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My Girlfriend Takes Several Loads

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Hey FOlks, GOod to read these and my girlfriend and I love to play after. They have given us several ideas and finally we followed through on one just last Friday night. She is 5 feet tall and a BBW, 40DD titties and very very oral. I am 6'0", average build and about 7 inches which she seems to go for every time we meet. We are both in very boring marriages and have been seeing each other for a number of years. We both have several fantasies and look for way to fulfill them but it seems that things just never work out. Well, we like to ride on I-85 here in Georgia and she loves to show off her lovely titties. I love to see the looks she gets with no bra and a tight skirt and thong when we get out and walk around a truck stop or rest area. We have done this several times but have just never had any offers. We have had what we believe to be several almost chances but things just did not work out until this last Friday night. We had stopped by an adult place in Lavonia for a while and bought a couple toys for her pleasure. Our plan was to drive and turn on the dome light while she pleasureed herself. WEll, Tess is very passionate and when she gets going she never stops until 4 or 5 orgasms. As we left the club there was two truckers that came out also, they both got in different trucks and seemed to wait until we got going in our 4 wheeler. We pulled onto I-85 towards South Carolina and sure enough both trucks got on behind us. One pulled next to us as Tess pulled her skirt up and her blouse came off and was thrown into the back seat..She then slide a nice toy between her pussy lips...her legs on the dash spread as far as she could. Then she began plunging the dildo into her pussy hard and fast. She had gotten hot like this before but it never ended up with what was to cum...The first truck pulled ahead and the second pulled next to us and let go his air horns...then he pulled up and they hit their lights and turn signals to pull off at an area that has a place that is actully an old dirt parking lot across from a closed hotel. I asked her if she wanted to go for it..She looked at me with glassy eyes and moaned,,,"What do you think?" That was enough..I pulled after them and into the lot..As we pulled in next to the trucks the two guys got out smiling and walked over to the car..Tess was continuing her play with the dildos and going thru a multiple orgasm...they watched with bulges growing in their pants...Then two more trucks pulled in. One had one of those big double sleepers on the back and two drivers each got out of them. so now 6 very horney truckers are standing at the passenger's side watching Tess get herself off then they began reaching in, one opened the door and pulled her out standing her up against the car her kissed her hard...the only thing holding her up was their hands as she was really not standing up on her own. I was standing on the edge of the group watching Tess have her fantasy cum true, a gang bang with total strangers..Her clothes were totally off now, lost somewhere in the group...her 40DD titties were being massages, pinched and biten by every mouth and hand that could get to her...Oe of the truckers got her up on the trunck om my car and had dropped his jeans and her legs in the air he pushed his cock deep into her soaking pussy. She let our a moan that was louder and almost a scream as he entered her...her legs went around his shoulders as he pumped into her pussy...then she began telling them what she wanted .."Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard...oh yes..all of you...fuck me.." over and over again...There is s wooded area near there and one of the truckers had gotten a quilt out of his cab..Let's take her over her guys he said and she was lifted up and carried naked to a place out of sight of the road..I followed not believeing this was finally happening...She was on her back looking up with her legs spread when she got on her knees.."Cock, I want to suck all your cocks" told them...Now the zippers were open and meat came out..All sizes were there and her eyes focused on what looked to be at least 10 inches...she reached out and took it in her hands..You first she was saying as it when into her mouth and she deep throated it suddenly making him arch his back amd moan...As she did this she was lifted up and a guy got under her..his hard cock sliding into her cunt..filling her...she moaned again and went back to the cock int her mouth...again and again it went all the way down her throat and the trucker was moaning as if he was going to die...then he pulled her head down on it and held it there..filling her throat with his load...this made her cum on the cock in her pussy...driving the man in her over as he filled her pussy at the same time...she looked around and reached out for another cock for her mouth...and a tall thin trucker got under her in place of the first she sat on his cock she begged for another to take her ass..after changing positions and working it around a little there was a stocky trucker in her ass and the thin guy in her pussy while a trucker offered her his cock for her mouth which she took in as if after another they all took turns filling her with thier loads...several more than once...she swallowed every load that was given to her and her pussy was literally dirpping more like gushing with cum every time she had an orgasm...after an hour I noticed that there were different guys there than had been at cock had cum a few times watching her get all she wanted...and as the truckers came and went they all filled her...she again and again took loads in her mouth ass and pussy...After each one finished she reached out for another hard cock to place in her...Finally, there were only two truckers there and they too took her as she begged them to. They unloaded in her pussy and moth and then got up..Tess just laid there, her fingers going from her pussy to her mouth...licking up all the cum that was dripping out of her..then she looked at me..You are the only one that has not fucked it..I dropped between her legs and her pussy was so streached out and filled with cum that I almost felt no resistence as I drove into her...we fucked and after we had cum she kissed me..looked into my eyes and said that she was more happy than she had ever been...sore but very happy...we got up, left the quilt and I guided her naked to the car. She got in and just lain back in the seat...and dozed off...I drove back into Georgia and decided to try a little something to see if she was really finished...I stopped at the rest area just inside the Georgia state line and pulled to the truck area. I stopped so that the trucks would see that she was laying all spread out naked in the car..It would have been hard to miss...I went around to her side and opened the door a little and walked away to the rest soon as I got to the building I stopped and looked back at the car...A few seconds later I saw a tall black trucker and his partner get out and go over and look into the car...It looked like Tess had woke up and was talking to them and soon her hand reached up and felt his bulging pants...then she sat up and turned to him and took his cock in her mouth...sucking him deep into her throat...He stood there his hands bracing himself on the car and she did her magic on his chocolate bar...he unloaded in her mouth and she once again swallowed it all...then the other man stepped up taking his friends place and she took him into her mouoth too...soon he pulled his cock out and they carried her to the truck they were in...naked they put her in the sleper and I walked over near the truck..I could hear her enjoyment as she was telling them to "Fuck her harder...and fill her with their hot cum.." After a while the door opened and my naked slut girlfriend appeared, cum dripping from her pusy that was read and swollen...she had it dripping down her legs and on her titties...her mouth and face had it all over her and she stumbled as I helped her to the car...We found a place to snooze and about 4 am I dropped her at her car...Before we parted she told me that we would be riding again this next weekend. So, horney truckers, look for a 4 wheeler that has a naked 40DD BBW in the passenger seat and we will be waiting for you...All cocks accepted, none too small or too big and all flavors accepted.

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