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Hunt Camp Cook - Ch 1

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I was working for a Courier company a few years ago. There were a good bunch of guys on my shift and over a period of the first few months, I was invited to join them at their Friday "after work" rendezvous at a near-by pub. One of the regulars turned out to be our lady dispatcher, Audrey.

Audrey was probably in her mid forties, fairly compact with a noticeable pair of jugs. She was a very pleasant lady, and always seemed in good spirits despite the very demanding job of dealing with customers and frantic drivers. Apparently she was divorced and lived at home with her mother, with Audrey being their primary source of income.

She was always relaxed and easy at the pub, and the guys seemed very comfortable having her around. In fact, they never let her pay for a round despite her protestations. There was a lot of sexual innuendo in the conversation, like any group of guys drinking beer, but it was not ordinarily directed at her. After several beers each night, one or two of them would dance with Audrey.

One night, after a few beers, I asked her to dance to a nice slow ballad. Audrey was not shy. She slid her body right into mine, with one big tit tucked under my arm, and her hips glued against my hips. There was no hiding my almost immediate erection, but Audrey seemed to be expecting it and within seconds I could feel her mound rubbing my cock. I was speechless, but just went with the flow and enjoyed the dance. A lot.

Back at the table, it was as if we had just gone outside for a smoke. Audrey looked no different, although I am not sure what shade of red my face was. The other guys just carried on their discussions and arguments as if we had not been away, and in fact as if we were not there. They were so intent on their argument that Audrey nodded to me for another dance.

By the time we finished two more dances, she had me as close to coming as was possible. It was not a dance, but more of a dry standing fuck. The guys had left by the time we returned to the table, apparently having paid the bar bill.

Audrey said, "Damn, they got away fast, will you drive me home Jim?

This was a new deal for me, I was not used to being rushed by a lady, but I was certain that there would be some pussy coming my way quite soon. I stumbled out with an "Oh sure Audrey, no problem at all." I did have a problem, where was I going to take her to fuck? I knew that she lived with her Mother, so her house would surely be off limits. Should I suggest a hotel?

She gave me directions to her house and we were there within minutes. Audrey moved in to me, one big tit pressed against my arm and gave me a little peck on the cheek. She knew that I was expecting more, drew back a bit and came in for a full-tongued wet kiss, her hand rubbing my cock through my pants.

"Hate to leave you with that Jim," she murmured as she continued to stroke my cock, "But I never give it up first time. There will be a second time however." One more tongue filled kiss and she jumped out of the car.

There is no need to say that my wife received a very thorough fucking that night. As I lay on top of her after we both got off she groaned, "Why don't you go out with the guys more often?"

The next day, one of the guys they called 'Big Bill' approached me and said, "Do you like to hunt? I have a great cottage down Long Lake. It is sort of out of the way and you can only get there by boat. It will be the first long weekend for deer hunting and we would like you to join us."

I was quite flattered to be included and accepted the invitation. He said, "Good, we think that you fit right in with us. I hope you like playing poker as well. But as the rookie in the group, you will have to take the cook down early with grocery supplies and so on. We all throw a hundred bucks in the pot for food, and the cook does the buying."

I was curious about the cook and said, "Where do I meet the cook?"

Bill smiled at me and said, "You have already met her," and nodded towards Audrey. "She loves cooking and especially for a bunch of guys. We call her our 'geisha' girl, and she looks after us all very well. She tells me that you passed the test last night!" This last said with a big grin.

Damn, I realized the whole evening had been set-up for Audrey to cast the final vote on my acceptance into the group. But I admit I was wondering just how their "Geisha" girl looked after four guys. And given Audrey's actions and words the previous night I suspected it was more than just cooking. But it sounded good. I like hunting, I like good food, and especially I like hot women. I could barely wait for the long weekend to arrive.

Audrey and I got off work early that Friday afternoon and I drove her to a supermarket to pick up the food and beer. She was very efficient and we quickly filled the cart with goods from her long list. We were soon on our way.

The lake was about 10 miles out of town and we were there by late afternoon. There were two outboards in the boathouse and we loaded the goods into one of them. I drove the boat following Audrey's directions down the lake. So far, there was no indication of what was in store. She was all business and it was as if our night at the pub had never happened.

She looked fucking great. Her face was glowing in the sun and wind off of the lake. She wore tight jeans with a plaid shirt, a perfect display of her round ass and big tits.

Big Bill's cottage was large and well furnished, and apparently had been in his family for years. Audrey had obviously been there many times before as she knew how to get everything up and running in the place. Power supply was by generator; fridge and stove were propane, and water supply by pump from a pipe well by the lake.

We hauled all the goods up from the dock and packed things away. Audrey showed me the room I would share with one of the guys and suggested that I get comfortable, have a beer and look around while waiting for the others. She disappeared into what appeared to be the master bedroom of the cottage. I was thinking that maybe she bunked in there with Big Bill.

I grabbed a beer, and went outside to look out over the lake. We were pretty much alone, a few other cottages or houses spread widely around the bay of the lake. I heard Audrey call my name. She was still in the bedroom and as I hesitated I heard her say, "come in, the doors not locked."

Oh fuck, she was naked as hell on the bed, her head on the pillow, big tits splayed to each side of her chest, her legs spread enough that I could see the red gash of her pussy below a stripe of black bush. She smiled sweetly at me and said, "C'mon Jim, I told you there would be more and I always keep my word. I have been thinking about you being in me since I rubbed your cock the other night."

I almost fell on my face struggling to get out of my clothes, finally realizing that I had to remove my boots before the pants would come off. Audrey stared at me, at first in humor but finally in exasperation as she spotted my stiff cock and licked her lips. She reached out for me as I crawled up on the bed from below.

I hovered a bit over her, bending to kiss the inside of her knees and inner thighs. I looked up with a question in my eyes as my head moved up over her open pussy. She pushed me down to it, and whispered, "Just a little taste honey, don't take too much time right now. Loosen it a little, relax it before you put that big cock in me."

For the first time I felt in control of things, probably because she wanted me to take over. I kissed the pussy lips, flicked my tongue along it a few times, spread them with my fingers and poked my tongue into her. She pulled my mouth up to her sizeable clit, which I took gently into my mouth, flicked the hood with my tongue and closed my lips around it, sucking gently.

She was vibrating now, she was mine to use, my cock surged with anxiety to slide up that wet velvet tunnel. I moved up more, stopping to suck each big nipple. And I do mean suck; I sensed she liked them bruised a bit. But the cock took control and I slipped my arms under her shoulders and sunk my cock into her in one smooth move.

"Oh fuck me honey, I haven't had any for weeks. Stick that big cock deep in me and fill me," Audrey sounded quite different now as compared to her normal business like manner. She thrust her hips up at me, synching with my thrusts, "Fuck me as hard as you can."

It turned in to be a sweaty toe curling fuck session. There can be nothing more satisfying than pleasing a woman who really wants you to screw her. And she wanted it and let me know with a steady stream of encouragement and compliments. Her pussy never stopped working my cock. I was pretty well burned out by the time she released me and allowed me to roll off.

"Wow," she smiled, "that was great, but I knew that you would be. Now let's go for a quick swim and wash the sex off of us before the other guys get here. I have more than you to look after."

Suspicions confirmed; Audrey did look after more than the cooking with the crew. And she looked like she was ready to handle things. Her business like manner was fading as she took on her 'geisha' persona.

The other guys showed up an hour or so later. Audrey was busy making the first dinner when Big Bill came in and slipped in behind her as she stood at the sink. His hands slid up under her plaid shirt. It was obvious that there was no bra to interfere as he massaged her tits under the shirt, kissed the back of her neck and vigorously rubbed his cock on her butt.

"Ah Bill, can't you wait until later? I have a dinner to get ready."

Bill's answer was to lift her up and carry her to her bedroom and shut the door.

The other two guys were laughing. Brad said to me, "I guess Big Bill has not been getting enough at home. He usually claims the first one each time."

I could hear Audrey's stream of erotic comments and demands coming from the bedroom already. The only sound from Big Bill was a series of loud grunts. I did not mention to the guys that Big Bill was too late to have the first one.

I asked the other two guys, "Is this what Bill meant when he called Audrey your 'Geisha' girl? What are the rules? Is she ready at any time for one of us?"

"Well, except for Big Bill, we pretty well wait for an invitation of some sort. We always get something from her, it depends how horny she is. Sometimes a hand job, or a blowjob, and sometimes we get a night in bed with her. If you are good at poker, you might get really lucky!" They both laughed at the look on my face.

Bert said, "Don't worry Jim, she likes you as much as the rest of us, or you would not be here. Just relax and enjoy, she always looks after the rookies. And she can damn cook too."

Just then, Big Bill came out wearing a robe and a satisfied look on his face, "Damn she can fuck. Going for a swim." And out the door he went.

Danny, the youngest of our group was standing in the bedroom door and we heard Audrey say, "Hi baby, you horny too? C'mon in, I think that I would like to ride you today." Danny was dropping his pants as he disappeared into the room.

Brad said, "This will be good, let's watch them, you have to see her ride a guy, it's like poetry."

I said, "Oh fuck, what will she say if she sees us? What about Danny, not sure I would want you guys watching me fuck!"

Brad responded, "She loves it. When she gets alone with us out here, she turns into an exhibitionist. And Danny won't ever notice. C'mon, you have to see this."

The door was still open; Danny was already on his back with his long slender cock sticking straight up in the air. Audrey was sitting beside him on the bed and applying some jelly to his cock. She was really giving him a workout, sliding her hand around and up and down, caressing the knob while leaning down to present him with a big nipple to suck. Danny started arching his back up, trying to fuck her hand. This was obviously close enough for Audrey

She was on him in seconds, settling down over his cock that disappeared suddenly into her wet hole, accompanied by a loud groan from Danny. We had a rear view of proceedings as Audrey bent over Danny, her arms each side of his head and her great tits swinging in front of his face. She began fucking him, her ass slowly rising and then slamming down.

She must have had some need to come left from Big Bill's hump and started to cum quickly. Her ass cheeks pinched and clenched with each stroke, her body trembling as she milked Danny's cock. She suddenly straightened right upright, before collapsing down burying Danny's face with her tits, her ass permanently clenched, twisting her hips with her knees clamped to his body.

Brad and I stood there transfixed, both of us rubbing our cocks through our pants.

It looked like an interesting three days lay ahead of me. I vaguely wondered whether the hunting would be good, but that was in the back of my mind.

To be continued.

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