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My first poker game

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Surprising my husband by arriving home a night early, to my surprise he is there with a few of his friends, I still in my sexy black skirt and high heels, I know my husband loves this look that is why I dress this way thinking we could have a night alone.. I am not disappointed he has company my first thought is I can have the fantasy I always wanted, I walk to the kitchen pour a glass of wine, kiss my husband and give him that sexy look I always give him when he knows I am in the mood. I think to myself hmm.. what can I do with these men in my house, to my surprise I go sit next to one of them and start flirting my husband looks over with a smile, as to give me the go ahead to fulfill my wildest desires. I started gently caressing his thigh with my fingernails as I was building up the courage to move closer to the bulge in his shorts. I began to feel a low throbbing that was coming from his underwear. It was the part that stimulated the inside of my vagina and my body was ready to receive the pleasure it was providing. I must admit, receiving pleasure, along with the anticipation of what my underwear might have in store for me, was going to make my task much easier. As my body started to yearn for more stimulation I could sense that I was getting a reaction from my efforts on his leg. I was not going to be able to put off the task at hand much longer because I knew if I let this big guy start to grow in his pants I would have difficulty releasing him from his pants. One more swig of my drink and I began to make my move. I was concentrating on his responses and adapting my technique as needed to increase his pleasure. I was getting very turned on by his reactions to the ever increasing levels of pleasure I was providing. His penis was getting harder and his breathing was getting shorter. His penis was becoming so warm in my hand and arching upward to meet and accept my every stroke. I briefly thought how great it would feel if I could just climb on top of him and use this hot throbbing thing for my own personal pleasure until I couldn?t move??wow! I really am getting into this. As my husband sat watching as did the other men wishing it had been one of them, my husband stands up and leaves the room, he returns with a vibrator the clitoral stimulation is unbearable. The jolt of pleasure shot through my body and I briefly squeezed his penis and he let out a small whimper?.?oh, I?m so sorry? I said, hoping that I hadn?t hurt him. He smiled and gave me a glance that told me it would take much more than that to hurt him at this point. As I looked up at my husband asking for his permission with my eyes, to move in for the kill I pull his hard cock out and begin to massage it with my hands, then I put my mouth on it, my very wet mouth, as I begin sucking he is moaning with pleasure the whole time, I begin moving his cock with my mouth in and out just as he is ready to cum, I pull back and put my husband?s penis in my mouth one of the other men get up and begin entering my vagina with his fingers I am so excited one I am having the time of my life and the one person I love more than anything is there to share this with me, he excepts this is something I am enjoying and continues to let the men have their way with me I begin to moan with extreme ecstasy I am so wet and juicy inside, as I begin to want more I push all the men aside I lean over the table as my husband enters me from behind I scream with such enthusiasm harder, more I love when u to this to me, the others watch with amazement thinking wow wish my wife would do this, as he is pounding me with such rhythm we both let out a scream of pleasure that was the best orgasm ever I was so turned by that, I turn around kiss my husband passionately on the lips for 3 mins the guys are just sitting there amazed, I get up and leave the room, your friends can?t believe what just took place and tell you how lucky you are to have such a wonderful wife, you just smile and you continue your game. As I returned with something a little more comfortable on, I let all the guys grope me and feel me up until I had juice running down my leg. I then felt each guy?s cock until I found the biggest one of the five. Then I let them eat my pussy to determine the man to have sex with me. I lay spread eagle on the table and each guy had 5 minutes to impress me. I wiped my pussy between each guy and when I found the best pussy eater in the crowd we were set to go. First the guy with the talented tongue ate my pussy until I had cum 3 times while the guy with the big cock committed every kind of foreplay that I could ask for on my body. I was so amazed by these men I had never been with this many men or could even believe I would allow such a thing to go on, but I could not resist it was so good I was so turned on. As I lay there I invited the best pussy eater to fuck me with vengeance. This was indescribable my husband had blind folded me so all I could here was these men jacking off, which made it so much hotter , as I lay there getting fuck like never before I lost count of how many orgasms I had, I didn?t know but my husband motioned the guys to blow there hot loads on my body, I have never been so turned on before in my life I screamed with pleasure?as I lay there thinking only my husband has made me feel this way no other man I actually felt guilty, but it was so good I said nothing just enjoyed every minute, after the guys finished, I heard silence my husband removed my blindfold and to my surprise he was the one fucking me?.

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