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My Bachelor's Party Fantasy

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All of the stories I have written so far are from my life experiences, but I often get asked what my fantasies are. I have a few that range from the soft stuff to some very wild (if you get my drift) fantasies. One major fantasy that I would like to share with you deals with my combining my exhibitionism and my strong desire for sex with more than one guy.

This fantasy starts off with my husband telling me that he is taking me to a party and asks me if I would wear something very sexy. I ask him where the party is and who will be there, but all he tells me is that it's a surprise.

I put on one of my favorite dresses which accents the best parts of my body. It's a cream colored dress that is slightly transparent. It clings to my body so well that I can't wear any panties or a bra. It's not skin tight, it just fits well. Anyway, when I do wear it to clubs I get some great looks and compliments.

My husband drives me to the party. As he does, he gets me very hot and wet by fingering my pussy. He knows that this drives me crazy and he knows that once I get horny I can't stop. I know that he has something special planned for me. I first think that it is a lifestyles party or just another "new friend" he wants me to meet.

He pulls up in front of a nice house with several cars parked in front of it. He walks over to my car door and opens it for me.

As I turn my legs out to step out, I hear my husband give me his approval as he can see up my dress and a clear shot of my pussy. I wonder if he can see the white cream he produced in my pussy that I know is now oozing out.

He gives me a hot kiss and tells me that I look great.

As he walks me up to the front door, I can hear the sound of guys hooting and hollering as if there watching a football game.

As we wait for the door to be answered, I ask him one last time who's party it is. He tells me that it's his boss Larry. It suddenly hits me that Larry is getting married in a week. Before I can ask anything else the door opens and a guy greets us.

The man looks at me and says to my husband that he sure can pick them with a big smile on his face. My husband asks me to wait there and he walks the guy over to where I can't hear them.

As we enter the livingroom, I see a room filled with several guys watching a XXX rated movie. They are all transfixed on the screen cheering on 4 guys fucking a girl as they throw back their beers.

I look around and it dawns on me that there are no other women at this party. I look at my husband and he tells me that he thought there would be other women there. I look at him with this yah right look on my face.

I ask him why he brought me to a bachelors party. He confesses to me that it is a bachelor party and he tells me that there were supposed to be strippers there and he knew how much I loved seeing and touching other women. Although I know that he is correct about that I know that he has something else on his mind.

I looked over to find Larry and I see him sitting on the couch with a blindfold on. I've never been to a Bachelors party before, so I thought that this was some kind of strange tradition.

All of a sudden I notice that it has gotten quieter and the guys are no longer watching the movie. I hear some of them yell out "finally the stripper is here." I grab my husband's arm and look at him with shock on my face.

The guy who greeted us at the door whispers in my ear that my husband was responsible for the live entertainment, but the 2 girls he lined up canceled at the last minute. He asked me if I would mind being the entertainment. I looked at him as if he was from another planet. He tells me that he was going to pay each girl $300 but I could have the $600 if I did it.

All the while the guys are hooting and hollering. I don't know any of them which would make it easier. All accept my husband's boss. I always had a thing for him and I thought it might be fun.

I asked my husband if any of these guys knew that I was married to him. He told them that only his boss Larry and that host knew who I really was.

I knew that I wouldn't get out of there alive and my husband had planned this all along and I hate breaking his heart, besides with his getting me all hot and horny didn't help with a room full of horny guys.

I know that I wouldn't get hurt and hey $600 is $600. I looked at my husband who has this poor puppy dog look on his face and turned to the host and told him sure why not. With that he kisses my cheek and thanks me telling me that I was going to be a lucky girl.

I tell the host to turn on some music and I move toward the guest of honor. They directed Larry to keep his blindfold on.

I have to be careful to hide my voice a little so he couldn't know who it was. I walk over to where he was sitting and I laid a big wet tongue kiss on him.

I sat on his lap and I gave him a nasty lap dance. I can feel his cock getting hard against my ass. Larry began to grab my breast and squeeze them.

I got up and turned toward him and pulled up my dress. I heard the guys all go nutts checking my ass and pussy out. I took the back of Larry's head and pulled it toward my wet pussy. My pussy hair is saved to a mohawk. As soon as my pussy hair hit his lips he knew what to do.

He grabbed my ass and stuck his tongue in my pussy. He gave my pussy a tongue licking that immediately buckled my legs. I must have fell backwards because a guy holds me up. I felt totally nasty knowing that I was going to be fucked by all of these guys.

I pulled off of Mikes tongue and I bent down in front of him. I pulled out his now rock hard cock and I give him one of my patent blow jobs. My mouth literally cum's on his cock when it sets in that I am blowing my husbands boss.

I can feel his pre cum and I know that it wouldn't be long before he cums in my mouth. I release his cock and quickly sit down on his pole letting it sink into my pussy.

As I bounced up and down on his cock, I look up and see a guy standing in front of me with his cock out. Without hesitation I grab his cock and shove it passed my lips. He begins thrusting his hip forward into my face as I continued to fuck Larry.

Suddenly I hear Larry give out a low groan and I can feel his cum shooting up into me. The guy feeding me his cock pulls out of my mouth and he gives it a few jerks and he shoots his load into my open mouth. I catch it all except a few last shots that hit my chin.

I quickly get off of Larry and I take his cum soaked cock in my mouth. I clean it off tasting both of our cum together.

As I suck on Larry's still hard cock, I feel a cock poking at me from behind. I look back and saw a cute Hispanic guy positioning himself behind me. He politely asks me if it was ok, my answer to that was my reaching back and grabbing his cock and putting it inside me.

He fucks me as I go back to cleaning Larry off. Suddenly I heard Larry say what the fuck. I look up and I see that he has removed his blindfold and was staring at me with disbelief. I just look up at him with his cum on my face saying hi Larry, remember me.

I spend the rest of the night fucking and sucking everyone off at least 2 more times. I end the night with all of the guys cumming all over my body and face.

The night was amazing and fortunately my husband video taped it all for us to watch later.

When Larry comes back from his honeymoon he comes over to personally thank me for making his bachelor party the best any one could ever have. Larry and my husband and I watch the video several times as we have our own film festival.

Bi for now, Patricia XTC avcouplesxtc

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