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How My Ex Changed My Life

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My name is Liz and I have had so many changes over the last few years that I would think I was nuts if there were not lots of evidence in films and stuff to remind me of how I was and how I am now. I started out very conservative, from a small town with a lots of good friends. Jack was the guy I married when I was 20. He was really good in bed, usually considerate and made sure I had my share or orgasms when we made love. He began, after a couple years, asking me if I thought one of his friends was good looking or if I thought they would be good in bed. I didn't know what he was up to but it all made me feel uncomfortable. He always told me that he really wanted to know these things so under pressure I told him. One evening he brought home Dennis, a friend from work and we had supper. In the kitchen he whispered in my ear that Dennis hada 10 inch cock (only then he used the word penis). He asked me if I thought I would be able to enjoy something like that. I got mad at him and asked what he was getting up to. He just laughed at me and went back taking a couple beers with him. They talked and I finished up and went to sit in the living room with them. Dennis seemed to be devouring me with his eyes. I caught him looking me up and down and he became bolder after a while. Jack got up and got us all another ber and came back giving me mine and Dennis his and they sat talking as we all sipped on them. I began to get sleepy and then the next thing I know Jack is waking me up saying he has to get to work. I looked at the clock and it was 7 A.M and I was in bed naked and sore, not to mention dripping cum from my pussy, more than usual when Jack made love to me. He kissed me and left. I got up and showered and cleaned up and seemed to never stop dripping cum. Jack must have really been in need last night I thought, then I remembered that Dennis was there. But no, Jack would never do what came to my mind, or would he. I pushed it to the back of my mind and went on with the day. Jack came home that eveningand all seemed normal. So what did you think of Dennis last night Jack asked me. He seemd like a nice guy I said. You like him? he asked. I said he seemed nice, I don't know him to say if I like him or not I told him getting uncomfortable now. You mind if he comes back over again? He is your friend I told him, do what you want to. Well, Friday night came and he announced that Dennis and a couple other friends were coming over, If I wanted to I could go to the mall of whatever. I decided to go out and shop and got dressed. Hey hun, you really look better in the blue dress that is short. I am not going out for fun I told him, I am shopping at the mall or Walmart. Try it on for me won't you, I have not seen it in a while. I changed into it and the bra and panties I usually wore wth it and a sheer blouse. Nice very nice he said as he handed me a beer. I am driving I told him. One beer will not matter he said and so I sipped it down. Then Dennis and his friends kncked on the door and Jack let them in. I was watchig as if in a movie the next few minuetes. They were looking at me smiling and laughing, I was numb all over and it seemed like someone was undressing me then i woke up again, sore and driping and the sun was far up in the sky. It was noon. What happened I asked. Don't know Jack said, you mumbled about not feeling good and went to bed. Then how is it that I am full of cum and feel like a small army has fucked me? Oh, well, I came to bed and you woke up and almost attacked me. I still don't think that accounts for being sore like I am and all the cum dripping from me. Well, that is what happened he said. Sorry if I over did it but last night you did not complain. I did recover and began figuring it all out. The beer, dizzy, then gone and wake up sore. All the sign of a r*pe/gang bang with Jack at the helm and his friends at my expence. Then one day cleaning up I found a tape. It had not label and so I put it in. There i was, naked streached out the bed, being fucked over and over by Jack and his friends. I just laid there unconsious not even moving to participate and they just kept on fucking me. I cried all the afternoon that my husband would do this to me, but then got angry. How could I get back at him. Then I planned the ultimate surprise for JAck. Sure enough he said one afternoon, Hunm Dennis and a couple friends are over tonight, you wanna go out? No, I think I will stay home and see what you guys are up to. He looked as if I had just messed everything up. But you really can Babe he said. No, I will stay and help evtertain your friends. Well, the time came and I had showered and came out in a very sexy skirt and no bra, low cut blouse so that my 38DD titties were trying to escape. Wow he said. You sure you wanna wear that he said. Yes, very sure. Okay, well, here, have a beer. No thanks I told him, not tonight. I don't want to be a lush. He was really nervous now telling me that I had guessed his plans. dennis knocked at the door and I rushed over to open it. 3 other guys were with him and they all looked me up and down. I smiled and told them to come in and sit down. Dennis and Jack made eye contact as Jack shurugged his shoulders. Anyone want a beer I sid and went off to get them. The TV was on and a game was on when I came back and all these men looked really let down. I sat down and talked and watched their reactions as I made sure to tease a little. So this is all you guys do while I am gone or sleeping I said finally? Well, yeh, Jack said. This really looks boring I said. How about if I help out a little I said and I went to get the tape. I put the tape in and turned it on and JAck almost shit. I watched their eyes as the tape played. After a little I stood up in the middle of the room in front of the TV with the tape still going. This really sucks I told them. YOu guys fuck me and use me and I don't even get to enjoy it, tonight is different. Jack began to get up. Shut up I told him, really mad now. You get to watch. I went to Dennis and took his hand standing him up. Undress me I told him and he moved to me pulling my clothes off. Standing there naked in front of them I dropped to my knees, Lets see if this is better than fucking a dead fish. I sucked him off slow and teased him driving him up the wall. His cum shot into my throat. Okay everyone except Jack, come on, enjoy the entertainment. They got up taking off their clothes and I saw so many cocks that my pussy began to pulse from the desire that had woke up inside of me. I wanted these cocks and I wanted Jack to watch and not have me. One after another they took me, on my back one in my pussy one in my mouth as I took their loads. I got one to sit on the couch, slip into my ass and another my pussy then another in my mouth and took them all, filling my pussy and mouth and ass. Everything I could think of I did with these men. After 1 A.M. everyone seemd finished except me. They were all sitting naked massaging soft cocks. Jack was fully clothed on the couch where I had out him. Then I told him, now, come eat my cunt. He looked at me. What he asked. Eat my pussy that is full of your friends cum I told him, or I walk out now and never come back. Do it now. I sat on the edge of the couch and he got on his knees. I grabbed his hair and pushed his face into my dripping pussy. He began licking slow at first then faster. After an hour of his licking and sucking and swallowing I let him up. Then as his friends were dressing I told them all, Anytime you wanna fuck, just come over. I will take care of you but I will never let you fuck me while I am passed out again. If Jack is going to pass me around I am going to get something from it. Over the next few months, Dennis brought over different men at different times. Jack would come home and I would be getting fuck by 3 or 4 men and then he would get to fuck me after they were finished. He never said anything to object. It was me that had the parties now, not him and I enjoyed making him suffer for doing what he did to me. That was the beginning of my liberation.

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