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Late Night at the Pool

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We were on our way down to Myrtle Beach for a much needed vacation. Yes, the children were coming but it was much better than no vacation at all. We drove for about 5 hours and finally settled on a hotel. It was late but still light outside, about 7pm. We pulled up and around the hotel passed the pool area. There was a group of guys celebrating something out on the back pool patio. They yelled and waved as we drove by. I waved back and thought nothing more of it, for awhile...

The kids were having a tough time getting settled, so Mike decided to take them down to the pool for a quick dip. I jumped into the shower. It felt great after being in the car for so long. I decided to go to the pool to see what they were up to. I threw on a sundress and headed down. Mike and the boys were clowning around by the pool having a good time and outside was the group of drunken happy guys. They all turned to see who was coming in the door and smiled and waved. I waved back but they seemed disappointed when I turned and headed towards Mike. I shook my head and smiled at Mike, thinking to myself, damn I could have a lot of fun!

After a few minutes, we went upstairs and got the kids into bed, finally! We tried to get settled but it was tough. We couldn't sleep. I just kept tossing and turning. I turned and looked at the alarm clock and it was still early, about 9:30. I was really hot and bothered. I thought maybe a dip in the pool would help. I decided to get on my bikini and go take a dip but Mike decided he would stay up in the room and watch TV. So maybe I can have fun somewhere, I thought to myself. I got my towel and walked down to the pool area. No one was around as I made my way down the elevator. I remembered the guys by the pool and started to get nervous but figured it was so quiet they probably all were in their rooms by now. It would be nice, just me and a quiet pool all to myself.

Boy was I was wrong! I turned around the corner down the hall to the pool and I could see the pool area. It was packed with people. I made my way down the hall to the door and looked in. I hesitated...there were about 15 guys standing around and I didn't see one girl. This was a lot more than I bargained for and started to turn around to go back and bumped right into two guys.

"Hey, baby where are you going?" One of the guys put his arm around my shoulder. "You can't leave just got here!" I stammered "Oh, it's ok...looks like a private party...I'll just go back up to my room and let you guys continue with your fun." "Oh come on, we saw you down here before!" as his hand grazed across my stiffened nipple.

A moan escaped from my mouth before I could stop it. "What's the matter baby? Are you in pain?" he said jokingly, then did it again, a little firmer this time.

I could feel my face flush and my eyes close as I said "No, no pain but I think I better go back upstairs before I get into some serious trouble."

Just then the door to the pool area opened up and this big guy with a shiny bald, head and arms the size of my waist stepped up. "Here you are! We were hoping you'd come and join us! Are you ok, little lady?" he said, in a cute southern drawl.

He pushed the guy who was teasing my nipples out of the way and scooped me right into the pool area. "Here you just help yourself to the pool. It's all yours..." I looked around and sure enough there was not one person in the pool. They were all sitting on the edges or at the tables drinking beer and whatever, just shooting the breeze. Most of them seemed a bit buzzed but they were behaving. Another guy chimed in "Go ahead there, honey! Take a dip the waters great!"

I made my way down the ladder into the water. It was heavenly. My nipples were like little rocks despite the warm water. I could feel all eyes on me as I got into the water. I started to get a bit nervous but decided, What the hell? I wanted to relax in the water, right?...

I dove under the water and swam a few feet and came up to the far end of the pool right into the smiling face of a bearded guy, about 45 years old, with glasses. He was bent down and waiting for me to surface with a drink in his hand.

"Here you are honey...this one's on us." I hesitated again, not sure what I was being offered. He said, "Go ahead, honey, we wouldn't give you anything that we wouldn't drink, it's just a little Jack for you. You look like you could use it!"

I was about to decline, but said "What the hell!" and took a sip. Sure enough, it was Jack, just like I remembered it. It went down nice and warm, right to my belly. I finished it and thanked him for the drink. He introduced himself as Jake and his friend as Matt. They were there celebrating at his other friends bachelor party. I was wondering why there were no women and now I knew why. I finished my drink and he poured me another.

These guys seemed real nice and friendly as I sat and flirted with them. I decided to swim around a bit more and the guy I ran into by the door jumped into the pool and the next thing I know he was in the pool right under me. I gasped as he ran into my legs and his hand grazed my pussy right between my legs. I pushed him away and he smiled at me.

"What's the matter baby? Don't you like it?" I could feel my face beet red. I swam away toward the other side of the pool and the big bald guy reached in and pulled me out.

"Is that pain in the ass teasing you again?" he said with a big grin. I was all flustered and muttered "Yes".

He laughed and offered me another shot of Jack. "Thanks" I said, as I swallowed the shot in one gulp. I was feeling much better, more relaxed and things started to get warmer.

"Nice bikini honey!" the big bald guy said. "My name is Rick, what's yours?"

"Inez" I said as I reached out and shook his hand. I was starting to notice the group of guys had gotten a bit quieter and were starting to congregate around Rick and I. Matt and Jake had made their way around the pool and came up next to me.

"So what brings you to Fred's bachelor party here honey?"

I laughed and said "I just came down to relax and take a quiet dip in the pool. It was getting hot in my room and I needed to cool off."

"Well you look like you are quite cooled off now honey!" Matt said as he gazed at my hardened nipples.

I know I should of been embarrassed but I was feeling the effects of the day, the long boring drive, the 3 shots of Jack, a room full of drunken horny men, the warm tingly feeling in my pussy..."Oh, I think you are mistaken! I am feeling very hot right now!" as I glanced down at my nipples and back up at him with a wink.

"In fact, I think I'll need to take another dip in the pool and try to cool off a bit!" With that I jumped back in the pool.

"So, are you all just going to stand there and watch?" I said. I never saw so many guys strip down and jump in at once. I swam away and turned around. Jake and Rick were right behind me.

"So how is the water guys?"

"It is too hot for me", laughed Fred as he shook his head.

"We have the pool til midnight, have fun guys!" he said with a wink and headed out with half of the guys. Matt yelled out that he had another round of Jack for us and we made our way to the side of the pool. It was great. The water was nice and warm and the air was cool and I was surrounded by a small group of guys. I was introduced to the touchy feely guy by Rick. His name was Walt. He was Fred's brother and was about 25. Rick was teasing him that he couldn't hold his liquor. Walt started to get mad and yell at Rick but I reached down in the water and grabbed him by the cock and gave a little yank.

"What's the matter honey?" I said as he flew around towards me.

"Don't you like it?" His face instantly changed and he started to laugh. I looked at Rick as I had my hand wrapped around a very nice hard-on in Walt's pants, "His cock doesn't think he had too much to drink yet!"

I couldn't believe I just said that! I could feel my face turn red as I quickly released Walt's hard on. It was too late of course. Rick came up next to me and tweeked each nipple as he said "Oh really? What do you think about my cock? Is it too drunk yet?"

He grabbed my hand and pulled it down his pants to his ragging hard on. I grabbed his cock and ran my hand up and down. It was nice and easy in the water. Jake came up next to me, not wanting to be left out and I reached over and grabbed his cock and slid my hand up and down at the same time as I was stroking Rick. Matt had jumped in the water and came up behind me as he reached around and exposed my nipples and began to twist them between his fingers.

I could feel my pussy getting hotter. I moaned and my legs got weak as Matt rubbed my nipples. I concentrated on the two cocks in my hands. I stroked them each up and down in the water. I could feel my bikini bottoms getting untied and slide away. I felt a hand slide back and forth between my legs.

A finger worked it's way in and out of my hole. It was getting very hard to concentrate on anything. I was so hot and horny. Someone had turned down the lights. There were tiki lamps burning on the sides giving off a nice glow in the water.

We were in the shallow end of the pool. I could feel myself being pushed towards the edge. Another guy I hadn't met yet was placing a big raft on the edge of the pool. Rick boosted me up onto the raft and everyone climbed out of the water and around the raft.

I reached over and took the two cocks back in my hands. I sucked Rick's cock into my mouth. I was kneeling down on the raft. My ass was exposed and Matt was rubbing my tits still. Walt was working my pussy, rubbing his hand and finger up and down my crack and in and out of my pussy hole. I was alternating between sucking Rick and sucking Jake. I felt a cock push into me and begin to pound my pussy.

It was all too much for me and I released the cocks from my mouth as I let out a scream. Just then Matt shot his load all over my face. I quickly recovered and gobbled up the dripping come off his head and took Rick back in my mouth just as he shot a huge load down my throat. I could feel the cock in my pussy all the way up to my belly button as he pounded away at my twat. The guy with the raft sat down where Matt had been and shoved his cock in my direction as I turned to see who was there.

Here I was, with a cock in each hand and mouth and a cock pounding into my snatch. Someone else was pulling and twisting my nipples but I was too engrossed in the activities to see who. The cock in my pussy began to let loose a stream of cum up the crack of my ass, as Walt pulled out and shot his wad.

I could feel a changing of cocks from behind but I was concentrating on the ones in my hands and mouth. They were about to blow! I was gobbling up the next load in my mouth when I felt a cock being shoved in my ass.

I turned to see who and was surprised to see Mike kneeling behind me with his cock poised to plunge into my asshole. "I knew if I waited long enough, you'd eventually get the nerve!" he said as he plowed my ass with his cock.

I felt myself cumming all the way up from my toes and let out a scream that caused a cock to get shoved down my throat just to keep me quiet. I was hungrily sucking the remaining cocks and was getting plowed by Mike. He was riding me like a bronco, swatting my ass and plunging his cock to the balls.

It wasn't long before I got another load in my mouth and came again all over Mike's cock. The unknown guy was the last remaining cock in my face. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock down my throat just as Mike grabbed me by the hips and plowed into my asshole. I couldn't take it anymore and came again over and over again. The two of them came very shortly after that, both pumping me full of cum at the same time.

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