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My wild wife

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I have a story that is definitely worthy of mentioning here. Me and my wife Krissy met in college and at times she is the most innocent girl, but when the switch goes off in her head she is the wildest girl I have ever met. I used to kid with her that she would wind up on that TV show Girls Gone Wild, LOL. A little background is that we are both 28 years old and we got married recently, which is how this story came about. We started dating when we were 22 years old and we had some crazy times at college, which included everything from drinking to sex. From the start, Krissy was very honest that she loved spending time with me, but she would always want us to be sexually free. Her perspective was that the human brain was not wired to be monogamous and therefor anyone who chose to be that way, would constantly be fighting their instinctual urges. She preferred to accept the way she was born and hopefully find someone that shared her belief. I bought into her perspective on the sex issue and we have an unbelievably great relationship. After college, we did some swinging whenever Krissy was in the mood. It would usually be game on for months at a time and then nothing but us for months at other times. We always had an open relationship when it came to sex. We love sex together and love it with others as well. There were times when she would be out with her friends and call me up to tell me that she wanted to fuck a guy she met and I would always tell her to have fun. Sometimes when we would be out partying, she would even encourage me to try and pick up a particular girl she thought I would like. Krissy is a petite girl with blonde hair and nice C sized tits that look bigger on her small body. My favorite feature on her is her perfect little ass, but I also love the shag carpet that she has over her box. She keeps it trimmed on the sides, but it’s like two inches wide and nice and thick. I love when she wears her spandex pants and it sticks out like a pitcher’s mound! Apparently a lot of guys and even some girls like it from the looks that she gets, LOL. She is almost always dressed in either tight jeans or spandex pants to show off her ass and of course that nice pitcher’s mound. We have a tight group of friends and we all know each other very well. All of our friends know how wild Krissy can get, but we have never fooled around with any of our friends. I’m not counting when Krissy would lay down on the bar to serve belly button shots at times or doing some dirty dancing. As far as being bi, Krissy loves to have another girl go down on her, but she won’t go down on another girl. She has a few tats that are covered wearing regular clothing and her belly button is the only thing that is pierced beside her ears. Krissy is a free spirit by the definition. As far as getting married, the only reservation that Krissy had was that she didn’t want to be restricted with who she can have sex with. I assured her that I didn’t think anything should change from what made our relationship great. So we agreed to go through with the usual wedding vows, but we wouldn’t consider it being unfaithful if we both knew about any sex we had with other people. We basically agreed to an open marriage.

So to the point of when we got married, we had everything planned out and 120 people attended the wedding. After our rehearsal dinner, Krissy tells me that she wants to do something on our wedding day that she wanted to talk to me about. I told her whatever she wanted was fine with me. She explained that her plan was to have my four best friends in the wedding party fuck her in the suite that we had right after the church. I certainly was not expecting to hear that she wanted to get gangbanged, especially since we had never even done that before. I started to back peddle from saying whatever she wanted was fine. I figured that the day was exclusive to her and me. She told me that she wanted to start our marriage off by getting immediately fucked by my four best friends first with me videotaping it and then I could fuck her cum filled pussy. I then found myself not objecting so much to her getting fucked, but objecting to having them all cum inside of her. She basically told me to get over it. She said what’s the difference if she has sex on our wedding day or a week later? I had to admit that she had a good point, but I said that I wasn’t even sure if my friends would do it. Two of my friends were single, although their girlfriends were bridesmaids, and I was pretty sure they would have no problem with fucking her, but the other two of my friends were married. My best man’s wife was the maid of honor and my other buddy’s wife was also a bridesmaid. Krissy told me that it was my job to talk to them and make sure it will happen. She also instructed me to tell them not to have any sex for like four days before the wedding so that they would each have a full load of cum for her and also cum quickly. She figured that we would only have like 10 or 15 minutes to pull it off.

Well, I contacted each of my friends separately and ran Krissy’s idea by them. Each one of them was just as surprised as me at her request. Basically they all agreed with me that it was kind of crazy, but they all agreed to do it for Krissy. One of my buddies even asked if that meant that he didn’t have to give us a wedding gift LOL. The only issue that came up was what the order would be. I came up with the idea that the order would be my oldest friend, who was the best man, to most recent. Meaning my oldest friend got her first and my most recent friend would be fourth. They all agreed to my idea and I let Krissy know that her plan would be carried out. Krissy was actually ecstatic to hear and commented to me that I must really love her and want to marry her. I asked her if this was some kind of a test and she explained that maybe it was a little bit, but she mostly just wanted to have a wedding day like no other girl has ever had. She was pretty sure there were woman who had sex with someone else first after they got married, but she was pretty sure very few, if any, woman could say that they got fucked by four different guys before fucking their husband for the first time. I asked her how she planned on explaining how she was going to be alone with us in the suite and she said that she would just tell the girls that we had some gifts for them and she wanted to be there to give them the gifts along with doing some shots of course. She laughingly said that as long as they follow the instructions to not cum for four days before the wedding, she was pretty confident that she could make all of us cum within her 10 to 15 minute timeframe.

The wedding day came and Krissy looked beautiful. We got married at the church and took pictures with everyone after that. We then went to the banquet facility where the reception was and Krissy announced her plan to give the guys their gifts. None of the girls objected and pretty much were like it’s your day, so whatever you want. We all went up to our suite on the second floor and Krissy asked me if I had the video camera. I pulled it out of the bag that I had the gifts in and she told me “turn it on and get this shit on tape.” I got the camera on and Krissy came over and gave me a nice tongue kiss. Then she went over to the bed, lifted up her white wedding dress and bent over the bed. She was wearing a black lace thong and a white garter on her thigh. She told my best man to take her thong off and he pulled it off around her high heeled shoes. She left the shoes on, which was probably a good idea since she was shorter than all of us. Krissy then announced “are you guys ready to fuck my married pussy” and my best man kidded with her asking if she needed any foreplay and she just said “I’m ready to go, I started getting wet thinking about it at the church.” One by one, my buddies fucked her in order and shot their loads into my new wife’s cunt. My buddy who was third to fuck her, shot his load after like two pumps!! We all got a good laugh at that, but I’m pretty sure the reason he came so quick was that he has had a crush on Krissy for years. He always tells me how hot she is and I’m the luckiest guy to have her. I then handed the camera to my best man and asked him to get me. I then dropped my pants and slid my cock into her. It was the first time I ever felt a pussy with four loads in it. It was pretty much a mess. I filled her with the fifth load and after I pulled out, Krissy told my best man to get a close up of her pussy. She didn’t need to ask twice as he filmed all the cum oozing out of her cunt with the rest of us looking over his shoulder. She then told me to put her thong back on. As I slid her thong back on, I saw that she had cum literally running down her legs. There were a couple of puddles of cum on the carpet and I also saw that cum had definitely gotten on the garter that she had on. I asked her if she wanted to go to the bathroom first and Krissy said “nope, just put my underwear back on.” I told her that her garter had cum on it and she said “I wonder who the lucky guy will be to catch it later?” and we all got a good laugh. She accomplished her goal and got us all to cum in about ten minutes. Krissy went over to the bag I brought and gave each one of my buddies their gift along with a kiss on the cheek. She then got the bottle of Jack along with the plastic shot glasses and poured six shots for us. She made a toast “to a job well done and a happy marriage” and we slammed our shots. Krissy asked me if she looked like she just got fucked and I told her that as long as nobody sees her box, then she looked perfect. Krissy laughed and said “good, let’s go party.” On the way down to the lobby, my best man made a joke “hey, instead of being blood brothers, we are all cum brothers now!!” I thought that was pretty funny.

We got down stairs and found the girl half of the wedding party and my buddy’s wife, who is also good friends with Krissy, joked “what did you blow all the guys up there?” Krissy said “that’s a great idea, do you guys want to go back up there?” We all nervously laughed at the absurd idea and made our way to the reception. When we danced to our wedding song, Krissy thanked me for letting her fuck the wedding party and told me how she could feel cum still dripping down her legs. I got a raging hard on when she told me that, which I’m sure at least someone must have noticed. They probably thought I was turned on from dancing with my beautiful bride LOL. Later on while we were all hanging out at our head table, my buddy’s wife who made the earlier comment asked Krissy how long she planned on being faithful and Krissy responded “shit, I already broke that vow when I fucked the wedding party up in the room before”, as she laughed saying it. My buddy’s wife laughed and said “now I know your lying, I might have believed you if you said you blew them though.” I could see my buddies starting to get a little nervous at what Krissy might say next, so I ended the conversation quickly and said we should all do a shot of Jack. We went over to the bar and my best man made the toast “to a job well done and a happy marriage” and we all drank to that again along with the girls. I got a kick out of my best man getting his wife to unknowingly toast to her husband doing a good job fucking my wife, LOL. Just for the record, my best man always wished he could get his wife to swing like me and Krissy, but she won’t do it and thinks it’s disgusting. The funny thing is that she has been known to fuck around on the side. She has been caught fucking around twice in the last three years since being married to my best man. He really doesn’t care so much about the fucking around, but the dishonesty really bothers him. Krissy even tried telling her that if she just agreed to swing with him that it would probably diffuse the whole issue, but she doesn’t get it. Whenever the discussion comes up about why me and Krissy think swinging is a good thing, Krissy uses her as an example since its out in the open, but she also easily makes her point in personally knowing that just about every friend of hers (both guys and girls) that claim to be in a monogamous relationship, have all cheated at one point or another. She knows some friends that also have an ongoing affairs but just haven’t been outed yet.

Anyway, when we did the garter routine and as fate would have it, my buddy that was third to fuck Krissy caught the garter, LOL. After the wedding was over, me and Krissy went up to our suite and Krissy said that she wanted to watch the video. I attached it to the wide screen TV and we watched it together. We both got turned on watching it and jumped into the shower to clean off before having unbelievable sex. I asked her what she enjoyed the most with her gangbang and she explained that the sex part was okay, but what she enjoyed most was having my four best friends all cum inside of her while I watched and then having me cum inside of her right after them. As for me, the best part was how it felt fucking Krissy with four fresh loads of cum in her pussy!! I told Krissy that I wanted to see if I could find some pussy on our honeymoon and she said that she definitely would help find me some. We were going to a place that was for couples, so she made sure to let me know that we would probably have to find a couple, which meant she would have to fuck the guy. Of course she would only be doing it so I could get some pussy, LOL. What a thoughtful wife I have!! I also brought up how funny it was about my one buddy blowing his load so quickly and Krissy told me not to laugh to hard as she reminded how quick I came the first time we had sex. I had to concede, but I bragged at how I lasted for at least four or five pumps, LOL.

On our honeymoon, we weren’t able to find any pussy for me but we had a blast. We talked about our wedding experience a number of times on the honeymoon and it always led to having great sex. Krissy also brought up the idea of doing it again, but making the actual sex part better. She talked about how me and my buddies always get together at one of our houses on Sunday’s to watch football and thought that when they came over our house we could make it happen. She told me how the thought of being a sex slave to all of us really turned her on. She talked about how she wanted to be naked from the time they got there until the end of the game and she would serve us drinks, food and sex until the game ended. She would just hang out on the couch and the five of us could just use her as much as we wanted in any way for the entire game. She wanted to be treated like a whore, but with respect. She thought one at a time would be more enjoyable for the sex part at first, but after we all took turns on her then we could all just play with her and she would do whatever we told her to do, within reason of course. She came up with the title “slut hostess” and she would be at our service for three hours, unless the game went into overtime. I loved the idea, but proposed that at first she would be dressed in one of her nighties or a mini skirt and she would just flirt with us for the first quarter of the game while she served us drinks and food. Krissy agreed with my proposal and I was already on the phone with my buddies before we got home to float the idea by them. Needless to say, they were all on board and couldn’t wait.

Well, we got back from the honeymoon and we made plans for my buddies to come over for the Patriots/Texans playoff game. Krissy was dressed in a lacy white see through negligee that had the back of it riding up between her ass cheeks like a thong, which showed off her perfect little ass. She started it off by telling us “I am your hostess today and I hope you guys are ready to treat me like a slut for the entire game.” I added in that for the first quarter of the game it would just be touching and stuff and when the second quarter starts then we can do whatever we want to her. She served us all drinks and appetizers for the first quarter of the game and flirted heavily with all of us. Her tits were popped out of her outfit after like 5 minutes and everyone was playing with her nipples, not to mention twisting and sucking on them as they stood up loving the attention. One of my buddies pulled the crotch of her outfit to the side and stuck the tip of his beer bottle into her pussy and Krissy liked that. She fucked the neck of his bud light and before she knew it, we were all offering our beers for some action. She took time to make each one of us sit down and hold our beer bottle between our legs as she straddled the bottle and carefully fucked it while tongue kissing each of us as she did it. As soon as the first quarter was over, Krissy took my pants off and started blowing me first. It was kind of funny as I enjoyed her sucking my cock, my buddies all stripped down and were all sitting around with hard dicks waiting their turn! Krissy went down the line and attended to each cock with her mouth. After blowing all of us, Krissy did a strip tease in front of the TV and took off her negligee. She bent over for us and was fingering herself while playing with her nipples. She then went to the kitchen and brought out a carrot and one of those long cucumbers. Krissy put one foot up on the coffee table and started fucking herself with the carrot, which she handed off to us telling us to lick it clean. She then fucked herself with the cucumber, while rubbing her clit. I had never seen her act this slutty before and I have to say that it was fucking hot. My buddies kept interrupting her cucumber fucking to dip the carrot back into her cunt. After doing that for a few minutes, she then dove on top of me and two of my buddies on the couch. We all started fingering her and playing with her tits. She had hands all over her and almost always had one of us tongue kissing her. I told all my buddies that we should all get a finger in her and all finger fuck her at the same time. We all managed to get a finger in her, which wasn’t as easy as you might think, and we all finger fucked her together. Krissy then put a comforter down over the couch so we wouldn’t get cum all over it and everyone took turns eating her out. Krissy looked like she was in heaven. While getting eaten, we took turns sticking our cocks in her mouth and she was grabbing any cock she could reach to stroke it. I absolutely loved watching her be a dirty slut. After that, it was the main course and we all took turns fucking her one at a time. It was the wildest thing. While Krissy was getting fucked each time, the other four of us would be sitting there kind of watching the game, but also watching Krissy getting fucked. If you ever want to shut up a room full of normally rowdy guys watching playoff football, just have a naked girl there to fuck them all, LOL. I think Krissy came three or four times between the five fucks. It would be too much to get into explaining each fucking she received, but I can sum it up by saying that she got fucked in just about every position imaginable! She took cock missionary, bent over, sideways, on her stomach, on top and doggy style. The only lube she needed was her cum and our cum. She was constantly moaning and screaming as she continually got fucked. I decided to go last again since I really did enjoy fucking Krissy with four loads of cum in her on our wedding day. It’s amazing how different her pussy feels. Normally she is nice and tight, but with all that cum in her it’s like you stuck your dick in a jar of mayonnaise! It’s just a sloppy mess with absolutely no resistance. We were all done fucking her for the first time by the end of halftime. Krissy served more drinks and appetizers and then laid back on the couch telling us that we better have more for her. Looking around the room, it was pretty easy to see that we were all still hard and ready for more. All five of us went back to paying attention to her body and it kind of turned into switching positions back and forth. Krissy dipped her middle finger into her cunt, sucked it clean and told my best friend that she didn’t forget what he said about us being cum brothers. She said “if you guys are really going to be cum brothers then you’re all gonna have to suck out all that cum you guys left in my pussy.” She asked who was going first and I volunteered for the first tasting. I lapped up some of the cum and I would describe it as tasting like a salty pussy. The rest of my buddies accepted Krissy’s challenge and they all took turns cleaning up the mess of cum still dripping out of her. For the entire second half of the game, Krissy’s mouth was almost always sucking or licking a cock and balls. We also had a blast using her pussy like a toy. There was never a minute where one of us wasn’t sticking something in her pussy. She got fingers, tongues, a beer bottle or two, a carrot, a cucumber, a candle, a TV remote control, my buddies Heineken beer bottle opener and we all stuck our cocks back in her at different times! At one point, one of my buddies stuck the cucumber in her as far as it would go and he just left it there sticking out of her pussy. She had her legs spread wide open with this cucumber sticking out of her for like five minutes and we took turns twisting it around. She kept saying how she loved how it felt. After the cucumber was pulled out, she told us all to take a seat and she sat on each of our cocks one after the next. She fucked me fourth and I’m pretty sure she took a couple of secondary loads from the way it felt and when she got off me my cock looked like a glazed donut, LOL. As Krissy was finishing up with sitting on her fifth cock, one of my buddies saw the stick candles on our fireplace mantle and came up with the idea of sticking one in Krissy’s pussy and lighting it. Krissy jumped off the last cock and positioned herself on the couch so that her ass was resting against the head rest with her shoulders on the seat cushion and she spread her legs wide open to become a human candle holder! The candle had to be about a foot long and my buddy buried the candle more than half way into her pussy and lit it. I told Krissy to stay there so I could get a picture with my phone and she was telling me to hurry up before the wax drips down, LOL. I got the picture and she told me to make a wish and blow it out, which I did. My wish was that we would do this again!! One of my other buddies fucked her with the candle a little bit before pulling it out. As the game was winding down, Krissy commented that with all these guys she had, it would be a shame not to have all of her holes filled. We were all struggling at this point to keep a good hard on, but I still hadn’t shot a second load yet, so I said I would take her ass. I saw that my best friend was still hard as a rock and told him to take her pussy, which left my other buddies to share her mouth. I got Krissy on the floor and I kept sticking my cock into her cum filled pussy to lube it up for her ass. My cock wasn’t super hard, but I was able to work it into her ass from behind and then my best friend positioned himself in front and stuck his cock into her pussy. It was pretty cool. I could actually feel his cock sliding inside her pussy on my cock while it was in her ass. My other buddies took turns face fucking her and I kept pinching her nipples the way I know she likes it. At one point, she had a cock in her mouth, a cock in each hand, my best friend in her pussy and me in her ass!! Now that’s what I call a perfect slut!! The only one of us that was able to cum while making her airtight was my best friend and it was the best part of the whole day for me. I could feel his cock twitching inside her pussy while he was cumming in her. It has to be the hottest thing I ever experienced. My best friend was cumming in her pussy with me and Krissy both feeling it together, mmmm, mmmm. Everybody else was struggling to keep a good hard on, but it was definitely the coolest thing to do. After the game was over, Krissy thanked my buddies for coming over with a big tongue kiss for each of them. On the way out, my best friend joked that the next game we watch over his house is going to be boring after this. He said we would be lucky if his wife wore a tight pair of jeans and we laughed our asses off. He also said he wished that his wife would fuck all of us like Krissy and Krissy told him that he had a better chance of hitting lotto. After they all left, Krissy said that her pussy was on fire and she went to take a bath. By the time she was done, I had everything cleaned up and we went to bed. I told Krissy how amazing I thought our experience was and that it looked like she really loved acting out being a slut. Krissy said “I looooooved every minute of it and I wasn’t acting, so let’s be real about it. I’m every bit of a slut and I think that’s one of the things you love about me.” She told me that it has always been a fantasy of hers to have a group of guys use her as their sex slave. She even said that we should try and make it a once a year thing, which I means I got my wish!! I also told her that I definitely do love that she is a slut and I love it even more that she now openly considers herself a slut. I had gotten really hard again at this point and told Krissy that I didn’t cum a second time. Being the trooper that she is, she said “well then fuck me babe.” I gave her my second load and I fell asleep inside of her, LOL. The next morning was Sunday and I told Krissy to stay in bed while I made breakfast for her. I served her breakfast in bed and gave her a full body massage afterward!

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