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Hostess With the Mostess

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The Hostess with the Mostess

I just finished watching my wife of 24 years seduce four young hot studs. Let me begin by saying that I have always had a fantasy where I get to watch my wife get fucked by another man while I watch. I started having these fantasies after the birth of the third of four kids. My wife is 5' 7" and weighs 117lbs and after our 3rd kid she thought breast-feeding had given her sagging breasts. She assumed we were through having kids and went in for what she called was a return to her teenage look. She is 43 now and was 31 when she had the boob job. I was amazed at the results. She went from a 32B to a 34 D. Or from something you admire to something you want to fuck and suck til your tongue is sore or your cock falls off. They were and are perfect with big nipples and very large areolas. I have no problem spending hours (when she'll let me) playing with them.

Having been married for 24 years and 4 kids we have enjoyed an ok sex life. I of course always wanted more, but with her raising four kids she was happy with status quo, once or twice a week. I have been self employed and run a wholesale parts warehouse for small machine shops. Three years ago she quit her job to run my accounting and the warehouse, while I spent my time getting new customers. Our warehouse is not in the best par of town and one of the first things she did was install security cameras around warehouse and the office area. I did not think we needed them but to keep the peace I agreed. Business has exploded since she joined the company; I always assumed it was because with her running the office and warehouse has allowed me to do a lot more outside sales.

Our warehouse has an upstairs area that the previous owner remodeled into a bar, complete with a 40 foot wet bar and 2 pool tables a poker table and a dartboard even a killer sound system (it one was one of the big reasons I bought this building). Every year I use it to reward my best customers with a huge super bowl party. This year's party would be no exception, except I could not be there as I was the guest of one of our suppliers at a huge party in Las Vegas. Our customers had been waiting for the invite to our annual party. Knowing I would not be there my wife thought we should cancel the party. Not wanting upset customers we decided that our employees (who were always invited anyways) and my wife would host the party. I was jazzed about the whole thing because I got to go to Vegas and my wife who hates football agreed to be hostess to about 80 people whom she only knew about half. She was a pro and handled everything from the caterer to the super bowl pools, even the dart and pool tournaments. Just to make her feel better I had sales reps from some of our suppliers act as hosts to all of the guests.

I was in Vegas as a guest of another company and my host was a good friend and we started partying Friday night as soon as my plane landed. he took me to a titty bar called the Crazy Horse Too. it was the wildest titty bar I have ever been to. We were sitting at one of 3 or 4 stages when this brunette with very big tits asked me if I wanted to have a couch dance? I did not know what she was talking about and she told me that we could have a lot more fun if we were on the couch when she was dancing for me. She explained that couch danced cost 20 dollars and were worth every penny. I was very drunk and skeptical (in Phoenix lap dances were 10 bucks), but what's one dance? We went to the couch and something you never see in the Phoenix titty bars a six-minute song came on. By the end of the song my 7-inch cock was throbbing. She asked me if I wanted another dance? Not wanting blue balls I declined and returned to the stage area with my buddy. Two songs later she came back and dragged me back to the couch and told me my dances would be only 10 bucks. I explained to her that she had my cock hard and that i could do nothing about it till I returned to my hotel room. She told me that if she could get me to cum would I give her a nice tip. I told her to go for it. After the first song my cock was again rock hard she was giving me a constant hand job and then on the fourth song she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock and sat her lap right on my rod at first she was rubbing my cock against her clit and cunt lips, my cock was still hard after that song and she had an explosive orgasm. Right as the next song started she moved her panties aside and her cunt swallowed my cock and she grounded her cunt on my cock for about 2 minutes before I erupted into her filling her wet snatch with what seemed like buckets of my cum. I tipped her a 100. I did not get to my hotel room until 5 am and we had a 10am tee time on Saturday morning.

My alarm went off at 9:30 and I was 10 minutes late for my tee time. When we got to the pro shop my buddy told me to look to my right, I did and saw 2 of the sexiest girls I have ever seen. They were our playing partners. The game was not till Sunday night and I was having a great time. The girls were in there mid twenties and very good-looking Sandy rode in my cart and Shelly rode with Jay my host. Sandy had blond hair and very nice tits and long legs she had on a tank top and shorts that barely covered her ass. Shelly was a brunette and also wore a tank top, but the pants she was wearing were nylon or something like it as the hugged every curve of her bottom, this brought my cock out of its hangover real quick. We had a great round of golf. During each hole the girls would try and distract us by flashing their tits and playing with each other they also took care of us by giving both of us a blow job on the golf course on both nines as the girls switched carts at the turn. I left Phoenix less than 24 hours ago and I have already emptied my balls into 3 different women. You know what they say, ?whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?. I loved it. After the round of blowjobs and golf my buddy told me I was by myself tonight as he had to take his wife to her brothers for a family reunion. That night I decided to play in my casino and was doing pretty good when I decided my cock was young again and I wanted more of what this trip was all about. I went back to the Crazy Horse. I was there for about a half an hour when I could not find my fuck mate and none of the other dancers seemed as friendly as she was. I left there and it was only 11 pm (dinner time in Vegas) as I was driving back to the hotel I passed an adult shop, I pulled in to buy a magazine to take back to my room and Jack off to. I went into the store and there were quite a few people looking around, guys and girls some couples and just people looking to get lucky. After browsing the magazines for a while I decided to watch a movie in the arcade. I bought five dollars worth of tokens and went into a dark booth. I was into my second token with a hard cock straining against my jeans. The girl on the screen was taking on 2 guys, as what I assume is her husband watching from outside the house (apparently I?m not the only one who wants to see his wife fuck a stranger). The girl on the screen had tits about the size of my wife and she had her hair color, so it was easy for me to imagine it was my wife getting it on with the 2 well-hung cocks. When the husband in the movie pulled out his cock and started stroking himself, I did the same and soon was ready to explode all over the screen. All of the sudden a finger appeared from a hole in the wall to what was another booth. The finger was pointing at my cock and the next thing I know I am sliding my cock thru the hole in the wall and it is swallowed whole and I hear moaning as the unknown women is feasting on my manhood. This woman sure can give head, as this is bar none the best blowjob of my life (my wife does not like to give head very often only when she is very drunk so my experience is limited). This is so much better then the golf course. I am watching the screen as the wife has a cock in her mouth and the other in her cunt. Just as my tokens run out I let go with the biggest load of cum in my life, I was standing up and after I came I collapsed into the chair in front of the monitor. Less than 1 minute later thru the hole comes a hard cock. I was shocked; did a guy just suck me? I just looked at it and did not know what to do. I put my cock back into my jeans and tried top leave quickly. As I got outside a guy came up to me and asked why I would not suck him. I told him I was not gay and he asked me how I liked being sucked off by a guy. I told him I did not know a guy was sucking me off. I also told him he was pretty good at sucking cock, but I was not interested in returning the favor. I drove back to my hotel thinking a guy had just sucked me off; I am never going to Vegas again. I still couldn?t believe he was better then my two sexy golf partners. Oh well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I went to sleep at around 2am and did not wake up until 12 on Super Sunday. I called my wife and asked her if she was ready for the party and she was having second thoughts, because there was going to be mostly men and she did not know many of them. I assured her that all she had to do was make sure the food arrived and that the doors were open at 3:00 for the 4:30 game. She and I had talked right before the party had started and she told me that none of the reps had showed up and she did not know anything about the tools and equipment that we were previewing during the game (tax deduction, I can write off the whole thing if I show customers new products). I told her to have the guys from the warehouse just wing it or even put the stuff away and just enjoy the party. She said she would try and that she would call me in my hotel room after she got home tonight.

I went to my party and it was a blast with my golf partners and about 30 of their closest friends entertaining about 50 men of all shapes and sizes from all over the country. I actually watched the came and had a little too much to drink and was back in my room by 10pm. I had an early morning flight back to Phoenix. I fell asleep watching the news waiting for my wife to call and tell me about the party. I awoke around 7am and called home and asked my wife how the party was and why didn?t call me. She said the party was fantastic and that she got home too late and was exhausted. She said she ran a hot tub and then went to bed after 1am. I told her to sleep in and I would open the warehouse when I flew in at 9:00. She said she would be there by noon.

The flight home was very peaceful as I recounted my wild weekend in my mind. I had a great time and was still sad I had missed my own party, which was always a great party as far as Phoenix parties go. When my plane landed and I turned on my cell phone I had a full voice mailbox from people who came to the party and were giving me shit about not being at my own party, everyone said they had a great time as usual. I got too the office around 9:30 and had the doors open real quick and only 90 minutes late (the day after the party every year 11 was usually opening time). After getting everyone settled I went upstairs to my bar to check everything out and was surprised to see they cleaned up pretty good. I went into the men?s room to take a leak and as I was throwing away the paper towel away after washing my hands, I noticed a something strange in the trash bucket. I pushed the door in and reached in and pulled out a pair of ladies panties. They were still damp and smelled of cum. It hit me then that these were my wife?s panties.

My cock immediately started to tent in my pants. I went into my office and turned on the camera system and went to the view log. I clicked on the camera upstairs and decided to watch from the beginning of the game to the end of the night. My wife was as sexy as I have ever seen. She was wearing a sexy V. Secret V-neck pull over that really highlighted her fantastic tits and very tight jeans with her 3-inch pumps. She was hot!! As people started arriving she was putting nametags on everybody. I few guys thought this was funny until she put the sticker on their chest and would write their names with her hand on their chests. I knew most of the people and also knew the guys were enjoying all the attention. She was doing all this while she was drinking Margarita?s this told me she was drinking to loosen up and calm her nerves. It was working as she was in great spirits. After the game started she was all over the bar asking how thing were going and passing out numbers for the pools. There were also guys walking working the crowd, so I guess the sales reps did show up after all. I did not recognize any of them, but they were demonstrating some of the tools during halftime (no one was watching). My wife meanwhile was feeling pretty good and was the perfect hostess showing her pretty sweater and ass all over the place making sure everyone had a drink and was enjoying themselves. Sometime during the fourth quarter the sales reps got into a card game. After the game was over 3 of my employees and my wife cleaned up the place while the guys continued to play poker. After the employees left it were just my wife and the four sales reps. they were all in their mid 20?s to early 30?s and all were very good looking. All four looked like they went to the gym regularly. One was about 6?5? and the other three were just about 6?. As they continued to play cards my wife became the hostess, bringing them beer and chips all the while drinking her margarita?s. During shuffles the attention turned to my wife as she would perk up and play more attention to them when the hand was over. During one hand the music started playing my wife?s favorite song and she started to dance in her bar stool. The guys stopped playing and started encouraging her to stand up and dance for them. As her favorite song is playing she has her eyes closed and she is smiling as she sways to the Knack (My Sharona). The guys are loving this and start telling her to keep dancing, one of the guys goes up to the bar and grabs the C D case and hands it to her asking what she wants to dance to. Soon you hear Prince and his Controversy CD Blaring and her eyes are again closed and she is now swaying to the music and messaging her tits and ass thru her jeans to the music. The guys love it. After the first song is over they are begging her to keep dancing, she is really enjoying herself and after another song with her very seductively moving her body and her hands fondling her tits and ass the guys are all now standing and supporting very prominent bulges in their pants. Soon she is dancing with all four of them to Prince and instead of fondling herself she is rubbing each of them thru their jeans. After the song she goes to the ladies room. The guys can?t believe what happening. Soon they are playing rock- paper- scissors. When she comes out of the ladies room she is in her heels and sweater she took off her jeans. She went over to the bar and turned the music louder and went over to the guys and really started dancing again with her eyes closed soon she is pulling her top over head and she is wearing her sexiest bra. The guys love it and they all surround her as she walks around to each one and fondles his cock thru his jeans they all are feasting on her perfect tits. One even tried to put his finger into her panties; she playfully slapped his hand as to show him who was running this show. Then she told them all to sit back down at the poker table as they did this she put in another CD and when she reached the table she got on her knees and went around to all of them under the table and told each to free his cock. Soon she was sucking all four cocks under the table. The guys were in heaven, not long after she started sucking, two of them shot huge loads of cum in her mouth she swallowed everything. She then came up and told them she was going to keep fucking and sucking them till they could not any more. She laid on the poker table and guided the two cocks that were still rock hard into her one in her mouth the other in her already soaking cunt. With her hands she played with the other two. The tall guy appeared to have the least man meat and he was easily as big as my rock hard 7-inches. She would give all her attention to each one and make eye contact as if he were the only one she was with. In not too long of time the cock in her mouth was erupting as the owner of this shooting cock was pushing her head on top of his spurting cock. She drained him and turned her attention to the pounding she was receiving from the nice piece of meat fucking her. Soon the tall guy is feeding her his cock as she has raised her ass up to meat the thrusts from the cock pounding her cunt, she had a massive orgasm as he emptied his hot cum in her very wet cunt. She was now making love to the tall guys cock in her mouth, when the first guy to cum under the table came up behind her and guided his 8-inch cock in to her hot fuck hole. She again stuck her ass up in the air to meet his thrust while she sucked the meat in her mouth. She was in a rhythm as she swallowed the tall cock when she would pull her mouth all the way till she was tonguing his cock with her ass up in the air meeting the cock pounding her she is in a state of fucking bliss, when one cock pulls out the other end is pounding her. All at once she has her mouth full of cock and her cunt is impaled with another when they all explode and her body collapses on the table. They all are in a state of euphoria. She gets up and puts on her panties and tell the guys she?ll be right back if they are up for more. When she comes back out one of the guys is saying something to her and soon she is laying on her back on the pool table as he is eating her out to a very nice climax. The others are watching and feasting on her perfect tits, her nipples were at least 1 inch long( I have never seen them this erect) as two guys each feasted on her tits. She really likes when she is hot for me to be rough with her tits. Here it comes as she is grabbing a cock in each hand and showing them how she wants it, soon they are slapping their cocks against her nipples and she is soon having an orgasm from this. The guy going down on her has started fucking her and as soon as the slapping cocks erupt on her tits the last guy gets up on the pool table and fucks her tits as the other one is fucking her cunt. She motions for a pillow to brace her head so she can suck the cock fucking her tits. Then she wrapped her legs around the cock fucking her cunt and soon she was fucking his cock again in perfect rhythm with the meat fucking her tits. In just a few minutes her tongue was catching spurting cum from the titty fuck as he dismounted another came up on the side of the pool table and fed her his cock. With cum all over her chest and face she was scooping it up and using her fingers to seductively lick his cum off. The cock in her cunt is still taking a pounding from her legs being wrapped around him, soon he is screaming and pulls out shooting cum across the room. She returns to the cock in her mouth when another shows up at her cunt. All of the sudden she stops and tells them her ass is not to be touched( I have been trying for 24 years, good luck). The biggest cock of them all is still trying to persuade her to let him fuck her virgin ass. He is rubbing his cock all over her clit she is having her most powerful climax of the night as he continues to fuck her clit. When she comes down a bit she goes back to the cock that was in her mouth, she again stops and tells the big one her ass in a no go. He finally relents and tells her he is going to pound her into submission. He is pounding her so hard she stops sucking the cock and just concentrates on his pounding of his thick piece of meat, with such intense pounding he soon explodes into her and collapses on top of her. She is not through yet as she get up and walks over to the bar where two of them have retreated. She pulls a chair over and tell one of the guys to sit down, he tells her he is all fucked out. She says sit down and with two minutes of sucking his cock to life he is exploding in her body. She does this with the other three and only the big one that wanted her ass lasted more than five minutes before he shot the last load of the night. She got off the chair and thanked the guys for the party and started to gather her cloths when the one who ate the cum out of her before asked if he could do it again. She lay on the bar and he sat on a stool and removed her panties and put them in his pocket and dove into her dripping snatch. The tall guy went behind the bar and fed her his cock, as her head was sideways. As soon as the guy eating her brought her too a huge climax again he climbed on the bar stool and on his knees he pumped his cock into her again he lasted about 10 good solid minutes on kis knees before he emptied the last load of hot cum in her cunt, real soon after the tall guy filled her mouth to overflowing with his fourth load of the night. Soon all four of her naked fuck studs were getting dressed one by one they said good-bye and were off. She picked up her bra, looked for her panties and went into the ladies room and put her pants back on. When she came out her heels were in her fingers and the last picture I saw she was walking slowly down the stairs. WOW!!!! I was wondering how I was going to tell her about my weekend in Vegas. In Vegas I had cum 3 times in 18 hours. In my own office, watching my wife fuck and suck herself silly I have cum four times in the 2 hours the tape ran. When my wife comes in the office I left her wet (very, with my four loads added) panties on my desk. I asked her if she had a good time and she told me she was sorry, but she had too much to drink and then the music led her astray. I told her she had nothing to be sorry for and that I loved her very much. I can?t wait for the next super-bowl party

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