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New Horizons

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I met Jen on line. She indicated that she was a bored housewife you had an unfulfilled kinky side. When she placed her ad she had been overwhelmed with responses from men, ended up choosing a few to answer and (luckily for me) kept writing back and forth with me since we seemed to be a good fit.

For over three months we traded fantasy emails. I got to know that she was fairly submissive and had a huge fantasy of being taken by many men at once. However, her husband was extremely conservative and she was looking for a situation where she felt comfortable.

We were finally able to arrange a Friday when her husband was out of town and her kids were with her mother. We had agreed that we would meet and if she felt comfortable I would escort her to a local swinger's club and see what happened.

We met in a far corner of a mall parking lot. I knew she wanted to wear something sexy and probably would not want to go in anywhere. She was already parked in her mini van when I arrived. I got out and went around to the driver's window. Her description and photos proved to be accurate. She was in her mid 30's, had blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, and from what I could see very nice breasts.

We chatted for a few minutes, me asking how long she had been there and her asking about traffic. The whole time I had a difficult maintaining eye contact as I kept looking down at her ample cleavage. I finally asked if she would like to get in my car and go to the club. I was excited when she agreed.

I opened her door and stood in amazement as she stepped out of the car. She was wearing very high heels, a short black skirt, stockings, and a white button down shirt. She had on no bra and her 38 DD tits swayed nice. They had a little sag after two kids, but were very large and her hard nipples indicated she was as excited as me.

As I escorted her to the passenger door of my car I placed my hand on her ass and was happy to hear her quietly moan pleasure at the touch.

I began to drive to the club and told her about how much I enjoyed her outfit. She told me how she had secretly purchased her new "slutty" outfit. She lifted her skirt to show me her sexy little panties and garter belt. As I drove I reached over and put a hand down her top to feel her tits and pinch her nipples. Jen closed her eyes and moaned her encouragement. After a time she placed her hand on my crotch and began to rub. I put my free hand in her head and gently brought her head to my crotch. She wasted no time in pulling me out and taking me into her mouth.

She sucked me as we moved from the interstate to surface streets. She did not seem to care if we were at a stoplight or if others could potentially see her head bob up and down. She was really getting into it, telling me how much bigger I was than her husband, how horny she had gotten thinking about tonight. Telling me how we were going to fulfill both our fantasies.

She had me on the verge of coming several times, but I was able to hold out and had her zip me up as we drove up to the club.

When we entered the bar area of the club there were probably 20 couples already there and maybe another 20 single guys. I gave our bottle to the bartender and he made us each a drink. We found a table toward the back and settled in.

For the next 30 minutes or so we watched as people danced and mingled. Jen would point out men she thought were attractive, guess which ones were hung, and rubbed my crotch under the table. She enjoyed watching me as she bent forward to give me a nice view down her top or rubbed her nipples against my arm.

After we had enjoyed a couple of cocktales we decided to explore the club. I had an idea of what was there from the website. The bar area was where the action was. It include group rooms, private rooms, another bar, hot tubs, and lounging areas. In order to go back there, you had to change into either a towel or lingerie.

I stripped and pulled on a towel as Jen removed everything except her panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels. She looked fantastic.

We walked around and saw there were more people in the back than in the front. There were several couples and singles chatting in the hot tubs, more sitting in the lounging areas and even two couples in the group room. The men had each other's wife bent over side-by-side as they pounded away. I could tell this was making Jen hot.

We ended up in the bar area and they brought us another round of drinks. We sat on a couch and Jen smiled as she worked my towel off of me. She put her drink on the table and took my hard cock into her mouth. I leaned back, closed my eyes and wondered if life could get any better.

When I opened my eyes there were 4-5 men all standing around watching Jen work. She looked up with my hardness still in her mouth and smiled. "Any of you guys interested in the best blow job you ever felt?" I asked. In a flash there was a man sitting on either side of me. Jen reached out to each of them and began stroking them as she continued to bob up and down on me. For the next 15 minutes she moved back and forth between the 3 of us.

A few more men moved close and she rotated on their cocks too. I finally asked "Any of you interested in fucking her sweet pussy?" I heard loud "hell yeahs".

I helped Jen up and took her hand. We walked around looking for a private room that was unoccupied. We had a whole group of men trailing us like a pack. When I found the room I put Jen inside and closed the door before any man could enter. I looked at the group and picked 4 to come inside. The others were not happy, but did not make a fuss since I said she may want more later.

I took the men into the room and saw Jen was already laying on the bed on her back. "Ok, guys here's the rules. You can use any hole you like as many times as you like, but you have to wear a condom. When you cum, make sure you shoot on her face or tits. Any problems with that?" Each shook their head no.

I stood to the side and watched as the 4 descended upon her. In no time she had one between her legs pumping away, one on each side so she cold rotate sucking them and the fourth was sucking on her nipples.

I noticed there was a curtain on one wall of the room and looked behind it. It was a large window. I pulled the curtain aside and quickly figured out it was to allow people outside to watch what was going on inside.

For the next 45 minutes a group of men and even a few women came and went as they watched Jen get taken repeatedly. She was DPed by two of the men. Bent over while sucking on cocks. She screamed loudly as the orgasms came one after another. I could tell the screaming was bringing more people to the window and even watched as a woman sucked several men as they watched Jen.

In time each of the men pulled out and came on her face or tits. Two of the men left the room after they had shot their load and two stayed for a second round. I let replacements in for the two who left and they each took their turns as well.

I finally stopped letting new men in and the last two both shot huge loads on her. I locked the door and closed the curtain. She was laying their still panting as I moved between her legs and entered her slowly.

I kissed her cum soaked face and felt the sitckiness on her tits as she kept thanking me for the best night of her life. I told her that her fun was just beginning.

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