was John. He admitted this and then told me his wife brought the two of them together when he was freshman and was looking for work. he hired the kid to do odd work around the house and one thing led to another and the kid started bringing him x rated DVD's and asking of he could help sell them to finance his education. I asked him if he knew this kid fucked my wife. He was shocked and then I told him the kid knows his wife real well also. That 2 of the DVD's he sold starred both our wives fucking and sucking house painters. I gave him back the DVD of my wife and put it into his laptop and sped thru the first ¾'s to the part where his wife gets fucked in the ass by one of the studs. His look of astonishment told me he actually knew nothing. His pants are tenting as he watches his wife is asking for a hard cock to fuck her ass. Then he is watching as the boy they have helped for the past three years was drilling his wife in the ass while another guy was in her cunt. His wife is around 45-47 and drop dead sexy. With breasts that are at least 40DD's. I asked if he has seen the other house painting movies. He again says no, but he will. I also asked how I can get a hold of this kid John. He says he brings new movies every when he comes for dinner on Monday nights. He also said he keeps them in the car so his wife will not know. (HA) I tell him I want to bring my wife to dinner on Monday night and would like to have a conversation with him. We finish lunch and he tells me he will set it up and call me with the details. I have no idea what I'm going to do to this kid. I do want to see my wife's expression when she sees the other dinner guest. That night I told my wife we are going over for dinner on Monday night at Dave and Conies. I hate to admit it but this kid is a genius. I do want to scare the shit out of him and have him stop selling movies of my wife wildly fucking and sucking young college guys in a three hour video.

Monday comes and the day just flew by and at 5pm I'm picking up my wife and we are driving over to Dave's house. We show up early and John's truck is already there, but no Dave. As we walk up the drive I sense my wife is getting nervous as she knows the truck in the front yard. I have already decided that I enjoyed watching my wife become a slut for the hard cocks that she had so much fun with. While I don't want him selling any more movies of my wife I want him to continue to film her with whatever situations we can come up with. I have laid out my plan with Dave and he agrees and wants to watch more private movies of his wife the slut. As we knock on the door it is apparent we are early as the door is open we talk in and my wife takes me out to the back yard patio and hands me a beer and says she'll find Connie. She is very nervous as she rushes in to the house to find them. Five minutes John comes out and introduces himself as a friend of the family. He is still sweating when he sits down with a beer. He really is good looking and with I know is an impressive at least 8" thick cock I know why the ladies want him around. I thanked him for doing such a good job painting my house and asked him how many times he fucked my wife. He spit up his beer and said she wasn't allowed to tell. I told him I bought a DVD and his cock along with 5 others my wife feasted on for three days were the stars. A smile crept on his face. I asked him how long he has been fucking my wife and he says she did not really like him. She preferred his buddy Jeff and also Jim quite a bit. I asked how long he's been fucking Connie and he tells me since junior year of high school and that the DVD idea was hers. Making them, selling them was his idea. He said that as a freshman Connie wanted a copy of them fucking so she could masturbate on vacation. So he used Dave's camera and made a crude video of her and him and when she got back from vacation Connie had bought him state of the art equipment to make more videos. He said he has over 100 videos of Connie fucking from him up to a basketball team (J.C. all white). The basketball team is his best seller. He said he has never given Dave any of Connie's. I asked how many my wife made and he told me that over the three days that they actually were there he had over 9 hours of fucking and sucking. He said she was so good, but solo sex scenes do not sell as good so he had to invite Connie for the finale so he could get a group scene as my wife told him one at a time. He says she only broke that with her two favorites Jeff and Jim. He also told me he is pretty sure Jeff is still fucking my wife. He said Jeff disappears a lot for a few hours at a time from other jobs (real painting jobs he says). I told him I want him to film more of her getting pounded by Jeff, Jim and even strangers. I also told him to stop selling the DVD he made of my wife and his studs. He then informed me that when my wife signed the contract for the house painting, it clearly stated they may film some of their operation for future benefits and advertising. It also includes a clause that said there is no remuneration for being on the film. I'm sure my lawyer could stop this, but I was turned on to something that has awakened my wife after 23 frigid years. Dave came walking out back and was not to happy to see John sitting there drinking a beer. I tried to calm him. He went up to John and thru a punch that John easily deflected. John then pulled Dave into a head lock and walked him around to the side of the house. John had Dave on the ground when I went around intervening and keeping the peace. John tells me to go inside and he will handle this and he won't hurt Dave. I go back to the patio and am soon in the house talking with the ladies. They both seem very nervous, especially Connie as she was fucking John as we arrived. I put their minds at ease when I tell Connie what a nice kid John appears to be and that everything they are doing for him is really great.

After awhile I go back out to check on the guys and I do not find them where I left them. I slowly walk around the house as I get to the garage, I hear a loud grunt from Dave and I can see a reflection on a window and John is on his knees and has just swallowed a load of cum from Dave, as Dave puts his cock back into his pants and I hear John tell him that everything will be ok between him and me. Now I have seen everything this college kid is doing Connie and Dave. I wonder if my buddy has been sucking his cock as good as his wife takes care of it. So now the only one in the dark is my wife thinking I don't know anything.

We actually enjoyed a good dinner with John having to leave early. He and I are going to meet tomorrow to discuss our arrangement. We left soon after and went home where my wife actually was very horny and we some great sex that night as she had me in a few positions that I had seen her in on the video.

The next morning at 9am, John was in my office. He was dressed as a businessman, not as a college kid or even a house painter. We start with small talk about last night and I ask him how he calmed Dave down so well. He said he and Dave have a very special relationship and that he only needed to remind Dave of that. He did not see me watching him suck Dave. Then we discussed setting up my guest room with a motion detector camera. This would allow me to see my wife's parties. I could also record them. John said the equipment would cost around two grand, but he would pay for half of as he was counting on selling the DVD's. I said no way, and he needed to stop selling the first one. He reminded me that she already gave her consent. I told the young shit that my lawyer would rip right thru his contract. Then I reminded him that he was soon going to be graduating and that I could expose his operation and put his degree in jeopardy. He laughed and told me he could give a shit about his degree. He said he has learned more outside of school then any degree will teach him. He then came up with a compromise, he had a friend in Washington at UW, who was doing the same kind of operation, only they were a four man grew of landscapers. He said they have been trading master copies of their movies to get more of a variety. He said he will sell my wife's movies only out of state to protect her privacy. This has been done before, when they have been caught. I asked him how many of the movies he has made. John said that he has made DVD's with over 75 different people and from that he has put over 100 movies out. He said they cost about $1.50 to make and he wholesales them for $10.00 and sold over 25000 copies. He says my wife's movie is currently number one and he has made over 700 copies. I asked him how many of Connie he has made. Connie is his favorite because she never quits and can handle as many guys as he can find that one time she took on a whole 12 man basketball team. I asked if my wife could make handle a basketball team, she has the passion and the drive, but she puts all her energy into just the one she has at the moment and doesn't seem to like more than 2 guys at a time. We finished up and gave him a key to the guest house and told him we were leaving for the weekend on Thursday so he could install the equipment. He told me he would send packages of the movies when they were finished, but he also said I can check the recorder in my house and see it first hand if I wanted to. That gave me an idea, I had him install monitor in my office so if I was home I could watch Then he said he could hook it up so I could watch it live in my office at work. Great idea and wrote him a check to caver the extra cost. As he was leaving he went out to his truck and brought in a DVD case with copies of all his movies. I couldn't wait to play them. After a long weekend with my wife in which we had great sex and I think she even sucked the bellman of our hotel while I was playing golf. He was telling his story to a valet as he was loading my golf bag into a cart for the ride to our suite. When I gave him the suite number he froze for a minute. I needed to confirm my theory so I invited him in and excused myself to get money for his tip. She was happy to talk to him while I looked for money. When I came back about I made noise and could see a very nice bulge in his shorts. After he left I accused my wife of teasing the young man, she pretended not to know what I meant. Then I said I saw the bulge in his shorts and isn't there when I arrived. I then told her it made my cock hard when other younger guys find her as sexy as I do. She let it slide, but five minutes we were fucking like rabbits with my telling her to imagine if my hard cock was that of the bellman. She had an orgasm and stopped me from fucking her more till she calmed down. Then she got on the floor on her hands and knees and had me pound her doggie style. I kept up the young stud talk as I fucked her and we both exploded into fantastic orgasms. Later that day I went for a message, I told her I would be gone for 2 hours. The message was over in thirty minutes, so I sat in the lounge across from our suite and watched with bi-nocs borrowed from the front dust to look at birds with. As soon as I focused thru the partially opened blinds I saw her on her knees sucking some young kids cock, he was thrusting in her mouth and soon she was out of the picture and all I could see was his back going forward and backward. I got an idea I called room service and asked to send the bellman that had my golf bag back to the room. I sat back watching the strangers back thrust forward when 2 minutes later he stops. The stranger is out of the picture as she puts a robe on to answer the door. I can see the door pretty clearly as she opens it and watches him. he doesn't get a word out of him mouth before she opens her robe and shows him her beautiful naked sexy body, her hand reaches for his snap on his shorts and soon the stranger comes back into the picture with from a far looks like an enormous cock still rock hard. They move the party over to the couch and soon she is having the time of her life with two very hard cocks to play with first she is alternating sucking them then she has the first stranger who was banging her when the bellman show up sitting on the couch and she sets her self down on his cock slowly then she get her bellman's cock between her tits and soon is sucking his whole cock while she is riding the pole between her legs. She has a nice orgasm, before the bellman shoots a load of cum all over her tits with the stranger wiping the bellman's cum all over her tits. Soon after the stranger is lying back on the couch and grabbing pillows as he must be erupting into her a huge load. Both of them are gone in less than two minutes and she is lying on the couch. Time for me to hurry to my room for some sloppy seconds. it took me only two minutes to get back and she was running bath water as I was exposing my cock to her and wanting to take her and eat the cum out of her. She wanted to take a bath she won as she took a nice bath while swallowing my cock from the edge of the tub.

I did not get much work done at the office that first day back as I jerked off three times to John's videos. He has become a very good hard core movie maker he just lets the people to all the work (if you call getting fucked and sucked work). Connie is a certifiable slut as she is the one recurring person a movies. The guys seem interchangeable and John himself was only in a few that I watched. I probably scanned at least 50 before I noticed the clock. 6pm I was an hour late already. I even saw some people I recognized around town. Dave included he was at a popular watering hole when the next scene he is seen with his pants around his ankles and a very good-looking college boy is swallowing his cock, while Dave has the huge cock of some young guy stuffed in his throat. But the best one of all is Connie and the basketball team. It opens with the coach thanking Connie and Dave for the use of their large RV for the long trip to New Mexico. Then right to the bedroom as Connie is giving the 40 year old coach a memorable blow job for letting her ride along. By the clock on the wall of the RV the trip took 9hours and Connie was fucking and sucking cock for the whole time. One scene she has a cock in her ass, her cunt, each hand and one down her throat, with 2 guys on standby with very large cocks in their hands waiting their turn. They lost the game be forty, and it seemed everyone was in a hurry to get back to the whore in the RV, but the coach accepted an invitation for the team to stay in a hotel over night. He stayed with Connie in the parking lot and he fucked her at least 8 times in 10 hours. On the ride home she picked up right where she left off. She had at least 35 loads of cum deposited on and in her sexy body.

On another video a very sexy lady is in a bar and is giving blow jobs after blow job she sucks the cum out of at least 20 men of all shapes and sizes even stopping to sit on the few she couldn't swallow. As I pulled into my driveway I notice a car in the front yard and guess who is over having my dinner (I was late), Jeff. My wife explained that he needed to touch up some of the paint around the house. (They must have had quite a session as it has been dark for over an hour) She introduced him as one of the painters. She fed him because he did a little extra for her today (I'm Sure he did). Jeff left right after I got home. She made me a sandwich and said she had along day and was going to bed early. I settled in my office to watch a little t v when I noticed the monitor light blinking. I was so engulfed watching John's other video' that I forgot he installed my system over the weekend.

I went to the bar for a cold beer and checked on my wife making sure she was down for the night. I went into our room and tried to get her to full around, but she said I fucked her silly this weekend and she was all fucked out for awhile. I kissed her goodnight and went back into my office. I was surprised when I saw the recorder had 9 hours on the timer already, that would mean her and Jeff really had a marathon fuck session today. I rewound the disc and started from the beginning. It showed John checking out the system and the camera angles (He put up six cameras even in the bathroom above the sunken hot tub and the bench shower.).Then much to my shock he made another movie which had Dave in it as he serviced a group of six Texas Hold Em players. Dave swallowed each one of the guys every time they won a hand. In two hours of video Dave took 3 of the players up the ass and gave blow jobs to all of them. Two of the guys were guys from our painting crew. Derek the tall thick one and Bill with his good size cock.

Then on what would have been Saturday. John was making another movie as he has a group of guys with large cocks sitting in a circle and then one by one a group of middle aged sexy ladies all with very nice full breasts and fantastic figures. As lady number 1 came into the room, she had deep red hair and a full bush. As John explained the rules of the game she had to go around all eight guys for three minutes each and if she climaxed before she got all the way around they guys won if she made a guy shoot his cum she won. This woman was very new to these young studs as she had a shuddering orgasm on only the second guy's tongue. The next woman was a few years younger and a very pretty blond with a perfect body and a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger seemed up to the task. She made it to guy number six before she tried to hold it off but couldn't and ended with very quiet powerful climax with the guy she was bouncing on. He also was going soft as she dismounted. Lady # 3 was hot to trot with really big tits and a nice ass to go with pitch black hair with very trimmed cunt. She decided to go in reverse order to give the boys at the end of the line some action. One thing I noticed is that John is out of the picture and I have never seen any of the guys or ladies in any other movies john has made before. She starts on member 8 stud an swallows his cock and then pull her mouth off his cock then she puts her tits around and starts slapping her tits back and forth slapping his cock he is ready to shoot when the timer goes off. He wipes sweat off his forehead and walks around the room to calm back down. She moves to the next guy and has him stand up on the chair so his rock hard cock is at eye level she starts sucking making really loud slurping noises and the sticks a finger in the guy's ass and swallows his whole cock. With the finger in his ass and his cock swallowed up to his balls she pulls her mouth out right as he starts sending streams of cum all over her face. She was ready for more when John said we were at the last of the ladies when in walked Connie. She came into the room just knowing she was sex goddess a very sexy set of 40dd tits and a nice plump ass. Connie picked the two guys with the biggest cocks and said you two first and had arranged the chairs so she could fuck one and suck the other. In her short three minutes Connie had made the two shoot and was on to two more when the timer went off. Connie would have none of that though and soon the room was rocking with four very sexy women and 9 hard bodied cocks counting John. The orgy was wild as Connie was clearly the leader and brought these ladies to the party. After 4 hours the guys were all beat from the pounding the ladies gave them. Each one must have fucked all four of the ladies, with Connie and the older lady with the biggest tits ending up giving each other massive orgasms dining out.

There was still almost three hours of tape left, I was finally rewarded for my purchases when the camera shows Jeff the painter slowing removing my wife's clothes telling her he missed not fucking her for four days and that he was going to give her the best, longest, and most powerful orgasm she has ever had. She says she can't wait and to hurry up and remove her clothes. He finally has her down to her panties and bra and he is still in his shorts, he starts to lick her thru her panties and she has the first orgasm of the afternoon. Then he goes up to her tits and tells her how fucking fantastic they are. He puts his face and blows warm are directly on her hard nipples and this bring a quiet sigh from her lips he then puts his all around her tits and grips them with out touching her nipples, he is playing rough with them now and still not touching her nipples. Then all of the sudden he makes his fingers like feathers and is now lightly tenderly touching her areola and nipples and the warm breathing is back and soon she has a nice climax. She has had two climaxes and he is still clothed. This kid so good. She is begging him to give her some hard cock soon. She then gets off the bed and is wrestling with him to free the dessert she wants so much. He relents and soon his rock hard 8+ inches are on display for her and my new camera. She looks at the clock and tells him I will be home soon and they need to hurry, Jeff says he will not hurry in giving her pleasure. Then he lifts her off the bed and lays her on the couch and soon they are in a 69 position with her having her third orgasm in an hour. She is up to his balls with his cock and she is going ever so slow while she savor his taste, he is now 3 fingers deep in her hot cunt and soon she is bucking against his fingers, climax number 4 is upon her. She comes up for air then say she wants to get fucked by his big cock and soon she is riding his cock while he is doing the warm breath trick with her nipples, soon another orgasm is upon her. He is now fucking her real slow and she tell him to pick it up as I will soon be home. He then takes her in to the shower and starts fucking her standing up as she so likes, is doing all the work and he is just along to help her climax which she reaches member 6 in the shower then he tells her the promised one is upon her. He sits on the shower bench and has her lower her cunt right over his legs so that her legs are over his. He is pounding her up and down when he reaches over and turns the waist level shower head and positions it on her clit then he picks up the pace of his fucking. He is bouncing her so that ever other thrust brings a stream from the shower right on her now throbbing clit she is turmoil right now as she is getting so much pleasure from his huge cock fucking her and then intermittent splays to her clit soon she is lost in the orgasmic universe as he continues to burry his cock in her cunt and the shower is now pulsating directly on her exposed clit and soon as he erupts and pours his seed into her. She has gone limp from climax; He carries her to the bed and lies next to her till she rejoins the world. She comes up a looks at the clock 6:15 I should have been home over an hour. She tells him to get out in the back yard and find paint can or something. She says she will come and get him real soon. As I was not home yet she was right back and happily brought him into the kitchen and was feeding her new lover when I got home. I make a note to thank John on his handy camera work. More to CUM..........

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