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My Very Big Surprise

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My Very Big Surprise

This story is true. I happened in February 987, only a couple of months after I had started dating Barbara. She was 24 year old pretty brunette with a tight body, who was working as an illustrator at an animation studio where I had just landed a large script deal. One evening, only two weeks after our initial meeting, I was pleased to discover this attractive five-foot-seven pumpstress laying stark naked on my bed one evening after a bicycle tour of Santa Barbara. I had just emerged from the shower, found her resting back on her elbows. Her thighs were wide apart revealing a sweet pink freshly shaved pussy. "Do you want to fuck me?" she asked. I thought a moment, "Is this a trick question."

That entire evening my eight inch cock pounded her tight wet pussy as I twisted her lithe body into every position imaginable. My cock was much larger than her boyfriend's. It took some getting used too before she became perfectly comfortable at the thought of me penetrating her. Prior to winding up in the sack, Barbara and I had the most amazing make-out session the week before. While her room mate Sissy was at work, we spent the evening of our first date in her living room watching a video of herself giving her boyfriend Josh a suck and hand job. We started kissing wildly, she let me suckle her 36d tits and pretty pink nipples the size of 500yen coins, my fingers massaged her hot wet pussy and clit, but strangely she balked at the thought of fucking. And oh yes! At the end of the tape Barbara swallowed every drop of Josh?s cum. Josh had a smaller dick. Much smaller. And at the time he was away in Greenland, a long ways from this babe who's pussy I was now endlessly waxing my cock nearly every night. She would drive from Los Angeles to Ventura County (just an hour north) and spend long weekends at my apartment on the beach where we'd fuck and suck until the sun came up in the morning.

One Saturday evening I rented a couple porno flicks instead of usual fare with something in mind. The first porno vid featured a famous porn actress (who happened to live a few door down the street) in a FFM fuck sequence that went on for thirty minutes. "That would be interesting," I commented, wondering what her reaction would be. Actually it was a loaded question that hopefully would lead to a hook-up with her sexy girlfriend Pam who also worked at the studio. Early on, Barbara wondering whether or not to get involved with me confided with her co-worker. Pam suggested to Barbara that she go ahead and "fuck" me seeing that Josh was away in Greenland. Thank you Pam! Pam was a super hottie in her thirties, and according to legend possessed a sizzling tight pussy that never met a cock it didn?t like. I was hoping that this would lead to a FFM threesome with both women. Barbara seemed disinterested. I was completely disappointed that she didn?t take the bait.

The next porno vid featured the great pumpstress Savannah. If I remember correctly she takes on eight or nine famous porno studs in one hour and winds up with her slick slit penetrated and stretched and her face, pussy and tits covered in sheets of white cum. As Savannah struggled to cope with all the erections penetrating and pumping cum, Barbara sat transfixed upon the screen with one hand down her panties massaging her slick clit. And only after a few minutes, with her legs spread far apart on the couch, her panties thoroughly soaked with her pussy juice, she began vigorously fingering herself. Barbara was a creamer. I took my cock out, stood next to the couch close to her face. She stroked and sucked without her eyes ever leaving the television screen upon Savannah had one cock in her mouth, a huge erection in each hand, one up her ass, and one deeply and rapidly plunging into that slick gaping hole between her thighs.

"That's what I would like," quipped Barbara between sucks and slurps. One the screen it was money shot time. Now envision eight or nine heavily hung guys shooting huge loads of white goo across Savannah?s huge flailing tits, into her pussy and ass, then across her face. The last of them was the great Peter North. He was between her thighs wielding his huge tool plowing her blonde pink pie. In the end he shoots his huge trade mark load with the tip of his cock held tightly against Savannah?s perfectly shaped clit. His first huge stream of hot cum ricochets up and splatters her tits and face. Squirt! The second stream, with his cock slightly pushed into her pussy lips gushes down her ass and jets out sideways onto her creamy thighs. Squirt, the third and final stream goes straight onto her gaping stretched pussy for the sweetest cream-pie in the history of porn.

So Barbara, with my throbbing slick cock in her mouth at this pivotal moment in pornomatic history, sees the Peter North?s cum shot and badly wants my jizz, which by the way is when I am also ready to pop. I loved giving it to her without warning. Squirt! The first stream goes up her face, across her left eye up to her hairline. ?Uhhh,? I groan, then squirt again. Now she?s ready. She?s got my dick angled down so that this hot stream, heavier and thicker than the first, collides upon her tits.

I?m also a heavy cumer as Barbara found to her surprise that first evening we fucked. My first time between her thighs I had spent a good forty minutes of pumping her into several convulsive orgasms. With her legs spread wide, she watched in amazement as my cock plunged repeatedly into the creamy slit between her legs. She knew I was working my way up and about ready to cum and I wanted to give her that special treat I usually reserved for first-fuck-occasions. The moment I was ready to pop, I pulled my cock out of her and aimed the tip of my dick directly into her freshly pumped gaping pussy hole. The first squirt of thick hot goo goes straight inside her body and she is astonished. Next I aim my cock at her tits. Squirt! And a stream of my hot cum goes straight up between her tits and onto her face. Mr. Short dick (Josh) had never ever come close to fucking her this well before and so she came back for more and more.

With the credits running on the video, Barbara dips her fingers into my cum dripping down her tits and gives it a taste. ?Mmmm!? She smiles. Squirt. Well I wish. I?m no Peter North. We watch the heaviest part of the Savannah gang-bang a couple times over. At eleven o?clock we are still on the couch in the living room and I am holding Barbara?s ankles high in the air. Her legs are spread far apart. Her tits are flailing wildly and my cock is relentlessly stretching her pussy. She is moaning and straining under my thick pole as it deeply penetrates her flesh. ?Fuck me, fu-uh-uh-ck meeee!,? she is moaning. Our flesh is slapping and she is building and building, getting ready to cum. The orgasm strikes. She convulses, grabs her tits in her hands and cups them upwards aiming her erect nipples directly into my face because she knows I have a thing for this sort of thing.

?I want your cum in my pussy now! Fill my pussy. FILL IT!? At this moment her juice is all over the cushion of the couch. Her thighs are slick and wet and her pussy is frothing and dripping. I can?t hold it anymore. I stop look her straight in the eyes.

?Now I?m really going to fuck you!?

Her eyes widen, because I?ve never pulled this trick on her before. I ram her deeper, harder and faster for a couple more minutes. Another orgasm. As she shudders and moans I deliver my load with my cock plunged deeply into her body. Minutes later she is laying back on the couch with her thighs spread wide apart revealing a freshly fuck pussy oozing cum onto the cushion. End of evening.

Two weeks later on I receive a call at the studio just a few minutes before quitting time. It?s Barbara, she?s needs me to come over. She needs some help with her car, and being good with my hands, I tell her I?ll be over in five minutes. She says she?ll leave the door open. I arrive at her apartment building in Sherman Oaks. I can hear rock music of that era from behind the door. Not bothering to knock I step inside and find something I never expected to find.

Barbara and her room mate Sissy are both flat on their backs. There are six guys, three on Barbara and three on Sissy gang-fucking the ever living life out of them. Sissy is in a ball of heaving flesh with Jack, William Steven. Barbara is twisting and moaning with Pete, Jason and Michael. And I don?t know what to think. A wave of confusing emotion flows over me momentarily, but I stand there watching as Barbara, laying atop a long ottoman covered with a cum stained sheet, as she is being fucked by Jason one of Sissy?s boyfriends. Jason sports this hard, long nine inch cock, and he is holding her legs up and apart. His dick plunges deeply into her, frothy pussy with long purposeful deep hard strokes to the rhythm of the music.

Barbara?s tits are flailing wildly. Her body is covered with sweat. Pete, another of Sissy?s man-stud boyfriends (she was a player), has his eight inch meat inside Barbara?s mouth. As she sucks and slurps upon Pete, she is hand jobbing another long erect cock hovering at the ready next to her face belonging to Michael?s. Then as she trades off cocks in he mouth, Barbara sees me standing there. Her eyes widen and lock with mine as her lips go around Michael?s erect throbbing rod. She throats Michael deep without breaking eye contact Slurping and sucking she rims the head of his tool while stroking his nine inch shaft with her hand.

Barbara removes her lips and studies his erection while she works it with her hand from tip to base squeezing up his clear seminal fluid. She licks the tip of his dick clean as Jason picks up the pace of his thrusts. His balls slap, slap, slap into her ass slick with pussy juice. Barbara looks down at Jason?s long dick plunging deeper and faster into her pussy, then looks back up at me. ?Baby--- uh. uhhhhhhh?look at that huge cock! Can you seen him fuc-uc-uc-king me?! They?ve all been fucking me like this!?

This had been going on for an hour before she got a chance to call me at the studio. As I learned later, Barbara had come home early from the studio and found Sissy in flat on her back in the middle of being gang-banged by six of her favorite boyfriends. She had invited eight guys but only six showed. And since a moist pussy knows no conscious, Barbara decided to live out her Savannah-esque fantasy. I also learned that Sissy, an RN who really loved to fuck, choose boyfriends with two common characteristics. Eight inch and thick or better. All heavy cumers. Sissy was into cream-pies, sandwiching and cum facials. A cum-slut!

?I want you to see you fuck Sissy?s pussy,? begged Barbara as she led Michael by his cock, wanting him to fuck her. Jason took this cue, pulled his cock, frothy white with her cum and traded off her pussy. Michael flipped Barbara onto her knees, arched her back and spread her cum-slick cheeks apart. Her dripping pussy gapped open. He took his time taking a stance, then holding the shaft of his cock he pressed the head of his tool against her swollen stretched pink flesh. Michael made two short strokes barely penetrating her stretched pussy lips clinging to the head of his cock. Then he entered with deep hard series of long slow plunges. Barbara gasped and made a loud slurp when her pretty lips broke their tight seal around Pete?s swollen member. Michael begins to fuck?and I really mean fuck?Barbara. That nine inch cock rammed and rammed her pussy. Their flesh slaps and slaps faster and faster. He pumps her so fast and hard that her pussy begins to suck air. Her tits and erect nipples now pointing straight down flailed wildly in rhythm to Michael?s strokes as she struggled to cope with the two other dicks trading places in her mouth.

?What the hell,? I think to myself. I?ve always wanted to fuck Sissy. She was an Asian girl, half Japanese and half Dutch. Long black hair. Beautiful tits with nipples the size of quarters. And unlike most Asian girls, she had the most amazingly longs legs I?ve ever seen. She was 5ft 10inches of pure sexuality with a shaved bald glistening wet pussy which now beckoned me. By the time Barbara had walked in, Sissy had been deep-fucked by each of her men. The session had started at 3pm. It was now going on five thirty and she still craved more cock. Steven, the current occupier of Sissy?s box, sported a large tool also. With one deft movement and without letting his cock slip out, he lifted Sissy off the bench, padded with a pussy juice soaked futon, into a position where she had her legs wrapped around him. He looked over at me, and nodded for me to come over. As I approached Steven whirled Sissy around into a spoon position and sat back. Sissy?s tight little ass hovered directly over this huge throbbing dick. Slowly and gently she guided her self down onto his cock until it was buried deeply in her ass. Steven pumped her several times. She leaned back with Steven?s hands covering her breasts, she cooed and motioned for me to come forward as Jack and William stood by.

By now my dick was throbbing. I was sporting the hardest erection in my entire life. I could drive nails with my cock at the moment. I could frame a house. As I drew close, Sissy took hold of my dick?then firmly guided me towards her slick, frothy pussy. Her eyes widened as do all women as the prospect of my thick cock about to penetrate their swollen pie looms. I rubbed my hot flesh against her well fucked pussy lips and pushed against her until my balls touched her ass. The root of my cock now lay firmly against her pubic mound. My dick stretched across her stomach. She took hold of it and as she gauged my size she licked her lips. The head came well above her belly button.

No matter how many times a woman fucks, or how many times she is fucked in a single day, the anticipation, the imminent prospect of a man, especially multiple men, sliding his/their cock/s deep inside her most private, most intimate of places, is the moment of her silent shudder of surrender. I pulled back and Sissy guided the head of my dick to the threshold of her glistening folds of flesh. My cock pumped and oozed clear semenal fluid and with the head of my dick I rubbed it into Sissy erect clit. She gasped and with one hand spread her pussy lips apart. ?Slide your cock inside me Al. Now I can see why Barbara spends all her time at your place. She told me you have a nice cock?she wasn?t lying.?

?Really?? ?Fuck me. I?ve always wanted you to fuck me,? she replied. Suddenly my attention was drawn to Barbara who was moaning louder and louder. She was cuming. Michael rammed harder and harder. He let out a groan as he drove deep insider, pulling her against himself, holding his cock inside as far as it would go. I could see his balls heaving, his stomach muscles flexing as he pumped his hot white cum. As he unloaded his cream, she paused, holding both Jason?s and Peter?s dicks at the ready as she struggled to catch her breath.

Michael?his hot load delivered home, withdrew out his cock now slick with both her and his cum. As the tip of his dick cleared her stretched clinging flesh, his sperm gushed out from her pussy and trickled down her thighs. Michael headed for the kitchen for a drink and to let his cock re-set for another round. Pete stepped up to the plate and as Michael before him positioned himself to enter my woman. Without hesitation, he deftly slide his prick deep inside her and she exhales a long moan. It?s always the same at penetration time. Now it was just Pete and Jason. She sucked and stroked Jason with wild abandon as Peter drove his shaft into her repeatedly doggy style.

?Look at his cock pumping her pussy--she looks sooo good, doesn?t she?,? remarked Sissy. She wasn?t wrong. I was watching my woman having her pussy traded off. Cum running down her thighs. Slurping and sucking other men?s erect cocks.

?Look at me, Al? Sissy pulled at my dick to get my attention. It worked. ?Think you can pump me long and hard like that, because that?s the way like a man to fuck me.? I locked eyes with Sissy and pulled her close by the scruff of the neck and kissed her. She moaned as Steven?s dick slid deeper into her ass. With our faces inches apart. Eyes locked I slid into the hottest, wettest, tightest pussy that has ever been wrapped around my dick. Sissy?s pussy was burning hot. Her flesh pink, tight and slick. Yet I don?t know how she remained so?she?s spent every night of her entire adult life humping men?s rods. As Steven and I slid into a pumping rhythm, Jack positioned his big cock over her face. Sissy took the bait like a bass would hit a lure. She sucked, slurped and stroked.

William, now being the odd man out with Sissy, turned his attention to Barbara. He waited his turn until Pete was ready to pop. Peter too ground his cock deep inside Barbara and let loose several longs squirts of hot cum. And when Pete was finished stretching my gal?s pussy, he withdrew his large dick letting another torrent of hot cum spill. By now Barbara?s pussy was foaming, frothing with her cum and his sperm. Without so much as a ?may I? Jason flipped Barbara onto her back and plunged his cock straight away into her oozing hole.

Steven couldn?t hold it any longer he was going to cum and he let Sissy know. He manages a few more pumps then drove his cock deep and hard. I could actually feel him pumping his cum though Sissy?s body. He slapped her on the ass?which was her cue to arch up on her heels and let him out. His dick came out letting hot sperm spill out of her stretched ass onto the sheet. Now it was just me and Jack. Sissy lay on her back. I took her ankles and spread her legs far apart. Jack stood atop her fucking her mouth. I pumped her long and hard and every so often she?d look down to watch my cock entering her.

?Suck me harder, that?s it?. yeah,? groaned Jack. He was ready to cum and Sissy knew it. There was a reason Sissy wanted Jack in her mouth at this moment, and I was about to find out why. Sissy and Jack were a regular thing. It was that Jack is an extra heavy cumer. She knew just when to take her mouth off his cock and begin stroking his slick meat. And then he came. Squirt. Down her face. A gusher. It trickles down her chin. She gasped. Squirt. Another gusher on her face and tits. She rubs the cum into her nipples. Squirt! Straight into her mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around the head of his cock. Squirt! She not quite ready for it?can?t swallow it. She chokes and cum spills out in a torrent down her chin and onto her tits. And Jack is done. My new hero! Way above and beyond Peter North.

Now this is the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed. I?m standing there motionless with my cock deep inside Sissy wondering how I am going to top this. She is completely bathed in hot cum. Jack moves off leaving me alone with the Asian goddess. I pull her close to me again. My free hand massages her slick cum soaked tits.

?Now I?m really going to fuck you!?

Sissy gasps. Her eyes widen with anticipation. Barbara stops for a moment and looks over as I start to plunge my cock deeper and faster into Sissy?s hot slick pussy.

?Baby, your cock looks so good inside her?drill her pussy hard, like you do mine.?

With six dicks ahead of me this pussy is still tight and slick. She gets into the motion. Her tits begin to flail. She moan and screams. ?Fuck me! Fuck me!?

I drive my dick hard and fast. I am so turned on this erection will never go away. She lays back as I pump her harder and harder. She smears Jack?s cum all over her tits, face and stomach. She is glistening. She is screaming and sweating. ?Cum inside me?I want to feel your hot cum inside me.?

I can?t hold it any longer?I shoot my load right at the deepest plunge my dick makes. I hold it and look her in the eyes, ?you want this?.? ?Yes! I want your cum inside me!? She knows what?s being squirted inside her. She coos and squirms as I hit her again with another load. I manage to get in a couple more pumps then feel my erection fading. When I pull out my cock the sperm oozes from her pink pussy.

I look over at Barbara. Both William and Jason have their dicks inside Barbara?s pussy at the same time. Two dicks in one pussy. Pumping and pumping. Barbara is sandwiched between these guys. William is on the bottom suckling her tits with his cock buried up to the hilt in her pussy. He pumps a few strokes and stops, then Jason pumps a few stokes. Her pussy is stretched like a taught rubber band and she is gasping and moaning. These three people are fused, heaving, and sweating. William and Jason finally start to jive?they both, with long strokes, pump Barbara?s now accommodating pussy in perfect unison. Their cocks are slick with her white frothy cum. Barbara starts to cum and these guys can feel it.

?I want you both to cum in my pussy at the same time,? she commands, ?fuck me until you both cum.? Barbara grinds on for few more minutes?locked together with Jason and William, both their cocks plunging in unison into her body. William tells Jason he?s about ready, and Jason says that?s he?s been holding back waiting.

?All right, now, put it in her, ? says William. They thrust one last time deep and hard and hold their position. I could see their balls pumping as they hold Barbara tightly between themselves. It seemed like several minutes until they were through. Jason pulls out first?cum spills out of Barbara?s pussy. Then William. More cum flows and Barbara rolls onto her back with her legs spread wide. Her hand reaches down to massage her pussy. She gets a handful of their hot cream and rubs it onto her heaving tits.

I am so turned on. And my dick is getting stiff again. I go over to Barbara and give her a long kiss. Now my cock is hard enough for some more action. This has never happened before to me so quickly. I enter Barbara?s freshly fucked pussy. It is hot and frothy. I fuck her gently and slowly. She thrusts her hips to meet my plunging dick. Jack is up again. This guy is unbelievable. And before I know it his cock is in Barbara?s mouth. And she strokes and sucks his long dick gently and softly. She is tired, but she can?t turn it off. She moans under my thrusts.

?Cum in my mouth?can you cum in my mouth?? Jack nods. This time it takes Barbara a few minutes to stroke him off. Jack was amazing! Suddenly he was pumping his cum, and Barbara without flinching never took her mouth off his dick. Squirt! Squirt! Only two this time. She swallowed what she could, the rest ran down her chin. Barbara knew me, especially when I was about to cum?she sensed I was close.

?Put it in my mouth Al, fuck my mouth,? she begged. I whirled her around. Her lips went around my cock. She stroked and stroked, faster and faster. She knows how I like my dick handled. Fast and hard. When I came I managed a decent squirt?nothing like Jack. But enough to satisfy my gal.

All of us decide to take a break. A pizza is ordered. We take turns running through the shower and sit around the apartment half naked until seven in the evening. Then Sissy began, one by one, to lap dance the guys, including myself. Barbara joined in also. Jack?s cock began to rise as Sissy ground her tits into my face. He began stroking himself as Sissy started to suck and stroke me. Then Barbara joined in tag-teaming my cock. This started the ball rolling again. The party ground on until nine in the evening until we couldn?t get it up anymore. How many times each gal got fucked by each guy is incalculable. I can only attest that there was so much inside of so little.

Barbara drove home with me for the weekend. We slept naked until six that following evening in each others arms. I woke up with her hand stroking my dick already hard from a sleeping erection. She straddled me, guided my stiff rod into her fleshy wet folds. She was fucked sore but still horny. From that day on she could never get enough. I lay back as she pumped me and watched my slick wet cock disappear deep inside her. She ground down upon my cock for what seemed forever until her back arched and she grabbed for her tits with erect nipples protruding. .She was cuming. She kept grinding until I let loose. She drove my dick deep and hard into herself as I pumped my cum. We lay together kissing, with my cock growing soft still inside her. When it slipped out she grabbed a hand mirror on the bed stand, spread her legs and positioned the mirror to admire her freshly fucked cream pie. Then she looked at me and smiled.

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