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Jobsite Joy

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I was just heading out the door to go shopping with my best girlfriend when my cell rang. ?Hey babe? he said ?I know you have plans today but I was hoping you could grab the box of nails in the garage and bring them to me at work.?

?What??? I exclaimed. ?Come on Rod - you know I have been planning this day for weeks.?

?I know, but it won?t take long and you know I?m working 24/7 these days to save up for our next vacation.?

Great ? the guilt trip ? I thought to myself. ?Fine!? I said but I?m in heels and a skirt so you best meet me at the car to grab them.

?You bet? he said ?you won?t regret it.? Whatever that meant.........

It took a good half hour to get to the job site, down dusty dirt roads, why he took this job in the boonies was beyond me. Oh well, he was working hard and I do love our vacations.

I finally saw his truck, parked and called his cell. No answer. Just wonderful I thought to myself - he probably can?t hear it over the compressor. Since I was already getting late I grabbed the box of nails and got out of the car. Man was it hard to walk in 4 inch stilettos and a short skirt at a job site. I slowly made my way over rocks and pieces of soffit and hardi plank and found him on a ladder in the back of the house. Being that I was a little angry at my chore I unplugged the compressor to get his attention.

?What the fuck!? he yelled and turned around and noticed me there. He whistled and asked if I wanted a job ? I said ?how much? and he said ?you tell me?. He always knew how to make me smile ? no matter how mad I was.

?Well, here? s you nails and I?m outta here.?

?Wait a sec? he said as he descended the ladder.

?No time babe, Laura is waiting. You do remember which store we are going to today don?t you?? I said with a wink.

?Oh yes, the naughty girls store. Buy me something nice and have it on when I get home ? not that it will stay on long........? With that he smacked my ass and I almost fell over in my heels.

?I?ll make sure you?re impressed babe ? see you later?

With that I walked to my car and was backing down the dirt driveway when I hear this hissing sound. OMG, I thought, you have GOT to be kidding me ? a flat tire?? I stopped the car and got out yet again and saw that my helpful little duty trip had left me with 3 nails in my rear tires ? both were flat and I had only 1 spare. I seriously considered leaving it there and taking off in his truck but I can?t drive and standard with flat shoes let alone heels.

I pulled out my cell and again called him and luckily for him this time he answered. When I told him my predicament he laughed and I thought to myself I SHOULD have taken the truck! He came to the car, took and look and said ?yup they?re flat?. Just then we saw another vehicle coming to the house. Rod told me it was some of the other trades coming to work at the house that day. They got out of their truck and said hi to Rod. I could feel their eyes staring at me and I remembered I wasn?t exactly dressed for a construction site. I tugged at my skirt and tried to pull my blouse closed a little more.

?Hey guys? Rod said ?the lady?s got a couple flats and only 1 spare and my truck is loaded with material. Can I use your truck to go get the tires fixed??

?Sure? they said and threw him the keys.

The guys went to work on the house and Rod removed my flat tires and threw them in the truck. I went to get into the passenger side and he told me not to bother. ?I won?t be long and this truck is full of dirt. You don?t want to mess up that sexy little outfit you have on do you??

?I guess not? I said ?but what will I do here??

?I?m sure you?ll think of something to pass the time? he said and he took off down the road.

I grabbed my cell yet again and phoned my girlfriend to tell her I would be late. Now what, I thought to myself. I was thirsty from all the dust and remembered the nice big jug of water Rod took to work everyday. I walked around back and looked around but didn?t see it. Then I looked up and noticed he had put it on the deck near where he was siding. I debated on just how thirsty I was and since I didn?t see the other guys I decided it was safe to climb the ladder and grab a drink.

Let me tell you, climbing a ladder in stilettos is not the easiest thing to do but I managed to get up there. I grabbed a drink and started back down. All of a sudden I heard a whistle coming from below. Oh no, someone was there watching me. Must have had quite a view too since I had the shortest skirt possible on that day. Now what do I do, I thought to myself. I decided it was best to laugh it off and I yelled out ? What?s a girl gotta do to get a little help around here??

I heard the clank of a toolbelt and before I knew it 2 guys were holding the ladder steady as I slowly made my way back down the ladder. ?Thanks? I said as I stepped off the last rung. ?No problem at all. We enjoyed the view.? I felt my face turn 5 shades of red.

?It?s a little hot out here? said one of the guys ?we have some stools set up inside and at least the roof will keep the sun off you. Wouldn?t want to have to see you climb that ladder in those sexy heels again to get more water now ? or would we??? and he winked at me.

?Yes, I?ll go inside to wait for Rod. You guys get back to work ? I won?t be a bother.? I walked inside and my heels made a distinct sound as I walked along the unfinished concrete floor. I grabbed a stool and texted to see how long he was going to be. He said he?d just got there and they were busy so it may be about an hour wait. I was frustrated but I?m sure not as much as he was since losing hours from work because of this.

About 10 minutes passed and I was getting bored and hot even though I was inside. I untucked my blouse from my skirt to let the air cool me off. I walked through the house to see the layout and thought it was a pretty nice place ? lots of windows and spacious rooms. I was looking out of one of the windows and all of a sudden I felt a presence. I thought to myself I was being silly. My imagination does go crazy sometimes. I turned to leave the room though and when I did I saw one of the construction guys in the doorway. ?Oh? I said ?you startled me.?

?Just checking to make sure you?re ok? he said ?never know what kind of animals get into an unlocked house like this.? I told him I?m sure there were no animals there and he said ?are you sure about that?? I didn?t know what to make of the tone of his voice but I felt a little shiver go up my spine. ?I should go wait in my car? I told him. ?Rod will be back soon.?

I went to walk past him and he wouldn?t budge. He was in construction of course so had muscular arms and I wasn?t strong enough to move him out of my way. ?Are you sure you want to leave?? he said ?I was thinking you might feel better in here with me.? He looked me up and down and I felt myself blushing again. He turned sideways and said if I wanted to go I could. When I went to walk past him though he put his arm in front of me ? then he grabbed my ass with the other hand said he was thinking about doing that since he saw me standing on that ladder. ?You know you shouldn?t go around job sites dressed like this. We?re all a bunch of horny guys and you never know what kind of trouble you can get yourself into.? With that he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and pushed his body against mine. I could feel his cock growing harder by the second. ?What are you doing?? I said. ?Exactly what you want me to do.? Was his reply and he put his mouth on mind and kissed me and moved his hand between my thighs and forced my legs apart. He noticed I was wet as he rubbed his finger against my pussy and he slowly moved my panties with his hand to slip a finger inside. He was breathing heavy in my ear by this point and I heard a noise in the next room. I tried to yell out but he covered my mouth with his hand that was covered in my wetness and then shoved his fingers in my mouth so I had to taste my own juice.

In a matter of seconds all of the other guys were at the door watching him touching me and I must admit it was starting to turn me on even more. I am not sure why but I have always craved to have a gang of men touching and teasing and using me for their sexual pleasures, as well as giving me pleasure. Now a different guy was beside me and he grabbed my arms ? then he raised them above my head and I felt something cold around my wrists. Handcuffs I thought! He is actually putting me in handcuffs. Not only that he was putting them around the stud and I couldn?t get free. Here I was with 4 strange men, dressed in skimpy clothes, and they had me fastened to a 2x4 stud. Now what do I do? Now I felt another set of hands at my thighs and he was pulling my panties off. I started to say stop but he had them off so fast and now he stuffed them in my mouth! Now I can?t even yell out. I was squirming and trying to push them off but this only made them happier. They were saying things like ?that?s it baby? and ?come on slut you know you want this?. I shook my head but then I felt my shirt being ripped open and my breasts being pulled out of my bra. ?Hey this is in the way? one of the guys said and I saw him pull out a knife and he cut my bra right in half. Then one of them started grabbing my breasts and licking and sucking my nipple and I felt someone underneath me and before long I felt a warm, wet tongue licking my pussy. ?She?s wet guys? is all he said and he continued to use his tongue to make my legs shiver. I was so hot and this time not from the heat of the sun. A few minutes later I felt the cuffs coming off and I was told to get on my knees and the other 2 guys had their zippers open and their hard shafts were waiting for me to suck them dry. I grabbed one in each hand and took turns sucking and licking and rubbing them on across my chest. Then I felt someone underneath me and there was another guy licking my pussy and sucking my clit as I was stroking and sucking these wonderful cocks. I was wondering when someone was going to take theirs and shove it in my pussy as that?s what I was now craving. Who was I kidding? I was hoping they would all do it ? not just one of them. They must have read my mind because they grabbed me and put me on my hands and knees and one put his cock in my mouth as another entered my pussy from behind and reached around to grab my tits at the same time. His rock hard cock pounded me so hard it made the cock in my mouth hit the back of my throat. I was gagging but wanting this all at the same time. I wanted both of them to cum in me at the same time. I wanted to feel explosions everywhere in my body. It wasn?t long and I got my wish and they both came in me. Then 2 more grabbed me and one had me sit on his cock and I rode that like a cowgirl. The 2nd guy then pulled my mouth to his cock and fucked my mouth, moaning and groaning like it was his first time. The sensation of these 2 cocks in me and knowing how crazy this was made my body weak and excited at the same time and before long I came all over the cock in my pussy. That was too much for him and he shot his load right back in me. The fellow in my mouth pulled out and shot his cum all over my face and chest and I rubbed it in and sucked off my fingers when I was done.

I laid back on the guy underneath me and caught my breath. Everyone got dressed and went back outside. I tried to straighten up and went outside as well and tried to think of a way to explain how I looked. I then thought of the water so I climbed back up that ladder and grabbed the jug. I opened it up and poured it all over me like the girl in Flashdance. This way I could just say I was too hot and used the water to cool off, washing off all the evidence of my afternoon at the job site.

About 15 minutes later he was back with my tires, I thanked him, gave him one of the hottest kisses ever, and said I was now off to buy his special gift so we could have a wild night of kinky sex. ?I can?t wait? he said and I said ?neither can I.?

As I drove off I could see the others waving from the side of the house and I couldn?t help but think it was the most fun I?ve had with 2 flat tires..............

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