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My Wife at the Adult Bookstore

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A Night with My Wife at the Adult Theater

We live in the North Shore of Chicago and recently someone opened a nice adult theater about 15 miles south of us close to down town Chicago. We went to this place once just to kind of check it out on a weeknight and most of the people were fairly undesirable and I just ended up getting a bj from my wife Jackie.

The place was unusually clean and did not smell like stale cum. There is a nice theater with normal seats and a couple of couches near the front. It also has a dildo and porn shop and of course the glory hole booths. After the first time of going there, Jackie has not been too interested in going back but she knows I love those kinds of places and I love reading stories about couple?s experiences in them.

I have often told her that there might be some higher quality of studs there if we went on a Friday or Saturday night. So, eventually she decided to give it another try one Saturday night.

Even though it was very cold out she wore a sparkly zip up jacket shirt, a short skirt, and shoes. She never wears a bra because she does not need one and rarely panties. She did put on a big overcoat to brave the cold weather. She looked extremely hot and she knew it. As we were leaving I adjust the zipper on her blouse to a dangerously low level and she gives me a look and I say, ?Who are you going to see that you know there?? She says, ?You are right, what the hell!? as she unzips it more to where here tits are almost all the way out. On the ride down she drinks a tall, strong gin and tonic and smokes a joint. I knew we were going to have fun if there were anyone good there.

We arrive and we go in. She takes off her coat and heads turn. Jackie then turns to me and gives me a big wet kiss and says,? This is for you dear.? I tell her, ?I know!? as I slid my tongue down her throat. There are many more people there but still a lot of sleazy looking little old perverted men. We then go into the theater and stand at the back for a few minutes and try to check out the crowd. At last there several possibilities there. We smile at each other and walk down the isle and sit near one.

The heads are really turning as we find our place to get comfortable. Jackie jacks her skirt up as she sits. There is a beautiful woman on screen taking on three guys with monster cocks and she is making all the usual sounds. After a while I lean over and start playing with Jackie?s tits and she completely unzips it and pushes it away from her tits to where they are completely exposed to the world. I immediately play with both of the ?girls? nipples and get them nice and hard.

This really starts the heads turning and cocks are out everywhere. Most were out before we came in. We are just noticing them as our eyes adjust to the darkness. I am just sitting back watching the movie and playing with the girls and starting to get horny. I then lean over and start sucking a nipple and kiss my way up her neck to her ear. I whisper, ?You look beautiful sitting here with your tits out. What do you think?? She whispers back to me, ?You were right there is a much better crowd. Look at the guy to my left.?

I look as I embrace her in a hug and there is a nice guy stroking what looks like a very nice cock. Jackie then leans over and pulls out my already hard cock and starts giving me a wonderful blow job. As she is doing that I start rubbing her back and neck but her blouse is in the way so she sits up and stands up and takes it all the way off. She turns to the back of the theater to give every one a good show as she stretches. When she finally sits down, I say, ?Was that fun?? She just smiles and says, ?I just wanted to see who was here and put on a little show for the boys in the back!? I tell her, ?Ten guys back there just blew their load because of you.? She laughed and said, ?I like that when that happens!? She then comes back over to my excited cock and continues going down on me deeper than she ever has before.

I make eye contact with the guy to our left and motion him over. He sits down with this huge cock out and starts massaging Jackie?s back. She sits up and says, ?Hello, who are you?? He says his name is Sam and starts playing with Jackie?s tits as she immediately starts stroking this purple headed monster next to her. He leans over and says to the both of us, ?These are the most perfect tits I have ever seen. She looks like something straight out of the pages of Playboy? I say, ?They love to be sucked too.? And we both start sucking a nipple and Jackie?s eyes roll back in her head with that look of extreme pleasure. This goes one for a while, us sucking her nipples while she is cranking on our cocks.

Sam then starts working his way up her neck and they start kissing. Jackie loves a good kisser and I can tell she likes Sam by the way she squirming in her seat. I then move my hand down to her pussy and spread her legs wide open. She gets a Brazilian wax every two weeks and her pussy looks great. It is very wet and needed to get out into the air. Sam runs his hand down Jackies tits and slips his finger deep into her pussy and Jackie cums loud enough that everyone in the place turns around!

She can?t resist any more so she takes his cock way down her throat and he moans loudly. At that point she has totally forgotten about me and is just concentrated on the cock going down her throat. He says to me,? I have never had a blow job like this in my life.? I tell him, ?I agree and everyone says that about her blow jobs. Also, she loves to swallow.? I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head after he heard that and he just tilts his head back as he lets go of his load! Jackie swallows every drop and does not give up until she has liked him clean. She comes up and says, ?How did you like that?? as she runs her tongue down his throat so he can taste his cum. ?I am speechless??that was the best blow job I have ever had. I, and this is the honest truth, have never cum so fast. Could you come over to my house and teach my wife how to do that?? ?Your wife would divorce you if she even knew you were here,? Jackie laughs. ?You know my wife?? he asks. ?I bet she has never swallowed you cum like during your whole marriage.? ?You do know her. I have to do something special just to get her to give me a blow job!? He comments.

He says, ?I must repay you for that.? ?How?? He then starts kissing Jackie again and works his way down her neck, to her tits and pulls her legs over his shoulders to eat her pussy. I can tell Jackie is in an uncomfortable position so I say, ?Let us go up to the couch in the front. You would be much more comfortable and we could put on a real show.? Jackie picks up her blouse and we move to the front. She does not attempt to put on her blouse or cover up as she proudly marches up front with he two sex toys sniffing after her.

Sam puts her on the couch and spreads her legs wide open for everyone to see. He is rubbing her clit and putting on a show by spreading her pussy lips. Soon he starts eating her again and doing a wonderful job by the sounds and actions that Jackie is making. I truly love seeing her being pleased by another man. Jackie grew up in the Catholic Church under very strict rules. All through her life she was very reserved sexually and I was her second sexual partner in her life at the age of 43. She has had many others since I made it my mission for her to catch up on her experiences. Anyway, she leans around and starts giving me a blow job as Sam and his expert tongue is making my bride come over and over. Every time she comes she stops and squeezes the base of my cock until the orgasmic waves pass. I count eight so far counting the first one in the seats.

Finally, Sam comes up for air and is kissing his way to Jackie?s lips which are around my cock. He asks her, ?Did you like that?? Jackie pulls my cock out and says, ?Your wife is a lucky woman.? He says, ?She won?t let me eat her.? ?Poor thing she does not know what she is missing. That was the best I have ever had,? She says. I nod in agreement.

Let me recap the situation. He is lying between Jackie?s legs. She is laying between my legs sucking my cock and talking to him. My cock is inches away from both of their mouths. He starts kissing Jackie and then she pulls away to suck my cock and then goes back to kissing him. This is getting pretty hot as my cock gets in the middle of their kissing and they are taking turns putting my cock way down their throats as if it were a contest. I just close my eyes and fantasize that it is Jackie and another woman. I soon blow my load and they both lick it of each others faces.

Sam is really turned on and remember he is on top of her with her legs spread wide open. He whispers in a lusty low voice, ?I want to be inside you.? She says,? Me too but not here.? As they are talking he pulls his cock out. He says, ?I have got to have you RIGHT NOW!? Jackie says, ?NO NOT HERE!? in a forceful voice. ?You do not have a condom on.? But before she has the words out of her mouth he has forced his cock past her vulva and is starting to ram it up to her kidneys. She tries to squirm and get away but Sam knows that her resistance is just for show. She yells, ?NO!? as she spreads her legs to allow him deeper penetration. When his cock is buried deep inside her, she cums and grabs his ass to push him in deeper.

That is cum number nine and it starts the cumming machine. Jackie is multiorgasmic and when you get her started, there is no stopping. This guy puts in some world class fucking. ?I am cumming!? is the only thing I hear her say or ?fuck me and cum in me.? This really brings the wankers out and they are making a perimeter but staying far enough away. Everybody there is having a good time but the wankers respect us and keep their distance to see the free show.

Jackie?s favorite position is female dominate and she finally gets her way. She makes him sit on the couch and she climbs on his cock. She is going to town and I loose count of her orgasms after 23. There is another nice looking guy in the crowd and I motion him over and tell him to suck her nipples and play with her cliterous while she jumps on Sam?s cock. That was all it took to get the machine going again and I thing she came another dozen times when Sam finally dumps his load in her pussy.

They collapse and after a few she climbs off his cock. Some cum runs down her leg and she scoops it up with her finger and swallows it for the onlookers. They give her a huge round of applause and she realizes that there are now about 30 people watching. She grabs my hand and says, ?Let?s get out of here.? I tell her, ?Let?s go to the booth where it is more private.? She gets up with no blouse on, walks through the porn store to the booths by all the pervs looking for their next cock to suck.

We get into a booth with a glory hole and rest a minute. I pull her legs open and say, ?Look at you. You are really having a good time and who was it that did not want to come back.? She says, ?You are right. You are always right. I just could not believe how good Sam ate my pussy and how turned on I got fucking him.? I said, ?The pot may have helped you be less inhibited.? She said, ?Whatever. It was great.? As she lit up another joint. The smell of the joint got the manager?s attention because there was a knock on the door soon after. I opened the door and the guy says that there is no smoking in here. He was the guy that was sucking Jackie?s nipple while she was fucking Sam. Jackie says, ?It is you? and leans forward to give him a kiss. He says, ?yes? as he fondles her still naked breast. She takes a big hit off the joint then kisses him as she forces the smoke down his throat. She makes him hold it in by kissing him for a minute or two. ?Wow that is good stuff. I have not had anything like that in years.? He says. Jackie says, ?Are you talking about the smoke or me.? He says, ?you babe? as he takes a big hit and does the same to Jackie that she did to him. After those big hits they were very fucked up.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and I knew when I returned, they would be fucking. When I came back there was a nice guy in the hall so I told him to come with me. I went to the booth next to where they were so I could stick my cock in the glory hole. I started to open the door of the booth next door and a guy was rushing out with a flushed look on his face. We went in and shut the door. I looked through the hole and saw my wife completely naked leaning over the glory hole with both hands on the wall. Her tits were flopping because he was pounding the shit out of her from behind. I told the guy with me to look. He did and immediately pulled his cock out and shoved it in Jackie?s face through the hole. She started deep throating him and after a short while he lost his load down her throat. I then put my cock up and she says,?What are you doing over there? Come over here.? She said. I said, ?Suck me through the hole like you did those other two.?

I reached through the hole and started playing with her tits and reached down to rub her clit. I could feel the massive cock in her splitting her into. I then stuck my cock in the hole and she gave me the best blow job she could under the circumstances. Soon the guy pounding her started yelling ?I going to cum. Where do you want it?? She yelled back, ?cum in me. Cum in my pussy. Please fill me with hot cum.? Everybody in the place could hear them yelling and soon with loud grunts they were both cumming. I thought the guy was going to pound Jackie?s head into the wall with the final thrusts of his cumming cock.

After that was over he left and I went back to her booth. I asked her if she really liked that because she normally likes slow and smooth deep strokes not slam bang. She said,?It must be the smokes or something because that guy really felt good. When I was screaming, it was not fake.? I asked, ?Are you about ready to go?? She said, ?Feel my pussy. I am totally full of cum.? When she said that she grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy and cum was running out of her. She knows how much I like that, so I dropped my pants and sat down in the chair in the booth. I told her to open the door and we put on a show for the boys in the hall. We noticed sitting there that this booth had glory holes on both sides and they soon had cocks sticking through them. She gave them hand jobs as I fucked her pussy full of cum.

We went home and had sex again that night and the first thing in the morning. I made her breakfast in bed and we just stayed in bed all day having sex in the essence of the sex from the night before. By the time we got up, we both needed a shower!

Hope you enjoyed our adventure as much as we did! We are Chicagoman3.

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