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Moving Day

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I'm telling this story for my wife. She is still a beautiful wman who is a head turner in her 50s. She has a very curvacious body with 44DDs and a beautiful face with very full pouty lips. This story is true and happened a few months before we met when she was 45.

Her daughter was in college and had to move to a new rental near campus. Her daughter was dating a fraternity guy who volunteered to help my wife and her daughter move the daughter. My wife was recently divorced from her first husband and had had a very conservative sex life.

The fraternity guys immediately started sneaking looks at my wife and tried to discreetly flirt with her during the move. There was lots of causal bumping of bodies and flirty comments whenever the daughter was not a round.

After the move, everyone went to the fraternity house to relax. Before going there my wife and daughter freshened up and my wife put on some hot pants and halter top. She had enjoyed the flirting and thought she would have some discreet fun. But she knew nothing would happen since her daughter was there. But it was sure fun having so many guys half her age desiring her. Especially after years of emotional abuse from her first husband.

There were drinks and lots of munchies at the frat house. My wife couldn't resist drinking through a straw and giving eye contact with all the flirty guys as they stared at her sexy body. But she thought it was all discreet fun whenever daughter wasn't in the same room. The frat guys were going crazy with lust.

Soon the daughter had to be at a friends house and was going to be gone for four hours. She expected mom to come but the frat guys told her let her mom relax after all the hard work.

My wife thought hanging out at the frat house sounded more relaxing. Plus she was enjoying the attention she was getting and was looking forward to an afternoon of flirting.

After the daughter left, she decided to really push the buttons of the frat guys and put a piece of celery in her mouth and licked off the dip. The reaction was immediaite from the twelve frat guys still at the frat house.

They dared her to take a bigger piece of celery and do it again. My wife laughed and took up a six inch piece of celery and put the whole piece in her mouth and very slowly sucked every drop of dip off the celery.

The frat boys asked if she was as talented as she appeared to be. She said that she was better than their wildest dreams. Immediately several frat guys asked to run an experiment to see how good she really was. She said the experimant wouldn't take long and they went wild with her challenge.

They all dared her to prove her skills. One bold frat guy stood up and volunteered to show her the upstairs. My wife said she would love a tour of the frat house and took a final sip of her drink and said to the others, I will see you soon.

She followed the guy up the stairs and started playing with his sexy bottom on the way up. They kissed passionately at the top of the stairs as she played with his very huge cock. By the time the kiss ended she noticed a second frat guy standing near by. They walked into a room and kissed again at the door. During this kiss she unzipped his pants and immediatly dropped to her knees and sucked the guy off in less than a minute. Did I mention that by wife gives the best blow job by far, I've ever experienced. After the first guy came, she reached over and unzipped the second guy and sucked him off just as fast.

By this time there were two more guys who came in the unclosed bedroom door and she immediatly sucked both them off proving she was as skilled as she claimed. By this time, they had her clothes off and three more frat guys were in the room, and she sucked two of them while the third fucked her. In the next hour, she orgasmed many times in a variety of positions as each of the seven frat guys came at least four times.

She then got dressed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When she came from the bathroom only one frat guy was left. She went over and kissed the frat guy and he asked her if she still wanted to see the rest of the frat house.

She said that would be great and thought the afternoon was over. But she couldn't resist playing with his sexy bottom on the way to the third floor. When they reached the top of the stairs, they kissed very passionately and she immediately unzipped his pants and started playing with his monstrous cock. After the kiss, they walked into the study room while she continued to play with his cock. She saw three of the five guys she had not played with in the room pretending to study. She asked them if they wanted to join the party and dropped to her knees and sucked her escort off. By the time she finished, the other three guys had her clothes off and were also naked. She immediately started sucking two of them while one started fucking her from behind.

Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the three remaining frat boys in the hallway and wiggled her finger for them to come in. By the time she finished with the three new guys, three of the guys from the second floor showed up in the third floor study. This made a total of ten frat guys in the study. Fot the next two hours, my wife fucked and sucked each of them in a wide variety of ways with each of them cumming at least three times. Frequently she would crawl to the next one to get things started whenever there wasn't a frat guy hard and ready.

The remaining two frat guys who were on look out downstairs hollered that my wife's daughter was back after two hours of intense sex in the study. This ended a wonderful afternoon where my wife had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be spoiled by twelve guys half her age.

My only regret is that I was not a fly on the wall to see this afternoon of fun my wife experienced. My wife is a very successful professinal who still in her 50s is a very beautiful woman that gets propositioned by guys much, much younger than her. I am the lucky guy who gets to enjoy being with this very beautiful, sexy, awesome woman on a daily basis.

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