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My Reward and Punishment

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Part 2 of the story/ life experience

"I can't stop myself, My reward and Punishment?

I couldn't believe these two gorgeous guys with HUGE cocks had asked me over to their place to fuck and suck the night away! I loved my Husband, but the fact that he saw me blowing these two giant cocks in their truck was probably going to ruin my marriage, so I was going to make the best of it! As I said before, I had been faithful to him for the 5 years of our marriage, but now the real me was cumming out.

I stepped off the bar stool with my hands still groping their Cocks through their jeans. My pussy was aching for cock and had soaked my tight little shorts. I led them out the door to their truck, quietly telling them I wanted those big cocks in me. The massive cock owned the truck and took the wheel, with me in the middle between two hunky 25 year olds. What a lucky 45 year old slut I was!

When we started down the road I started rubbing my pussy and my two cocks, but the cock driving asked me to leave him alone while he was driving so he could concentrate. I said "safety first" and undid the belt and pants of my second cock. Out sprung that beautiful big cock! I started stroking, jerking, and licking it to load moans that drowned out the stereo. He undid my little shorts, pulled them and my panties off, and slid his fingers in my wet pussy. He called me a filthy whore and other nasty names, adding "if you want our cocks in your holes you must do as you're told. The cock driving grabbed my hair and pulled my head over to him and emphasized "everything you're told". This made me so hot! I've always liked to be submissive. The effects of the fingers in my pussy and the continued insults made me cumm. My second cock pulled his fingers out of my pussy and ordered me to lick them off. I stared into his eyes, smiled and sucked each finger as if they were little cocks. He grabbed my head and pulled it down to his swollen hard on, yelling "suck that cock you dirty slut". I swallowed the whole 8" in one gulp, I was so turned on!

They both were yelling insults at me while telling me to suck it deeper and faster. I went to town on it, my tongue swirling all around it and licking the balls when it was fully down my throat. He started fucking my mouth making me gag, over and over, as they were laughing and high fiving each other. This rough treatment was really turning me on!

The next thing I knew we were stopped at a fast food restaurant waiting in the drive thru. My cocks said they had the munchies and asked if I wanted anything. What gentlemen! We ordered and I released the other cock from its jeans as we waited in the drive thru. There they were, two big, hard, cocks for my pleasure and for me to pleasure. I began alternating back and forth, sucking, licking and deep throating my cocks as we pulled up to the payment window. I looked up at the old Hispanic man collecting money from the cock in my mouth and saw his jaw drop. He was yelling to his co workers in Spanish and they came over to take a look at me sucking my cocks with no pants or panties covering my freshly shaved pussy. My cocks asked the restaurant workers if they wanted their cocks sucked as they had "just picked this whore up", for free food. The old Hispanic man quickly gave my cocks money back and they arranged to meet us behind the restaurant to give us our food for my mouth. My cocks reminded me I needed to do "everything I was told to get their cocks in me" I didn't want to fuck these seedy looking guys but to get those big cocks in me I thought could suck a few cocks.

I stated what I was thinking and was told to shut my mouth. My cocks told me I was their whore and would do whatever I was told. My, my, I was dripping pussy juice all over as we pulled around the back where a couple young Hispanic guys were waiting with our food. My cocks told me to get out and suck cock. So my mouth was traded for some burgers and fries with my cocks telling the workers it would be $100 each to fuck me. They said blow jobs would be fine and dropped their pants to expose two nice cocks. I couldn't believe what was happening, I was on my knees in a parking lot behind a fast food place sucking a couple of fast food workers cocks! I not only felt like a slut/whore, I was one.

My cocks sat in their truck eating their burgers and fries laughing and encouraging me to make the workers cocks cumm before my food got cold. I was naked from the waist down and the fast food guys started rubbing my pussy as I alternated sucking their cocks. They would both roughly grab my head and fuck my mouth like it was a wet pussy making me gag for air on a number of occasions. They were laughing and yelling in Spanish to the remaining three guys in the restaurant who would come sneak a peak between customers. I felt one of the cocks tense and grow in my mouth and I quickly had a mouth of cumm. I swallowed it down and concentrated on the other one. Another workers cock replaced the one I had finished off and I started on that one, then another workers cock was shoved in my mouth. 3 cocks to suck at the same time, it had been a while, and I was ready. One after another those 3 cocks emptied their loads of cumm down my throat and on my face. My top had been pulled off and I was naked except for my sandals, pussy juice flowing. God, I wanted a cock in me.

I was still kneeling, licking cumm off my fingers when the old Hispanic man came out back and said it was his turn. He went over to my cock's truck and gave them $100 so he could fuck me. My cocks laughed and ordered me to "fuck the old man, whore". He said he didn't want to catch a disease from me, while pulling a condom on an impressive old cock. This wasn't the cock I was dreaming about fucking me but my pussy was on fire. When he bent me over a parked car and started fucking me and I immediately came. He was giving me a real good fucking, I never thought an old man fast food worker would be a good fuck but I was wrong! I was cumming over and over and he kept pounding me to cheers from my cocks in the truck.

As the old man was fucking me,he spit on my ass, working first one, then another finger into it. I'm pretty comfortable with a good anal session, if done with lube slowly. I guess saliva would have to do.

I called out to my cocks in the truck that a good ass fucking should be extra, and they agreed. The old man said he'd give them another $100 when he was done with the whore. My cocks ordered me to take his cock deep in my ass, and the old man spit on my ass again shoving his cock in the hole nice and slow. I was moaning in pleasure as he slid his cock in and out of my asshole, slowly at first then picking up the pace to a good hard ass fucking. I was rubbing my clit encouraging the old man to fuck my ass harder, damn this was unreal! I yelled to my cocks in the truck that I wanted them to both fuck my ass, and they told me to beg for it. I started begging to have my ass fucked by them with the old man's cock slamming in and out of my asshole. The old man started grunting, pulled his cock out of my ass, tore the condom off and stuffed it in my open mouth just as it started spurting delicious cumm. He held my head on his cock until he emptied all his cock juice while calling me names in Spanish.

5 cocks dropping their loads in my mouth, if my Husband could see me now! I got up off my knees, grabbed my top and bra, and headed back to the truck where my cocks were waiting. The old man came over and gave my cocks the extra $100 for the ass fucking I took. My food was cold but I had just downed 5 loads of cumm so I wasn't that hungry anyway. I got in the truck between my two cocks and begged them to take me to their place and fuck me. They once again told me to shut up, saying we had one more stop before I could have those magnificent cocks in me.

They asked if I had eaten pussy before, and I replied no. A girlfriend, who goes out with me at times, and I had kissed and licked each others nipples while sucking and fucking a guy but that's as far as it went. I had thought about it before, when I see an attractive woman I wonder how her pussy would taste, but I like cock to much to spend time with a woman.

We pulled into the driveway of a well manicured house and went to the door and knocked. It was late and we waited for a couple minutes before the door opened to a scantily dressed middle aged woman. I was still naked except for my sandals, and she smiled asking "what do you have here boys?" They replied "a nasty whore Trish, she said she'd lick your pussy and asshole until you cumm!" She invited us in and started looking me over licking her lips. She was in great shape, looked like she spent time in the gym, short, bleached blond hair, tight ass and small breasts. I stood there obediently while she fingered my clean shaven pussy and pinched my nipples. She asked "what's this going to cost me this time boys?" They responded "a day off with pay Trish". She opened my ass cheeks to expose my freshly fucked asshole putting a finger in it and asking "when boys?" As they negotiated their deal I realized this must be their employer /boss who had a finger in my asshole while sucking on my nipples. Next thing I knew I was being led to the couch in the front room and told to sit with my legs spread, pussy and asshole exposed, and wait for further instructions. My cocks and Trish disappeared for a few minutes and when they came back she had a small suitcase with her. I was grabbing my ankles with my pussy and asshole fully exposed moaning "fuck me, someone fuck me". I once again was ordered to "shut the fuck up whore, just do as you're told".

Trish opened the suitcase and pulled out a large selection of toys and dildos. My cocks were watching from the kitchen while having some beers and put on some good music. She took off her nighty to expose a rock hard body, and totally clean shaven pussy like mine. Her nipples were pierced as was her clit and she had a tramp stamp just above her ass cheeks. She leaned down, brought her mouth to mine, and as I opened it her tongue entered. I rubbed my clit as we entered a hot kissing session. She stopped and asked how many cocks I had sucked that night as she could still taste the cumm in my mouth. I replied 7 and I want more! She winked at me and grabbed a big, real looking cock dildo and told me to put it in my mouth and suck it I obeyed and was startled as to how hot this was getting me! Trish and my cocks were watching my every move as I fingered my pussy and asshole while sucking that dildo with wild abandon .This was an unbelievable evening! As dirty a girl I had been in my life, never had I been as slutty and turned on!

My cocks moved over to the couch next to Trish as she asked if I had ever eaten pussy and ass. She was telling me how sweet pussy tastes and how aroused she gets when she has her tongue in a tight little asshole. She said "after sucking off 7 cocks, tasting my pussy and ass should be a relief for me". She undid my cocks belts and pants and started stroking those big , beautiful hunks of manhood asking if I wanted them . I nodded yes and opened my mouth only to be told to only do what I was told to do. Trish told me to put that dildo back in my mouth and dropped to her knees putting her face between my spread legs. She continued stroking my cocks while gently flicking her tongue on my clit. My god, it was heaven, she swirled her tongue in a clockwise motion around my clit, sucking and gently biting it until my juices were pouring out. I had never cumm this hard from oral sex before, she was wonderful. Occasionally she would leave my pussy to suck one of the big cocks I so wanted in me, making me jealous.

I was ordered to take the dildo out of my mouth and start fucking my pussy with it . Trish turned it on so it would vibrate and gave me a deep kiss allowing me to taste my pussy juice. In and out it went, my pussy was a sloppy mess, juices running from my pussy into my ass, when my cocks moved to my mouth. I was sucking one and then the other when Trish took control of the dildo and started sucking my clit again. Her tongue moved down to my ass and started licking it while she fucked me with the dildo. I was going wild deep throating two big cocks while this nasty woman was eating my asshole. She moved the dildo to my ass and with plenty of tongue helping lube it, slowly slid it in. I was moaning in ecstasy through the cocks that were fucking my mouth as she fucked my ass while sucking my clit.

My cocks were rock hard and twitching. They moved me off the couch, Trish taking my place, telling me to kneel in front of her. I obeyed and she spread her legs, grabbing her ankles as I had. Her asshole and pussy were totally exposed for me and were glistening with her juices. My cocks grabbed me by the hair, shoving my face between her legs telling me to eat that pussy and ass. I obeyed, first swirling my tongue around her clit with gentle sucks and bites as she had done to me. I wasn't sure about what to do with the clit ring so I sucked it into my mouth, getting a favorable response. I moved down to her ass and licked the hole with enthusiasm as she moaned in pleasure, grasping a new vibrator from her suitcase. She told me to put my tongue in her ass as far as I could, as she used a vibrator on her clit. They were all calling me a ass eating whore and other things as Trish was squirting out her juices all over my face. Her thighs wrapped around my head as my tongue darted in and out of her ass. I couldn't breath because she had my head squeezed between her thighs and she was very strong. Just when I was about to pass out she released me. She called me a good ass and pussy eater and ordered me to eat my cock's asses.

My cocks sat on the couch and lifted their asses while spreading their legs exposing their assholes to my tongue. Trish grabbed my head and pushed my face into a juicy asshole ordering me to lick it ,suck it and put your tongue in it like you did mine. As I had my tongue deep in my cock's ass Trish was deep throating that giant 10" cock. She was good, very good, handling that monster with no problem. The other cock moved behind me and started licking my pussy as I ate ass. Trish ordered him to put a vibrator in my pussy, get behind her and shove his big cock in her. I had a big vibrating dildo crammed in my pussy as I ate my cock's ass, watching Trish sucking his monster cock while getting fucked from behind! What a sight! I'm usually the one getting ravished, so now I see what I look like. Trish was going wild, grunting, moaning and screaming. My cock's asshole was getting wider and juicier as he was moaning in pleasure.

My pussy wanted those cocks in it, the anticipation was overwhelming. Trish pulled my head out of my cock's ass and pushed it down in the other one ordering me to eat more ass. She began sucking his big 8" cock while I had my tongue deep in his ass. As my tongue was working in and out of his ass I felt his ass spasm and heard him moan as he spurted a load of hot cumm in Trish's mouth. She grabbed me by the hair pulling my mouth to hers, kissing me and sharing that delicious cumm.

Trish ordered me to the couch and told me to kneel as she lay under me with her mouth on my pussy. I instinctively lowered my mouth to her clit and licked and sucked it as she did the same to me. Her tongue lowered to my asshole and fingers entered my pussy. I followed her lead and did the same to her. Damn I love sex! We were grinding our pussys and asses on each others mouths as a giant cock was shoved in my pussy while Trish had her tongue on my clit. I'd been waiting to have one of those young, huge cocks in me all evening, and damn, it was worth the wait! I had the bigger of the two slamming me from behind and the other one entered Trish's ass as I sucked and licked her clit. This was the nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest sexual evening I'd ever experienced. I was going wild with lust. I really did get off on eating, licking and sucking assholes as Trish said I would. I loved this woman!

Trish's ass was getting pounded as I drank her squirting pussy juice. I was cumming in bucketfuls while being fucked like a rag doll. That big cock was everything I thought it would be. I'm a firm believer that size does matter, as long as it's real hard. The cock in Trish's ass grunted, shoved all the way in her asshole and erupted with cumm oozing out her ass. I left her pussy when the spent cock pulled out of her ass and swallowed it in one gulp! Yuummm, I loved the taste of her ass mixed with cock cumm. Then I went back to her pussy and ass. Cumm was oozing out of her beautiful asshole so I started licking it clean until it stopped leaking, with her moaning in ecstasy!

Then that giant 10" cock started really fucking me. He flipped me over missionary, ramming, jamming, and slamming my wet box like there was no tomorrow. The spent cock came closer to my face and began slapping me with the flaccid manhood. Trish was holding my legs nice and wide, making it alot easier to get fucked good! This had to be heaven! I was having a spiritual moment!

I put the spent cock in my mouth and sucked and licked like a wild woman. The giant cock was still fucking the shit out of me as the spent cock started growing in my mouth. Soon I had a 8"rock hard cock in my mouth with a 10" cock in my well used pussy. Trish was encouraging me with dirty talk. We traded off sucking, our tongues meeting at the cock as I continued getting fucked. She told the cocks to fuck my ass and handed me a tube of lube. They all pulled me up, bent me over the arm of the couch asking if I was ready for the fucking of my life. I lubed my ass up while Trish slid a couple vibrators in my holes asking if I'd ever been DP'd before. I told her "I'd fucked groups of guys at the same time on a number of occasions but trying to get a double penetration to work never happened. The times I tried it the guys would get soft, complaining they were to close to the other cock, or would cumm prematurely before any real action." She asked how I liked the vibrators sliding in and out of my wet holes and I moaned enthusiastically.

My cocks were rubbing on my ass cheeks as Trish continued fucking my holes with her toys. By now I was screaming in ecstasy, but I wanted the real thing. I was a little worried about fitting those monster cocks in my ass but nothing was going to stop it from happening now.

I didn't have to wait long as the massive 10" cock started slowly entering my wet asshole as soon as Trish pulled the vibrators out. The other cock was shoved in my mouth and I eagerly swallowed it. Trish grabbed me by the hair and told me I better take all that cock in my ass and let him pound me or there would be no Dp for me. My cocks were once again high fiving each other as they slid in and out of my ass and mouth. I was gagging on the cock in my mouth as he fucked it because I couldn't concentrate. The cock fucking my ass was too big, even after it had been stretched open with dildos and tongues. It hurt, the head was huge and he was pulling nearly all the way out before re-entering. I spit the cock out of my mouth and started whimpering in pain, to further insults from Trish and the cocks. The cock in my ass gave a hard thrust all the way in and pulled out telling me to suck it clean. What a relief, but it was short lived.

As I was licking and sucking my ass juice off the monster cock Trish was lubing up the other cock. God, the cock that just tore my ass up was huge. I still had trouble taking it all down my throat. Trish was laughing calling me a rookie. She ordered me to take the other lubed up cock in my ass and I complied. It was a little shorter and not as thick so it slid right in my gaping asshole. Once the head was in it started feeling real good. Trish was licking the cock and my ass as it slammed in and out and that felt wonderful! Meanwhile the giant cock was fucking my mouth like it was a Mexican Whore's cunt while I was gagging, choking and slobbering all over it.

Once again I was roughly pulled by my hair off the couch to the floor and ordered to lower my ass onto the giant cock as he lay on the floor. It looked beautiful and I was glad to have it out of my throat so I could breath. Trish started sucking my nipples and then moved to my mouth, kissing me deeply as I lowered my gaping asshole on the monster. It once again hurt but as I had more control it was feeling better and better. I was straddled reverse cowgirl style, slowly fucking my ass with that cock. Trish was still kissing and licking me and moved her tongue to my pussy. Now I was feeling great! She sucked my clit as I picked the pace up on my ass fucking. The other cock moved over to my eager mouth and I sucked and licked my ass juice off of it as he moaned in pleasure. My pleasure continued to increase and I really started slamming my ass down on that huge cock. I couldn't understand how it could have been so painful before yet now I wanted it all the way in. Trish couldn't keep sucking my clit because I was riding my cock so hard and she commented how wide my asshole had opened up to accommodate the beast. I was screaming in pleasure and had to spit the cock out of my mouth. I began feeling like I was going to cumm, but it was a strange sensation. The feeling was cumming from my ass and as I furiously rubbed my clit until I had what I believe was a anal orgasm. (Have any of you reading this had this experience?) I was screaming in joy as my dreams were cumming true. The other cock knelt in front of me slowly stroking the 8" of pleasure about to enter my wet pussy.

Trish knelt down and guided it into my pussy as I continued to fuck my ass with the other cock. I had to slow down to allow her to slip it in my wet box. I couldn't believe the feeling! I was still having an anal orgasm as it started fucking my pussy and I went crazy with lust! It felt like they were in the same hole as we began a steady rhythm, both big cocks slamming in and out at the same time. My God, I was cumming like never before, sensations from my ass were as strong as from my hot, wet pussy. Trish was ordering my cocks to fuck me harder and deeper, and asked if I was happy now. As I began to answer she lifted her leg and straddled the three of us resting her clit on my lips. The cocks kept slamming me as I held myself up with my hands and feet on the floor. I started sucking that clit and clit ring, putting my tongue deep in her pussy. I loved eating pussy, especially while getting fucked in the ass and pussy. Her juices were flowing out all over my face as she moaned in approval. I drank them up as fast as I could but there was so much cumm it was dripping off my chin onto my breasts.

They flipped me over on all fours after a while because I was having a hard time holding myself up. My cocks had me suck them clean of all the pussy and ass juice before Trish lubed them both up again. They then started tag teaming first my ass and then my pussy as Trish lay in front of me grabbing her ankles exposing her two hot, wet holes. I needed no instructions on what to do next as my tongue swirled around and in both holes.

When were these stud's cocks going to cumm? They just kept lubing my ass up and slamming it, then pulling out and the next one would start up. I couldn't tell which cock was which any more as my holes were wide open. I felt no pain at all, just complete pleasure.

Trish turned herself around so we were in a 69 position and began licking and sucking my pussy as the cocks kept fucking my ass. When they would trade turns she would break from my pussy, licking and sucking the ass juice off my cock. We sounded like a bunch of animals, grunts, groans, moans, squeals and filthy talk. I was so into eating Trish's holes, I loved the taste of her pussy and ass. I should have tried this years ago!

After I had completely satisfied Trish she complimented me on my oral skills, slid out from under me and kissed me deeply. My giant cock slid under me, thank God, I loved when it fucked me, ass or pussy! My other cock was fucking my ass as I centered my pussy over that gorgeous cock and lowered onto it. Yuuummm, how much more pleasure could you possible get, I just knelt there while these young studs fucked my holes like it was the last fuck they were ever going to have! Trish traded off kissing us all while getting a birds eye view of the cocks fucking me, commenting how big and hard the cocks were and how my holes had opened up like a true whore. I was in ecstasy!

My cock's grunts and moans grew louder and louder. I was screaming while cumming over and over. Once again I was having anal orgasms as my cock furiously fucked my gaping asshole. He tensed up and I felt him spurting a load in my ass, an exquisite feeling. He was balls deep in my ass spurting stream after stream of hot cumm. My other cock was ramming my pussy while my ass was being filled with cumm, and also started spurting hot cumm in my wet pussy.

Nothing in my 45 years can compare to the complete pleasure I felt at that moment. My spent cocks pulled out and I licked and sucked them clean.

I lay on the floor rubbing my pussy, with a finger in my ass, licking the cumm off my fingers. Cumm was oozing out my holes as I continued to have ass & pussy orgasms. Trish knelt next to me and took over for my fingers, licking hers clean as she dipped them in the cumm draining from my holes. We kissed passionately and traded cumm, stroking each others breasts and pussys.

I was exhausted, happy, and for the first time I can remember, completely sexually fulfilled. Trish got us all some cocktails, rum and cokes, and I had a smoke. My cocks and Trish hugged me saying what a good girl I was. We all were joking around like nothing freaky had happened yet were still naked. It was late so Trish told my cocks to take tomorrow off with pay and asked where I was going to go. I said I wasn't sure, and both my cocks and Trish asked me to stay with them.

My ass and pussy were sore so I thought staying with Trish sounded like a good idea. I wanted to find out more about her. She was a trip. My cocks were disappointed but I told them I was available for future fucking any time, I was just worn out now and needed a nasty woman's company.

We exchanged cell numbers and off my big cocks went. Trish led me to the bedroom and brought her toy's suitcase. Yuuummmm. Her tight little ass was wiggling in front of me as I followed her. She started asking about who I was and what I did besides being a slut/whore. Her bedroom was decorated with beautiful art that appeared to be images of cocks and pussys.

She guided me to the bed as we embraced, tongues meeting in passion.

To be continued.........

Next, The day after and my return

Luv and Blowjobs, Mrs. Sancho

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