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Hot Mama II - Jackie’s Loads

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If you've not read Hot Mama its best if you do before reading this...

Hot Mama II - Jackie?s Loads

After I had fucked my Girlfriend?s Mom?s ass and cunt, I lusted and wanted the Mom all the more? I Loved it that she was a beautifully mature lady who enjoyed being nasty whore. And the things she said to me while I fucked her about all those men, and to drain my balls in her as I shoved my cock in her really turned me on... But with the hours the Mom & I kept things just didn?t line up and it looked like it was to be a one time thing,,, that is until the Mom took a little time off work for vacation?

Here?s what happened,, I was coming to fuck my girlfriend and had just pulled up to her and her mom?s house and parked. As I walked up to the front door, but just before I reached the door it opened and out stepped the Mom heading out with a man for a late night date. When Jackie, (The Mom) saw me she got a big smile saying ?Oh Hiiiiiiiii.? ?How are youuuuu?? I Smiled back saying I?m good. She was dressed like a street walking hooker and looked absolutely hot. Short mini shirt, see through blouse, knee high boots, and lots of make up for the eyes. She was dressed just the way I like my sluts. She wasted no time saying, ?Look, I?m leaving right now but I?m having a little party next weekend and would really like if you?d come.? She further told me my girlfriend wouldn?t be there that weekend, that she was going to go visit her father who was divorced from Jackie. Before I could say Yeah or Neah, The Mom said, ?And if you come, I promise to make it worth your while, I?ll save the best for last.? ?Show up around midnight.? as she smiled a very slutty smile with a lusty twinkle in her eyes. I had no clue what she meant but said. ?Sure I?ll come.? Just hoping I?d get a chance to do her again. Then she winked at me as she stepped by me with her date heading for his car. The guy had an ear to ear grin, I knew he was going to fuck her that night? Lucky Bastard?

All week long I had a hard-on thinking of fucking the Mom again.. By the time the weekend came I was hornier then a 3 peckered billy goat. I knew the Mom was a total slut who fucked a lot of men by what she had said about all those men as she held me tight the night I fucked her. Begging me to drain my balls in her just before I blow my load deep in her cunt. I kept thinking of all the nasty things I was going to do and say to her? I didn?t care how many men she fucked, she was hot and I was going to save up a big gooey load and dump my wad in her if I got the chance. I have to say, I wanted my turn on this sexy whore again bad. And knowing she enjoyed a load being shot into her just turned me on all the more?

That weekend I showed up to Jackie?s party close to midnight just as she had asked?

I could see the party had been in full swing with lots of people being there, but it was definitely breaking up. I could hear muffled voices talking and some hooting and hollering from the backyard and inside the house as well? I thought this was a fun party, too bad I missed it?.

The front door was open so I let myself into the house and saw one or two ladies, but the rest were men. I kind of mingled, found what was left of the drinks on ice and wondered where Jackie was. Soon I saw the guy who had taken Jackie on the date that night?

He and another guy were coming out of the back bedroom kind of chuckling. I figured they were back there doing something party wise. He saw me and came over and started talking to me. That?s when I found out he was actually Jackie?s boyfriend? He told me Jackie would be very happy that I had shown up. I asked him where she was, He told me she was in the bedroom and smiled really big. I asked jokingly, ?What she get a drink spilled on her or something.? Hoping he?d invite me back for some party material. He laughed saying, ?Or Something.? then indicated he knew I had fucked her and that she had enjoyed me very very much. The surprised look on my face probably said it all as he said, ?Relax, it?s cool.? ?She wants you again,, Tonight.? I thought OH YEAH?. As I tried to play it cool. He then told me I?d have to wait a little bit as the party was almost broke up. I thought oh yes when everyone leaves he and I will fuck the shit out of her? But I was only half right?

Finally when Jackie?s boyfriend ushered the last group of men out the door. He looked at me and asked if I were ready. I figured this is what she meant that night saying she?d save the best for last, thinking she meant We?d, He & I would get to fuck her after her party. The boyfriend escorted me down the bright hallway and as he opened the door said, ?Here Ya go?? We stepped into Jackie?s room, it was mostly dark and going from bright lights to dark it took my eyes a good minute to adjust to the very dim candle light. When I could see shadows, I saw one empty chair and then a woman laying on the bed. The boyfriend walked over and sat down in the empty chair?

I walked over near the bed my eyes still trying to focus. When my eyes were finally able to see, I was gazing down upon my girlfriend?s Mom Jackie. The room smelled of Fresh, Nasty, Fucking?. I Love That Smell? It was obvious her party was a gangbang party for her and she had just been train fucked by a large group of men. I could now see She was still breathing a little heavy, was hot and a little sweaty as I could see wet glistening on the curves of her tits as she lay there on her bed. I was checking her out from head to toe getting hornier by the second. I know she could read the look on my face lusting to fuck her as I stood looking down on her freshly fucked whore body. The fact it was my girlfriend?s mom freshly fucked and laying there waiting for me to take my turn really turned me on? She looked up at me with fuck me eyes. Her hair and make-up were still done pretty good, considering she had just been train fucked. And She had definitely dressed the part of a willing gangbang whore to make all the men want her. Wearing stiletto high heels, fishnet thigh high nylons, garter belt and a corset that pushed those big beautiful tits up and out?

There was no telling how many men had just fucked her. But judging from the size of the wet cum stain all around her on both sides of her ass, I?d have to say the vast majority of the men at the party had just fucked her and dumped a load in her one after another?.

I pictured in my mind a steady line of men coming into Jackie?s room one after another taking their turns on Mama?s cunt. I?m sure she coaxed them on just as she had me the night I fucked her. It was obvious this Filthy Old Whore loved to be fucked and have loads shot in her?

In a soft lusty voice Jackie said, ?I?m glad you came.? As I stood there feasting my eyes, my dick getting rock hard.. I had a huge bulge in the front of my pants and Jackie was staring straight at it.. Then She said, ? I?ve masturbated thinking of you many times since you fucked me.? As she reach down between her legs and started masturbating her clit. She smiled a slutty smile then said almost under her breath, ?I know what men like you want.? ?Come take your turn.? as she spread her legs offering me her cunt? As she lay there, legs spread, I could see Men?s Jizz run from her open well fucked cunt down over her jizz glazed butthole adding to the large wet mark on her mattress.. I took off my shirt and stood over her teasing her with my muscle ripped body.?

Then, very slowly I teasingly undid my pants strip teasing an old fuck whore, then my hard cock swayed back and forth as it cleared my pants dropping them to the floor. Jackie?s eyes stayed fixed on my hard swaying cock. She wanted it and wanted it bad, it was written all over her face? She was nothing but a filthy cum catcher who gets fucked by everyone and was wanting more dick. And I was nothing more than a male whore who loves to fuck filthy dick pig whores, and she knew it?.

Standing before Her I stroked my cock adding to her tease. She went from legs spread to legs spread high and wide indicating she wanted my dick NOW? I climbed between her hot thighs supporting myself with one arm while continuing to stroke my dick with the other. I rubbed dick head all over her jizz slick twat teasing her bad. Then Jackie said in a begging tone, ?Fuck me, Fuck me Good.? ?You know I want it.? ?You know I want You.? ?Fuck Mama, Fuck Mama Gooooooooood.? ?Fuck Mama like a whooooore.? as she reached up trying to pull my hips towards her. I continuing to tease her and kept rubbing my hard cock head all over her sperm sticky clit as she begged for it?.

Then when I could tell she really really wanted it bad, I Let her have it, I Let her have it all with one hard deep plunge, shoving my hard cock deep into her jizz filled cunt as far as it would go. I was instantly balls deep with my balls pressed against her sperm sticky asshole. Jackie let out a muffled scream/moan, followed by a long pleasured ?Awwwwwwww?..? as She wrapped her arms and legs around me. I began to fuck her sloppy sperm filled cunt deep.. I could hear and feel the men?s wads in her cunt as my balls slapping her sperm sticky asshole. She held me tight as I reamed her, pounding her pussy. She had one arm wrapped around my shoulders and her other holding my ass nails dug in pulling me in as deep as I could go. And Jackie being the wonderful fuck pig she was, began whispering into my ear coaxing me on saying wonderful filthy things. It just added to it as she whispered begging me to fuck her. To shove my cock deep into Mama? Telling me how she loved to be fucked, how she loved men, dicks and all their cum. I Loved the nastiness of this filthy old fuck whore as I repeatedly drove my cock. And the nastiest of all, the thing that turned me on the most, the thing that set off my own climax, was when Jackie began begging me to keep working her cum filled cunt. Over and over Jackie begged be to use my cock to mix the men?s sperm in her cunt and to add mine to theirs?

Hearing this, while feeling the men?s gooey wads in her cunt as I fucked her was bringing me to my own climax. And since she was so fucking hot and getting me off good, I thought I?d return the favor by whispering into her ear saying, ?I Love going last on train fucked Whores.? ?Here you filthy bitch, I?m going to dump my load.? ?I?m going to dump my load deep in Mama?s cunt.? She loved hearing that as I drove it in harder... Pumping her hard I held off cumming as long as I could so it would just explode into her. When I couldn?t hold back any longer, as I frantically shoved it in, I screamed, ?Here it Comes!? as my cock swelled up and exploded shooting spurt after spurt of hot thick gooey wad. I must have cum a gallon after saving my wad all week. Jackie as she grabbed both hands on my ass nails dug in screamed, ?Oh My GOD, THAT?S IT,, THAT?S IT,,,, I CAN FEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL IIIIIITT!!!!!!? ?YEEEESSSS, YYYEEESSS, DUMP IT IN MEEEEEEEEEEEEE?.? ?DUUUMP IT IIIIN MAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAA?? Jackie could feel my cock pulsing and spurting it?s goop as my cock over flowed her cunt with yet another gooey wad. She then begged me to keep pumping her cunt saying, ?YES, THAT?S IT, THAT?S IT,, KEEP FUCKING ME,,, KEEP FUCKING MAMA?? ?MIX IT.? ?MIX YOUR LOAD WITH THE OTHERS.? ?YES MIIIIIXXXX IIT WITH THE OTHERS?.? She was saying this loud and I just kept plowing her sloppy cum filled cunt over and over mixing my load with all the other men?s. Then Jackie started screaming, ?OH MY GOD, DON?T STOP!!!? ?DON?T STOP,, I?M GOING TO CUM!!? ?I?M GOING TO CUUUUMMMMM!!!? ?YES,, YES,, KEEP FUCKING ME,, KEEP FUCKING MEEEEEEEEEE!!!? ?I?M GOING TO CUUUUUUMMMM!!!? I was loving it, I was going to get this old fuck whore off good and as I kept pumping her filthy cunt saying exactly what she loved by telling her, ?Yes Mama, Give me your cum, give me your cum.? ?Mix your cum with mine and all the other men?s? When she actually came, I thought she was going to explode, her body heaving as she moaned and climaxed hard. All the while I kept pumping her deep mixing everyone?s cum deep within her cunt?. There we were, 2 frantic fuck pigs giving each other just what they loved?

But Me, Jackie and all the other men weren?t the only one?s cumming. When Jackie finished cumming, me still slowly pumping her, I looked over at Jackie?s boyfriend who had been watching this whole thing from his chair. He was jacking off frantically and was bringing himself to orgasm with hard strokes. His cock exploded shooting spurt after spurt straight up into the air, which rained down all over his beating fist? Obviously he enjoyed watching his whore girlfriend doing other men, large groups of men?

Too bad he didn?t dump it in her to?.

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