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My Wife Has Her Fantasy

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Terri and I had been maried 5 or 6 years and had done almost all two people could do in bed together. She and I are both a little on the show off side and she loves to flash truckers and anyone else especially on the interstate as we drive to Atlanta or around Georgia. She is 5'0", and really compact. She has nice plump 44EE titties and a nice round ass to balance off her short body. She is a little on the heavey side but is so hot. Everything she wears she likes to make it so that she can be seen in public places. Terri has what we call very high cleavage. In other words, her cleavage begins almost just below her collar bone and even in the most conservative blouse the top can be seen easily. Her titties are so full that she has to really work to get them to stay put and most of the time when we are out riding around she just takes the bra off and tosses it in the back seat so that anyone higher up than us can see it there especially when the dome light is on. We had talked about a gang bang for a couple years and just never had the right time or place to do it. The thought of her being litterally taken my multiple men was hot and she wanted women in on it too if possible. Well, one night we were driving back from Atlanta on I-85 and she had on her dress that buttoned up the front all the way. It was conservative but as I said, it came open easily enough. She took off her blouse and bra and panties and tossed them into the back seat and we drove on. She had unbuttoned the dress so that if she moved it over she was in plain view of any truckers we drove by. Well, a whole line of 18 wheelers were in front of us and she opened up and spread out her legs and I pulled out as she turned on the dome light. She was massaging her body all over as we passed truck after truck and they honked their approval of the show. Finally we pulled into a rest area and she buttoned the middle two buttons and we got out to go the the rest rooms. A line of trucks puled in behind us and parked on the truck side as we walked to the rest rooms. We went in, relieved ourselves and came out and there were two or three men hanging around. Nice show one of them said. Thanks we both told them. Terri walked close to one and smiled, there is more you know she said. I looked at her and she had that look. Tonight was the night she was going to do it I knew. She had drank 5 wine coolers and was ready for fun. The men watched us as we walked to the benches on the edge of the wooded area and picked up the blanket we had in the car. We went to the bench and began making out. Her dress fell open and she turned around so the trucks parked in the lot could see everything. Her nipples were swollen and hard as were her pussy lips that were dripping. Now there were men getting out of trucks and walking towards the bench we were at. There were several women with them too and Terri whispered that she was going to have all her dreams cum true tonight. I told her that was good for me. The men and women formed kind of a semi circle in front of us and I was behind her massaging her titties from behind and she was spreading her legs allowing her ussy to swell even more with the eyes of these people on her. We picked up the blanket and went to another bench further in the trees and the truckers followed us. Now Terri dropped her dress to the ground and I spread out the blanket. A couple of the men had their cocks out massaging some impressive cocks that had pre cum dripping. Terri had dropped to her knees in front of me and was sucking me slowly putting on a show. The group got closer and Terri reached out taking the nearest cock in her hands as I loaded her mouth with my cum. Swallowing it with no trouble she turned still on her knees and took one in her mouth and then another in her hand. Clothes were coming off and the group was close to her now, cocks waiting to be takne by her. ON of the women had stripped and was next to her sucking her titties and her nipples were hard as rocks as Terri moaned to suck harder. The woman pulled hard on Terri nipples and she sucked the other one hard making Terri cum on the blanket under her. Terri was reaching for another cock as she felt one woman slid under her legs positioning herself under her pussy then her mouth found her clit and Terri let out a cry as she orgasmd instantly on the womans face. NOw there were cocks in front of her, and she took each as she could sucking it off then reaching for another. The two naked women were next to her on the blanket eating each other now as Terri took cocks in her mouth sucking them. Suddenly she laid on her back and spread her legs, Fuck me, fuck me hard now. Come on studs, fuck me. One man dropped to his knees in between her legs and drove into her. She screamed aloud and he drove hard filing her quickly. Then she demanded another as a man got next to her head and she sucked his cock into her mouth. Keep the pussy filled she demanded. Cock after cock filled her with cum and still she demanded more. Cum was gushing out of her pussy as a new cock entered. Still she wanted more. My cock was in one of the womens mouth as she sucked me and I filled her mouth. Terri was still demanding more cock as the group changed and other truckers came to join us. I don't know how many men she fucked but it was easy to say that thee were more than a dozen that had filled her nad taken advantage of her first gang bang. We were there for 4 hours and trucker after trucker took her pussy and filled it. Still she moaned that she needed more. Finally she ladi there with two men in her, one the ass and one the pussy filling her up again and she looked at me. If there are no more we can go after these she said. I got on my pants but she walked to the car totally naked. On the way she saw a couple guys walking to the rest rooms and went to them and went in the rest room, still naked and after 20 min she came out dripping more from having had them too. That was her first gang bang and we have gone out for several since then. She never takes less than 8 or 9 men and will take as many as she can get. She swallows and loves cum all over her and in her. Truly, Terri has become the cum slut she always wanted to be.

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