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24 hours had passed without hearing from my wife. She normally calls several times a day, but since her call about what she had done with Jeff I hadn't heard a word.

So to keep from going nuts I called her.

"Hey honey, I was going to call you in a few minutes." She said as she answed the phone.

"Well, that's good. What's keep you from calling?" I asked.

"Things have been happening so fast here since last we spoke that I really haven't had time to call. Sorry about that." She said. I could tell she was out of breath.

"So are you still coming home in the mornig?" I asked.

"Yes. Why wouldn't I?" She continued.

"Oh,I don't know. You were going to call and let me know what's been going on since your little play time with Jeff." I stated.

"Oh I do have an update, but I'm not sure if you are going to like it." She said.

"Try me." I told her. "Besides, we're not suppose to keep secrets, remember?" I continue.

"True, so here goes. I'll try to remember everything. You know that I gave Jeff a blowjob the other morning to wake him up. I didn't know it but he had called a friend of his and told him. Well until about 4 that afternoon. Jeff was suppose to be working but I didn't know that it was his day off. So we sat around the house and talked and flirted more. A little touch here and there." She said "Oh yeah, where did he touch you?" I asked.

"He would walk by now and then looking me up and down and then would brush his hand across my ass, sometimes he would reach around and rub my pussy a few seconds when Rachell wasn't looking. I tell you now that I was hotter and wetter than I had been in years. I did rub his cock through his pants a few times." She stated with a sigh.

"Must have felt good." I said.

"Not really, you know I don't like to be touched through my clothes. So at 4pm Rachell went to work which left Jeff and I alone. After she left he came up to me and pinned be against the kitchen counter.

Jeff told me that was the best blow job he have ever gotten." She told me.

"Well, I know that you give the best blowjobs ever. What happened next" I tod her.

"I told him that I was glad he liked it. Then he told me that he did but wanted to know if I had like it. I told him yes and that I really love sucking a guys cock." She continued.

"That must have been a hot conversation. Especailly with his right in front of you massaging you breast." I said.

"Yes it was. I wanted to get on my knees right there in the kitchen and suck him off again, but I wanted him to ask me for it frist." She said.

"So you really liked it and now you want him to ask you to suck him off." I stated.

"Yes I did want him to ask me too." I could tell that her voice was getting heavy and knew that he was getting aroused from recalling what had happened and telling me of the conversation.

"I sure would like to get another one of those someday." She told me Jeff said.

"All I could do was say......well then......." I left the statedment waiting the out come.

"Would you do it again? She said he asked her.

"I asked him in return, do what? I was wondering if he actually would ask me. And he did." She said as I interrupted her story.

"How did he aske you?" I broke in.

"Would you do it again? I asked him do what again. He came back with, so you want me to spell it out? I told him yes, if you want me to do something you have to ask me to do that thing that you want. So he did....he asked, would you suck me again. So I asked him how he wanted me to do it and for how long? He said he wanted me to suck him like I did this morning and make him cum." She said as her breathing became heavier.

"And......." I threw in.

"So I asked him.........So you want me to suck you until you cum in my mouth? He said yes. What do you want me to do after that? He said that he wanted me to swallow it. He had never had anyone to suck him off before not even Rachelll and he had never had any swallow it. So....." She stopped. I knew what she was going to tell me.

"So I knelt down right there in the kitchen and pulled his cock out of his pants. Took him in my mouth and gave him another blowjob...Then as he came I pulled it out of my mouth and let him let him watch his cum shoot from his cock and onto my tongue. Once he was finished I pulled him back into my mouth and sucked the last of it out of him." She said with nervousness in her voice.

"Then what?" I asked, my cock hard as nails at that moment. I sure hope she took pictures.

"After his cock was completely limp I let it fall from my lips and then let him see his cum in my mouth again. Then I closed my mouth and swallowed him." She said as I knew she was playing with her pussy at that moment.

"You liked it huh?" I asked.

"Yes. Are you upset with me for swallowing him?" She asked me.

"No way baby, that was the hottest thing you have ever told me." I said to her just as my cock exploded all over my chest and stomach.

"Good cause I don't want you upset and I promise I'll do the same to you when I get home." She said and could tell she had just brought herself to orgasm.

"Anything else happen?" I asked as I took a napkin and gathered my cum from my chest and stomach.

"Yyyyyessss." She said in trembling voice.

"I asked him if he wanted to return the favor and he said he would love to, but he had to get ready for the game. What game? I asked him. He told me that on Wednesday nights he had several of his friends come over for some poker and watch something on one of the sports channels. I told him that was cool and asked him if he needed me to go out or something so they could be alone to play their game." She said.asked him.

"No way, he said he didn't mind me staying around and maybe I could keep the beers flowing at the card table. I told him that wasn't a problem and wouldn't mind staying and a stuff. Anyway around 6:30 3 of his friends showed up and made themselves at home and I tried to stay out of the way. I notcied that the 3 of them kept looking me over and caught them talking with Jeff, but I couldn't make out what they said. All they would do is look my way and smile really big smiles at me. I was thinking that he told them about what I'd done earlier and that's why they were smiling." She said as she gathered her breathe.

"Probably did and now they want the same." I told her.

"Yeah, probably so. They have been making eyes at me ever since they spoke." She said.

"I know you like the attention anyway." I told her.

"Yes I do. So about 7 they started their poker game and things were going nicely. Jeff asked for another beer so I made my way to the kitchen to get him one. While in the kitchen Mark, one of Jeffs friends came in and simled, brushed up against me and asked if he could have one? I thought he was asking for a beer so I handed him one. Mark said, thanks for the beer but that wasnt exactly what he was wanting.

So I asked him what he was asking for. He told me that he was wondering if he could get a blowjob like I'd given Jeff. I told him I didn't know, that there were too many people in the house and didn't want word getting back to Rachell. Cause she was after my friend, everthough she's a bitch, I still didn't want to hurt her." She said.

"Yes I no." I stated.

"I told Mark that I might be willing to do it, if there were nobody there. He said that it didn't matter and that all the others knew what I had done to Jeff earlier. I was almost in shock that Jeff had told them, but at the same time I was getting turned on knowing that all our friends knew that I sucked Jeffs cock. So without saying another word he pulled his rather large cock from his shorts and as me if I like it. I told him yes and reached over and began to stroke it. After a few seconds of that it was very hard and very thick. Maybe 8 inches. I knelt in the kitchen again and took Mark into my mouth and began licking the shaft of his cock and then took him into my mouth. It didn't take long before he was shooting his cum in my mouth and I swallowed him up.

He put his cock back into his pants and said thanks so much then left the kitchen.

I followed him into the dining room and placed Jeff's beer on the table. He said thanks and went back to playing his card game.

"Wow, that's hot baby. Did you like it?" I asked her as my cock began to get hard again.

"Yes. Honestly yes I did. I don't know what's has come over me since I've been here." She said as her breathing began to quicken on the phone.

"So that was that and the game went on and they left huh?" I asked.

"No that wasn't it. After a few minutes I heard Jeff say something. I was watching some tv while they played cards. So I got up and went to the dining room and asked him if he had said something. He said yes, but didn't want to put me out. He was wondering if I would get him another beer.

I told him sure and made my way to the kitchen again. This time Randy followed me.

It was almost the exact same way it happened with Mark, except you Randy has always been very forward with me. He walked up behind me as I opened the frig and put his arms around my waist and placed one hand on my stomach from behind. He pulled me back until my butt was pressing against his almost hard cock.

Now what do we have here? He smiled and said obviously something that I heard that you like. He said to me as he ran one hand down to my crotch and began fondling my pussy through my pants." She said as I heard a little moan come from her end of the phone.

"Did you like that?" I asked knowing that she did.

"Yes. Then I turned around and fell to my knees again in the kitchen and pulled his cock from his shorts. He wasn't as thick as Mark but was a little longer. I took she straight into my mouth and sucked him deep until I felt his cock in my throat almost. Within seconds he was pumping his cum and I swallowed him as well.

We left the kitchen and I dropped off Jeffs beer and mad my way back to the living room to watch tv.

About 5 minutes later I heard Jeff ask for another beer. I noticed the time was 10:30 and knew that Rachell would be gettin in around midnight.

I walked back through the dining room and then into the kitchen where Bruce was already standing. I went around the counter and there he was, his cock already out and hard. He was at least 10 inches of the biggest fattest cock I'd ever seen.

We didn't make any small talk, but instead I went right up to him and knelt in the kitchen and tried to take his cock into my mouth. I could only get the head and maybe an inch of it in, but it didn't matter.

Bruce put his hands on my head and held me still. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth like it was a pussy and the shot so much cum it sprayed from the corners of my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but there was too much.

After he finished I went back into the living room. As I sat there it occured to me that I had just givin my 6th blowjob in one day. I had never given more than2 , but for some reason wanted more. The sizes and tastes of each of them had done something to my body and my mind to make me want more and more.

Maybe 5 minutes later I heard Jeff ask me where he beer was. After all the excitement with Bruces fat cock I'd forgot about the beer.

So I got up and made my way to the dining room and there they were. All 4 of them sitting there in there seats naked. Each of them slowly stroking there hard cock looking right at me.

Now there was a sight. I pulled so hard I almost tore my clothes getting them off.

I went up the them and walked right pasted them. Climbed up on the table and lay there with my head hanging off one end.

Somebody has got to eat my pussy and fuck me is all I could say to the 4 of them.

Randy stood first and came over and shoved his cock back into my mouth. Jeff and Mark got on either side of me and started rubbing their cocks on my breast. And then I felt if. It was Bruce. I felt his massive cock head press against the lips of my pussy and then I felt him push forward. He cock went right in. My pussy was cumming on his dick almost immediately.

Seconds later I felt his cock swell and his cum begin to fill my pussy. Then Randy emptied his cum in my mouth again. Jeff the put his cock in my mouth and then Mark got between my legs and starting eating my pussy which was full of Bruces cum.

Each of them took their turn in my mouth and my pussy. They all came in both again at least twice a piece.

I looked over and saw Bruce laying on the floor with another hard on. I got off the table and went over and sank my pussy right onto him. His cock felt so good and had me cumming and cumm.

After a couple minutes of this I felt something. I looked back and there was Jeff behind me. I was still fucking Bruce on the floor. Jeff had put the head of his cock on my ass and was working it around my asshole. I didnt know waht to do except push back as he thrust forward.

His cock went right into my ass. Honestly, this is the first time I'd ever did dp and I have to tell you hon.....I love it.

Ikept riding Bruces' cock as Jeff, Mark and Randy took turns fucking my ass.

It seemed like only 10 minutes, but I looked up at the clock. 11:45.

Damn it. I yelled. Hey each looked at me in amazment. Jeff asked what was wrong. I told him that Rachell would be there any second. So I pulled myself off Bruces as the last shot of his cum emptied into my pussy.

I rolled over onto the dining room floor with cum dripping from my pussy, my ass and off my lips. I felt so good and didnt want it to stop.

But then the dining room door opened and in walked Rachell. She never said a word, but just walked over to me and got on the floor and began licking and sucking my pussy. She cleaned up every drop of their cum.

After we got cleaned up she told me that she was glad I was there this week, becasue she needed a break.....a break from what. She told me that for the past 3 months Jeff would bring different guys every week and that she would suck and fuck them.

I told her that I was happy to be of service. So there's the rest of the story." She told me as I knew she had just had another orgasm.

"I love you and get yourself home so I can get some." I told her as she said I love you too.

She'll be home tomorrow night and I can't wait get some, but can't waith till I get to watch her in action with a group of guys that I've picked out for my new wednesday night poker game. Hell, and I don't even play cards.

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