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My Life and How I got Here

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I hope this will help everyone to know me a little and answer lots of questions about me. This is all true and it is what has shaped my life until now. First, I am a mature BBW, and I love my body, I always have. I began to bloom at the age of 9 and at the age of 11 I was wearing a 36D bra. I always had boys after me to bump into me and to grab a feel and most of the time it was a pain to attract so much attention. I was chubby and still am a proud BBW. I have long brown hair that is to my hips and it is thick so that I wash it everyday. I am now divorced and love to be away from the ass that was my husband. He will not be discussed much except in how he moved me to do some things I would have never done on my own. I am now a very full 44EE and my nipples are dark and full, my waist goes in and then out to a nice firm set of hips. My thighs are firm and my legs make men and women stare. My first real experience with sex was at the age of 12, I used to ride the bus and after a while there were some boys that began to tease me, bumping into me and feeling me up and such. Well, one day on the bus I was wearing a new skirt and a new button up blouse that Mom had bought. It was a little tight and I was in a hurry or would have changed. I got on and had to go towards the back and there were no seats so I had to stand, holding the bar along the top. Well, this lifted my skirt up some and the 4 boys that always teased me took advantage of this to look at my legs that had no stockings on. Then they were standing around me pressing against me, I felt myself getting warmer as they rubbed against me accidentally. Then a hand was over my mouth as a pair of hands grabbed my chest, my buttons coming open and another pair of hands in my bra, pinching my nipples hard. I moaned into the hand on my mouth and then my skirt was lifting up and my panties pulled aside as two hands moved my legs apart and fingers pushed my lips apart...making me wet. Suddenly something was licking me between my legs and I was weak all over. Now I was surrounded by boys, each feeling and grabbing as much as they could. I felt the tongue finding my pussy and licking it fast, making my pussy soaking wet as I had an orgasm with the hand still over my mouth. Then somehow my panties were off and I was guided to sit on one of the older boys lap. Before I st I saw his cock out and erect and I was being pushed down until it was between my legs openeing my pussy that was until this time virgin. I hurt going in like a fire between my legs but the hand was always over my mouth keeping me from crying out even though I was crying and begging as I could to be let go. Three boys had my pussy that day and I was dripping their cum as I got off, they had made sure that I was decent before we stopped and one told me he was going to have me again, but I never saw him again. I got sick and stayed home for a week but never told Mom about it. Well, the feeling I had with the orgasm was great but I had been r*ped and that was not. I stayed away from groups like that and hardly ever rode the bus again. That did not keep things from happening to me though. I had gym class and being one of the "Fat girls" could not really run without my titties bouncing all over so the coach would let me sit out some sports but there were a few girls that always seemed to again bump into me and such. They stared at me in the showers and I guess it was the titties I had that were so much bigger than any of them. One day as I was showering I felt that several girls were watching me. I turned around and there were 3 watching me from the shower entrance, all had towels around them but they were naked under. One was Jill that had been friendly to me but she acted different now. She was watching me bath and asking how I got everything soaped up and the other girls laughed. I was nervous and actually began crying as they got closer and Jill took my soap and began washing me on the back with it. Then she reached around and grabbed my chest hugging me against her body. The other girls were there, touching my body and then Jill came around front and cupped my titties in her hands. You have the nicest tits I have ever seen she said as she took the nipples and sucked them, Oh no, please stop I begged her. Why she said as her friends hugged closer to me their bodies all rubbing against me and the hot feeling I had on the bus that day came back. Did you lock the doors Jill asked. Yes, Coach said she will be here in a little. Oh no I moaned as my titties were being sucked and played with, please don't. The the voice of the Coach came into the shower. Elaine was her name and she was really beautiful but very trim. She was naked and came over to us. Jill moved and let Elaine take her place. Coach kissed me deep, forcing my lips apart to admit her tongue. Jill had dropped to her knees in front of me and was searching my pussy lips which had become swollen for the clit, she found it and sucked it into her mouth. I soaked her face with an orgasm and she sucked all the juices up. Take her to the office Coach said and they began leading me to her office that had a couch and a single bed in it. I was laid on the bed and then they all were on me, sucking, licking and kissing me all over. I kept having orgasm after orgasm and sometimes a pussy was over my face and I licked it. It always tasted good and I began to enjoy the attention as they all took turns doing things to me. After over and hour they all began getting dressed and let me up. I was sitting nake on the bed and they helped me dress. Elaine kissed me again and said, Yu are one of my girls now and this is all between us, understand? Yes I told her. She kissed me again and we all walked out. This happened to me many times and I was looking forward to gym class for the rest of the year. I learned how to make love during this time and how to tease really good when I wanted to make a girlfriend suffer for a while. The next part is about how I began really liking sex with boys but that will have to wait. Take care everyone.

Love Chamie

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