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Joy Goes To The Limit

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I have mentioned before how Joy kind of helped Denna get her cherry taken of with me as a will helper and the other things that happened but Denna was getting more and more uncomfortable with the way things were going especially since her mother, Sylvia came out and showed her real self after being such a good two shoes to Denna and all. Well, we were supposed to go out to dinner and a movie, Denna and I and then go by and get Joy who was going to a party at a friend's house. She was then suppoed to spend the night at Denna's and go home the next day. WEll, we have a nice dinner and went to the drive in and saw only the first feature. After intermission Denna and I began kissing, hugging and after a while were in the back seat enjoying our time together. She had taken a liking to after being eaten thru a couple orgasms then turning her back to me and sitting on my lap facing away and letting me massage her titties from behind so that was how we made love that night. After the movie was over we went to the house that Joy had given the address to Denna and drove up. Tehre were about a dozen cars out front and a few guys hanging around the front so we got out and went in. DEnna almost died as we went into the living room. There was Joy, totally naked streached out on a mattress being fucked by every man in the house. In fact, as we looked around it was only men and Joy was the recreation for the night. She was laying all spread out, dripping cum from every place she could drip it from. She had cum all over her body and was busy sucking a cock as another plunged into her pussy. She saw us as we came in a ;ittle smile came across her face. Denna was white as a sheet and left to go out. Come on Denna, joing the fun Joy yelled as we exited the door. No way, Denna said and headed to the car. We got in and she was really upset. Take me home she told me. I said okay. Then she said, first go back and see if she is coming with us or not. Tell her if she is she has to leave now. I got out and Denna locked the doors to the car. I went in and managed to talk to Joy as she changed cocks for another cum dripping from her mouth from the one that had just been there. DEnna wants to know if you are going to come with us or not, she says you have to come now if you are. Fuck her Joy said. Tell her to go to hell. I turned and walked out, got to the car and Denna unlocked the door. Joy said she will not need a ride tonight I told her and we drove off. Denna was crying and mad and all kinds of thiings were going on in her mind. We went to her pace and went in and sat down and she was still upset. Her Mom came in wanting to know what was wrong and she told her. Sylvia was visibly aroused by the tale Denna told and she kept seeming to let her robe fall open. Mother, please get decent. I can't do this anymore. I love Steve and that is it. No one else. That's okay her Mom told her. I will do as you ask. We went to the bedroom and just laid there watching TV for a long time. WE woke the next moring and Sylvia was gone. She left a note saying she had a call from Joy and had gone to get her. DEnna and I left for the beach and stayed all day. When we got back it was obvious that Sylvia was home and we followed noises to her bedroom. Joy and her were locked in passion in the bed. Denna asked me to take her to a friend's house so she could get her head together and I did. That was the last of the orgies and her friendship with Joy. She stayed away from intimate conversations with her Mother and asked that if she was having friends over to let her know. Our love making became just that. Her and I making love passionately, just us together. I have yet to find another woman that could be Denna's equal.

Bye folks.

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