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Hot Tub Group for her

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She was nervous at first. Seeing 3 guys sitting in the bubbling water looking at her, smiling. Their eyes undressing her. Her man broke the ice and dropped his shorts and kicked them to the side. He stood there exposed next to her. At that point she figured ?what the hell? and slid her bathing suit down and stepped out of it. She held her arms together under her breasts giving them a little lift for the audience taking her in. She heard a muffled ?wow? from one of the men in the tub. She took her man?s hand and stepped into the tub.

They all sat there for a few moments. Small talk about the temperature of the water. None of them could take their eyes off of her. Their stares of raw desire started to send her mind and body racing into a state of excitement. Her pussy, even underwater felt absolutely molten. Hot, wet, swelling from her need to be fulfilled. Seeing them right there in front of her. Feeling the raw attraction they had for her. It got her hotter than she had ever been. She gradually reached her hand under water to her man. Feeling him under the bubbles, she grasped him. To her happy surprise, her hand was filled with a rock hard cock. That told her he was all in.

Finally one of the men said ?you have incredible tits?. Another added ?they are amazing!?. With that layer of ice broken, she finally opened her door, ?Thanks? can touch them if you?d like?. They didn?t need to be asked twice. The men moved through the water like racing dolphins. Suddenly she felt the warmth of 4 or 5 hands on her tits. They squeezed and molded them in every manner. Playing with her nipples, pinching them, circling them. ?They are fantastic?. ?You lucky bastard!?, With no reaction from her man beyond joining in on the fun, one of the men leaned forward and thrust her breast into his mouth sucking tightly on her nipple. ?They taste as good as they look?. Her head leaned back as the hands became tongues and teeth and lips covering her shoulders, neck and tits. She moaned letting them know just how good it felt. As she felt all four of their mouths devouring her body above the water, she felt their hands exploring her body under the water. She had never felt anything like it. 4, 5, 6, 8 hands running along her stomach, her legs, around to her ass, and eventually along her thighs. She let her legs drop open and immediately she felt her pussy slip open and a hand rubbing her clit. She moaned even louder as her swollen clit responded to the attention and her pussy begged for more. She arched back and thrust her hips upward so more hands could feel their way to her. She felt someone?s finger slide deep into her pussy and curl back inside of her sending a tingle through her body. She yelped out in pleasure.

?God damn you weren?t kidding. Her pussy is tight!? She heard one of them say. She was on fire with need and desire. She couldn?t get over the raw energy she felt climbing up through her body. Every one of these men was rock hard and dying to have her. She loved the thought that they were all about her, getting her off, to get themselves off, and she was the key to it all. She, the spiraling center to their storm. She gathered herself for a moment and moved upwards sending them back a little. Her man climbed up onto the side of the tub leaving just his legs in the water. She turned to face him and took his cock in her hands pumping it slowly. She looked in her man?s eyes and saw him smiling down at her enjoying every moment of his woman being an absolute goddess to him and these hungry men. He had a look of almost pride in his eyes. He knew his woman was incredible and he was almost boastful about sharing it with these friends of his. Her eyes closed, and she slid him into her mouth. Running the bottom of his head along her tongue for effect. He dropped his head back and moaned. Her tongue did it?s amazing work that he knew so well driving him insane and she licked and sucked him. ?Damn that looks very fun?, one of them said and moved right next to her man. She sent her hands to each side and began stroking the cocks of the two men who joined him outside of the water.

She got off the seat of the hot tub and stood up so her ass was out of the water. She felt one of the men behind her rubbing and squeezing her ass. Her man grabbed onto her head and pumped himself in and out of her mouth. Hands ran though her wet hair and grabbed at her tits that hung and dipped into the hot water. She felt the man behind her bury his face into her ass sliding his tongue all over her from her ass to her throbbing clit and back over and over. Above and below the water, He was eating at her like a desperate animal and he couldn?t get enough. ?I bet she tastes awesome!? He sent shockwaves throughout her body as her man swelled up in her mouth and exploded. Hot cum from him erupted into her throat and leaked out as she kept pumping him until he couldn?t take any more. She came over and over as her pussy and ass were a feast for the dirty bastard working her over from behind.

As her beloved lay back spent, she slid to one side and replaced him with another. ?I need to feel those hot lips on me too.? She fed hungrily on this cock and showed the same amazing talents to him that her man loved so much. ?Oh my god she?s incredible? he moaned. With that, she felt the man behind her enter her pussy. His cock stretched her open slowly making her feel so full. She loved how it rubbed in her and she involuntarily thrust back against him to take him as deep as he could go. ?Oh man she is so tight? he said. The other man she was stroking slid down and under her so he could suck her tits and hold her in place while she was busy with her mouth and pussy filled at the same time. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her body hard and her legs trembled. The man in her pussy was very hung and he was lifting her up off her feet with each thrust. The man below her held her up as her legs started to collapse to pleasure. She was getting the fucking of her life and her yells and screams of pleasure confirmed it for all of them. Her man smiled at the guy behind her proudly ?I?ve been wanting to give it to her like this since I first saw her.? He told her man. Hands slapped at her ass. Her body shook with another climax as she felt another explosion fill her mouth with cum. His hands holding her head on his cock as he pumped jet after jet of his seed into her mouth. She ran her tongue hard and fast on the head of it and he shivered from the sensation and slid backwards.

She put her arms out to brace herself as she heard the man behind her breathing harder and harder. He pounded his huge cock into her as rough as he could then pulled it from her, spraying his hot cum all over her ass and swollen pussy. Her body and mind could not stop spinning. Could she stand? Did she want to? She didn?t know what she wanted at the point other than more. She had become more animal than woman at that point. She needed all of these men. She needed more. She brought herself forward to the man under her and mounted him, sliding him into her pussy. ?Oh yes that?s what I need? he said feeling her take him in. She rode him as he sucked her tits and looked up. Her man was rotating her to the step again. He was hard again and ready for more. She rode the one man on the step, their legs dangling in the water. She felt her man playing with her ass, then the slow plunge of his cock sliding into her. He had always wanted to double fill her and wasn?t going to miss this chance. The sensation of both of them rubbing together in her, the rubbing, the fullness, sent her into over drive. Her body was rocked by powerful orgasms. She couldn?t control her arms and legs as she limply came over and over again. One of the men she had already gotten off was again back for more and slid his cock back into her mouth. She took him willingly and hungrily. ?Mmmmmmm I can?t get enough? He moaned.

They moved slowly like that for a while. Each of them thrusting into her. Each of them feeling her incredible body in one form or another. Each of them exploding at one point or another then drifting away in the water. Each time someone was spent, someone returned for more. Their hunger for her only grew as they went on. Each man convinced they needed to experience all she had to offer. Not satisfied until they had given her every possible amount of pleasure. The men themselves stroking each other as they waited for her. Each of them wanting to taste her, and take her in every way. Her very touch sent them wildly into passionate disarray like animals. The hot water splashing on her body and warm bodies crushing against her and filling inside of her kept her on the verge of losing consciousness eventually leading to an eruptive mutual explosion for her and her captive audience. She lost count of the number of times she had made them cum. They all clutched the side searching for their bearings and balance until she lay facing the three men, lying back against her man against the side of the tub under the water. His arms wrapped around her as she straddled his lap. She was essentially limp. All of them exhausted and unbelievably fulfilled by her incredible desires, and her amazing abilities to be the focus of so much pleasure.

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