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My Big Surprise

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First let me tell you a little about my wife and myself. We started swinging a few years ago.Both wanted to try something new to add spice, but I was more motivated to get things going she would say that she had little or no interest in meeting people, but when we met with people she was very into it. After we met with them she would go back to her nonchalaunt attitude. We started with a threesome mfm because she was a little jealous about me being with another woman. Had a few more after the first one. She also did a fmf threesome on her own at the request of another couple and with my permission. She seemed to enjoy it but never sset up another one after that. One of the men we saw became a good friend and we saw him on a semi regular basis. Once every few months. He and I had talked (email) and he knew that one of my big fantasies was to take pictures of my wife while she was having sex with multiple males. I get very turned on watching her being seduced and talked into doing naughty things by another male trying to steal her from me.

I recently recieved pictures in the mail that made me want to share this story with you. They were of my wife having sex with four very handsome young ,hung guys. A gift as I now understand after talking with our friend who sent them(and he knew I would appreciate them)

Secondly for a long time I had teased my wife and tried to get her to have a boy toy friend on the side ( after reading a profile on this site about a girl who had many boy (friends) visit while her hubby watched. She always said that she wasn't interested but i could see the gleam in her eye when we would talk about it.

The friend we had been seeing could only get togather once in a while because he had a girlfriend.

Time went by and this is when i reieved the pictures, so I emailed our friend to ask him what was up with that before I approached my wife with them. He said that she had taken my idea to task and had contacted him to experiment with the boytoy idea. He couldn't see her for a while but the next week his girlfriend was out of town and he met with her. They got togather and went back to his placed and fucked for four hours. She never mentioned it to me as she liked the excitement of the secretcy.I guess during sex they talked alot and afterwards she seemed to be more into the boytoy. After two weeks his girlfriend went away again and he decided to have a party and invite my wife as his date. He remembered my fantasy and figured he would try to set it up. He invited a bunch of couples but also made sure that he had four good looking male friends come alone. He called her and invited her to the party for that friday night. She told me she was going to go to a girlfriends house for a pj party and would stay over. (Now I know why she came home so tired from the pj party.) Anyway she arrived at his apartment for the party wearing a short skirt and low cut top because she knows he liked that outfit. He introduced her to everyone making sure to introduce her to the guys, and each one gave her a compliment which goes a long way with her. He left her with them to get her a drink but took his time. She seemed to hit it off with one guy who was tall, she likes tall guys. He brought her her drink and told her to down it as everyone was ahead of her. Normally she wouldn"t but she seemed to be in a party mood this night. Time passed and he kept trying to get her to drink to loosen her up but she kept telling him that she wanted to be sober for him later. He went over to talk to his friends to tell them about his problem and luckily one of them had brought a little substance to add to her drink to loosen her up. It was a powder that dissolved so she wouldn't be suspicous. He put it into a coke and brought it over to her. At this time he took her back to hang with his (friends)and play cards while some of the couples were leaving so he could say good bye to them. She had finished more than half of her coke and the tall guy was coming on strong to her.She was pretty tipsy and my friend watched as his buddy kept trying to run his hand up her skirt under the table. He told me he was getting hard watching his friend break down her defenses as he would gain several inches with each pass of his fingers until his hand met his mark and his fingers slid under her panties. He played with her clit for a little while intil she came to her senses and asked where her date was. The tall guy said that he saw him go upstairs and that he would take her up there to find him. She wanted to find him because she was afraid that she was loosing controll. He took her to get him looking up her skirt as they went up the stairs,he could see that her panties were pushed to the side and wet. He brought her to the bedroom where he knew that her date was waiting in the dark with camera in hand. When they got into the room he started making out with her. She started resisiting but the drugs were taking effect and she was getting turned on. He layed her on the bed and started to go down on her. He just pulled her panties aside and went for it. She couldn't hold out any longer, she just started moaning and ripping his clothes off. Meanwhile the other guys were coming upstairs undressing before they got to the room. My wife was in such a trance with her tall friend eating her pussy that she did not hear the door open and the others come in NAKED! They all gathered around her two of them putting their cocks to her mouth and the other feeling her tits up. Our friend who was taking the pictures said that he almost came right there.After about ten minutes of this the tall guy stood up and pushed the others aside got on top of her and started banging her slow at first and then harder and harder. He lasted for about an hour before the others took their turns one by one. Each one bringing her to an increadable orgasm. When they were finished my friend showed them out and he went up to spend the night with my wife. They fucked for hours, she kept apologizing saying she did not know what got into her. He tod her she loved it and she had to agree that it was very hot but begged him not to tell me. So here is my dilema. Should I show her the pics or not?????

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