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Lorraine does the fire and police departments

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We were at our favorite club when a small electrical fire caused a lot of smoke and the fire alarm to go off. Everyone had to clear the small bar quickly. The fire department and several police cars showed up within a few minutes. We didn't even have time to grab our coats and it was cold outside. Most of the couples just got into their cars and left. We were about to when I realized I locked my keys in the car. So there we were, Lorraine looking hot in her tight red, very short halter mini dress and 5 inch red heels. I was about to call for a tow truck on my cell when one of the policemen came over to see why we didn't leave. He was talking to me but looking right at Lorraine's breasts the entire time.

When I told him that we couldn't open our car he offered to let us sit in the large fire truck while we waited. We thanked him as he led us to the truck. He helped Lorraine up the 2 steps, by holding her hips and placing his hand on her ass. There was lots of room inside the truck and it was much warmer then outside. He sat on the long bench seat beside Lorraine and I sat on the single seat opposite. He was a young black cop and he didn't hide his looking Lorraine's legs and body. He said he needed a statement from us. I said we didn't need to give a statement as we had nothing to do with the fire in the club.

He became angry and told me to shut up as he handcuffed me to the chair I was in. He then said to Lorraine that we could be out of there in a few hours if she just cooperated. Lorraine asked how, and all he did was unzip his pants and lean back. His black cock has huge and already hard. Lorraine said to me "Hun, we don't want any trouble, why don't I just cooperate, it'll be fun!". My cock was already getting hard under my pants. Lorraine fell to her knees and took his large black cock into her month. The cop just moaned and said "yes, you understand cooperation, don't you bitch". Lorraine just moaned agreement and kept sucking his hard cock, her blonde head bobbing up and down.

Lorraine is a great cock sucker and she was giving this young cop all she had, using one had to hold his cock while caressing her own breast with her other. He shot his load into her month while Lorraine had her free hand between her own legs rubbing her clit. She brought herself to an orgasm just as her shot into her month. Lorraine loves cum and licked his cock clean and even made sure she got the cum that had run onto her own chin. She sat up on the bench seat beside him and said "how was that? Can we go now?". He said no, you're not done that fast and quickly pulled out another pair of handcuffs and quickly cuffed Lorraine to the armrest at the end of the bench seat. She was flat on her back with her mini dress riding up. He said with a smile wait here and stepped out of the truck.

Lorraine looked at me and said "what do you think he is going to do now?". I said "I think he is going to get some more guys and gangbang you". Lorraine said "REALLY!?!?!, You think so?!?!?, That would be great, I'm sooo fucking horny tonight, I could fuck the whole fire department!". Soon our police friend returned but he wasn't alone. Two large black firemen were with him, they stepped into the truck and closed the door. The cop said, she's a hot bitch, gave me a great blow job. I think she could use a good fucking. The first fireman dropped his pants and kneed between Lorraine's bare legs. His cock was huge also and he didn't bother with any foreplay, he just spread Lorraine's legs, pushed her short dress up a little higher and slammed his large cock into her smooth shaved pussy. She was already wet thinking about banging all the firemen that were here. Lorraine instinctively spread her legs wide to allow his big cock full access to her willing pussy.

He fucked her hard for about 10 minutes as Lorraine wrapped her bare legs around his back, her red 5 inch heels against his black ass. Lorraine was moaning with each thrust, her moans getting louder and louder. The other fireman couldn't wait any longer and dropped his pants and held his rock hard cock near Lorraine's mouth, just an inch away. Lorraine reached for his cock with her mouth but he kept it just out of reach. They all laughed and said "look at the hungry slut, she wants it bad". Lorraine said "yea, I want it bad, give me your cock to suck pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!". OK whore he said, he suck it good and I'll get some more firemen in here for you. With that Lorraine sucked his cock like never before, taking all 9 inches of it down her throat. It was a hot sight, one big black fireman, still in his uniform, fucking Lorraine, as she sucked another one, while her hands were handcuffed over her head. Both firemen came within a few minutes, one in her juicy pussy and one in her mouth. I could see cum running down her thighs as he got off her and some running down her chin. Lorraine had several orgasms but was still wanting more.

Next the cop mounted her and gave her a good fucking, he liked playing with her erect nipples. Lorraine just moaned and moaned with each stroke. He fucked her hard for about 5 minutes when he suddenly stopped and pulled out. He didn't say a word, just waited for Lorraine the respond. Lorraine said "what are you doing? Come on fuck me". The cop said, "no, you have to beg for it". Lorraine really let him know what she wanted. . . "pleaseee fuck me, give me that big black cock, come on fuck my horny pussy, come on, please, I'm a slut and I need lots of cock". She kept pushing her hips up and try and fuck him as he made her beg. The cop then gave in and started to fuck her again. Lorraine just loved it, forcing her hips up to meet each powerful stroke. Suddenly the door of the truck opened and the rest of the firemen and cops saw what was going on. "hey look, they got a hot slut in here" I heard and then a bunch of firemen climbed into the truck and crowded around.

They were in between me and Lorraine lying handcuffed on the bench seat. They totally ignored me and all just watch Lorraine fuck her brains out. The cop's grunts grew louder with Lorraine's moans until I could tell they were cuming together. I heard the cop say, "thanks slut" and then to the crowd of cops and firemen, "who wants her next? She's a good fuck alright!" There was a little shoving and pushing as each guy wanted to be next until I heard Lorraine say "don't worry guys, I'll do all of you". I still couldn't see her but I could tell from the sounds that another guy mounted her. As the guys would move around a little waiting their turn, I would catch a glimpse of Lorraine getting fucked.

Sometimes she was fucking one guy, and sometimes another guy would put his cock to her willing lips so she would suck him at the same time. One of the guys waiting would hold her ankles to keep her legs spread wide and in the air. After a few more cops and firemen fucked her they took her handcuffs off and so she could get on her hands and knees so they could fuck her doggie style. Next 2 black firemen took her, one fucked her doggie style while one sat on the bench in front of her so she could suck his cock at the same time. Her pussy was getting pretty sloppy by now and the next guy fucked her ass doggie style. She was tight at first, but he slowly pushed it cock in using some of the cum and wetness from her well fucked pussy as lube. This guy started slapping Lorraine's ass as he fucked it which Lorraine loves. A few more cops climbed into the truck and blocked my view again. She would moan with delight with each slap.

There was no satisfying Lorraine that night, as one guy finished, she begged for another hard black cock. A few guys also stroked their hard cocks and shot their warm cum onto her face and tits. I think she did 12 cops and firemen that night in that truck. When they were all done they removed my handcuffs and said that I should bring her to the fire station tomorrow night, they would love to pass the slut around to the other crew that works at their station. I said "sure no problem, see you tomorrow night" and shook hands on it. They gave Lorraine a towel to clean up a little and then lead us to our car which they had got open while we were in the fire truck. I told Lorraine about our plans to visit their station tomorrow night and loved the idea and started thinking about what she was going to wear.

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