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My wife taken by a swim team in Mexico

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My wife and I were high school sweethearts. We married at 25, and we celebrated our 20th anniversary last year. Jill is the love of my life, and we have one of those rare relationships that is totally free of jealousy and resentment. We haven?t had kids because we couldn?t conceive and didn?t feel like adopting, so we?ve had plenty of time to explore just us. We have an incredible sex life, and she is a wonderful lover. At 45, she still has a tight body, due to regular personal training, with long thick red hair, blazing blue eyes, a flat tummy, ass to die for, legs that don?t quit, and perfect breasts. 5?3, 32D (natural), still round and firm, with the most beautiful quarter-sized nipples that become spark plugs at even the slightest innuendo. She loves to wear tight dresses that show off her body, and she attracts all eyes to her ? male or female ? everywhere we go. I?m in decent shape for my age, but new friends clearly think we?re a May/December romance. I love the attention she gets, and it fuels our sex life to no end.

Now that we?re in our 40s I?ve started to slow down a bit, while her libido seems to have gone on overdrive. She has an insatiable appetite, and a couple of years ago we began to share more fantasies. Once, during sex, I hinted at giving her to a group of men, and she went crazy with desire. Clearly this was a trigger. I never thought we?d actually go through it ? until last summer.

For our 20th anniversary we went to little boutique resort in Cancun for a handful of days in December. It was the week before the holidays, so it was very quiet. The first 3-4 days, we had the place to ourselves, actually. This was a disappointment, because I?d been looking forward to watching men gaze at my wife and try to hide it from their own wives. The staff clearly had been trained not to ogle the guests, so Jill didn?t have any voyeurs ? at least at first.

Then, the day before we left, it happened. We were relaxing at the pool after lunch, and a group of five young men wandered into the pool area. Overhearing them, we quickly put together that they were part of the varsity swim team at a prep school in New England, and their winter break had just started. We had heard of the school, and it was all-male, one of those very expensive places where certain families have sent their sons for generations. The boys couldn?t have been more than 18. At first I wondered how they could be here on their own, but a little later we overheard the parents of one of the boys, who we later learned were the trip chaperones, stopped by to tell the boys they were going exploring and would be back late. Then they disappeared, and we never saw them again.

The boys were gorgeous, I don?t mind saying. All with swimmers? bodies, perfectly toned, and as swimmers they tended to wear little ?banana hammocks,? as Jill calls them. The trunks didn?t do much to conceal their packages, which appeared to be sizable. Jill was enjoying the sight of them diving in and out of the pool, racing laps, tossing a football, and especially climbing out to dry off. She occasionally winked at me and just smiled ear to ear.

It took the boys about 30 seconds to notice Jill after they arrived. She was the only woman there, and she was wearing a teeny bikini that left no room to the imagination. It showed off her figure perfectly and made her already ample breasts appear enormous against her well-toned tummy. The boys kept glancing in our direction to check out Jill, and every time she felt their eyes on her, she shifted a little on her chaise to give them a show. They tried to be subtle in their voyeurism, but they weren?t very successful. Through my sunglasses and under my big-brimmed hat, I could lip-read one of the boys whispering to another, ?MILF.?

Jill had been sipping margaritas all day and was feeling no pain. Around 3pm, two of the boys were in the pool, and three were sitting on the edge with their legs in the water. They were yammering about whatever high school boys do. Jill leaned over and gently kissed me on the cheek before very ostentatiously rising from her chaise. The three boys not in the pool were looking in this direction, and they stopped talking to their friends. Jill conspicuously adjusted her top slowly to contain her bosom and turned to pull the fabric out of her butt crack. She took off her hat and shook her luscious red hair around to loosen it. She was having fun. As the two boys in the pool turned to see what captivated their friends, Jill slowly glided down the steps into the pool, smiling the whole time but not looking toward the boys.

Jill did a couple of slow laps in the pool before returning to the steps where she got in, and then she really gave us a show. Again, without even acknowledging that the boys were there, she rose rose slowly from the water, lifting her hair above her head to squeeze it out, and as she lifted her arms, the wet fabric clinging to her breasts became more visible. Her light blue bikini was barely evident at all now, nearly transparent, and the cold water made her nipples wake up. Protruding through the fabric were what now appeared to be solid door knobs. They were so at attention that they lifted the edges of the fabric away from her skin slightly. If you looked closely, and we all were, you could detect her enormous areolas. It was glorious.

She drifted back to her chaise, grinned at me and blew me a kiss as she lifted her towel to dry off. I glanced at the boys, and anyone with half a mile could see that the three boys on the edge of the pool had full erections under their skimpy Speedos. One of them was so big I could swear I could see the tip peeking out the top of his trunks. I noticed one of the boys in the pool adjust himself. They all were silent.

As Jill settled back onto her chaise, I leaned over and playfully inquired, ?What are you doing, woman?? She smiled even larger, dropped her sunglasses to reveal her sparking blue eyes, sipped on her margarita, and whispered, ?Having fun. Do you approve, sir?? I laughed and said, ?Hell, yes. Knock yourself out.?

Jill did her swim routine a couple more times over the next hour or so, and each time the boys became less intimidated about staring. I pretended to be reading, so they didn?t seem to think I?d noticed, and Jill never looked at them, so they got pretty brazen with their gazes. Jill must have had 8 margaritas since 11am, so she was flying. This tends to make her uninhibited and extremely horny.

Around 4pm, three of the boys made their way to the swim-up bar and tried to get drinks. The bartender seemed hesitant about serving them because they seemed so young. Just then, Jill was getting back in the pool and came to their rescue, having become friendly with the bartenders all week. ?It?s okay, Luis, I know these young men, and they?re all over 18.? The drinking age in Mexico is 18, she knew. Luis looked at her, then them, then began making 5 frozen margaritas.

The boys thanked her, looking her up and down as her breasts bobbed at the water surface. Her nipples were practically poking them in the eyes. ?I?m Jill, by the way. That?s Mark.? I waved hello, smiled, and went back to pretend-reading. The other two boys wasted no time in getting to the swim-up bar, and then they all began drinking together. For the next hour or two, they all stayed in the pool, laughing through 3-4 rounds of margaritas. Jill was surrounded by five teenage boys liberated from their parents and the confines of an all-boys school, and she obviously was loving the attention.

The more they drank and talked, the more touchy-feely Jill got. Every time she laughed, she touched one of them on the arm or the face, and her nipples seemed to get harder and harder and harder. The circle around her closed in a little as the young boys got more tipsy and more bold. Every 10 minutes or so, she looked my way, as if to seek approval, and I smiled, nodded or gave her a thumbs up. The minute she?d helped them at the bar, I?d decided to let this go wherever she wanted it to go.

This went on a while, and the boys clearly became drunk but never got rude. Jill was feeling it, as well, but she holds her liquor well and it just amps up her sexual desire. She was in her element: beautiful setting, sunny day, in the pool, full of margaritas, her watchful husband standing by, and five young boys loving everything she did. The more signs of approval I gave her, the more she tended to flirt with them. One or more of the boys occasionally glanced at me, and I just ignored the whole scene. They closed in on her so much that at time I could barely see her. When she was looking at one boy, the others would stare at her tits. Once a little frozen margarita spurt out of her straw when she laughed, and it landed on her cleavage. She just said ?Oopsy? and slowly wiped it up with her fingertip while looking at the boys. Then she licked it every so suggestively. The boys were in heaven, and I saw three of them adjust their dicks in their Speedos. She noticed this and just watched them do it but just smiled and ordered another round. ?Thank God for all-inclusive drinks! Whoooo!? The boys joined her in whooping about free drinks.

A couple rounds later, I could hear Jill mention feeling old and how she envied the boys with their whole lives ahead of them. One of them then said she looked very young and she was maybe the most beautiful woman he?d ever seen. She just sighed gratefully, thanked him, and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. As she did, her breasts brushed up against his chest, and even I could see his hard-on through the water. At this, they all started paying her compliments, and she laughed and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. With the last one, she tripped over herself in the water and fell into him. He just welcome her into his arms and lifted her up so she could kiss him on the cheek and instead she let out, ?What a gentleman!? and kissed him on the lips. She pulled away quickly, looked them all in the eye and exclaimed, ?I need another drink!?

The bartender told her it was last call, since the pool bar closes at sunset. She and all the boys whined in disappointment and ordered another round. They nursed their margaritas, wondering what was going to happen next, since this sexbomb old enough to be their mom had just kinda made out with one of them. She slurped the last of her margarita as the sun was fully setting and announced, ?Well, we?ve got tequila in our room?.?

Jill looked at me with the sexiest look in her eye that asked, ?Please, daddy, may I?? I just smiled and nodded a little while I started gathering up our things. She looked around at the boys, who all sought an answer in each other?s eyes, when finally the boy she?d kissed said, ?Yeahhhhh! Party in the room!? They all shouted with approval and began working their way out of the pool. Jill told them our room number and said to join us in 15 minutes.

We had a palatial villa above the beach with a king bed and a large living room, both of which overlooked the ocean. On our way back there, Jill gazed into my eyes and whispered that she loved me. I asked her what she wanted. As we arrived at the room, she pushed me up against the wall, kissed me passionately, then softly intoned, ?I want you to stand guard and enjoy whatever happens.? Then she kneeled in front of me, pulled down my swim shorts, and gave me the most incredible blowjob she?d ever given me. She nursed my cock til I was fully erect then pumped hard til I came in her mouth. She usually didn?t like to swallow, but she took it all in. She was raring to go.

Jill climbed in the shower and emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, wearing only a black mini-dress and no bra. The spaghetti straps barely held the thing on her body, and the material was so sheer it hid nothing. Her nipples were clearly visible. Her hair was still damp, and she looked stunning. She opened a bottle of tequila and prepared seven shots. Just then, a knock on the door. She stopped, looked at me, and smiled in a way that made me melt. ?Let them in, honey.?

I opened the door and let the five teenaged boys into our suite. They?d all changed into shorts and tee shirts. I introduced myself and learned their names, and as we talked I found they were all seniors in high school and on a big-deal swim team, though I didn?t know anything about high school swimming, so it meant nothing to me. The interim between the pool and our room had cooled everyone down, though they all seemed intrigued by Jill?s lack of bra. We had a couple shots of tequila each over before I started making margaritas. Everyone but me was soaring.

Jill?s iPhone was shuffling through her favorite playlist, mostly R&B classics, many of which were pretty risqué. When Marvin Gaye?s ?Let?s Get It On? came on, she shrieked with delight, took the hand of the nearest boy and began to dance suggestively but joyfully. She sang along with Marvin and started into the eyes of her partner. She turned and twirled and halfway through the song, with her back to the boy, began grinding her ass into his crotch ever so gently. All the other boys began to gyrate a little to the music and circled around as they danced. She alternated between them. I opened another bottle of tequila.

One of Jill?s favorite songs, Salt 'N' Pepa?s ?Whatta Man,? came on, and she then she really got moving. She closed her eyes and began gyrating all around the boys. She touched one of them suggestively on the face as she let one of the straps fall from her shoulder. With that, we all could see the top of one of her areolas, which are much darker than you?d expect someone with such pale Irish skin to have. This pleased the boys, as they yelped approval and danced a little closer to her. Jill didn?t bother pulling the strap back up as she began to ?dirty dance? with the closest boy. She held onto his neck as she leaned backward and shook her body, exposing her cleavage to the whole room. As the boy pulled her back up, a little more forcefully than he intended, her mouth met his, and they locked in a kiss. She didn?t pull away this time, as they began to French kiss deeply. She had both hands behind his head as she explored his mouth with her tongue. His hands drifted to her back and unzipped her dress. I was impressed with this kid?s style, to be honest.

Jill released him and pulled her strap back in place but didn?t zip the dress up. She continued dancing, alternating from boy to boy, kissing them all. As she went around the circle, each of the other four kids got more confident about touching her. The first held her waist then let his hands slip down to her ass. The second pulled the strap back down, and the third pulled the other. By now, she was holding her dress up with her arms folded over her breasts while the last boy pulled her in, kissed her forcefully, and slowly pulled her arms away from her body. Her dressed slipped to the floor.

My wife?s body was now fully exposed as her gorgeous ass swerved in front of them all while she made out with their friend. He turned her so that her back was to him while she leaned back to continue kissing him, her arms behind her head and holding his against her mouth. Now her breasts were on display for the whole room, and they pointed up toward the ceiling as she held her partner, who reached around and gently squeezed her giant nipples. For a minute or so, they all just glared at my wife?s amazing body, marveling at her perfect tits and out-of-this-world nipples. Then, simultaneously, they all pulled off their shirts and removed their shorts. Four young boys now were wearing nothing but ?tightey whiteys?, rubbing themselves as they watched my naked wife.

Jill let go of the boy who was kissing her, and she took a second to regain her footing and take in the room. She looked around at four gorgeous young boys stroking their cocks under their underwear. Their cocks were growing, and every one of them seemed huge. Maybe it was because they were so toned, with so little body fat, that their cocks seemed enormous to me. I?ve never seen the look of absolute desire that donned Jill?s face as she licked her lips and uttered, ?You?re?you?re all so? big?.?

She dropped to her knees in front of the boy directly in front of her, and ripped his underwear down his legs. I had heard that swimmers shaved all over, but I didn?t think it applied to their pubic hair.

Apparently I was wrong. Jill held his dick in her hand for a second, appreciating the girth and beauty of this teenaged member. Then she devoured it all at once, gripping his toned young ass as she pulled his cock deeper into her throat. She pumped him for a few minutes, getting him fully erect, then let him go and turned to the boy to his left. She went from boy to boy, removing their briefs and loving their cocks. Finally, all five were encircling her, naked and pulling on their dicks. She was on her knees on the floor, gazing at the sight around her. Most of them were at least 8 inches, it seemed, and the last of them, the boy who had removed her dress, was substantially bigger. I?d never seen a cock that large in person. Jill?s eyes widened as he got bigger and she let out a little gasp. She pushed him back onto the bed and got to work.

As that boy was sitting on the edge of the bed, she stood and leaned over his crotch and pumped him up and down in her mouth. This position exposed her pussy to the room, and the glistening passage was as glaring an invitation as the boys were going to get. One of them moved closer, and while my wife was struggling to swallow the biggest cock in the room, another suddenly pushed itself into her from behind. Without letting the big cock out of her mouth, she let out an ?Ugggghhhh? and pushed herself back onto the boy, matching his movement.

Another boy edged closer, and gave her his cock, which she began stroking while she sucked and fucked the other two. Another boy appeared on her other side, and she alternated stroking them while she pumped and sucked the first boy. For a few minutes, she continued sucking him while she stroked both of the new boys at the same time. The fifth boy watched as he jerked off.

Jill suddenly pulled her mouth of that big dick and yelled, ?Switch!? The five of them rotated through as she sucked and fucked two of them at a time, trying to stroke the other three at the same time. At any given time, there were at least three hands on her tits, and every time they touched her, she moaned or squealed. This lasted 15-20 minutes, and I was amazed at how much stamina these young kids had. Earlier, I?d blown my load in two minutes flat.

After they?d all rotated through the line-up, Jill took the big-dicked boy and shoved him back on the bed. She climbed up on the bed and slowly lowered herself onto his monster, riding him cowgirl style. She let out a loud yelp of satisfaction, laughing with wild desire. She rode him a few minutes while she held her breasts and pulled on her nipples, which now were bigger than I?d ever seen them. Two boys jumped in and took her nipples in their mouths.

Now something happened that surprised the boys. For several years, Jill and I have practiced ANR (adult nursing), or erotic lactation. We don?t have kids, but after regular suckling, we managed to get her to produce milk. This became a huge turn-on for both us, bordering on a fetish. Now she lactates whenever my mouth is on her nipples. As the boys began to suckle her, they were shocked that milk spurted into their mouths. At first they let go because they weren?t expecting it. They looked at each other, kind of shrugged, and went back to suckling. They clearly got into it, and whenever they let go for a second, milk sprayed on them and Big Dick on his back. This drove Jill crazy. She was bucking a hung bronco while two strange boys nursed her. She grasped their heads and pulled them onto her bosom. The other boys swooped in and took turns nursing while one deeply kissed her. I started to imagine them all as the boys she never had. She looked like an angel.

Then my angel transformed into a devil. She pushed the suckling boys away and leaned forward on Big Dick. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, and milk began to form in a puddle on top of him. With this position she intentionally exposed her ass, looked back at the boys and yelled out, ?Who?s going to fuck my ass?!? With that, two boys jumped at her. One shoved his cock in her mouth while the other slowly pushed his manhood, still soaking from her mouth and pussy juice, into her ass. She closed her eyes and gasped in delight as the remaining two boys placed their dicks in her hands.

Now I was watching my wife with three cocks in her body and two in her hands. She went wild. She pulsed with energy as she fucked all them for everything she was worth. They rotated a few times so that over the course of the next half hour every boy was in her mouth, pussy, ass, and hand or had his lips on her tits. I had pulled out my dick and was stroking myself quickly now.

Finally, in the last round of this, all the boys could see that I was near exploding while masturbating to them fucking my wife, so they all looked at each other and in some kind of swim-team telepathy agreed to cum at once. Jill could feel their determination and the swelling inside her, and I could swear she was positively glowing at this point. In one gigantic burst of energy, all seven people reached an orgasm that seemed to last forever, and Jill literally screamed for half a minute.

My wife collapsed on top of these boys, fully spent in a heap of skin, sweat, milk, and semen.

Jill rolled off them, curled up inside the sheets, closed her eyes, and promptly fell asleep. The boys retrieved their clothing and slipped out. I joined my wife on the bed, curled my arms around her, and felt completely content with the mess in the bed. I began to dream of our next vacation and where we might go.

I hear the French Riviera has wild boys?.

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