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Moved by the Moving Men Part II

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Beth and I were both having mixed emotions about what she had done. My stomach was in knots, butterflies flipping it around again and again, but I was excited too. It was such a weird feeling to have something turn me on so much, but make me so nervous at the same time. I knew Beth was on fire too, still hot and dripping wet. She had yet to receive any of the relief that she had given to me twice, and had given her new friend, who, by the way, was still waiting back at our home.

We talked about the events some more, and we agreed that we both had very mixed feelings. We needed time to process what had happened, and to decide whether we ever wanted things to reach that level again. In some ways I wanted it to, and in others, I didn’t. Beth had taken things to a place that we had never agreed upon, but I knew it was because of events that I set in motion. Besides, we had shared these kinds of fantasies for years, and I often taunted her to “step up” and do it for real. I guess I had to admit that I had created the monster she let come out that day.

As I looked over at her, I couldn’t help but notice how flushed she was, her skin clammy and hot to the touch, and her hard nipples were again straining against her top. As I looked at her, she blurted, “We need to go home and fuck! I’ve been worked up all day, and I need some relief. You got off, and I need to get mine. You started this crap and now I’m hotter than hell”, she said. I reminded her that we still had a house full of moving men we needed to get rid of first, and that we should probably talk about things some more as well. Reluctantly, she agreed. I knew she was disappointed, but I kind of enjoyed making her suffer since she had been such a slut earlier. It made me feel like I was once again in control, which made me more comfortable.

As we drove home, we talked about our plans for the rest of the day. Beth agreed that she would avoid the guys, not even talking to them, and that there would absolutely be no further physical contact of any kind. I privately wondered how she’d do, if she’d stick to it, knowing she was having conflicting feelings inside, and knowing that her pussy was still swollen, soaking, and yearning for some relief.

We returned to the house, and I was all business with the guys. I ushered Beth past them and gave them strict instructions on the remaining duties of the day. Surprisingly, they jumped right to work, without hesitation. As I looked around, I was even more surprised by how much work they had already done. They had worked their asses off while we were gone, and there wasn’t much left at all. Within an hour or so, they were completely finished.

I was thrilled with how the afternoon had gone, and we all gathered in the kitchen to finalize things. The supervisor began writing up the invoice for their work, and behind me, Beth chatted with the guys. The guys were still shirtless, sweating, and recovering from all their work. As the supervisor started reviewing the bill with me, I heard Beth and the guys discussing something. I turned and asked what they were talking about. As I did so, I couldn’t help but notice Beth standing very close the big guy, practically nuzzling up to his bare chest.

Beth said, “I was just asking what an appropriate tip would be. Twenty dollars sounded like too little, but at the same time, a hundred bucks sounds like too much. I don’t know, maybe I’m just cheap.” Everyone laughed. I replied, “baby, don’t sell yourself short. You’re not cheap, you’re just easy!” The room erupted in laughter at that one as well. Beth reaching out and hitting the big guy in the arm for laughing, rubbing his biceps as she did so. I was relieved things had taken on a lighter, more jovial tone. Not too surprisingly, it didn’t last very long.

As the room began quieting back down, the big guy changed the entire atmosphere of the conversation. He reached up, slowly, and took one of Beth’s rock hard nipples, which seemed to be almost poking right through her shirt at this point, between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. Beth slowed glanced down at his touch, then back up at his face, hers glowing. You could see him gently, yet firmly, working it between his thick, strong fingers. He said, “this tip right here is the only tip I want.”

Beth smiled and groaned, her head falling back…but the supervisor, not privy to the earlier events of the day, exploded on the big guy. He was yelling and trying to salvage what he thought was certainly a ruined working relationship and probably a lost sale.

The old guy stepped in, however, and over the next few moments, recounted the earlier events of the day in graphic detail. Beth just looked on sheepishly as he described her behavior, letting him touch her naked body, and sucking his cock.

I pretended to be as shocked as the supervisor, not ready to let on my involvement. Silence fell over us all after the cat was out of the bag. No one seemed to know what to say or do. The supervisor and I just stared, mouths agape, waiting for Beth to deny the accusations. But she never did. The silence and tension hung in the air, making us all feel as if someone must do something, someone must speak or act or in some way free us from the shock.

Beth took care of that for us all. She slowly moved to the center of the kitchen, she paused…she locked her eyes on mine, and in one smooth movement lifted her shirt over her head and off, her big tits jiggling and bouncing into full view. She paused another brief moment, and then she immediately bent at the waste, her massive breasts swaying back and forth, the nipples as hard as erasers, and she slid off her shorts. There she stood, completely naked, her neatly trimmed and swollen pussy lips in clear view, and I couldn’t have been prouder…or more scared.

Frightened and excited…..this was an emotional combination I was beginning to get used to. Beth then turned to me, “We’ve been fantasizing about this for so many years…me being your little slut…letting other men see me naked…see us fuck…and even role playing me fucking other men in front of you. I think it’s time we take the next step. I love you, and no man can ever replace you for me”, she paused, trying to catch her breathe as her tits heaved up and down with each inhale and exhale, “but right now, I want to get fucked, and I don’t mean by you.”

She looked at the three other men in our kitchen, smiling, her eyes gleaming with anticipation as she spoke. “I need some cock…some strange cock, and I want these guys to be the first men other than my husband to fuck me as a married woman”…..she turned her gaze back to me, “and I want you to watch them do it.” She turned, looked at the big guy, “I love nothing more than getting fucked hard on my stairs, and I want you to fuck me first!”

With that, she grabbed him by the hand and started walking towards the hall. The big guy responded quickly, grabbing Beth up his arms, carrying her as if she were his bride and he was carrying her over their threshold. I guess in a sense he was, as he was taking her over a threshold she had never been to before, and one we would look to cross over again and again as a couple for many years to come.

He easily carried her up the stairs, their eyes locked and never glancing away from each other. As they reached the turn-around in our stairs, where the steps are very wide and turn to swing back in the other direction like a U-turn, he gently set Beth down. No longer had she touched the ground than she lurched to her knees and began undoing the big guy’s pants. As she worked on his belt, I led the other two guys up past them on the stairs to the balcony above. We had a perfect view, just a few feet above the lovers, where we could see everything about to occur. I could hear my breathing as I nervously watched, and my two, fellow onlookers were huffing and puffing just as loudly.

As Beth’s hands worked dutifully, she was rewarded with just what she hoped for. The big guys cock sprung from his pants gloriously. His cock was large, but not something she couldn’t handle. I would guess it was eight or nine inches, nice and thick, with a very large head. It was very dark, and it was covered with large veins, which I knew would make Beth happy. As she stared at her new toy, Beth looked up and back over her shoulder towards where we voyeurs were perched.

“God I love you for letting me do this,” she said, her eyes glistening. “Me too,” the big guy blurted, and we all erupted in laughter again. That helped break the tension, and things really began to get crazy from that point on. Beth took his throbbing cock in her mouth, and the moans and slurps of her sucking motion sounded like a symphony. The big guy took her pretty face in his big hands and fucked her mouth slowly, forcing more and more of his thick black cock between her milky white cheeks.

Lost in the show, I vaguely got a glimpse of motion out of the corner of my eye. The older guy had his dick out and was stroking it with long slow motions. “Your wife is amazing”, he said to me. I thanked him, and told him that his buddy could probably use a hand down there. Without a second of hesitation, the older guy’s pants were off and he was bounding down the stairs, nude, his cock like a pole in front of him, bouncing and slapping up against his firm abs as he went.

Within seconds, and without hesitation, Beth was working her mouth back and forth, taking turns shining each cock with her saliva, and her two new friends each had one of her massive tits in their hands, kneading and squeezing them as she worked their tools to perfection.

I looked over at the foreman and asked what he was waiting for. He sheepishly told me he was a married man and was always faithful to his wife, but that he was thankful to be present for the action and would love to watch the show. We both agreed we would each do just that.

I heard some conversation and looked back down to the action on the stairs. The big guy told Beth to lie back, and she happily obliged. The big guy slid his body back down a few steps, and slowly began to kiss Beth’s inner thighs. Beth moaned, and her open mouth was rewarded with the older guy’s dick. As he leaned over her face, feeding her his pre-cum soaked cock, Beth’s hips began to wiggle. The big guy was expertly teasing her, working his kisses and licks from one thigh to the other, pausing briefly to lightly brush her swollen pussy as he went by. Seeing her bright pink lips open to his dark face was so hot and dirty that I couldn’t help but stroke my own dick as I watched.

The older guy reached back with his right hand and took Beth’s right ankle in his grasp, and he worked her big tits with his left. The big guy, now burying his face in Beth’s sopping wet pussy, held her left ankle with his right hand, using his other hand to push her pussy lips wide open, giving his mouth free reign over her wetness.

Beth tried to scream as she flooded his mouth with her cum, but the massive cock in her own mouth allowed only muffled cries and groans. The scene was so hot to all our senses…to our eyes, ears, and noses, that I once again blew my wad quite quickly. My dick never softened though, as I kept watching my wife, and kept building towards yet another orgasm. For that day, I had to be working on number four or five now, and I saw no end in sight.

As Beth’s own orgasm began to subside, the older guy removed his cock from her mouth. She tried to catch her breathe, panting and whimpering as her pussy was certainly throbbing from both pleasure and anticipation. “You like that shit don’t you baby?”, the older guy asked her. “God yes,” she replied. “You ready for some cock?”, he asked. “Please!” She looked down at the big guy, his face glancing up at her from between her legs. He grinned at her.

“Tell me how bad you want this,” he insisted, rising back up to his feet, stroking his cock before her. “Really bad…more than any cock I have ever wanted,” she replied, embarrassed by what she had just said. “Say fuck me with your big black cock,” he told her.

Beth looked up at me, laying on her back…completely naked…two black men whom we barely even knew…with huge, swollen cocks standing over her. I smiled down at her. I could see the lust in her eyes.

She looked back at the big guy.

“Fuck me with that beautiful black cock. I want to be your little slut, and I want my husband to watch you use my tight, little pussy!” she yelled.

He grinned, and in one quick motion, he was balls deep, bottomed out. Beth let out a scream that made everyone in the house jump and that sent goose bumps over my entire body. It wasn’t that his cock was too big, it was just that she was that hott and that turned on that she just had to let us all, and probably half the neighborhood, know all about it. She likes to scream anyway! The big guy took her ankles in his hands and held them tightly as he pulled her to him and thrust his hips forward with every stroke. Beth threw her head from side to side, making sure we knew how much she liked the way she was being fucked.

The old guy got back in on the action and slapped his long cock down across her beautiful face…she turned to him….and he stuffed his cock in her mouth. The big guy told him to hold her, and the old guy pinned Beth’s hands above her head. That position made her tits sway and jiggle so perfectly each time the big guy’s hard, black cock bottomed out in her pussy. You could hear it slurping and sloshing with her juices as he fucked her, and you knew she was in heaven. With her hands pinned, the older guy then shoved his cock even further in her gaping mouth, moving his hips back and forth. That muffled her screams, and it made the scene even hotter.

The foreman and I looked directly down on them, the bodies all somehow seemingly moving in unison, as if choreographed in some display of animal lust and passion, and we took in everything there was to see. I had almost forgotten the foreman was even there, just as I am certain the other three had. I glanced at him, and his face displayed his amazement as he stared down, fixated on the show going on below us. I asked him what he thought about it, and he said “that is the most amazing shit I have ever seen…better than any porno I ever watched.” I could only agree.

Our attention refocused on the action below, and we could see the big guy’s muscles flexing, and the sneer on his face as he pounded into my tiny wife. The older guy’s thick, long, black cock was plopping in and out of my wife’s mouth as she writhed under the fucking she was taking. Her pale skin grew more and more red with the tensing of her every muscle, with her ankles and wrists being restrained, and with her mouth and pussy being used by men that were complete strangers to her, but whom she wanted to give herself to more than anything on earth.

The scene was perfect, and it seemed to go on forever, just as we all wanted it to, but in reality it was probably less than five minutes when the first splashes of cum began to appear. The big guy quickly pulled out of Beth, almost in a panic, trying to yell that he wanted to cum on her tits, but having trouble speaking coherently because of the passion and his belabored breathing. Beth knew what he wanted though, and she wanted it to.

As he stood and leaned over her, she quickly pulled her wrists free and pushed herself up towards him. It happened quickly, his body convulsed, and the first tiny string of cum shot out at her, hitting her on her left shoulder. As she turned her head to look towards the droplets, the second burst shot out, much thicker and longer than the first, and it covered her upper chest and chin. She smiled up at the big guy, her tongue jutting out, as three or four equally massive loads of his cum shot onto her face and tits, covering her, and making her as happy as I’d ever seen her.

She immediately began working on her white gift, using her fingers to bring each weighty glob of his thick juice to her tongue and lips, where she lapped them up amid the many moans and groans of sheer pleasure. She cleaned herself completely with her fingers, as her mouth moved forward, taking him between her open lips. She proceeded to lick and suck every drop from his cockhead, his shaft, and his balls. Her head was tilted back as she did so, and her eyes moved from him to me as she tasted him, the lust and enjoyment within her could not have been more evident.

Things were calming as she slowly continued cleaning up the big guy, savoring every drop, their bodies beginning to relax, their breathing beginning to slow. It was beautiful, almost elegant, as they seemed to blend together like the ingredients of a perfect recipe. But of course that couldn’t last.

The old guy was in no way ready for things to wind down, and he took his opportunity to make that very clear. The big guy had pulled Beth up to him, holding her in his massive arms, hugging her…as he told her how amazing and sexy she was.

Their embrace was abruptly interrupted by the old guy. He pulled them apart, and pushed the big guy back as he told him to “get the fuck out of the way.” He did so with a chuckle, and Beth and the big guy giggled as well. “I want that pussy!” the old guy told Beth. “Good,” she said. “I’ve been wanting your cock inside me since you stuffed it in my mouth and filled it with all that yummy cum! My favorite is doggie style, and I want you to take me from behind like a wild fuckin’ animal.” The old guy grinned from ear to ear, and he immediately started pushing her towards the floor.

I realized I was still working my cock, beginning to feel the building of cum shot number six, or whatever I was up to. As I shifted my position, realizing my legs were almost numb from standing tensed up in one spot, I noted movement from the supervisor. I turned and looked at him to find that I was not the only one working a hard cock. “Fuck it,” he said as his cock sprung out from his pants. “I can’t keep watching this shit without jacking off, too.” “I hear ya,” I responded, and we both returned our attention to the show.

Beth glanced back up at me and blew me a kiss as she got down on all fours. I knew she was about to experience pure bliss as she loves that position more than anything, and she was primed to really make the most of the fucking she was about to get. Luckily the big guy, whose cock was nearly as big as the older guy’s, had worked Beth good and hard. That effort has loosened her very tight pussy up a bit, and she was going to need that, because the old guy wanted to fuck…and fuck hard.

Without so much as a hint he grabbed her hips and started feeding that sweet pussy his cock. He put it in slow, but he didn’t stop until she took all she could. Only an inch or so remained, and as Beth attempted, without any success, to catch her breathe from his first motion. It seemed she sucked in the air from the entire room as his cock slid within her, and before she knew what was coming, he immediately reared back and began feeding her more, this stroke with more force and speed than she had anticipated.

I could see her body lunge, her back arching as she tried to brace herself, as he impaled her with the biggest cock her little body had ever known. Her hair flew through the air as her head snapped back, hoping that would allow more air into her straining lungs, as his massive size was literally knocking the wind right out of her. With his huge hands pulling her hips to meet his every thrust she was trapped, which is just what she wanted, and there was no chance for escape. Within his first ten strokes he was bottoming out, and we could hear his balls slap on Beth’s soaking wet clit as he did.

Beth finally caught her breathe…and what was merely heavy breathing and gasping to begin with turned into screaming and pushing as she braced her arms forward against the wall and pushed back to meet him with all her strength. She loved it! She wanted ever inch of it. He pounded her, her massive tits slapping hard…back and forth…with each stroke. She cried out in pain and pleasure, and within a minute or two, it was clear this pace would get the better of both of them.

I knew they wouldn’t last much longer. The pace was incredible, every muscle on both their bodies outlined and flexed to maximum tension as they used their entire bodies to pleasure each other and themselves. You could see the old guy almost snarling down at Beth, looking as if he hoped he could force his cock all the way through her tight little body. His massive dark hands squeezing her milky white hips, parting her reddening ass cheeks, as he pounded my little suburban wife into complete submission.

As Beth screams grew louder I could see the old guy building and gasping more and more. As quickly as it seemed to have had started, the old guy yelled out. He slung himself back and out of Beth’s red and swollen pussy! You could hear the “plop” as he deserted her, a gaping hole in his wake. He quickly began stroking his massive pole into the air.

Beth, as if on wheels, spun quickly…and before a single ounce had been wasted, she again locked her mouth on the biggest cock she had ever seen. Twice now, in the same day, she had allowed this beautiful specimen to feed her mouthful after mouthful of cum. Something no one other than her husband had done to her in more than ten years.

She loved the taste, savoring it, considering how it compared to her husband and to the drops she had just a few moments ago cleaned up off the big guy. To herself, quietly, she decided that it tasted better than anything she had ever had in her mouth…and felt better than anything she had ever had in her pussy…but those little facts were her secret, to keep and carry with her and for her alone, forever.

Lost in her thoughts, Beth almost forgot the rest of us were there, but she was reminded, surprisingly, by the voice of the supervisor. “Oh damn…I’m about to cum” he blurted, staring down as he stroked himself. “Me too,” I exclaimed, just now realizing how I was again close, and about to lose it myself.

I motioned him to follow me, and with our pants at our ankles, we shuffled around the railing to the top of the stairs. Beth, having heard us and seeing us moving, already knew where we were going, and beat us there. Kneeling a couple steps below, her face at the level of our cocks, we rounded the corner stroking and stood right in front of her. Almost so quick that we didn’t even realize it, we both began shooting before any of us could speak a single word.

As she should, Beth focused on our guest, and leaned towards him, taking his load, which shot out in at least five thick streams, all over her mouth, face and tits. I tried to aim mine that way as well, but by this time I was barely had any fluids left, and fell short of my target for the most part. Beth then cleaned us both up very well though, looking up lovingly as she made sure every drop found its way into her mouth. God, I just love that about her.

After our new friends left we still had some cleaning and minor packing to do, but we just didn’t have the energy. I was surprised we could be so tired when we went to all the trouble and expense to hire someone to do all the hard work for us. I guess that just goes to show, you never know how tiring something like that can actually be until you through your body in there and put in the work. Beth sure took on that motto, and she continues to do that very thing, every chance she gets. If you guys are out there, thanks for getting us packed, and down the road….but more importantly, thanks for starting down our own road…one of pleasure and experimentation…one that we will never turn back off of.



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