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Mexico Made My Wife Wild!!

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It all began with a wedding invite. My wife of 25 years was given a wedding reception to a friend?s sons wedding on the beach in Mexico. This wedding was going to be he wedding of the year in Mexico, a wealthy industrialist was throwing the biggest party in Mexico and we were invited. We live in Paradise Valley Arizona and have done very well for ourselves. We work hard and enjoy what that hard work has brought us. We have three grown kids and now live alone in our big house. My sexy wife Kate is 45 and drop dead beautiful I am constantly in awe that she picked me. She is 5? 7? 123 lbs with a stunning 32D 24 34 figure. I am just under 6 feet tall with blond hair blue eyes and a slight beer belly. My wife has been shy her whole life and we have to travel away from our children for her to enjoy sex. She is always worrying that they will hear me (she never makes a sound) or the bed is making too much noise. So when we get away she really enjoys sex and can have multiple orgasms if I can last long enough. Sometimes I can other times I leave her wanting. She never complains and is always ready for more during our trips.

The weeks leading up to this trip were spent buying new clothes for the epic wedding. She was so concerned that we looked like we belonged with the class of people coming that I went 2 weeks without getting laid. She promised she would make it up to me in Mexico. Our hotel had only five suites and over looked the pacific ocean from our private balcony I found it by way of the mother of the groom who invited us. It cost $200 a day and we were there for six days.

On our first night we were invited to an exclusive restaurant and enjoyed great food and lots to drink. By the time we got to our hotel for the night I was hammered, but very horny. In the room waiting for my wife to come to bed my hard cock was at its full 7 inches and was waiting to have fun. That was the last thing I remembered about the night. When I awoke in the morning I had my usual morning woody and I found my wife on the balcony reading her book and drinking coffee. I apologized for last night. She asked why and when I told her I fell asleep on her she told me we had a great time. I told her I don?t remember anything after waiting in bed for her. I was pissed at myself for missing out on a good time, but she told me I had a blast. She even told me she had fun (she will never talk about sex), now I was really pissed at myself. She climaxed and I didn?t remember. I was still sporting my hard on and directed my cock to her face (she has to be really drunk to suck my cock). She pushed my cock away from her face and I grabbed her and led her back to bed, I got her pants off, but she wouldn?t take her top off. in our big king size bed she got on all fours and I fed her my cock from behind. We were going real good when she buried her head in her pillow and stuck her ass way up. From the thrusting of my cock and the comments coming out of my mouth about how hot she was last night and how she teased our young Mexican waiter. I knew I was hitting her G-spot. She was moaning into her pillow (this was the first time she has ever let a sound escape her lips during sex). I was talking dirty the whole time as I pounded her cunt and she buried her head in the pillow. I was reaching around to fondle her big tits as I drilled her from behind, I found her rock hard nipples and was teasing them when she used her cunt muscles to grab my cock and try to hold it in place, making my thrusting slower. That was it for me and as I shot my cum in her she let out a whimper and buried her head in the pillow to enjoy her orgasm. After she got up I asked her like I always do if it was good for her. She smiled and told me to be quiet (she hates to talk about sex). I joined her on the balcony while she read and had her coffee. The patio has and orange colored cool deck. I say this because as I sat on the lounge chair I noticed white spots all around the lounge and her chair. I did not see them yesterday when we checked in. I asked my wife if she remembered them and she said they were from me last night. She told me I had her outside and was fucking her while she was face down on the beach chair. She told me it was strange that I pulled out and shoot all over the place. I was now really pissed I missed out. My wife never likes sex outdoor at all. When I found another group of white spots, she said I had fucked her twice (I did not remember any of it) the second time on the lounge chair and did the same thing I pulled out and shot another load of cum on the patio. I kissed her and told her next time make sure I remember when she wants to be that wild again.

I had a golf game set up with some of our group and my wife said she was going to the beach to soak up the sun. I enjoyed a good round of golf and when I returned to our room I heard the shower. That stirred my shorts, and within a minute I and my hard on were walking in the shower to my second fucking of the day. I snuck in the shower as she was rinsing her hair. I lead with my cock on her backside, she jumped and opened her eyes and said I scared her. My cock still needed attention and she turned her back to me so I fed my cock between her legs until I found her opening. I was surprised that my cock slid right in, in 25 years that has only happened a handful of times and only after extended foreplay. I smiled to myself thinking my wife had finally masturbated. I was pounding away when she backed me up against the shower wall and adjusted the shower head to her clit. With my cock fucking her hard and the shower raining down on her clit she was lost in lust. After a few minutes of this she collapsed on my cock and I had to support her body thru her orgasm. With my cock and arms holding her up I came hard buried in her.I emptied another huge load of cum in her again. This brought another huge climax her way, as she was finishing her shower I noticed a hicky on her left breast. I asked where that came from and she told me that I did it last night out on the patio. This is a shock to me because I am the only person on earth that cannot give hicky?s, my wife has joked and teased me for the past 25 years every time I try. I was dumbfounded as I dried off. Last night when I thought I had passed out, I had actually fucked my wife silly and had even given her a hicky on her left tit and even came twice on a patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Even better is that counting twice that I do not remember I have fucked my sexy wife 4 times in less than 24 hours in Mexico. This was turning into the best vacation of our lives.

Friday night we had dinner on the beach. After a few margaritas?s Kate was ready to walk on the beach. We made our way to some rocks where we sat and listened to the ocean. In less than five minutes she was giving me head while I played with her tits.I was amazed at her skill at sucking my cock. She has only sucked my cock a handful of times and never with the skill she was using on me now. I was lost in the moment as she deep throated my almost 8? cock. That was all it took and I lost my load down her throat for I?m not sure but I can count on one hand how many times this has happened in the last 25 years. She has never sucked my cock like that before, in fact the few times she has tried to give me head I had to pull her off my cock for fear she would bite it off. She always thought sucking a cock was exactly that and that?s what she would do, wrap her lips around my cock and suck as hard as she could. I always had to withdraw my cock before it turned blue. I then would always give her a good fucking. Knowing that she would not attempt to suck my cock for a few more months. As she stood up I asked where she learned to suck cock like that. She told me that she had read some of my Penthouse Letters magazine. Wow!! I told her that if she learned that from my magazine I would not have kept them hidden for the first 15 years of our marriage. She smiled and as we walked back to our hotel I noticed she left her shirt open showing anyone we came across a perfect view of her tits. Our walk led us past the restaurant on the beach with all the waiters saluting us with their smiles. Up the road to the hotel led us past a taxi depot with another 15 idle taxi drivers. I was teasing her as the waiters were staring and when the first cabbie saw her open shirt, he made a point to walk along with us offering us a free ride back to our hotel. As we walked he stayed right with us, staring at my wife?s tits. Her brazen attitude had my cock stirring again. I knew then that I would fuck her when we got back to our hotel (after losing my load in her mouth I thought my 46 year old cock was done for the night). When we reached the locked gate to our hotel we realized neither of us had a key to the gate. I yelled to the hotel owner a German named Heikel. He acknowledged me and sent his son down to unlock the gate. When the son came down the stairs I noticed he looked nothing like his German father, he was about 6? 2? over half a foot taller than his Dad. He had a dark bronze hairless body which was chiseled and very blond hair. He was easily the best looking guy on the beach. My wife must have thought so also as when he came to unlock the gate her nipples became erect and she made no attempt to hide them from him. He completely ignored me and grabbed her hand and helped her up the steps. I fell behind as they struck up a conversation while he walked her up the three levels of stairs to our balcony. Once we got into our room I tore her skirt off and chased her to our king sized bed. I was taking my shorts off as I started teasing her about her new beau Enrique. I told her he was probably in his room jerking off to the site of her tits. I tried to go down on her when she got in bed, but she wanted my cock right then. Again like in the shower my cock slid right in all the way. I kept the banter about Enrique wanting to fuck her and it was working, she had a series of climaxes and it took all of my will power to keep fucking her without coming. I had my hands playing with her erect nipples. Out of nowhere she started screaming into her pillow and I could feel her juices flooding on my cock. That was it for me I erupted my second load in the past ninety minutes (another first for our marriage). She was still horny and started to play with her clit asking me if I wanted to fuck again (In 25 years she has never asked me to fuck her even once let alone again!) until she had another orgasm. That was it for the day and she quickly fell asleep, I was quickly behind her.

When I awoke Kate was on the patio topless soaking up the early morning rays. I was sporting my usual morning woody and quickly joined her on the patio. I sat over her with my hard cock and placed my cock between her tits and proceeded to fuck her tits on the patio. She adjusted her head so she could use her tongue to tickle the head of my cock as I thrusted back and forth between her big tits. When I was ready to shoot my cum I told her to open wide and then my cock exploded and cum landed in her mouth and her hair before she took my cock and sucked me dry. After a quick shower we were on our way to the beach.

On the beach we were laying out soaking the sun when out of nowhere two sexy Mexican hotties came up to me and whispered in my ear that they can give me the best massage on the beach. My back was sore so my wife told me to go ahead and get a massage. After soaking up the sun for a few minutes I agreed and told my wife I would be back in an hour. She told me she would wait for me right there for me.

My massage was almost exciting; my cock which has been reminding about its age lately felt 18 again. So when these two Latina hotties started working on my naked body, and the seductive voice of my young Latina, my cock responded quite nicely. After about 10 minutes one of the girls had to leave for another customer. My hour flew by and I was still semi hard when I got up to get dressed. I gave her a nice tip, thanked her and was on my way to join my wife. I walked back to wear I left her sun bathing and she was not there. I started walking back to the hotel while I looked in the restaurants and the souvenir stands. I assumed she went back to the hotel and started my walk back. Once again I had forgotten my gate key. I yelled up to my hotelier Heikel to send a key down. I heard him call out for his son. I had been waiting a few minutes when Enrique showed up toweling himself off to unlock the gate. Heikel yelled at his son to leave the gate unlocked during the day. I thought it being locked during the day was strange, it was our third day here and it was always open until 8pm. Unlike when he escorted my wife slowly up the stairs, he was up all fours flights of stair before I had climbed two. As I unlocked our cabana door I noticed our deck was all wet. I went in to find my wife drying off with a towel. She hung up the towel and I was telling her about my sexy massage and staring at her naked body thru the mirrors. I was feasting on her beautiful body when my eyes fell to her trim triangle and I saw her clit was hard and protruding. I was now rock hard and walking towards her naked body. I grabbed her by the hand and led her to the bed. I started teasing her about masturbating while I was getting my massage. I asked her if she was thinking of her sexy bell man Enrique. She pulled the pillow over face and spread her legs for me. I dived for her cunt when she closed her legs and pulled my head up. This was not out of the ordinary for her and I just went at her big tits. Those also had signs of use. Her nipples were tender and red before I put my mouth all over them. I spent about five minutes on her big boobs when she again opened her legs and was guiding my hard cock to her hot cunt. I slid balls deep and my cock was swimming in her cunt she was extremely loose and wet. When my cock would slip out I noticed it was covered in her juices. I teased her about playing with her thinking about her bellman. I told her how I would bet that he would jump at the chance to fuck her if she wanted. She had a pillow pulling orgasm after I said that and I lasted only a few more Enrique laced sentences before I shot another huge load of cum in my hot wife.

After a shower we decided to go and do a little tourist shopping for gifts to take home with us. On our way back we took a guided tour of the bay from our taxi driver who would not take his eyes of my wife?s cleavage. I tried to put a finger in her while we were driving, but she was not up for that. We were back to our hotel and had to get ready for the wedding. My wife looked hot in her dress for the wedding; she wore a clinging dress that really showed off her sexy body. She got plenty of looks from the taxi driver to the hotel staff on the beach where the wedding took place. After the wedding the reception was on the beach that had been turned into a night club with bare chest waiters and sexy waitresses handing out delicious appetizers and plenty of drinks. We danced and drank until around 2am. We took a shuttle back to our hotel and I was too drunk to make it the four flights of stares and when Enrique showed up to unlock the gate my wife asked him to assist her in getting me up to our room. I did not remember taking my clothes off and getting into bed. I did not know what time I opened my eyes with a pounding headache. I did not want to wake my wife so I climbed out of bed and felt myself around the king size bed to get to the bathroom before I turned the light on. After taking 2 Tylenol and relieving myself I crawled back into bed without disturbing my wife. I had almost fallen asleep when I heard what sounded like the patio furniture moving. I was curious and got up to open the curtains. I peaked out the curtains and I saw the ass of some guy drilling into some women on my chaise lounge. I glanced over to my wife and noticed she had not moved. I went into our bathroom and into our shower which had a window that looked out to our patio. I opened the window slightly and peaked out and saw a big cock pounding into a a very sexy looking ass which was stuck high up with her head buried in the cushions and her tits flailing all about. I had never thought of myself as a voyeur before, but my cock was as hard as ever as I watched this scene take place 10 feet from me. The guy was whispering something to the lady as he slowed his pace. Her face was buried in her pillow but she kept raising her ass higher to meet his thrusts. I opened the window a little wider and was able to identify the stud as Enrique our bellman. I had the lady pegged as the lady from next door whom I saw yesterday laying out topless on her deck. She was younger than my wife but had tits just as big and she had a killer body, but not much in the face department. I figured I had been watching for close to 20 minutes and was amazed at his staying power as he varied his speed and rhythm. Just then his ass clenched and I think he emptied his seed into her. She collapsed into the lounge and he stayed buried in her for at least five minutes before he pulled his dripping cock. It was huge at least 10 inches and it was on the way down. As the girl turned over my heart sank, it was my wife! I looked back to our bed and saw an outline and when I went over to the bed and pulled the blanket over I found three pillows under the blanket. I went back to the window to see my wife licking their juices off his cock and was amazed that when she had cleaned his cock he was now rock hard again. He waved his cock against her tits and was slapping his meat against her nipples (this drives her wild). She was sitting on the lounge chair naked as the sun was coming up with her stud standing and waving his big cock all around her tits and mouth. Using both hands she caught his cock and guided it back into her mouth and gave him a fantastic blow job while I watched from the bathroom thru the window. I had been teasing my wife about this kid since I first spotted him. I even used him as encouragement from her masturbating. My cock was as hard as it?s ever been and I was afraid if I touched it I would explode. He was telling her to ?suck my cock? he would say and she seemed to become more passionate. I could not hear everything he kept saying to her, but by her moans I knew she knew what he was talking about. All of the sudden his voice picked up and he was almost crying in Spanish as I saw his ass clenched by my wife?s hands. She had her mouth in his crotch as his cock was buried in her throat. As she withdrew his cock I saw it was covered in his cum. She licked on his still hard cock savoring his cum like a Popsicle. She stood up and I ran back to bed before she came in. She stayed out for over 15 minutes before she came in and went into the bathroom for a few minutes until she finally came to bed. I pretended to wake up and I snuggled over to her and tried to get her to feel my hard cock. I stuck my cock between her legs and was instantly in her still steaming cunt. My 8 inch cock went thru her like butter I lasted only until I looked under the sheet and saw my cock covered in their juices. I exploded and sent spasms of my hot cum in her for at least a minute. My 46 year old cock was still hard when I withdrew from her cunt. She curled into a ball and was fast asleep. I was not tired and got up and went outside to sit on the lounge that just an hour ago a young stud gave my wife the cock of her life. I went back inside and grabbed our computer bag and a cold beer and went back to the patio. I absentmindedly opened under her sign on. It was her journal of Mexico and her travel book. I perused her entries and was about to put the book away when I came upon this entry. I was on our private patio reading my book topless. I was reading a very sensual part and started moaning and touching my nipples. I was lost in my book. When I heard him say, "Let me give you a hand with that." He reached up and started moving my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, making them stiff. He moved his body up over mine until his soft mouth was on my hard nipples. He sucked them as he reached down to my soaked pussy and played with my clit while he inserted another finger inside. I came quickly, then I do not know where this came from and said, "Let's see what you have in there for me." I undid his shorts and peeled them off his damp, firm young body.

I wasn't disappointed in the least. He had a great body and a large, hard cock that stood at attention against his flat belly.

I started licking my way down his chest, and he responded to every touch of my tongue with an appreciative moan. As I neared his hard cock, he moved up to meet my mouth and began urging me on, saying, "Yes! Suck my dick. Take it all the way." It surprised me to hear him talk dirty, I thought only my husband did this, but it excited me even more. I'd always enjoyed it when my hubby did it, but this was the first time anyone else had. As I licked his cock and touched his full balls, I told him I loved his talk and asked him to keep it up. He proceeded to describe what we were doing, urging me on, saying, "Eat me! I'm going to come in your mouth and I want you to suck every drop!" We came within minutes.

We lay in the sun. I dozed off. Then he turned me over on the blanket. He had one hand on my pussy and with his other hand he rubbed my clit. I saw him reach for the bottle of oil lying on the table next to us and felt his hand, covered in oil, begin to massage my belly. I could feel his stiff cock touching my thigh, and his hand took his cock and his oil-covered fingers went to work rubbing the shaft. He softly whispered, "How would you like me to take this hard dick and fuck you hard?" I could feel myself moving back to meet his hard cock as he gently pushed it up my cunt. He started rubbing it against my clit while he fingered me. He reached down and fondled my nipples, all the while whispering filthy things in my ear. He pumped harder, and I felt myself coming again as he exploded inside me.

My cock was rock hard and I exploded my second load of the early morning as I finished reading her journal. I checked when she wrote the story and had it pegged to when I was golfing on our second day. This was before I had even seen her new beau or even before I had started teasing her about him. I was amazed at her renewed passion for sex. She was giving me all I wanted and was getting all she could handle from her young stud. I decided against reading any more of her journal and as I put it away I was called up by my German Hotelier Heikel. I walked up to his patio office and he gave me note from a member of our party. It was a golf invite for 11am. The note said guys were golfing with guys and women with women with lunch to follow. I drank a beer with Heikel and then went in to wake my wife and shower and get ready for golf. When I awoke Kate she wanted to stay and sleep more and said she will take a taxi and join us for lunch at 3. I gave her a kiss and left her to sleep. I left to go golfing and had a great time and was feeling no pain when lunch had finished and Kate had not shown up. My cock stirred thinking about what her and her stud were doing in our room. Then it hit me that is why the gate to the hotel was locked during the day. So the husband would have to yell up to be let back in by a stud who just fucked your wife while you were out. I had to give it to the kid I?ll bet he hasn?t been caught much. As I got out of the taxi I was a little disappointed that the gate was open. I climbed the stairs and was surprised to find my wife not home. I figured she had gone to the beach or maybe even to his apartment. I went to his dad and asked for a beer and was going to ask about the kid to find out what his dad knew. Heikel was already on his way to an early bedtime. He was smashed; we talked about nothing for awhile when his son came up from below. I was in awe around this kid. He was truly a bronze god I knew my wife could not resist his charms. Enrique asked about my golf game and if my wife and I were going to dinner later. I decided to try and set him up to seduce my wife again. I told him I already had too much fun and was going to stay in tonight and sleep it off. I asked him to get me a couple of his fathers secret sleeping pills. He went in and came back with 2 for me. I asked him if he had seen my wife today and he told me she grabbed a towel and a book and went to the beach a few hours ago. He then told me I have a ?muy bonita senora? I smiled and said I know. Then I went back to my room and decided I was going to use our video camera and try and film my wife and her young god. I took our camera and an extension cord and put it above our hot tub looking down on the patio. It would be on at 9pm and record for 6 hours before the dvd was full. It was almost 5 and my wife was still not back yet. I was looking down to the little patches of beach I could see from this high up for her when I saw smoke coming from the suite above our at an angle. The smoke I was smelling was pot. I love smoking pot and had been looking since I got to Mexico. My wife does not like it or the fact that I partake. With her gone I thought I could go up and buy a joint from them. Heikel had told me they were a couple of guys from Australia having a good time before one of them gets married. I climb the two flights of stair to their room and find the door ajar, before I knock I hear one of the guys ask someone if they want to smoke. My jaw dropped and my cock stirred when I heard my wife say she doesn?t like pot , but her husband does. Then one of the guys told her they knew they liked me and asked her what I would say if I knew she was fucking the hotelier?s son.she reminded them they promised not to say anything. I am standing outside their room listening to these two guys and my wife about keeping her affair a secret from me. One of the guys tells her that pot smoking gets him hard again fast. She tells him she has to go and he says she will love it again. I am glad these room back up against a hill because my cock is out and throbbing as I hear my wife yelling out for her new lover to fuck her harder. She is directing this whole scene as she tells her man to slap her ass as he fucks her harder. This goes on for a minute when she yells for the other guy to feed his cock to her mouth. I hear her slurping on a cock while her ass is being slapped while she is getting fucked by a man with an English accent which drives her wild. Within a few minutes, the guy in her mouth is telling the other guy to switch so he could spank that fine American ass while he fucks her again. He tells him he is ready to shoot and pulls out and tells her to suck his jism like before. After a few seconds of silence I hear slapping and moaning from all three of them and soon I hear the guy in her mouth tell her to swallow it all. This while the other guy was still spanking her ass and fucking her cunt. I heard her let a low scream and knew he had just shot his load in her cunt triggering her climax. The guy pulled out and asked her to lick him clean the sound of slurping noise told me she relished the idea. I had lost my load in the bush next to their door and knew she would be leaving soon to return home. I went in our room and was on the couch when she came in dressed in her bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist. She did not kiss me and went right to the shower. After she came out she kissed me and asked what time I got back. I told her a couple of hours ago and she wondered why I had not come to the beach to be with her. I told her I had too much to drink and took a nap. She then told me she had met a couple of very nice guys from Australia and that they had been her body guards on the beach for her. I asked about their accents and if she got excited when they talked. She told me that yes their voices attracted her, but that was it and they had been perfect gentlemen on the beach. With all this talk my cock was again rock hard and when I stood up and took my shorts off and walked over to her and tried to lower her face onto my throbbing cock. She did not want my cock in her mouth but guided me to the bed and opened her legs wide and pulled my cock into her warm cunt. Again she was wet and loose and I immediately brought her new friends and as I fucked her I told her they had really gotten her juices flowing as she was the wettest I have ever seen her in 25 years of marriage. I then asked if she could handle 3 guys because if she had 2 new beaus to add to the young stud doormen Enrique she could have a wild time. As she fucked me harder and had a series of mini climaxes. I kept up the 3 way banter until I erupted a huge load of cum into her. We then showered together and went to dinner. After we came back to our room we made love slowly and tenderly until we were both spent. We drifted off to sleep and when we awoke in the morning were not looking forward to our last day in Mexico. I had made an appointment to see an investment opportunity and kissed her good bye. She was going to pack and maybe go to the beach one last time. Before I left I checked the camera and it had nothing on it, she had slept all night. I put a new disc in the camera and set it back up to record our patio. When I returned she was not around and I noticed the lounge was moved. I went in and checked the camera and sure enough her young hard cock was here for over and hour and had cum at least 3 times. She had taken him inside and they were there for about fifteen minutes before they came out and he left. She went back to laying out and was reading topless when she was startled by a knock on our patio door. Picking up her towel and wrapping it over her tits she answered the door I saw a blond guy with a dark tan remove her towel effortlessly and pull her naked from the waist up out of our cabana. She was gone with one or both her Australians. I just grabbed a beer and stroked my hard cock until she came back carrying her bathing suit bottoms wrapped in her towel. She closed the patio door and dropped her towel and I saw her cunt hair was matted with wet cum. She smiled and told me she had taken my advice and fucked one of the Australians. She hoped I wasn?t mad and that she thought this is what I wanted. My cock had never been harder and when she lowered her cunt and I felt her loose pussy as her wet cunt sank on my throbbing cock. I was in heaven fucking my hot wife after she had just fucked all this cum from another mans cock than my own. Then she became the vocal one and was asking me how I like to fuck her just fucked pussy. She the told me all the ways she had been dreaming about being fucked in Mexico. She mentioned Enrique, the Aussies and even the waiter from our beach restaurant. That was it for me I lost it and exploded in her. She had a very hard climax and when she came down she told me she felt like she had fucked more in six days than in the past six years. I asked her if she wanted to come back sometime and she told me we could go and explore another country next time. I can?t wait.

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