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Home Delivery

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G has always loved to show off her body any time she can. Doing so turns her on immensely. She loves to go out wearing short skirts and mini dresses, no panties and tops that show off her luscious 36 D?s. She has flashed and shown her sexy body to a ton of people of the years but this story is about the day we had a new bed delivered from Sleep Train.

G has a favorite outfit that she wears around the house. It?s one of my white dress shirts. She will wear the shirt with no bra or panties and only buttons the bottom two buttons. It?s a little see through and shows off her tits nicely. If she bends over the shirt rides up and shows off her nice ass and the piece of heaven between her legs.

Many lucky guys have seen her dressed like this. On the list are the Fed Ex, UPS, pizza delivery, and the cable repair guys. It almost makes me laugh when watching them look at her while trying not to get caught looking.

We scheduled the delivery of our new bed for a Saturday morning. G had on the white shirt and was already excited about showing off to the delivery guys. When the truck pulled up in front of the house and three young guys got out her excitement grew even more. I went down stairs to open the door and let them in.

While I was going over the paper work with the guy in charge one of the others asked if there was an old bed that was being removed. I said there was and it was upstairs. He headed upstairs to get the old bed and I knew he was going to get his first look at my wife?s sexy body. He came back down carrying part of the bed frame and went out to the truck with the other guys and I heard him say, ?Holy shit the woman?s hot and she?s wearing this white see through thing. I totally saw everything?

For the next hour the guys were moving the old bed out and setting up the new bed all while getting flashed. G was straitening up the bedroom and kind of cleaning while talking to them. The whole time she was bending over so the shirt would open up to show off her tits and so it would rise up over her ass. It was obvious that the guys were taking their time and slowly setting up the bed so they could watch longer. The bulges in their pants proved they liked what they saw.

When they were done the lead guy said go ahead and check it out to make sure it?s all ok before I have you sign for acceptance. G made a point of inspecting everything while being bent over the whole time. Then she hopped onto the bed in a sitting position. Doing so made the shirt open up. Both of her tits were out and her nipples were hard. She laid back and the shirt rode up showing her shaved pussy. The three guys were staring when she started moving her legs around and saying ?oh ya this is nice.? They just stood there and watched her roll around on the bed.

When G said, ?Ya know I won?t really know if it?s ok until I get fucked on it. It needs to be a strong bed,? the three guys laughed. One said ?we can wait? which caused more laughter. G leaned over and opened the nightstand and pulled out a hand full of condoms. Tossing them on the bed she said, ?I?ll need help to test it.? The guys looked at me with a ?is she serious?can we? look. I let them know that she wasn?t kidding and they stated getting naked.

All three of them had nice average sized cocks and were already hard from the teasing they have been through. I grabbed the mattress cover and we spread it on the bed so we didn?t mess up the new mattress. G had them all stand against the bed and she was lying on her belly right in front of them. She was taking turns sucking their cocks while stroking the other two. I sat back and watched her play with the three young studs.

One of them moved around and pulled her over to start eating her pussy while she sucked on the other two cocks. For the next hour they all just traded off getting their dicks sucked, eating her pussy, or fucking her. They made her cum many times. Each of the guys came twice. The second time they all came at once while stroking their cocks over her face and tits.

G said the bed was ok and I signed the paperwork. The guys got dressed and left after thanking us for the best delivery they have ever had. They promised they won?t ever forget the time they delivered the bed to our house. After they were gone I took my turn fucking G on her back with her legs in the air. She still had their cum on her face and tits.


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