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Night at the Casino

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Hi!! My name is Len. Let me tell you a lil' story about a FUN night with the HOTTEST chick i've ever been with. Her name is Jill and she's 5'5" tall blond and smoking HOT!! Beautiful face, dynamite body and a really really naughty mind!!! Lol!! We started out just talking to each other on the phone for our jobs but me being the nasty minded individual that i am, i was flirting my ass off with her in just a matter of a couple weeks. I've been told i have a sexy voice and it must have worked on her because before i knew it i was throwing out all kinds of innuendos referring to "HARD" this and "LICKING" that...hahaha!!! But she was playing along and it was a lot of fun. Then one day at work i told her i was sending her a picture of myself. It was me at work just looking like a normal working Joe and she sent me one of her around X-mas time looking like a present waiting to be opened!! :) Then we were talking on the phone and had each other all worked up and i told her (half joking) that i had some "racy" pics if she wanted them. She shocked me by saying " Send'em I wanna see!!" I have to tell you I was shaking a lil' bit sending that 1st nervous so excited!! So I sent it and waited...and it seemed like forever before my phone went off. I looked at the message and it said "Send more ;-)" Wow!! So I picked another picture and sent it. Again to me it seemed like ages (more like 5 mins haha) before I heard it beep, I look at the message and it says "Mmm...i think you would fill me up, I want that!!" NICE!! So I get a chance to get away from my desk and give her a call. She answers the phone and tells me "Look you need to get your ass over here right now!!" I should explain, she lives in MI and I live in WI. So i tell her "You know my buddy's and I are going to that Texas Hold'em tournament in Mt. Pleasant in 2 weeks you could meet me there!!" She says that sounds like a great idea, so it's ON in 2 weeks!! I can't wait...... Now I have to tell you that was 2 of the longest weeks of my life!! LOL!! We were exchanging pics back n forth and just getting hotter and hotter for each other. Finally the day arrived...I was driving a rented van so I could pick up Dan, Dave , Doug n Pete. These were my poker buds. I've had just a ton of fun going to these tournaments and seeing who can have bragging rights about who won the most money at the end of the weekend. But this weekend isn't even about playing poker for me, I've gotten a separate room for myself and Jill. We end up getting there earlier than expected so I have time to get the road grime off me lol!!

I no sooner get ready and my phone rings...perfect timing...Jill's waiting for me downstairs. I stop by the guys room and wouldn't you know it they're all ready too. So we all ride the elevator down to the casino floor. The door opens and the guys start piling out and I just catch a glimpse of a blond head in front of me. Now I'm practically pushing the guys outta the way to get a look and sure enough it's her. Oh DAMN...her pictures didn't do her justice. She's BEAUTIFUL!! She's wearing a lil' black dress that shows off her legs and tits...nice, very nice!! She sees me and comes over and gives me a big hug n kiss...mmm soft lips...I turn towards the guys and introduce her to them. I can tell by the way they're looking at her they thinks she's hot!! I get a couple ~wink wink~ ~nod nods~ from the guys on the way to dinner!! lol At dinner we had a few drinks and then we had a few more after dinner and of course everybody started flirting with Jill. Everybody starts telling story's about I had sex here and I got a blow job there and even Jill throws in a tail about college sex, experimental girl on girl sex!! So very hot!! Now here's where it gets interesting...Jill says something about more then 1 guy and Pete (he's the 1 guy in the group that has no filter...if you know what I mean) says "So you looking for more then 1 got 5 right here!!" Doug smacked him in the arm and told him to tell Jill he was sorry for being a DICK!! Lol!! Jill was just laughing at it all. What they didn't know was this was something Jill and I had talked about and I knew it was her fantasy to get gangbanged!! She whispered in my ear "Should I??" I nodded my head yes!! Then she said, with the cutest lil' smile "First off, just to let you know...I'm here with Len but because he knows this is a fantasy for me he wants to share me with you. You guys ok with that??" HAHAHA!! You should have seen their faces!!! LOL!! They all kinda look at one another then one by one they look at me and i just smile at them and say "Well who's ready to have some fun??" I turn and kiss Jill and whisper in her ear "Here ya go Baby...let's go have a blast!!" The 6 of us get in the elevator and before the doors can even close Jill's on me. She's kissing me hard while straddling my leg and rubbing my cock through my pants. I look down and Dan has her dress pulled up in the back and is playing with her pussy...she's moaning and kissing me harder, my cock is already rock hard. We stop kissing for a second and Dan gives her a slap on the ass that gets a giggle and an "OH YEAH" outta Jill!! Dave has his hand inside her dress playing with a nipple when we hear the ding for our floor (we're kissing...Dan has his fingers in her pussy...Dave's playing with her tits) only problem is it's not our floor!!! The door slides open and it's a pretty attractive late 20's couple. They look in and say "We'll catch the next one" With huge grins on their faces!! As the door closed I heard the woman say "Fuck that was HOT!!" Lol!! Puttin' on a nice show!! We hear the ding again and it is our floor. We all get outta the elevator and start walking to the room. The whole way there Jill is walking between myself and Doug and she is stroking both of us through our pants!! I know she's already got 2 hard cocks ready for her. We finally get into the room and Jill grabs me and moves over to the bed. She's not wasting any time!! She sits down on the bed and pulls me in front of her and says with a big smile on her face "Show me what you got!!" I get stripped in no time flat!! Lol!! She grabs my rock hard cock and starts to lick n suck on it. I reach down and gently begin to pull her dress off her. As I'm doing that Jill says "Why aren't the rest of you guys naked yet?? Come on, I wanna see some cock!!!" Well then it looked like an explosion in a clothes store!!!! Shit was flying everywhere!! LOL!! By the time they were naked I had gotten Jill naked and MAN what a sight!! She was lying on the bed now and looked sooo Sexy...great tits, nipples you could lick and play with forever and a gorgeous pussy...nice full lips and already WET!! She was sliding her finger up n down her pussy with 1 hand and pinching a nipple with the other as she watched the guys coming over to the bed. I leaned in and gave her a deep kiss, then moved down and sucked a nipple in my mouth...mmm it was so hard... then I kissed my way down to her pussy. A couple lil' licks here n there and the next thing I know Jill has her hand on the back of my head pushing my face into that hot, wet tasty pussy!! She takes her hand away and I look up and she has Doug's cock in her mouth and Pete n Dan in each hand!! I lick n suck on that beautiful pussy until I get some good moans from Jill then I slide 2 fingers into her blazing hot pussy and begin to slowly flick her clit with my tongue. She grinds her hips into my face...then I hear what will be the 1st of many many orgasms!!! I look up at her and give her a wink with my face still soaked with her sweet juice, she reaches down and wipes some off with her finger and pops it in her mouth!!! NICE!! That was a nice lil' touch!! I slide her to the middle of the bed and Dan and Dave both get on the bed by her head. Jill already has Dave in her mouth and is going back n forth between Dave n Dan now while still stroking Doug n Pete. I get up on my knees and slide my rock hard cock into that hot wet wet pussy...OMG it feels AWESOME!!!! Jill lets out a gasp as I enter her then gives me a huge smile and says 'That's what I've been waiting for...FUCK that pussy!!!" I start slow and build up pace until I'm giving it to her pretty good and she's moaning and going crazy on the guys cocks!! She's got both Dan n Dave's cocks in her mouth!! She grabs Dave and swallows him whole which gets a "HOLY SHIT" outta him!! LOL!! Then she does the same thing to Dan and basically gets the same reaction!! haha!! I say "Ok...let's change things up a bit." I lay down on the bed and have Jill get on top of me face up...I ask her with a big grin on my face " You ready for 2 of us??" She looks at me and says "I've been thinking about it since this morning, it made me wet then and it's making me wet now!!!!" She grabs a bottle of lube and dumps a bunch on her pussy and I massage some on her ass. As I do I slip a finger in that tight ass and she wiggles around and says "Give me that cock, slide it in my ass!!" Well, I'm gonna do what I was told!! Lol!! She lifts her hips slightly and I slide into her ass...oh I have to tell you it was all I could do to keep from cumming right then!! She was SOOO tight!! She leaned back on me a lil' and I was sliding in and out of that fine ass then she grabbed Pete and guided him right into her dripping wet pussy...HOLY FUCK!!! We both started pumping our cocks into her and she starts sucking Dave's cock. The whole time we hear Jill moaning and in between sucking Dave's cock she's saying "YEAH GUYS!! FUCK MY HOLES!! GIVE IT TO ME GOOD!! Pete and I are really fucking her then...when I'm buried in her ass Pete is almost all the way out of her pussy then we switch!! All the sudden Jill says "OHHHHH I"M CUMMMMMMING!!!!!!" OH FUCK!! I CAN FEEL HER CUM RUNNING OFF MY BALLS!! THAT'S FUCKING HOT!! We continue to pound that pussy and Jill cumming pushed Pete over the edge and I hear him saying "Yes Yes Yes...OH YES YES!!" Jill tells him "Yeah Baby, shoot that hot load in my pussy...I want my pussy and ass full of cum!!" That's all for Pete lol, he quivers and shakes and blows his load deep in Jill's pussy!! She tells Dan "Get that hard cock in my wet pussy, fuck it good!!" Damn shes HOT!!! And just ready to FUCK!! Dan slides into that hot wet pussy and starts pumping away and I start strokin' that ass with my still rock hard cock and before you know it i can hear Jill "Ohfuckguysjustlikethat...justlikethat" So Dan and I continue JUST LIKE THAT!! We're fucking her good and shes starting to thrash around and moan and shes tell Dan "FILL ME UP GIMME THAT CUM" Dan gets a couple more good strokes in and lets it blast!! He's almost yelling "OH YEAH OH YEAH AWESOME FUCK YEAH!!" You can tell Jill's just loving this!!! She's still all over Dave and Doug's cocks, has been this whole time. I'm still sliding in and outta that fine ass when Jill tells Dave to get down there and make that pussy!! Dave has been subject to Jills expert cocksucking skills for a while now so it doesn't take long before he's ready to blow his load in that hot, silky, wet pussy. As Dave was cumming in Jills pussy, Doug can't take any more of Jills fantastic mouth & tongue and floods her mouth with hot cum!!!! She sucks Doug dry and turns her attention to me. She starts sliding my cock in and out of her ass faster and faster till I can't take it any more!! I tell her "FUCK BABY I'M ABOUT TO FILL YOUR ASS UP!!!!" She tells me "YES YES YES CUM FOR ME!!" And it's a done deal!! I cum for what feels like forever!! OMG it feels so good!!! When I'm finally done Jill turns around so she is facing and straddling me. She slowly starts to move up me. I can feel hot cum dripping out of her pussy landing on my stomache, then on my chest as she moves further and further up me. She's right up on my chest now and looks me in the eye and i give her a wink and a smile as I grab her by the ass and pull her cum soaked pussy to my mouth. I'm licking and sucking on her clit, flicking it with my tongue, shes got her hand on the back of my head pushing my face into that wet wet wet pussy. I stuck my tongue as far in her pussy as I could and she started cumming instantly!! All she could say was "MORE MORE" Lol!! I got her off 2 more times that way...HOT!! Then I started licking that ass!! I'd flick it with my tongue, then lick it then tongue fuck that hole!! I grabbed her by the hips and shoved her down on my face and buried my tongue in her ass!! I'm rubbing her clit as I do this and shes cumming, one right after the other!! After #6 or 7 or 8 (well who's keeping count Lol!!) she lifts herself off my face and lays down next to me. We kiss...and we kiss...and we kiss like nobody else is in the room. Staring into each others eyes. She looks so beautiful right now. I feel like such a lucky guy to be with this AWESOME woman........... The End

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