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It Is Me, Tess

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Hello Everyone, I have not written here before and my boyfriend told me that I could use the ID and password to look around. He has told me about all the fun he has had before and we too have had some great times playing. Like the profile says, we are both married to others and have been playing for over 10 years. I was thinking of a recent time we had and so wanted to tell you all about it so be patient with me please.

Well, I am short and Steve tells me how beautiful I am all the time. I love making love but I love also just having sex. We have to ride a little aways from here since we both know a lot of people and have to get away from them so no one tells our spouses. Yeah, it is a bitch but that is how it is. We arranged to meet one day and both had good reasons to stay gone all day which I love. I wore a wrap around skirt and peasant blouse. My nipples were hard so as soon I got away from home I stopped and took my bra off and let them enjoy the cool air coming in the window. We met at a truck stop and I got into his car, he smiled seeing my tits without a bra and kissed me and squeezed them hard (I like it rough folks) and I sat with my legs apart towards him. We got on I-85 headed to South Carolina and he told me to lay back and flash the truckers. I did and we had several horns letting us know they liked the show.

We stopped at the Welcome area on the S.C. side and went to pee and as I came out I had taken off my panties also. There were some guys in a van that whistled at me as I went to Steve and kissed him, the breeze blowing my skirt and shoing my legs almost to my ass. I turned towards them with my arms aroud Steve's neck and blew them a kiss and then reached down and rubbed Steve's hard cock through his pants. They all calledout a lot and mostly, "Hey, how about giving us some." We got in the car and drove next to them by their van and Steve pulled over, I lifted my blouse so that my tits were visible, they are now 42DDD and the dark nipples were hard. "Follow us guys, she feels like playing." he said to them and they got into their van and were not far behind us. We turned of and drove a ways to a state park that Steve knew about and pulled into the parking lot. They pulled up next to us and we got out, Steve carrying the blanket we had brought. We had intended on him and I enjoying a nice naked time in the woods near the lake but I felt my body shiver at the thought of entertaining now 6 men. I pulled off my top and gave it to Steve and the men were now all around us, "Is this for real?" they asked Steve. "If she wants to it is for real." and then one said as he took a tits in his hand, "So is it." and I said "Oh hell yes." and stopped and kissed him. Both his hands were on my tits and pulled the nipples as I broke the kiss of. "Let's go further into the woods so we are not interrupted." Steve said and we walked more. I pulled off my skirt too and gave it to him and so had on just my sandals as we walked into the woods. Finally there was a perfect place on the edge of a clearing that had some high bushes around it and we walked into the center and Steve put the blanket down.

I sat in the middle and spread my legs and leaned on my hands behind me, "The only rule guys are these, You must cum and I must have orgasms. I swallow, I take it anal and in the pussy and between my tits. As many as you like at one time is great. I like a little pain and Steve will let you know when it is too much. In general, we have never been to the point of too much yet. You can suck me but do not leave any marks that can be seen when dressed but feel free to leave marks." I said and while I was talking the guys al got naked. There were all sizes of cock and balls I had imagined and I reached for he closest one and took him deep into my throat sucking him fast since I really needed to taste cum. He took a while but filled my throat and then I reached for another while holding the first one. It went down my throat too and I was feeling my first orgasm getting close. "Someone lay under me and let me have cock." I said and one guy did. He had a nice cock and I slipped it in and began riding him while sucking the two in my hands. THe 3 came almost at the same time and I got on my hands and knees with my ass in the air, "In the ass, please, someone." and there was one sinking in deep and he grabbed my hips, his finger nails digging into my skin (there were bloddy marks later) and his cock ramming deep into my ass. Another was in front of me and I sucked him into my throat and the two moved just right to have them in and out as they needed to be. The filled me and I rolled onto my back and two men attacked my tits, sucking and biting as I begged them too. Both my nipples had trails of blood from them as they did as I begged them to do. Another was in my pussy and it was huge and he was pounding me hard. He fucked me a long time and then swelled up and his load was in me. He got up, "another, please, another." I heard myself beg and there was Steve fucking me.

We stayed there al morning, I was doing all I could to make sure that the balls that were with the cocks had not a single drop of cum left. I sucked half hard cocks one after another and made sure they were finished. The guys left and Steve and I laid there, I was covered with cum that I had smeared over my body and we just laid there and STeve fingered me hard for more orgasms. We heard a noise near us and there were a couple guys walking a dog and I looked at Steve, "Ya think?" I said and he smiled. "Go on." he said and I got up and walked towards them totally naked and just started kissing them and led them to the blanket. Steve had hidden and they too fucked me hard and one seemed to have more cum than anyone I have ever known. They finished and then Steve came out from his hiding place, "Ready to go hun?" he said and helped me up. I was sore but felt so good." the bites had stopped bleeding and the love marks all over me were getting worse. I love to be able to look and feel like I have ben really used after.

Well, later folks, Truth or Fantasy? You decide.

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