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Me, five guys, and a nice surprise

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Hi. I?m a sexy petite blonde in my mid thirties. My husband and I have been avid swingers for the last few years, but my wild escapades started back when I was in high school. I thought I?d share a few of my adventures here. This is about the time I hung out with five of my guy friends.

When I was in college, I was on the swim team. My junior year I qualified for the national meet in Ft. Lauderdale along with three other girls and five guys. The girl?s final was on Thursday and the guys were done on Wednesday. Earlier in the week, I started having shoulder trouble and was scratched from the finals. Wednesday night the guys were ready to party. Since the girls were in bed early resting up, I was bored and decided to go hang with the guys at their suite. Of the five guys, I had previously dated and slept with two of them, and fooled around with another, but I only knew the other two guys from the pool. We drank beer and carried on, and as the only girl there, I was the butt of all the jokes and innuendos. To be honest, I really enjoyed being the focus of five really hot guys. Since it was very hot in south Florida, the guys were wearing only their shorts. It wasn?t long before Joe jokingly said ?No shirts allowed in the guys room!? Much to all of their amazement, I popped my top off in about three seconds. At 34C I had bigger breasts than the average female swimmer, as well as large puffy nipples. As we continued to party, my being topless was obviously a distraction and it didn?t take long for the guys to comment on how much they?d love to touch them or kiss them. At first I pretended to be apprehensive, but quickly gave in and let them give my girls some appreciation. As the youngest of the guys, Alex, was busy sucking my swollen nipples, I heard Jay saying something to Cliff about me. ?Would you care to share this with all of us Jay?? I said. He responded ?well, ok... I was just telling Cliff that you give great head?. Now it was my turn to stand there speechless and blushing as all the guys stood there waiting for my response. Finally, I almost couldn?t believe I heard myself saying ?Really, well would anyone care to have me prove it?? Of course they all volunteered. Boldly I said ?Fine, who?s first then?? Alex suggested that they each take their turn in the bedroom. I replied ?Oh no, it?s all or nothing. Right here in the living room. Line up boys!? figuring that I?d turn the tables and call their bluff. I looked over at Dave who knew my wild side better than anyone, and even he looked shocked at my offer. Just when I thought I was off the hook, Cliff dropped his trunks revealing a thick 6 inch cock and said ?I?m game?. As I dropped to knees in front of him, I thought to myself, well here we go. Teasingly, I started licking his shaft and then took him deep in my mouth. After I worked him good for a few minutes, I stopped and looked at the others and said ?come on guys?. Jay and Joe had fairly average dicks at about 5 to 6 inches. Dave was slightly longer and slender with a nice curve. Now my mouth was alternating between 4 hot cocks, while using my hands to stroke them as well. I enjoy sucking cock and had all I could handle at the moment. My pussy was soaked as I was trying to decide which one of them was gonna get to fuck me later that night. I went from one to the other, licking them from their balls up to the head and swirling my tongue around the crown. As usual, Joe only lasted a minute or so and started shooting his cum on my tits. I went right back to work and when Cliff couldn?t take anymore I grabbed his cock and pumped it as he started cumming. This stud absolutely showered me as his semen just kept spraying all over my neck and chest. Now it was back and forth between Dave and Jay as I noticed cutie Alex standing to the side just taking in the show. Now it was Jay?s turn to cum as he jerked off on my tits while I licked and slurped on Dave?s shaft. I looked over at Alex and said ?you?re gonna miss your chance?. He looked so shy as he finally pulled down his shorts. I almost gasped when I saw what he had to offer. His cock, already hard, was at least 10 inches and considerably broader at the top of the shaft under the head than at the base. As he brought this magnificent penis over to my chin, I grabbed it by the base, held it and took a good look at it before inhaling it. Never before had I had a mouthful of cock like this. Not to neglect Dave, I turned back to him and sucked him till he pulled his dick from my mouth and released his load onto my already sticky tits. As the other guys were collapsing in chairs; spent, I could now give all my attention to Alex. I didn?t just give him head, I worshipped his penis, kissing it and tonguing his pee hole. After about ten minutes, I looked up and asked if he was ready to cum for me. He looked around and said he didn?t think he could with everyone watching. I stood up and said ?that alright, come with me?. I lead him to the bathroom where I cleaned off my neck and chest with a wet towel. I then pulled off my shorts and sat up on the counter spreading my legs and said ?do you think you could cum for me if you put it in here?? He didn?t say a word as he just nodded and pushed his huge cock into my wet pussy. It felt unbelievable as he pulled it in and out of me. Within minutes I was screaming with orgasms, followed quickly by the warm pulsing sensation of his cum filling my vagina. I looked him in the eyes and said ?well, was that good?? He smiled and said ?very good? as he pulled himself out of me and the cum dripped from my pussy onto the vanity. Just then there was hooting and cheering as he turned to see 3 of the guys at the doorway having watched our performance. He looked a little embarrassed, but laughed when Dave proclaimed "welcome to the team, freshman".

Over my next year and a half in college, I made a point to hook up with Alex from time to time. He was much too tame and boring to date regularly, but that didn?t stop me from wanting my pussy stretched occasionally by his cobra of a cock. I even treated him to his first threesome with me and my one girlfriends, but that?s another story for another time?

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