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My Fantasy, her fantasy

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My Fantasy, her fantasy ...

She gradually has been warming up to the idea over the last few months. My beautiful wife Angel and I have been in the Lifestyle for 8-years now and party with our friends John and his girlfriend Kate often. Angel loves Kate, but what really turns her on is John's hard cock that can pound her non-stop for hours. The four of us experiment and push the envelope each time we get together, all of it is great, but I suspected my Angel wanted more. I had a suspicion that she's been harboring a secret fantasy, a fantasy of having multiple cocks at one time. Her hesitation till very recently was can she be comfortable and go the duration taking on three, four, maybe more, cocks in a row and not get overly sore. Now that she's been able to keep up with John's non-stop pounding for hours on in, she has gained the confidence she needed and hinted that she may give it a whirl, yes she wants try a gangbang. I thought I was hearing things, but I was elated that she was finally opening up and letting her have the fun she deserves and has secretly longed for so long.

Wasting no time I composed a short paragraph that I would send to a number of male candidates, ages 34 to 42, that I thought would fit her desired profile "... looking to fulfill one of her fantasies, multiple guys (three, four, maybe more - married or single) for her fun and pleasure."

I found the prospective candidates here on SLS using the Search feature. It didn't take long before the responses started coming in. The first to my surprise, from a 34 year old, said that he wasn't interested; he didn't want to be one amongst many. After that initial negative response, the rest all were positive and interested, or interested in learning more details. I responded to each email and stated that Angel would have to meet each of the guys, one-on-one, over a drink to see if they both clicked and to fill them in on the details. Meeting in a public place proved to be a pretty safe, neutral way for both to get to know each other before they actually engaged in sex.

Of the five who agreed to meet, three met Angel's rigorous standards and made it to the semifinals. John said that he would love to join us and with me bringing up the rear, made it a total of five cocks.

My wife Angel appreciates good things in life, the arts, music, great wine, nice clothes, cool shoes, and smart, articulate guys. I decided to make this a tasteful and chic event also, in an upscale downtown hotel, with upstanding guys.

The night would start at the downtown hotel downstairs lounge. The gentlemen would meet Angel, John and me for a drink or two and for everyone to get acquainted before we moved up to our luxury suite on the 23rd floor. The long anticipated night finally arrived and everything went according to plan. All the guys showed up right on time, we had our drinks, made small talk, laughed, joked, and everyone was getting comfortable with each other. Angel soon interrupted and said '... well boys, are we all ready to have some fun?" In unison we all said, "you know it." Grabbing one of the guys by the hand, Angel got up and said, "well what are we waiting for, lets go upstairs."

She was wearing a super sexy dress with sexy lingerie underneath. She was turning heads in the hotel lobby from everyone that passed by, whether man or woman. She looked so beautiful, so radiant, and so confident. She was my very own Angel that I'm so proud of and love so much.

We arrived in our two-room suite, I poured everyone a drink from the mirrored wet bar while Angel was freshening up and changing in to a shear black top, with a black leather thong, short black boots that sported 5" stiletto heals. Angel loves shoes, what woman doesn't, and she never takes hem off, not even in bed, except for sleeping of course.

She stepped in to the doorway grabbing all of our attention, all mouths open, even mine. God did she look gorgeous, steaming hot!! She stepped in to the center of the room, grabbed the only guy with a tie on and pulled him to his feet. She pointed to the two other gents and told them to follow her to the adjoining room. Well that left just John and me still with gapping mouths sitting on the couch. We knew what was coming, so we just relaxed, enjoyed our drinks and listened to the grunts and moans form the room next door. We heard Angel's screams "... God you guys are good .." over and over, so we knew she was okay.

John and I went to top off our drinks and realized we could see the entire show next-door trough the large mirror behind the bar. To our surprise, the guy with the tie was totally naked, except for his tie; he was behind Angel ready to insert his huge cock from behind. The other two guys were also naked with their cocks pointing towards Angle's wide-open mouth. Ready to go to work She grabbed them both and amazingly was able to insert both of them. Her full red-hot lips wrapped around their mushroom heads while she grabbed each of them by their buttocks, pushing them further in to her mouth. The man with the tie, Tie Man, started easing his cock, at least 9+ inches of it, in to Angle's sweet, glistening pussy. With just a few strokes all of his 9" cock disappeared. She took all of it and clamped down hard. From the expression on his face, you could tell that he was experiencing the ultimate pleasure. Tie Man wore a condom for entry, but the other two Angel was giving bj's to did not. It didn't take long before the two cocks in Angle's mouth were ready to explode. Realizing that they both were about to cum, she grabbed them behind their balls squeezing has hard as she could. This prevented them from cuming before Tie Man was ready. Tie Man was pumping his long rod at a quickening pace and in no time he was straining and filling his condom with hot white sperm. He kept pumping till the condom was overflowing and cum was dripping down his balls.

It was what Angel was waiting for and a signal for the guy to her left to slip a condom on and dive in to her gapping hot pussy. Angel ripped Tie Man's condom off and wrapped her lips around his still hard 9" cock. She kept sucking at it and managed to get another shot of his hot love juice right down her throat. Again she inserted both cocks in her mouth while she was getting pounded from the back. Tie Man only relaxed and softened for a minute or two, he couldn't resist Angel's red-hot lips, nor could the guy to her right, he could only hold back so long. The man in the back you could see was enjoying the feel of Angel's pussy too and it wasn't long before he too also spilled his white sticky cum, filling up the condom. The guy to her right was now ready to burst too. Angel grabbed and squeezed his balls once again, but to no avail. He had to unload and unload he did; right in between Angle's red lips and Tie Man's now hard again cock. Angel tried to swallow it all, but her mouth full of cock, could only absorb so much. She grabbed both by the back of their heads and pulled them closer to her. In one swift move she planted a big wet kiss on Tie Man's lips, sharing the other mans sperm with him. She quickly turned and gave the other guy a taste of his own sperm, going back and forth French kissing them both.

Tie man was now ready for more action, slipping on a condom and reinserting his cock in to Angle's pussy. Angel was now stroking both guys and getting pounded by Tie Man. John and I was enjoying the show and we both were amazed at their stamina. Angel the expert that she is, managed to make each of them cum one more time till their knees gave way. They all took a break, Angel came out and started flirting with John and me, kissing the both of us on our lips, while the others got dressed and were on their way with a big smile on their faces. We shall see them again for sure .... And Tie Man, you're welcome back anytime ;-)

Angel grabbed both of our hands and led us in to the bedroom. It was our turn now and she saved the best for last.

John and Angel got in to a 69-position, with John on the bottom and me inserting my also large 8" cock, but super girth, in to Angel's dripping wet pussy. The only difference was that John and I did not have to wear condoms, bareback for us, how nice. John loves to eat pussy, so as I was fucking Angel, John was enjoyed licking Angel's clit, just a few millimeters away from my cock. We talked about doing this before so now we finally put it to the test. We both enjoy watching a pussy getting penetrated by a hard cock and this is as close as you can get without getting blurry eyed. I was so charged that it only took a few minutes before I shot my hot load in to Angel's pussy, filling her, with overflow dripping down on to John. He didn't mind and soon it was my turn to take the 69 position, with Angel on top and John trying to insert his cock in a now very, very, wet pussy. Before he did, however, I put my entire mouth over her pussy and stuck my tongue deep inside her. It was so nice, so full of cum, Angel loved it, it was something she and I did before, and we both love it.

John finally did get his turn while I was down to licking Angel's clit. John took longer to cum, but when he finally did, he too had lots of sperm in reserve; wave after wave was flowing in her pussy. He kept on pumping his love juices in to my dear Angel's pussy, comingled it with my earlier load and Angel's multiple orgasms. No sooner John pulled his rod out, I thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy, which absolutely drove her wild. I loved the taste and feel of it and experiencing something Angel and I talked about so often.

John collapsed and sat on the edge of the bed, while I continued eating and driving Angel wild. I too finally was exhausted and spread out on the bed. Angel got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. She amazingly still looked pretty fresh and perky, after all those cocks.

Well we thought the evening was over and done with, but there was a loud knock on the door. John went to answer. He peered through the door's peak-hole and cracked up laughing, "I can't believe it, it's Tie Man, and he's back for more ... "

Oh what a night to remember, what a night it was.

Thank you Angel, thank you John, and thank you Tie Man, Left and Right Guy, it was our best sex ever.

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