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My wifes surprise to me

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We were sitting around one night talking about what we would like to see each other do. Never did I think Deb would do it. But she did.

A couple of months later she told me she had a surprise for me I couldn?t wait to see what she had. That night we had a real good dinner and after dinner Deb went and got really dolled up for me.

She had me to sit down in my chair and relax. She began teasing me so I knew this would be fun. Here I have a surprise for you she said and handed me a video tape. What?s this I said. Just watch it. Ok. She placed it into the vcr and I pushed the button.

I thought it was going to be a new porn movie by the way the music started. When the story started I was surprised it was her, My wife. She said don?t say anything just watch.

As she walks into a room the camera movies so I know somebody was working the camera. But who? Then all of a sudden there are 4 guys comes into the room with mask on. Who are they, Just watch she said.

The first guy grabs her and starts ripping her clothes off while the others just watch. She is resisting a little but not much. The others come over and start feeling her all over. Who are they I said . Just watch.

All of them started taking there clothes off. There cocks were all hard. The threw her down on the bed. Your going to fuck and suck all of us one of them said. I could tell she was excited her nipples were sticking straight out.

All of them were trying to get there cock in her mouth at the same time. She was taking them all on. One by one and then another. They were rubbing her pussy and the juice was flowing. She was moaning loud.

The rolled her over on her belly and one she was sucking while he was on his back. Her ass was sticking up in the air. Some body said I gona fuck that ass. She said NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!And her mouth was filled with cock again. She was gagging because he was so big. Two of them was pulling her ass cheeks apart exposing that wet pussy and beautiful ass hole. One of the guys took k-y jell and was lubing her up ans she keep trying to say no but her mouth was full of cock.

He started sticking his finger in her ass and she was trying to get away but couldn?t. He kept fingering her ass and putting more fingers in. She was bucking wildly. The two guys holding her ass cheeks were slapping them hard and rubbing her pussy digging deep inside.

The one sticking his fingers in her ass climbed up behind her and just crammed his cock in her ass going all the way in. She screamed. She pulled her head off the guys cock and said no pleas don?t fuck me in the ass please don?t but it was to late. He was pounding her ass hard.

She started to moan. They all started to switch around but the guy pounding her ass. She was sucking them all. Finley the guy stopped fucking her ass and rolled her over. All the others took times at fucking her pussy. They were pinching her nipples and slapping her tits. These guys were really rough with her but she was enjoying it it seemed.

She climbed up on one of the cocks and was riding it while sucking ones cock while he was standing up. All of a sudden he let loose with a scream and come was dripping out of her mouth. He grabbed her head and forced his cock down her throat and healed it there till he was through. She took a big breath when he released her gagging a little.

She bent over the one that was fucking her his cock was pounding her pussy and you could see all the juices coming out. Another one started to fuck her in the ass again she said nooo not again. He lubed his cock up and just crammed it in her ass. She was getting double fucked. She was bucking like a wild horse and screaming fuck me fuck me hard.

The one in her ass came quick and filled her ass full of cum. The guy on bottom finely came squirting cum all over her ass.

The last guy said now its my turn. He had the biggest cock of them all where do you want it he said. She just said I?m yours do what you want to. He pulled her head to his cock and said suck it. She started sucking him and he rammed his cock down her throat. She started choking and gagging. He pulled it out. He just kept doing this over and over.

He rolled her over on her back and started fucking her pussy. He was shoving his cock all the way in. She was screaming fuck me fuck me harder harder. The others were pulling on her tits and slapping them really hard. As he was getting ready to come he grabbed her hair and crammed his cock down her throat again. He held it there and squirted all his cum down her throat before he pulled out. She almost passed out. She just fell over and laid there.

After the video she looked at me and smiled. Did you like it? Hell yea I said. I never knew you would do all of that like that. She just smiled and said well now you know. I asked her who the guys were but she would only say I knew all of them. They were all friends of ours that I ask to help me out with this. My question was Can we do it again this time with me in it. Lol What a surprise.

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