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How I Got Started as a Prostitute

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How I Got Started as a Prostitute

This is a sort of therapy for me to write this, so please be kind and respectful when you read it. Some of it is hard for me to write or hard for me to explain, but I have done the best that I can.

I was four years old when my Mother re-married. My step-daddy had three sons, two older than me (2 and 4 years older, ages 6 and 8) and one two years younger than me (2 years old). The two older boys lived with their mother and the younger 2 year old boy lived with us. As soon as he and his youngest son moved into our house, my step-daddy started bathing both of us together in the same bathtub at night when Mom was busy in the kitchen. His hands were all over us of course in bathing us. Daddy encouraged us kids to bathe each other and to play with each other?s bodies in the bathtub while he sat naked on a stool beside the tub, exposing us to his genitals. He probably did that to get us used to seeing him at our young age and thinking of it as normal.

Frequently my Daddy would stick his finger inside my pussy in the bathtub and place my hands on his penis, encouraging and insisting that I play with it. He also asked me to suck on his penis. Doing this at such a young age, I did not see anything wrong with it or think it to be unusual. At first during each bath, he insisted that I stroke his penis with both hands while sucking on it. I could only get the head of it in my little mouth. Basically, he bathed me while I sucked and caressed his penis. He showed me exactly what to do to excite him, pulling and caressing his big penis with my little hands while sucking on it. He kept insisting that I put as much of his penis as possible inside my mouth.

After I did that for awhile, he always removed my hands from his penis and asked me to reach behind him, grab his buttocks, and hug him tightly with both arms. He then started forcing his huge penis slowly deeper and deeper inside my little mouth. He kept bitching at me to relax and open my mouth really wide. When he gagged me he got really mad, slapped me and continued. He would say, ?I TOLD YOU to open your fucking mouth, you little bitch. Come on, damn it, just open your fucking mouth and relax!? After he pushed as much of his penis as possible inside my mouth, he held my head with both hands and fucked my mouth as I sat on my knees in the bathtub trying desperately not to gag. His penis kept pumping as deeply as possible into the back of my mouth and throat. I gagged a lot and he often repeated those words, sometimes slapping me hard several times in frustration. He kept fucking my mouth as deeply as he could go, cussing and complaining about my little mouth not being a good fuck.

When he came inside my mouth, he insisted that I swallow his semen. I choked at first, but gradually got used to it. Daddy came with so much semen that I could only swallow a little and the rest filled my mouth and flowed out of my lips, which seemed to please him except that he insisted I clean it up with my tongue and swallow it too. It seemed to make no difference to him sexually as to what he expected from me even if I was only four years old. My first bath with my little step-brother was the worst, but it got easier after that. I learned to do exactly what Daddy asked and relax my mouth during his sex with my mouth and throat. Very quickly I learned what to do to please Daddy and avoid being swapped.

Daddy was gruff, mean, and scary for me as a 4 year old. I learned to do everything Daddy asked of me at that age or else face his horrible cussing and slapping if I disobeyed. But I thought nothing strange about doing any of it. He taught me that handling his penis and his son?s penis and their handling my pussy was only normal. That was all I knew and that was the way it always was.

After bathing, my step-brother and I slept in the same double bed and my Daddy insisted that we sleep naked and not be ashamed of our bodies. He also encouraged us to caress and explore each other?s bodies in bed which we often did. When he placed me in bed, Daddy would often finger my pussy again, massage my small body as well as place his penis inside my mouth again, asking me to suck it and caress it with both hands while he caressed my body and pussy. Daddy always came at least once during the time of our bath and putting my step-brother and me to bed. Sometimes he came twice. If he came twice, he was happy, sweet talking and loving, telling me how good I was. If he only came once, he slapped me hard when he gave up trying to cum in my mouth. He then told me how sorry I was as a woman, leaving my bedroom frustrated, cussing and mad as hell.

This bathing ritual with my Daddy, me, and his young son continued until I left home years later, as did my sleeping naked with my younger step-brother.

As we got older and our bodies developed, his son and I often played with each other more and more in bed after Daddy left the room. Step-brother was too young to get a hard-on, so we just caressed each other?s bodies and fingered each other. Daddy taught my brother how to give me an oral orgasm when he was 6 years old. At that time, I was 8 years old. Daddy watched him do it, instructing him how to do it right, making sure that I came. Daddy often had his penis shoved inside my mouth while my step-brother worked on giving me an oral orgasm in our bed. When Daddy was out of the room, I frequently tried to cause my brother to get an erection so I could suck his penis but it never got hard so not much happened at that young age.

Also when I was eight years old, one evening I was home alone with Daddy. He was drinking heavily and got me very drunk while we both sat naked on the couch. As usual, his hands were all over me and I was sucking his penis as he expected. After he came inside my mouth and I cleaned him up, he fucked me on the couch as he took my virginity and entered my pussy for the first time. I was very drunk, but it was still incredibly painful. That night Daddy fucked me viciously hard with his huge penis, finally cuming deeply inside me as he rammed me into the cushions of the couch in intense passion.

After intercourse, he kept drinking and making me drink until I passed out. Then he fucked me again in my pussy and ass, which he told me the next day. He threatened me NOT to tell Mom anything as he had threatened for years about me not telling her about oral sex in the bathroom. I never said anything to Mom about anything Daddy did with me.

When I was twelve years old, my step-brother?s penis got hard for the first time one evening during our bath. My Daddy interrupted the bath and insisted I suck his son off right then in front of him until his son came inside my mouth and I swallowed his cum. Daddy more or less insisted that my female duty in life was to service him, his son, and all men sexually any time they needed it, which turned out to be several times a day. So at age twelve, my female duties included sucking them off as often as they wanted it and letting them fuck me.

Even at age twelve, Daddy still bathed us or stood naked beside the tub while we bathed ourselves. So I sucked off my younger brother and my Daddy as they came inside my mouth in the bathtub routinely every evening. Daddy said I needed to do that for him and his son whenever they got a hard-on, so I did. I never argued with him; I just did it. They both expected it. I enjoyed it too. Nothing was forced. Everything just happened naturally and nothing seemed unusual in what we did. We simply grew up with our bodies and sexuality being very open and shared with family members. Every day was like an orgy, except Mom was never told and never part of it.

I was 12 years old when I had my first date with a guy. Daddy set me up with this black guy he worked with who was 40 years old. He coached me before the date, telling me to make sure to suck the guy?s penis during our date. Daddy also said that the guy expected to have sex with me, so ?be a good fuck.? Daddy admitted that my ?date? was old enough to be my father. But he said the guy was very experienced with sex and could teach me some things.

For the date, Daddy insisted that I wear really slutty clothing which was a low-cut dress with a very short skirt that barely covered my butt. Daddy also said not to wear underwear (no bra or panties) and had Mom show me how to do my hair and make-up. Daddy was setting me up for paid sex with my first guy outside our home. But after having sex with Daddy for four years, I was very experienced and comfortable with sex. My body was well-developed even at age twelve. My vagina had stretched out along with my hips to accommodate being fucked by my Daddy?s big penis every day.

Later I learned that Daddy had told this black guy all about my sexual abilities and encouraged him to make full use of me sexually during our date. He also got the guy to pay him $50 to take me on the date. He told the guy that if I was NOT super good at sucking him off and intercourse, to tell him about it and he would whip my ass to do better next time. So when the black guy picked me up, he already expected me to be his prostitute for the evening. Daddy also expected and wanted it. The $50 he charged the guy was ?paying him back? for my raising, and providing him beer money.

Later the black guy told me that he took me on a date because my Daddy bragged about my sexual abilities. The guy told me that he doubted what my Daddy said about my abilities and was not expecting much from me on the date even though he paid Daddy $50 to spend the evening with me. The guy was giddy about having the opportunity to fuck a 12 year old, white girl. He had this fetish for young girls, and $50 was nothing if he was able to have sex with me to satisfy his thrills. Daddy kept the money to himself, and never mentioned it to me. I only knew about it because of the black guy.

So this 40 year old black guy picked me up one evening as planned with Daddy. But what Daddy did not know or expect was that this black guy would have two of his black buddies in the back seat of his car so they could join us on the date. When I got in his car I saw them and freaked. Both of his black buddies were in the back seat. I was frightened, being a little, white girl among three big, black guys.

My ?date? took us to a sleazy, XXX-rated movie theater in the black part of town where he knew the owner and could get in with an und*rage girl. Other black people stared at me and giggled when the four of us entered the theater. I realized later that they knew exactly what was about to happen to me in the theater. We walked in total darkness to seats in the middle of the theater. Naked people were having sex on the big screen when we found our seats. My date wanted me between him and one of his buddies.

My date quickly figured out that I had no underwear as he boldly put his hand down inside my dress with no hesitation and caressed my breasts just like you would a prostitute you had just hired. He also ran his other hand under my short skirt and started fingering my pussy. There was no romance in the way he handled me. He wasted no time getting down to business. One of his buddies? hands was caressing my body too, but not interfering with my date who obviously had first privileges with me.

I was so willing to let them caress me intimately that it surprised and pleased them. My date quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis, pulling my head down into his lap to suck it. Their hands continued all over me. I went right to work eagerly sucking his penis, which quickly became erect and 8 inches. There was enough light for several people around us to see what we were doing, but he seemed not to care. The sounds around us indicated that other people were also having sex or getting blow jobs. His buddy next to me pulled me up in the seat, flipped my skirt over my butt, and put his mouth on my vagina as I prepared to suck my date penis.

My date groaned as I eagerly and skillfully sucked his penis to his surprise, often deep-throating it as much as possible in the process. ?Oh, yeahhhhh, baby girl. Suck that big, black dick!? he loudly stated so anyone nearby could hear. I moved one hand up and down on his penis like a pro, gripping it tightly, while my other hand squeezed his balls just like I always did for Daddy. I had done this for Daddy for the last eight years since I was four years old, so I knew exactly what I was doing. Daddy had trained me well.

My pussy felt wonderful as the other black guy caressed my vulva and stuck his tongue inside me repeatedly as I vigorously worked my date?s penis. The dual feeling was fantastic, not unlike my daddy and step-brother had performed on me many times.

Ten minutes later my date groaned really loud, again loud enough for anyone around us to hear. He came inside my mouth. His first volley of semen went deep inside my throat as I stayed down on him. I pulled back and the 2nd volley of sperm came in my mouth. He continued cuming with more cum than Daddy. I swallowed as much as I could and licked the rest off his penis with my tongue and swallowed it too, which thrilled him immensely. He sat back in his chair enjoying the orgasm I had just given him.

He later told me that he was shocked that I was that good.

One of his buddies unzipped his pants after that and wanted me to suck his penis too. I went to work on him while my date recovered and the third black guy tongued my vagina. A little while later he also came inside my mouth and I also cleaned him up with my tongue after swallowing his semen. In the darkness, I could see lots of people around us watching us, but no one seemed to care other than watching for their own entertainment. I think they all knew each other, and that my date did this from time to time when he could find a young girl. It seemed like ?show and tell? at the movie theater.

The third black guy also unzipped his pants and wanted his penis sucked. I sucked on his penis enough to get it hard but then he pulled me up and into his lap. He pulled up my dress around my waist again and put my hands on the seat in front of us. He fingered my pussy briefly and then slowly had me sit down backwards on his dick. I felt his huge, black penis move up inside my pussy as I came down completely on top of it. It was very large and rigid and it hurt going inside me. Then he moved me up and down on his dick for fifteen minutes or so until he started groaning and came inside me. After he finished, he turned me around and put my mouth on his penis to clean it up.

They moved me back to the 2nd black guy I had sucked off who had recovered and was now ready for sex. He stood up, bent me forward over the seat in front of me and entered me quickly from the rear. People all around us were watching as he pumped me hard for ten minutes or so until he came inside me. He finally pulled out and moved me back to my date who also bent me fully forward over a seat and fucked me from the rear until he came again.

After my date came inside my pussy and I cleaned his penis with my mouth, he seemed anxious to leave. I could tell that he had no interest in the movie. Ten minutes later he stood up and said, ?Let?s go. I need more of this little white bitch.?

When we got back in his car, he excitedly said he was going to find a place to park to give us privacy. He had a place already located when he parked down an isolated road in a remote area off pavement behind some trees. Then he took me to the back seat of his car. His two buddies changed places with us and got in the front seat. After undressing me completely, he asked me to suck his penis again and get it hard. I went to work on his penis and soon had it hard again.

He laid me on my back on the car seat. Then he fucked me with his huge, hard penis, plunging deeply inside me. He seemed surprised that I could take his big penis like a fully grown woman, all 8 inches of it. I moved suggestively under him, enjoying his fucking me and rubbing myself to give myself an orgasm. He was really turned on by that time and fucked the crap out of me on the back seat of his car, finally cuming hard deep inside me as he viciously fucked me like a jungle savage. He did not wear a condom then or in the movie theater. I knew about condoms, but Daddy said not to stop the guy if he wanted sex with me without a condom.

When we finished, both of his buddies took their turns with me and also fucked me until they each also came inside me.

We talked briefly after sex in the back seat of his car, and then he and his buddies fucked me again before we dressed. He took me home around 2am, as promised with Daddy. My willingness to suck him off and have sex with him and his two buddies simply blew his mind. He was wild, sexy, crazy about me after that, and regularly paid Daddy to date me. He told Daddy I was the best young, white girl he ever fucked.

When I returned home from that first date, Daddy came into my room and quizzed me heavily about the details of what happened during the date. I told him everything in detail. He was shocked, but pleased, that the black guy had two of his black buddies join us on the date. Each of the guys cuming inside me twice without a condom really excited him the most. Daddy seemed very pleased, smiled and said that I was now ushered into womanhood by having sex with a guys outside our family. But my periods had just started and Daddy seemed to worry about me getting pregnant. He said I definitely did not need to get pregnant and we needed to visit a doctor and get me started on birth control pills.

The next day, Daddy took me to the doctor for an exam and had me put on birth control pills. Daddy coached me to ONLY admit to sex with my date (and not mention the guy?s age or his buddies) if the doctor asked, and he did. With my Daddy sitting right there in the exam room, the doctor simply rolled his eyes thinking I was a horny teenager and gave me a script for birth control pills.

After that, Daddy and my brother had intercourse with me more often but now they were both cuming inside me instead of pulling out to cum. Usually each night after I had an oral orgasm, Daddy plunged his huge penis inside me and fucked me hard all over the bed and room until he came again, this time inside me. He insisted that I clean his penis with my mouth before he left my room.

Daddy insisted that I continue dating the same 40 year old black guy regularly, having sex with him on every date, usually in the back seat of his car but sometimes in his house. Usually one or more of his buddies joined us on the date. He said not many girls my age were good at sex, and that I was the best. He was very complimentary of my sexual ability and we ?dated? for six months before he lost interest so that I would only see him occasionally. Daddy got mad when the guy stopped arranging to date me and pay him on a regular basis. Daddy cussed me out and said that was his beer money.

I started dating guys from school, having sex with every guy I dated because I always unzipped a guy?s pants in the car and got things started with a blow job just like Daddy insisted that I needed to do. This quickly made me the most popular girl on campus. I had lots of calls for dates and went out on dates almost every night of the week to see every boy that asked. Week night dates were usually only a few hours because we parked somewhere and had sex in the back seat. Week-end dates were longer if we could find someone?s house to use for sex, sometimes including four or five guys on the same date for an orgy. I got better at giving a blow job to one guy while being fucked in different positions by several others. We had some really wild parties.

Guys at school treated me like a celebrity, always smiling at me and doing things for me to gain my favor and maybe get me to go out with them on dates.

Daddy continued to find older guys and negotiate money for me to have sex with them, so I had to fit these older guys into my dating. Frequently there were two or three guys sharing the cost so Daddy could charge more for their time with me. Daddy had a fee schedule, something like $50 for one guy, $75 for two, and $100 for three guys. ?Have her home by 2am. Fuck her all you want?, several guys told me were my Daddy?s instructions.

Daddy and his son had sex with me daily, usually late at night when Mom was asleep. Amazingly, Mom never knew anything about the sex I had with Daddy and his son. Usually my step-brother was in the bed beside Daddy and me. Usually my step-brother joined us in an orgy so both of them had sex with me late at night with my Mom asleep. That was the normal that I was used to at home.

Two years later, my two older step-brothers moved in with us too. They were now age 16 and 18, and slept in the bedroom next to us where I slept naked with my 12-year-old step-brother. I was then age fourteen. I think my step-daddy encouraged them to move in, maybe promising them unlimited sex with me if they did.

As soon as they moved in, my two older step-brothers started waking me up late at night after Daddy had sex with me, taking me naked out of my bed to their bedroom for sex during the next two hours with both of them having an orgy with me. There seemed to be no question in their minds that I would have sex with them. Sometimes after Daddy had sex with me and left my room, I would hear his knock on their bedroom door, probably a signal that he was finished with me and it was their turn.

So a typical day for me now was:

1. date with a boyfriend including sex 2. return home for bath with Daddy and my step-brother 3. oral sex with my Daddy and step-brother in the bathtub 4. intercourse with Daddy and younger step-brother in bed 5. later night orgy with my two older step-brothers in their bedroom 6. early morning sex with my younger brother, and Daddy if Mom left early and Daddy was still at home.

The only thing that sort of bothered me during all of this was that my older step-brother, age 18, always wanted to tie my hands to the head of his bed, place a ball gag in my mouth, and then fuck the shit out of me with his dick. After abusing my pussy by him and his younger brother, he would flip me over and fuck me in the butt until he came again. That was painful and not appreciated, but there was no way for me to avoid it. After fucking me in the ass and cuming inside my rectum, he would place his cum-wet penis back inside my mouth and want it cleaned up. He would remove the ball gag and instantly shove his penis into my mouth for cleaning. I did it and pleased him, but I did not like it and felt abused for him doing it. Any time I refused them or was anything less than cooperative, they slapped me until I submitted.

So even at age fourteen, I was having sex maybe eight to twelve times a day (2-3 times each, Daddy and 3 step-brothers). So I got used to a lot of sex, and thought nothing about it. Anytime my Daddy or my step-brothers wanted sex, they just grabbed me and did it with me anywhere it was convenient, two or three times each during the day.

I continued dating and having sex with every boy I dated, sometimes climbing all over the guy to get him to fuck me. I was a sexual animal at that age, wanting sex as often as possible. Sex was sort of expected on dates anyway with guys where I lived. Once someone has sexual intercourse the first time and has an orgasm, you want more. I was no exception. The boys I dated and my father all took special care to give me orgasms before and during intercourse, so I was always pleased and satisfied thoroughly as a woman during sex.

I was VERY popular with the guys in high school as the word got around that I would agree to sex with any guy I dated. Usually I had five to ten guys asking at the same time, so I had to make a choice of who to date. In frustration, the guys started offering money for a date so I would choose them and not some other guy, knowing that I would have sex with them. So I got used to getting paid for sex on dates. I made a lot of money on dates in high school.

Daddy continued to have sex with me almost daily all through high school until I left for college. If Mom was away on a trip, he would invite his beer buddies over for the night and pass me around the room for each of the guys to fuck, usually orgy style with several guys at once. Quite frankly I enjoyed them as much as they enjoyed me. And they let me drink and get drunk with them. I was treated nicely and friendly just like one of them.

Within a short time at college, the word got around about dating me and sex and I started offering/bidding myself to guys for dates. As I got really good at pleasing them, the dollar offering got higher and higher, and I was having fantastic sex anyway, so I went along with it. When you crave sex and guys are paying you for the privilege to be with you, why not enjoy it, the money AND the sex?

One day at college I got a call from one of the football coaches asking me to tutor his athletes in a little house set up for that purpose. But that was just a cover for actually giving the guys sex as part of their tutoring so that they would be sexually satisfied and not get into trouble by finding sex through other means. So I "tutored" and "fucked" a number of athletes on the football team every week for the last two years of college, getting paid $50 and later $75 per session of tutoring/fucking. Sometimes I had three or four ?tutoring? sessions in a single day. I enjoyed the variety of sexual partners and learned a lot, getting better and better about sexually pleasing guys. And I made a LOT of money doing it. I drove a nice car and had lots of nice clothing, pretty much anything I wanted.

I stayed in the area after graduating and continued receiving calls for dating/sex with varying fees for my services. I actually made a lot more after work than I did working. However, I got arrested several times for prostitution so I knew this could not go on forever or I would spend time in jail as a habitual criminal.

I did this for several years and met Roger, who convinced me that I needed to "cool it" and stop getting arrested. He also understood that I would be locked up as a habitual offender if I continued.

So I married Roger and became more discreet with sex on the side of our marriage, still charging the guys but not so out in the open for law enforcement, having sex more as a married person and swinger lifestyle on the internet.

Roger knows about some of my affairs during marriage because he found pictures of me and several black guys I fucked during our marriage. But he is okay with that. So Roger sort of rescued me from prostitution, but I still enjoy it, only try not to be so out in the open and avoid being arrested. Roger has pictures of some of this and insisted putting those pictures on the internet swinging site to be honest with other people. I went along with that, not sure that it was a good idea but he thought so, so I went along with it.

I have always been pretty much a nymphomaniac about sex, wanting sex every time I can get it. Roger tries to keep me within the bounds of the law and of course I give him fantastic sex every day. He sort of watches over me but I still sneak off regularly for my own fling with one guy or another.

Hope my past does not scare or discourage you. I promise you a good time. Regular doctor visits certify that I am clean with no STDs. I always made guys wear condoms. I got used to sex several times a day with several guys, so I am having a hard time backing off of that desire. Maybe I am a sex addict.

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