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My Wife Kept Me Out of Jail

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My Wife Kept Me Out of Jail.

I have a fantastic wife. Let me start with the basics. I am 45 and have been married to my beautiful sexy bride for close to 23 years. She is drop dead sexy with a 34D 24 35 figure. She is 5? 6? and 119lbs. She is a blue eyed brunette with long legs and an even longer tongue. I am lucky to have her as she receives looks every where we go. We have an above average sex life. Good but not great. The past few years I bring all her potential suitors up when I am making love to her, telling her how this guy or that guy would like to fuck her. Every time I bring up another man fucking her I change the method and position that I?m fucking her, so with her eyes closed she really is fucking another man. This routine has led to some of the most powerful climaxes of her life. Lately I have been pointing out potential conquests to her in person and real time. While she has never acted on any of the men I point out our sex afterwards has brought her orgasms to new heights.

After a hard week at work, we decided to drive from our home in Scottsdale to Southern California for a weekend of parties at each of our families. We checked into our hotel room after 9pm on Friday night and after a quick shower we were on our way to the hotel bar for a bite and a drink. We shared a sandwich and were soon in the bar listening to a very good house band. The bar was full of out of town businessmen and a few leftover happy hour partiers. We were having a good time dancing and drinking and I kept telling my wife every time another guy would stare at her bouncing boobs thru her spaghetti strapped tank top along with very tight leather skirt. There must have been at least 10 men who were watching her every dance step to see her tits bouncing and her ass jutting out as she swayed to the music. We had danced four consecutive dances when I announced I needed a rest. She pouted on the dance floor and sulked back to our table, before she took a drink from her margarita there was 3 guys trying to race over to ask her to dance. The tall blond hunk was first to our table asking her to dance and she never missed a step as she took a quick gulp of her margarita and was back on the dance floor. The band was playing a line dance and soon she was performing for the whole bar as she strutted her stuff in the front row of three. Her partner kept his eyes glued to her ass with his hands on her hips. When the song ended her partner whispered in her ear and she stayed out on the dance floor and gave him another dance. I took this as a chance to go to the boy?s room and sneak a few tokes from my pipe (I smoke pot against her wishes). I was on my second toke when two guys came in to piss and I overheard their conversation which was centered on my wife. They were friends of the guy dancing with my wife. I heard one of them comment on the size of her nipples that their friend had gotten her to display with his dancing. The other said that he hoped they would have a repeat of last years Houston trip when the dancer picked up a blond in a bar and took her to his room and fed her his 10 inch cock and then called his two co-workers to fuck her also. I am getting stoned with my cock throbbing as I listen to this guy tell what is going to happen next and if they are lucky she will be feeling his cock thru his slacks soon and then they will leave alone and then they could join their friend in the banging of this hot lady. He went on to describe how the dancer would get my wife to feel his cock and that would be all it takes. He said by the third song he would start to smile and use his eyes to melt her defenses, and when the first slow song came on he would feel her ass and slide his cock over her leg, which will let her know how hung he is and should lead to her trying to feel it with her hands (He said he has seen this routine hundreds of times). I heard them high five each other with the guy who was new to this asking how this lady stacks up against the lady from Houston. The guy said the girl from Houston was hot and younger than this lady but this lady has is very hot and looks like she is fun. I stood up, put my hard cock back in my pants and went out top up to the bar to get a beer to mask the pot smell on my breath. From the bar I could my wife and her friend were still dancing and he was making eyes at her ad her nipples were as protruding as I have ever seen them. I made my way to our table when the fast song ended and a slow one came on. I knew my wife would not dance a slow song with this guy (she hates to dance slowly). He went to his knee begging her for one more dance. She put her hands on his shoulder and bent over him showing him her tits in all their beauty, she said something to him and made her way to our table. She gave me the wettest kiss and put her hand on my cock and told me that the guy she was dancing with had the biggest cock she had ever touched and that it was a good thing I was there or she would probably be fucking him right now. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him and she said ?what do you think?? Of course I would like to fuck him she said. ?His cock feels like a nightstick? I was taken aback with her directness that I have never seen or heard before. My head was swimming from the beer and pot it was hard to keep from getting jealous and let her do what I have always wanted her to do and fuck a total stranger. I gave her a wet kiss and told her she would have to fuck me after she her fun with his big cock (I did not mention his friends possibly fucking her also). She told me to be ready and went over to his table and sat down with him and his two friends. They were also young and attractive. She wasted no time in putting her hand under the table and soon she was giving this stud a hand job in the bar. She was leaning in and talking to him as he had his hands all over her tits under her top. The two guys were just watching and adjusting their crotches as they watched up close their friend was getting a first class hand job while he was exposing her tits as he played with her hard nipples. I sat back and watched as my wife of 22 years was about have an extra marital affair and I was only feet away with my throbbing 7 inch cock waiting its turn at her hot body. I wanted her more than ever right now. She was enthralled with his cock and he was feasting on her tits, after just a few minutes she threw her head back and was having an orgasm from his playing with her nipples. I watched as this guy made her cum using his fingers the first time he touched her. It took me about fifteen years to learn that she can cum from playing with her nipples. After her orgasm she returned to his hand job and soon grabbed a napkin off the table and brought her hand up and was licking his cum from her fingers before she wiped her fingers with the napkin. She kept her other hand under the table and brought her fingers to her mouth repeatedly to lick his cum. He must have cum buckets as she kept licking and licking his cum and returning her hand back under the table to bring up another finger full of his cum. When she was thru, she stood up and the stud pulled her to his lap and I could see as she tried to squirm around his still hard cock. She looked at his two friends and smiled as she told them that it was time for her to leave. She stood up, leaned over and planted a wet kiss right on the blond guy?s lips. He has his hands on her ass as she was kissing him.

As she wobbly walked back to our table she leaned over and told me to get her out of her before she changes her mind and fucks everyone in the bar. I was up, throbbing cock and all heading to the elevator. When the elevator door shut she wasted no time in guiding my hand to her wet pussy. She was looser than I could ever remember. She told me he had three fingers in her cunt as she gave him his hand job. She said he had three fingers fucking as his thumb kept her clit on fire and sent her to a shattering orgasm that I thought came from his playing with her big boobs. She told me that after he came he was putting some of his cum in her cunt and telling her his next load would fill her to her limit. When we got toour room I wasted no time in ripping our clothes off and buried my tongue in her loose cunt. I could taste what had to be his cum as my tongue licked all over her matted patch. I brought her to a quick orgasm before she pulled me up and told me to fucked her with my 10 inch cock. Her eyes were closed as I went into our role playing game and proceeded to fuck her for over 25 minutes and numerous climaxes as I pretended to be the blond she had just licked the cum from. When I finally unloaded into her hot cunt, she pulled my cock right to her mouth and told me to clean her cunt for another fucking as she wanted her cunt cleaned out before her husband gets here. She was still role playing and when her lips wrapped around my cock making slurping noises, while I sucked my cum from her thoroughly fucked cunt. In no time I was hard again and I stood on the floor as I raised her legs above my head and fed her my cock while I commented to her that her pussy was loose and that if I did not know better that I might think my sexy wife has been fucking someone else. My asking questions about her lover brought her to climax after climax and in less than 15 minutes I flooded her with a bigger load than I thought was possible. She still was not thru and I was right back sucking my cum from her hot body as she sucked on my cock. I brought her to two more orgasms as she swallowed yet another load from my cock. We both came more Friday night than ever in our lives. I awoke with my morning woody and placed it against her pussy lips and was surprised that she was back to the tightest pussy I have ever fucked. The tightness I have known for 22 years.

Saturday we were to attend a party at Newport Beach given by her two brothers. When we got there it was cold and windy and she wanted to leave ASAP. I took off and smoked a pipe with her brothers and as we made our way back to the party, Jane was in deep conversation with a girl in a hot bikini. I grabbed a handful of chips and a beer to cover the pot breath and joined her as she conversed with this sexy brunette who was not at all bothered by the wind and cold. With her having a good time talking, I found my brother in law and we went down on the beach for another pipe. I was wasted and when we got back she was too cold and wanted to go back to the hotel and try the hot tub. This made my cock stir and we were soon driving down PCH towards our hotel. I am a good driver when I?m stoned and today this was no exception and I was stunned when I noticed the red lights behind me. She was freaking out with her drink in the car she wanted to what I did wrong. I told her nothing and then she downed her whole drink and started chewing gum as the officer came up and asked for my license. He asked me if I have been drinking and I told him I had a beer at the beach, but only one. He decided to give me a sobriety test and after I thought I passed him had me stand by the side of his car. While he was on his radio I bent down to fix my Birkenstocks when my pipe fell from my shirt pocket. Oh shit I thought. He saw it and me trying to hide it from him and he had the cuffs on my in less tan 30 seconds. As he put me in his car my wife came back and asked what was going on. He told her that I was in possession of marijuana and was going to jail. He then asked her if she had smoked any and was reassured that she despised the stuff. With the glare she was giving me he knew she meant it. My wife took a short walk around and when she came back she called the officer over to her. He made sure I was secure in his car before he made his way to her. I could not see anything but I could hear as she was telling the cop that we were only here for a couple of days from Arizona and was there anything she could do to keep me out of jail. They were talking for ever it seemed, and then he got a radio call and came back to the front of his patrol car. I saw my wife walk to our car in front of the patrol car. She got in and sat while the cop was on his radio. When he put the radio on its clip she was again walking past me asking the cop to the rear of his car. I heard her ask again if there was anything she could do to keep me out of jail. This time he was unsure of what to say. For the next few moments I heard nothing. Then I heard him say to her follow me. As she walked by me I could see that her bikini top was off and her button down shirt was open. The cop got in the patrol car and started to drive away. I was going to jail. Dam I thought to myself, my wife and I had the wildest sexual night in 22 years of marriage and I was looking for a repeat performance again tonight and now she will have to bail me out of jail for smoking pot which she hates with a passion. I was definitely on her shit list. The cop had gone less than a mile when he pulled off the road and we went thru a gate and were at what looked like an electrical plant. He parked his car and walked around the back of his car. He was out of my sight for about 30 seconds when he came back and made a call on his radio. When he was done he turned the volume of his radio up and left his door open and went back to what he was doing. I did not know what was going on and could not hear anything over his radio. My thoughts went back to my wife and how with her sense of direction she would get back to the hotel. Just then I looked to my left and saw in the glare of his door window that he was getting his cock sucked and that my blue truck was in the background. My wife was giving this cop head to keep me out of jail. I tried to concentrate and listen and see more clearly but it was no use. About 10 minutes into their tryst I heard her scream and I could make out his ass plowing into her with her legs wrapped around his back. My cock exploded in my shorts untouched. After another 20 minutes the cop came to my car and told me that I could leave. He acted like I knew nothing and when he uncuffed me and told me to be more careful. I went back to my truck and my wife had her bikini on and was not too happy to see me get in the truck. I asked her what she did to keep me out of jail and she told me that she was not prepared for me to go to jail and she did what was necessary. I did not tell her that I could see the reflection in the window and asked her what she had to do for him. She then told me everything leaving no detail out. My cock was throbbing and I told her I wanted to fuck her right here right now. She then told me that to keep me out of jail she had to meet the cop in two hours and he would probably fuck her all night long if he wanted to. When we got to our room she told me to take a quick shower and spend the next few hours in the bar while she entertained my cop in our room. I begged her to let me fuck her. She was still pissed about the pot and told me that I might get to fuck her in a month or so. I took a quick shower and went to the bar to drown in my pity. I was in the bar for about an hour when the cop showed up I almost did not recognize him in his street clothes. He was very fit about 28 with a chiseled body his uniform did not show. My wife was going to have fun with guy. I decided I wanted to at least hear her getting it on with him, so I went to the front desk and explained we had family show up and could I rent the connecting room. I got another idea and paid a valet to go and buy me a baby monitor. I went back in the bar and he was sitting nursing a beer. It was six pm and soon the guy from last night showed up with his friends. I called up to our room and she did not answer. The valet was back in fantastic time with a complete monitor even a black and white nanny cam, I was expecting a little voice recorder I could put under the bed and listen as she fucked and sucked her cop friend. Now I had to scramble and hide a camera and hook the system to my new room t v. I was gone for about 45 minutes when I got back to the bar I settled in a table in back and watched as my wife dressed as a slut had the bar mesmerized every man in the place wanted to fuck her. The stud from last night was sending her drink after drink and even trying to make conversation with the cop. She excused herself to go to the ladies room and I could see the stud pleading his case with the cop. It did not work and soon the cop and my wife left to go up to our room. I gave them a few minute head starts and as I got off the elevator I heard our door close and the lock engage. I went into the next room and could see and hear everything as my wife was on her knees and trying to free his cock from his jeans. She sucked his cock as she removed his pants, she took a break from his cock to remove his shirt and run her tongue all over his smooth ripped chest. She worked her way back to his nice cock (about my size maybe a little bigger). He started playing with her tits thru her very loose shirt and soon he just pulled it off her and was feasting on her tits as she sucked his cock he was having the time if his life with her boobs. All of the sudden he pulled his cock from her mouth and started slapping his cock against her tits with the head of his cock making contact with her nipples she loves this and can climax very easily from my cock slapping her nipples. In less than 30 seconds he started shooting rope after rope of his cum all over her tits, she was pulling her head down and her titis up and with her long tongue she cleaned all his cum from her body. He scooped her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her on the bed with her legs over the side and was soon on his knees with his head buried in her hot snatch. She was writhing from his tongue and was soon bouncing all over the bed begging him to fuck her. He wasted no time in standing up and drilling his cock slowly at first and as soon as the whole thing was buried in her he began thrusting and thrusting his body into my wife. I had my shorts off and could barely touch my cock without it exploding. When she started screaming for him to fuck her harder and faster I lost it and came in ropes that hit the TV three feet away. She was lost in who know how many climaxes when he stopped fucking her and turned her over so she was on her knees as he fucked her doggie style. He would fuck her hard for about 10 minutes then he would take a few minutes off as she fucked him by impaling herself on his cock repetitively until she was knocking him off balance. He grabbed her hips and buried his cock all the way in her and told her to bite down on the pillow because he was going to fuck her into submission. He then proceeded to fuck her so hard that at times he picked up her body as he pushed his cock into her harder and faster, she was delirious as he continued to pound away at her cunt, I could not see her eyes, but the moaning coming out of her was not at all audible as she went from orgasm to orgasm while he continued to pound away. When she finally collapsed on the bed with her head buried in a pillow, he reached under to feel her tits as he pounded away and after an hour of this stud cop drilling my wife he erupted inside her and fell on top of her on the bed. I could see the combined juice from both of them run down the sheets. My wife was not thru and soon had his cock in her mouth and in less than 10 minutes she was on the couch bouncing up and down on his cock. With the camera set up I could not see as she fucked him on the couch, but I could hear everything as she was again wimperering as she impaled herself on his rigid pole time after time. He was slapping her tits as she thrusted herself on his cock. She was yelling for him to suck her hard nipples, soon I could hear her moaning and his muffled screams as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Just then they came back to the bed and she was still impaled on his cock as he sat on the edge of the bed and he began thrusting his hips upward and with his hands on her nipples. She was begging him to stop so she could enjoy her climax, he wanted no part of it and continued to pound away until he pulled her on his pole and kept her there while he emptied his third load in the last 2 hours into her. I erupted again hitting the screen as I saw my wife of 22 years reach the heights of sexual bliss. The fact that she was mad at me, made it more exciting not knowing what to expect. I watched as the cop got dressed and gave her a wet kiss and let him out. I was laying on the bed with my cell phone waiting for her call. I must have dozed off; when I awoke she was not in the room. She must have went to the bar to get me. I hurried to get dressed and rushed to the bar only to find her not there. Did she leave with the cop? I drank two beers and decided to go back to our room as she must have came looking for me and since I was not here, she got pissed again and went to our room to sleep. As I got off the elevator I noticed a piece of paper taped to our door. I walked up to it and it read Jeff I?m still mad at you I will see you in the morning. She signed it ?Me? without the usual love in front of it. Dejected I went to my room. I went to the bathroom first and as I made my way to the bed I was shocked to see my wife being fucked by the biggest cock I have ever seen while alternating between sucking two other nice sized cocks I turned on the speaker and could only hear the guys as the were commenting on this wild woman. I watched as she brought guys in her mouth off as the giant cock kept thrusting into her. After the second guy shot his load the giant cock pulled her off the bed and took her out on the balcony and fucked her outside my window as he kept pounding her into the sliding glass door. I thought they were going to break the glass, but he kept feeding her his huge pole. He then took her back into the room over to the couch where I could not see. Best I could tell he turned her upside down and drilled into her from above, this went on for about five minutes before he was shouting and she was crying. They came back into my view with the blond stud collapsing on the bed with his still enormous flaccid cock. The other two carry my wife to the floor in front of the bed (on camera). They were asking her if she was ready for a DP. She explained she did not know what that was, but she was up for anything. Then one of the two started putting his cockagainst her ass she shrieked no one fucks my ass. NO ONE! They then asked about the DP and she could fit both their cocks in her well fucked cunt. It took a few minutes to get both cocks in her but for the next 20 minutes she had orgasm after orgasm and climax after climax. When the two were finally spent she was on the couch sucking the 10 inch monster back to life. I came again just watching him insert his giant cock in my wife. She was lost in a constant state of bliss as he fucked her in every position imaginable for about 45 minutes before he shot his load into her with her legs wrapped around his neck. As she lay there spent on of the other guys came over and put his cock in her gaping cunt and he sloshed around in all her loads of cum when he decided to concentrate his fucking on her clit and soon she was screaming from one orgasm to the next. He fucked her clit and slapped at it for over 25 minutes and only stopped when the phone rang, the blond guy answered and told the desk they were watching a tearjerker of a movie and would try to keep it down. My wife coming down from her clit climax reached up for his cock and proceeded to swallow his at least 7 in cock to his scrotum and she kept his cock embedded in her mouth until he shot his load and she swallowed the whole thing. She fell back on the bed and was spent. The men took this as time to leave as they were putting on their clothes, she called the big guy over and told him to stay and fuck her one more time. He said he was spent and that he would love to fuck her again tomorrow, but there was no way he could get it up again. My wife never takes no as an answer and within fifteen minutes of her sucking his massive meat he was again pounding his cock into her lithe body. He fucked her until she passed out, when she came around it was only to use her vagina muscles to keep his huge cock buried into her. He came without making noise and he collapsed on top of her with his cock still buried in her. She was asleep before he withdrew his cock, when he did her legs were over the edge of the bed and I could see the gaping opening his cock had left her with. He covered her with a blanket and gave her a kiss on the forehead and left. I went to our room and pulled the blanket off her to get a good look at her raw vagina. Her lips were still swollen and she was awash in cum, some of it dried and matted to her body, still more draining from her opening. My cock sprung back to life. I gave her a kiss and tried to wake her. She was too far gone. I was on my knees at the foot of the bed sucking all of the cum that remained in her limp body. After about 30 minutes of cleaning her body of the cum of 4 men from my beautiful wife my cock was begging for release. I tried to wake her again to no avail and I pulled her lifeless body on the bed, then I crawled up and inserted my cock in her still warm vagina. She was so loose that this was my cock that usually takes a few minutes to enter her was now buried with room to spare. As fucked her I was touching places that I knew would get a reaction from her and soon in her unconscious state she was meeting my thrusts with her own. That was it for me and I shot my sixth and last load of the night in my beautiful wife. I rolled off her gave her a kiss, covered her with a blanket and rolled over, looked at the clock 4am I was astonished that my 43 year old bride had just fucked and sucked 4 strange men one of whom was taking me to jail. I love this woman.

I awoke around nine and she was in the shower, with my morning woody I joined her in the shower. I kissed her on her back as she rinsed her hair off. When my hard cock brushed against he ass, she turned around and said that my cock was off limits to her until I quit smoking pot. I thought she was kidding and tried to suck on one of her tits and she pulled away. She told me that last night after the cop had fucked her for over two hours she had gone to the bar to find me and when I wasn?t there she found the man from the night before and had a drink with him waiting for me to show up. The guy begged her to let him fuck her; finally she relented and even invited his two friends along. Once in the room she was naked in seconds as were they. When she saw the size of his huge cock she knew he would be last and took turns fucking the first two guys before trying to fuck his giant cock (I got to my camera as she was fucking the big cock, I must have missed her fucking the first two guys). She told me she had the time of her life last night but that was a one time occurrence and for me not to get any ideas. I asked her why she made herself available to the cop to keep me out of jail. Jane said that when he came over to the truck she clearly saw the outline of his cock, which had to be semi hard before he pulled you over. He had told her the reason he pulled us over was because I had left the blinker on for over a half mile. He told her he was about to let me go when my pipe fell from my pocket. But as a sworn officer of the law he was required to take me in. I still did not know why she knew he would agree to her deal. Jane said when she had walked around his car after he put me in she had noticed a copy of Penthouse Letters on his seat. That explained the semi hard cock she thought and after her bold night last night she knew she could do it. She said she did not know how to ask him and then it hit her to let her tits do the asking. Jane had gone back to our truck and remover her bikini top and unbuttoned a few buttons of my shirt and called the officer back to talk. She told me she practically let her shirt open for him to see both tits and when she detected a rise in his uniform she let him know that maybe they could work out a deal. He could have a good time with her and I got to go free and she would not tell his superiors about his reading sexy magazines on duty. He agreed and told her to follow him to the power plant. After they had finished at the power plant she asked him if he wanted to help her punish me by coming to our hotel and spend the night with her. He was only too happy to agree. I was rock hard during her whole conversation and begged her to let me fuck her and she refused. Jane said she was fucked enough last night to keep her happy for a year or as long as it takes for me to quit smoking pot. The drive home thru the desert was quiet and after one night home and a few apology cards she still is sticking to her guns. I have the nanny cam tape and have jerked off 4 times already watching it. I?d better get used to it until my piss test is back in 30 days

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