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Me Tess, They Followed Me and

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Well, I had cliencts to take care of and it was late when I left for home. Out in the country and driving home alone and it never really bothers me. I drive to the small town I live in and I stopped at the convience store and went in for some milk and bread. Three men were there in a paick up truck which is not unusual since we live out in the country, right? Well, anyway, I pulled in and they were two cars away and I got out, my skirt flowling and I had on all of my clothes, bra, panties, skirt and blouse. Well, I went in and got the milk and bread and came out and they were in the truck, two in back and one driving. I pulled out and they stayed there and I drove to the small pizzaplace a half block away. The cars filled up the parking right in front and so I had to park on the end to the right of the place. My back left door does not open and later it was important.

I went in and got a pizza and it took a while so that all the cars were gone when I came out and it was dark. I walked to the car and the breeze blew my skirt but not revealing anything really. I had undone one button on the blouse but that just showed a little more clevage. I notice a truck on the other side of my car but no one in it at all. I got to the car and got the milk and bread out and put it on the roof of the car and then took them and walked to the passenger side with the pizza and opened the back door and put them all in the floor except for the pizza. Suddenly a man was behind me and a large knife around front of my body near my chest. "Get in." the man said and I began to object but he moved it so I could see it better and said, "Get the fuck in lady." and he pushed me using his hips against my butt. "Get the keys." another man said from the front seat and I gave my keys to the man now on top of me holding me down in the back seat. My car started and we drove away and the truck started too and I guess it followed us. We drove a while and down some dirt roads and then pulled into some woods and stopped. The man on my back had a huge erection thru his pants and had been undoing my clothes as we drove and now he let me sit up and said "take off the rest and hurry it up." and so I undid my blouse and took it off and my bra. They all made sounds that made me hotter as I brought my tits into their view. "damn nice tits lady, we are going to enjoy you. Keep going." one said. I took off the skirt and then panties and sat there naked and now very wet.

"Please, please, don't hurt me." I whined. I was looking at the knife as it moved to make sure I cooperated (which I was going to do anyway but they did not know it." I pretended to resist them and they grabbed me and pulled me out. One took my arms and pulled them behind me which did hurt but at the same time I was going crazy waiting to get taken. The knife was now against my flesh, tracing around my tits and then stopped and pushed against each nipple making a small drop of blood come from each. I moaned. "Oh no please, please don't do this." I begged waiting and my pussy now throbbing and wet. One grabbed them and began sucking and biting them both all over making me moan again. I heard myself say, "Oh yes." and then he said, "Hey, the slut likes it." and he was sucking my tits and leaving marks all over them. I was moved and one man was sitting on a kind of bench and his pants were off, "Turn her around and let her mount this." he said and his hard cock was in his hand. They turned me facing him and lifted me and sat me on his cock. It was huge and filled my pussy and they laid me forward on him as one got behind me and slipped his cock to my ass, "Oh please no." I cried knowing he would do it. "Shi=ut up slut." he said and rammed hard filled meand I cried out but again instead of saying no I said, "On my god yes, yes." Now they were both in me and throbbing hard. The other was grabbing my tits harder and harder and pulling them up away from me as I tried to ride the cocks in me. "Oh damn, that hurts. damn it. it hurts." I was now yelling. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth and pushed it deep. I chocked because I was now feeling the pain pleasure in my body and he caught me off guard.

They filled my body with cum and then changed places. Again, it was pain, they wanted to hurt me and they were. My tits were constantly grabbed and cut and I felt them almost tear. They filled me again and now two of them grabbed my tits, "Life her up." one said and my full weight was lifted off the ground with my tits. Then I felt it, they had rope around them and I was lifted up by it. The rope was over a tree limb and I was lifted off the ground. One began slapping my ass with a belt and I felt the pain spread to my pussy and then an orgasm shook my body. I heard voices around me and there were other men there now, "Damn yeah, got the bitch, told you she was a slut." I recognized the voice but did not know it. "Get her down and let's fuck her some more." It said and they lowered me. I was laid on the ground and men began fucking me hard. I took them in and had orgasms one after another. They knew it and kept fucking me as I felt each one fill me up. Finally the voice said, "Get her up, hose her off." and they did. I was soaking wet but sore and filled with cum. I was in the car and my clothes were next to me. They drove me to the outside and left. "See you later baby, we are gonna do this a lot." and they left. I moved and was hurting and dressed and drove home. The lights were out and I went to the shower and bed. I woke the next day, brused and sore all over. I look forward to the next time, this time I will give my phone number to them all.

Fantasy or decide.

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