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My Wifes Fantasy

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The Suggestion

It was just another Saturday night. A great dinner, just the two of us, and then romancing in the moonlight. It was great; life couldn’t get any better, right? So what was wrong? Eight years together, and we were happy. Her shape was still pretty good. At 37 and 5’4”, she was about 130 lbs., with a 38D bust and full legs; she looked great. She still wore her hair to her shoulder blades, and kept it neat. I was building a little bulge in the belly, not really noticeable. Working in a warehouse like I did kept me in reasonable shape.

But there was just something missing. I was laying there, looking up at the ceiling, her head on my shoulder. She was off in lala too.

Out of nowhere, she says ‘So what’s you’re favorite fantasy?”

“I’m not keeping you happy?” popped out before I thought.

“Yes, of course, silly”. But it took a moment of thought before she answered. That moment was just too long.

“OK, it’s you’re thought, what’s yours?” I asked.

“I can’t” she says.

“You mean there’s something you can’t tell me? My feelings are hurt!”

“No, I just don’t want to scare you off” she mumbled.

“You, scare me off!?! Not likely. What could you fantasize that would bother me?” Boy, was I in for it. Didn’t even see it coming!

“You sure you want to hear this?” Now I’m concerned. I’ve known here for 11 years, we’ve been together 8, and she’s this antsy? This ought to be good!

“Of course I do, hon. I’m open for anything”. So I thought.

“I want to make it with a lot of guys!” she whispers quickly.

“You mean you want to swing; party with different couples?” That wasn’t that bad! What’s the big deal?

“No. I want to male love to a bunch of guys at the same time!”

Have you ever had your brain go into instant busy signal? I have to admit, I was silent for a moment. Is this still Karen beside me?

“Let me see if I understand. You want, what, ten or twelve guys popping in you in a night? Naked male bodies all around you? Are you serious?”

“Yea. I’m serious. That’s been my fantasy forever. I’ve just always been too chicken to try it.”

We were silent for a bit. I think she was nervous; I was in shock.

I got up, went to the kitchen, opened a couple of beers and returned.

When I handed hers to her, she looked at me with a very frightened look. “Please say something” she whined.

“Here’s the deal. If this is what you want, if your really serious about it, we can maybe work something out.”

“You mean you’re not going to leave me,” she asked.

“No. You think you’re the only kinky one around here? Here’s my take on it. I set up who. I don’t want it here at the house, ‘cause I don’t want whoever to know where you live. I don’t want any way for these guys to trace us back and cause trouble or embarrassment in the future. And one more thing. This is the biggie; it all hinges on this agreement.”

As I had been describing this, her eyes kept getting bigger. When I stopped, she asked, “What’s that”?

“I want to make a film of it. If this is going to happen, I want to remember it for ever!”

She was practically panting. “You’re kidding. That was my other fantasy, to be in an X-rated movie. And you want to make both in one night! Awesome!!!”

The Plan This was not the most acceptable idea for a married couple to plan in our neighborhood. We wanted to find some means of arranging this without exactly advertising. We figured the best approach was to find the rowdiest fraternity in the area (we lived near a college town) and talk them into it.

My first step was to scout the frats; hers was to find a location. We decided a hotel was not the best idea; the house security would be all over this before we even got started. As I said, we didn’t want to do it at home, either. We decided to rent a cabin for the weekend. We were reasonably close to several fishing lakes, and finding a weekend cabin rental would arouse no suspicion. Well, it wasn’t suspicion we wanted to arouse, anyway.

I left her with her tourist books, and I went barhopping for several Friday and Saturday nights. Boy, did I get an education. First, I wasn’t 20 any more (or even 30!). The next mornings were a bear! Second, there were rowdy frats, and rowdy frats, if you see what I mean. There were some seriously strange groups out there.

I finally settled on one, for their party ability, and they were pretty decent-looking guys. Couldn’t get my honey dogs, could I? Before I approached them, I talked it over with her.

She had located a cabin at a lake, on a finger jutting out into the lake, so there wouldn’t be too many prying eyes. It was also set back from the lake, with trees around it. It wasn’t cheap! But if this were to be as great as we hoped, only the best would count! She was a bit concerned about the guys, as there were about 18 or so; more than she had pictured, but she was game!

It was at this point I noticed something about Karen. Every time we discussed this ‘movie’, her eyes sort of glazed over, her nipples stood out, and her voice lowered. How had we been together for so long without me finding this side before? What had I been missing?

The Arrangements The next Saturday night, I went back to the bar where Llamda-Sond (the fraternity) hung out. By this time, I had figured out who the leader was, and it wasn’t the frat president. He was more of a yes-man. Ken was the one who did the talking.

I got him aside, bought him a beer, and sat talking for a while. Finally, I asked what he thought of the idea.

“YOU WANT US TO WHAT???” Well, that wasn’t my idea of discrete, so I calmed him down for a bit. I guess I sort-of left out it was my wife involved; I just told him I was making a movie, and if he thought the guys would be ‘up’ for it. Turned out he thought they would. Color me surprised. We decided that the end of semester was next week, and this would make a great ‘unwind’ party for the frat.

I talked to Karen in the morning, and she called and made reservations for that weekend. I went out and arranged for rental cameras, VCR’s, tripods and lights. I also invested in beer and munchies. Might as well make it comfortable for all involved.

When Karen made the reservations, she found out the bed size. We bought some for-real satin sheets for the bed. We also bought lots of a lubricant we like; the kind you get at the adult toy store. KY just doesn’t last long enough. I thought she might need it. She said no, but then I reminded her that she doesn’t have a lot of experience in this field.

“Of course you do” she snapped.

“Well, I’ve read something or other about it” I said.

As the cabin was over an hour away, I decided to rent a van for the frat. I didn’t want a lot of cars showing up; this would be less noticeable. I called Ken and made arrangements to drop off the van the night before, with directions to the cabin.

I reminded him that we didn’t want this thing to get out of hand. I just wanted the guys in the frat; no-one else horning in. Ken assured me that he had not gone into detail with the frat, and he would not tell the guys what was up until they were on the way.

The Arrival I took the day off, and as Karen was between jobs, it wasn’t a problem for her either. I went to the rental store, loaded everything up (“It’s a school project for the kid” I told them), and we headed up to the cabin.

“At the amount we were spending on this, it better turn out great” I said.

“Yup” she said.

When we got there, I found it couldn’t have been better. The nearest cabin was about a quarter-mile away; the cabin was well back from the road and almost couldn’t be seen from it, and trees well around it. It was really pretty.

“We’ll have to come back here and really try fishing,” I said after the property manager left.

“Uh huh” Karen replied. I wasn’t getting a lot of coherent conversation from her today. But I did notice her nipples had been up all day. Hoped they wouldn’t get raw rubbing against her top!

I left her to make the bed, and I assembled tripods, cameras, VCR’s, cables and extension cords in the bedroom. Thank goodness it was a big room! About 20’ by 25’. The headboard looked like it came from an old waterbed; it had lots of room for one camera. I set one by each night stand, one back from each side of the bed, one just off the floor by the left pillow, one same by the right foot, and one across the room from the foot.

Then I stocked the fridge up with the beer and snacks, and we went out to sit by the lake.

“Are you sure you still want to go through with this” I asked. “There’s still time to back out.”

“No. I want this. I’m scared, but I’m so horney I can hardly walk!” she said. “I bet I could come if I just think about what’s going to happen, but I want to wait.”

“Maybe you should take a nap and get rested up” I suggested.

She just glared at me.

“Guess you couldn’t get to sleep anyway”

We watched the sunset over the lake and the pines. It was truly romantic sitting there. But somehow, I don’t think Karen was thinking about me at that point.

She proved me wrong. “I really love you,” she said. There was a look in her eyes I had only rarely seen before. “Thank you for going through this with me”

“Don’t think I’m not getting anything out of this myself!” I replied.

“Yes, you’ll have that video tape to blackmail me with”

“I plan on us watching that tape and making love the rest of our lives,” I told her.

As the last of the rays reflected on the water, we heard the crunch of gravel on the drive.

“Last chance,” I said.

“Try and stop me” was all she mumbled.

We walked in the back as the guys were unloading in front. She went to the bedroom to get ready, me to the front door, picking up a hand-held camera on the way.

The Movie “Hi guys, come on in.”

There were seventeen! I hope she was ready for this! I shot them coming in, getting beer, breaking out the snacks, relaxing.

“So where’s the main attraction?” Ken shouted.

“Right here” said Karen.

I swung the camera around to the bedroom door, and almost dropped it! She had put on a blue negligee that matched her eyes, brushed on some rouge, and already had a damp spot! I guess she was ready after all. She held each one of the guys eyes for a moment, then said, “The first one naked is the first one in!”

Cloths went flying! I headed them off into the bedroom, and caught Karen coming into the room again. She had a swing in her hips I hadn’t seen in years!

The first guy in the room stopped and was a little frightened by the cameras, but the sight of Karen cured that. He walked up to her, ran a hand over her breast, and she moaned! As he slipped the negligee off, she rubbed his erection. It wasn’t a John Holms, but he had nothing to be ashamed of, either. Another guy kissed her other breast, and a third kissed her. They pushed her back to the bed, and onto her back. The first, Dave, kissed her pussy and ran his tongue around it for a moment, then stood up and put his knob at her entrance. For some reason, I noticed Karen chest heaving as he thrust into her. Another, Ken, moved up beside her head, and placed his tool at her lips. She gladly opened them and sucked him in to the root. A third go on her other side, and she coated it with the lube and started jacking him off. She soon had a fourth in her other hand. Four going at once! The rest of the guys stood around the bed; some jacking off, others just watching.

Dave was soon panting, slamming into Karen like a tackle at practice. She was giving as good as she got, rising up to meet his thrusts. Dave was close, so was the one in her left hand. Ken surprised me, though. He got there first, pulling out and spraying Karen’s face and hair. The guy on the left coated her tummy, and Dave shot a couple inside her, then pulled out and left some on her pubic hair. As the next was getting up to her face, the guy on the right let go on her right breast.

Another took Dave’s place inside her, a fifth on the left, another on the right. Karen was moaning again. I was intending to count how many times she orgasmed, but I lost track. The guy inside her was a quick study; he shot quickly. Again, he got some in her and the rest on top. She got a second coat on both breasts, and some down her chin.

At this point someone suggested she sit on top of someone and let another in the back door. She was instantly moving. This blew me away; she had always said no when I suggested it. But she rose quickly, straddled a guy who lay down, bent over, and another lubed her butt with the sticky stuff, putting a finger to get her relaxed, and then put his dick in! And she was pushing back against him! She rose and fell, one in each hole.

One guy knelt beside her and shot a load over the back of her head. This turned on a couple of other guys, who rubbed their dicks in her hair until they came too. The guy in her butt filled her up, and I got a shot of him pulling out, with a little cum sliding out the hole behind his dick. A guy was about to replace him when the one underneath exploded. He stayed inside for the whole load; I stayed beside them, and got another great shot of him sliding out with more cum oozing out behind.

This was going great!

Karen sat back down on another guy; a third got her in the butt, and about this time another shot all over her back. I have never seen so much cum at one time.

This kept up for some time; guys trading off in each position. At some point, Karen lay back down, and got more loads on her tummy, face and breasts. I lost track of how long we were going; I know I had to replace the tapes in the VCR’s once.

Karen finally said she could give no more blowjobs; her jaw was hurting so much she couldn’t form her lips right! But she kept up with the tit-shots and the pussy.

One of my favorite scenes was when she sat down on a guy’s dick in her butt, she had another in her pussy, another in her mouth, and two more on each side of her. Seven dicks at one time!

I have to admit, this was probably the longest I had sustained a hard-on in my life! I know she was enjoying this; I was going nuts just watching!

Aftermath Finally, around eleven pm, I noticed the guys were sitting more than they were reaching for Karen. I decided it was time, and suggested a “last call”.

Karen just lay down and had about a dozen guys circle her jacking off. She was coated again, from the knees to the top of her head, with cum. She came again. What a woman!

The guys rinsed off, got dressed, and left. I turned off the cameras and VCR’s turned off most of the lights, and went into the bedroom.

Karen smiled up at me as she lay there. “Thanks! That was beyond my fantasy!” she said.

“It’s not over yet,” I said. I stripped down and joined her on the bed. “Can you handle just one more?” I asked.

“You bet” she replied.

I started by licking her pussy. I could hardly taste her flavor for the cum in and around her. It was the first time I had tasted cum. Well, almost. I had tried tasting mine as a kid, but nothing since. I found I could enjoy her even with the other stuff around.

She started pushing up onto my jaw, and breathing hard again. I couldn’t believe it. After all that, and she’s ‘cumming’ back for more!

Finally, I rolled over onto my back, and asked her to get on top. As she straddled me, I felt the other guys cum between our skin, then I slipped into her with ease. She leaned forward, rubbing her breasts across my chest, spreading the cum on me. Finally she lay down on top of me and swung her legs around on top of mine. We moved slowly together, kissing, me just smearing that stuff all over her. Have to admit, it stung a little when it got into my eyes, but, hey, if she could stand it, so could I.

We made love for a long time, and finally I exploded in her. She was still pushing on me as I came.

As we snuggled together in afterglow, one of the cameras made a noise. I chuckled.

“What’s so funny” she said.

“I got us on tape too!” I told her.

We stayed just like that till morning. It took some washing to get it out of our hair; we threw away the sheets, and took forever cleaning up the spots on the carpet. Funny, she was moving slowly and kind of waddled most of that day. But we have the tapes, and I edited them together into one two-hour tape of fantastic shots. It will never win an Academy Award, but Karen gets my award whenever she wants.

What a woman!

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