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Lorraine joins the team!

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Lorraine and I were staying on at a cheap hotel just outside of Toronto. We were going to have a night on the town. Our room was on the 5th floor and the entire floor seemed empty when we checked in. We went out for the afternoon and the manager called us over to the front desk when we returned.

"I'm sorry", he said, "but we have a problem. We had reserved that floor for a group. The person that assigned that room to you when you checked in didn't know that. It's a noisy group, but the problem we have is that we full up and we don't have any spare rooms to move you too. We can either move you to another hotel or you can stay the night for free".

I figure that we were going to be out most of the night and the noise from that group wouldn't really bother us. I said we'll stay for free and we headed up to the room. As we walked from the elevator to our room we noticed that the group was all young, tall black men. They were just walking around and it wasn't very noisy yet, just some rap music playing in each room.

We just got into our room when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood a tall, black guy in his early twenties. He said, "Hey, we noticed that you are the only room on this floor that isn't part of our group. I hope you don't mind but we like to party and it might get a little loud here tonight. We're a university basketball team from New York State. IF you guys want to join us later we would love to have you" he said, while staring at Lorraine. I said thanks, but we are going to be out most of the night and he left.

I decided to head down to the fitness center in the hotel while Lorraine got ready for our night out. We were headed to a dance club and Lorraine likes to dress sexy and show off a little. I showed and changed in the fitness center so I would be ready to go out with Lorraine once I got back to the room.

On my way back from the fitness centre about an hour later I noticed the music was much louder now and there were many more guys milling about in the hallway. There was also some pretty girls there too, both white and black. The strangest sight was a few 40ish white guys that looked like me also milling about; everyone had a drink in their hand. I figured that white guys were the coaches, and were there to keep an eye on everything.

I entered our room and Lorraine wasn't there. There was a note on the table that said "Hi, Dave, I decided to have a drink with the team, I'm down the hall, why don't you come have a drink too, love Lorraine". How odd, my 44 year old wife decided to go have a drink with these strangers, all who are about 20 years old? I headed back into the hall to see where Lorraine was.

As soon as I was out there I was handed a drink. I didn't want to intrude so I just looked in the rooms that were open at first. There were guys drinking, some couples dancing, but no sign of Lorraine yet. I decided to ask one of the coaches if he saw my wife. I decided to start out with some small talk first so it didn't seem like I was worried about anything. "Hi, how did your team do today?". He looked at me strange and said, "What are you talking about?". "You're their coach, right?" I said. He laughed and said "no way, man" and walked away.

Now more puzzled I walked a little further down the hall. I bumped into another white, middle-aged man and said, "can you help me?" He said "sure, what's up?" I said I'm looking for my wife, she is here somewhere but I can't find her. "Are you Dave?" he said. Surprised, I said "yea, I'm Dave, what is going on here?". I think you'll find Lorraine in the Dance room, down the hall.

I headed that way but it was hard to get to it, there was a large crowd outside the door. The music was blaring. I squeezed through the crowd and managed to get in to the large suite room called the Dance room. Once inside I couldn't believe my eyes, there was my 44 year old wife dressed like a slut dancing with a few guys from the basketball team. She was in a red leather halter mini dress, black fence net stockings, red 5 inch heels and a gold ankle bracelet. The halter part of the dress barely covered her large breast and the skirt was micro short. You could see the tops of her stockings as she danced. Her blonde hair and makeup looked great. I had never seen that outfit before. Her large breasts were jiggling with the music and I couldn't believe the dress was keeping her covered.

She saw me and came right over and gave me a big hug and a kiss, "hi Dave, isn't this a great party?!?!" she said. I said, "what the hell is going on? Aren't you a little out of place here?"

"I have a surprise for you! You know how we always fantasize about me having sex with other men, sometimes black guys and gangbangs? It always gets you so hot when we are making out." I couldn't respond. "Well" she went on, "it gets me hot too and I've arranged a special show for you! I've found this website for "married white sluts" to arrange gang bangs. I found the perfect group, this team was listed and I asked if I could come to their party. I even bribed the hotel staff to put us on the same floor with the team. Isn't that great, honey?"

I was still speechless when along came 2 players and they took Lorraine away to the dance floor. They had a few slow dances with her, their black hands all over her body, I could see that Lorraine was having a great time. Next, the D.J. announced the "ladies only" dance and all the party's lady guests were alone on the dance floor. The ladies were a little shy at first until a few of the black guys moved and pushed them together, making them slow dance together. That was enough to get them started.

Over the course of a few songs the ladies all started to get into it. They began by feeling each other's breasts and French kissing on the dance floor. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. Lorraine was right in the middle of it, kissing the other slutty wives, sucking nipples, feeling breasts and getting her tits felt and sucked in return. Another sexy wife had pulled Lorraine's tits out of her halter dress and was sucking on her erect nipples. Just as the ladies were about to cum with each other the team members pulled them apart and started dancing with them.

Lorraine's dance partner said, "It's time to take you to the VIP room." Lorraine smiled as he dragged her by the wrist out into the hallway. She said to me, "Come on, honey, you don't want to miss anything, do you?" as she went by. I followed her out into the crowded hallway and down to another suite called the VIP room. The crowd closed in behind Lorraine and I couldn't get by. There was a pretty wife doing a strip-tease dance in the hall which totally stopped anyone from getting by. She danced for about 5 minutes until a few guys grabbed her and moved her to a nearby room.

The crowd moved that way but not very quickly. My own cock was hard as rock thinking about what Lorraine was up to. I finally got to the VIP room and managed to squeeze in. The lights were low and there were 2 king-sized beds in the middle of the room.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Lorraine on the closest bed. She was on her back, her tits out of her dress again, her short red leather skirt pushed up around her hips and her legs straight up in the air. A team member was on top of her giving her the fucking of her life while 2 of his friends were holding her by the ankles, keep her legs spread wide in a large V. She still had her stockings and heels on. He was really pumping her hard and she was loving every last inch of it. She looked over and saw me standing there and said, between her moans and groans, "oh god, Dave, it's incredible, his cock is huge. . .Fuck me, Fuck me harder, I hope you enjoy the show, Dave. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy it, oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, I'm cummmmingggg!"

She thrust her hips up as high as she could to meet his long, hard black cock. He was pumping faster now and starting to cum. He gave her a peck on the cheek and said, "thanks, slut, nice fuck." He then got up and left. It took about 2 seconds before the next guy was on her. He worked the same magic on Lorraine, making her cum in a screaming orgasm, as did the next guy and the next guy. 5 team members fucked her while she was on her back with the 2 guys holding her by the ankles, keeping her legs and pussy nice and spread. Lorraine would look over and wink at me, or blow me a kiss as each guy fucked her.

After the 5th guy fucked her the team captain said, "she needs a rest guys, give her a break." Lorraine quickly spoke up and said, "no I don't, what's next?"

Well Lorraine, let's see how you are at fucking 2 guys at once. Lorraine then mounted a guy who was lying on his back, and started to ride him. She lowered herself onto his big, hard cock and started bouncing up and down, enjoying each long stroke, when once she was used to the rhythm, another guy leaned her forward, lubed up her ass and slowly pushed his black cock in. She tensed up at first, but slowly relaxed after he got it all the way in so she could enjoy her first DP. Both guys were feeling her tits as they double-fucked her to several intense orgasms.

After theses 2 guys came in her, they were replaced by 2 more, then 2 more that fucked her into a state of mindless bliss. She took a short break after that and came over to talk to me for a while. "How are you doing, Dave? Having a good time?" I said "it's incredible; you're the horniest fuck I've ever seen." "Thanks", she said, "I'm having a great time too. My pussy and ass are a little sore but I think I can keep going! At least I'm going to try!" she said with a smile. "I loved it when they double-fucked me and you were watching. The team captain came over and said, "time for some doggie-style slut, are you ready for it?"

"Ready for it? are you kidding? Let's go!" And she headed to the bed and got onto her hands and knees.

I could see cum running down her tights as the next guy was deciding weather he should fuck her swollen pussy or stretched ass from behind. The team captain then knelt in front of her so she could suck his cock. She did an expert job at sucking his large tool to the rhythm of the guy banging her from behind, a slap sound each time his hips met her ass. Captain shot his load into her willing mouth and she licked his cock clean, while a little cum dribbled down her chin.

She sucked and fucked a few more guys doggie-style and said that she was a little sore and needed a break. She lay on her back gently massaging her sore pussy when the team captain said that he knew how to take care of her.

He led in another well fucked wife from another room. She was hot also, dressed in black mini skirt, a white button down top, black seemed stockings and black knee boots with a 5 inch heel. You could tell she had just been gangbanged also, her top was open, and there was cum running down her leg as she walked in. Captain led her to the bed and said, "both you bitches have fucked well tonight, but now you need a little slut on slut time."

Wendy got on top of Lorraine and they were in a 69 position. Wendy lowered her dripping pussy onto Lorraine's face and leaned forward to lick her juicy pussy. Both Wendy and Lorraine loved it; they gently licked, kissed and played with the other wife-slut's pussy, licking up all the dripping cum.

Peter, Wendy's husband, was standing beside me enjoying the show also. He said "Wendy fucked 12 guys tonight!" I said, "I win, Lorraine fucked 17!" We both laughed and continued to watch our slut wives bring each other to multiple orgasms on the king sized bed, with a crowd cheering them on.

When they were done they separated and lay side by side for a few minutes until they were both mounted one last time by 2 horny guys that had just showed up at the party. The final action was with Wendy and Lorraine both on their back, fucking strangers and cumming together. Lorraine came over to me and the captain also joined us. She thanked him for the party. He said, "no problem, bitch, you're now a member of the team. Maybe you can join us in our locker room tomorrow after the game."

"Oh yea," she said, "I sure will!" He reached out and shook my hand and thanked me for sharing my whore wife. We headed back to our room where Lorraine changed into a sexy, short baby-doll to sleep in. The party was still noisy but we were both tired and I was sure we would be able to get some sleep.

A few hours later I woke up to what I thought was an earthquake. I rolled over to find Lorraine doing a 69 with Wendy, Lorraine on top this time, both moaning toward an orgasm. The team captain was fucking Lorraine's pussy from behind while Wendy licked and ate her pussy and his large cock as he thrust it in and out. The 3 of them came all together with a loud scream. Lorraine looked over at me and said, "sorry, Honey, for waking you, but I had trouble sleeping, so Wendy and Burt came by to see if they could help. I don't think I can sleep yet so I'm heading back to the party, want to come?"

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