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High Rollers

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High Rollers It looked like it was going to be a usual night working for the special services for a very up-scale hotel in Vegas. I supplied any special needs to our High Rolling customers. Anything they needed I was to see they got, ?Right Now!!? ?No Questions Asked!!? At times it was as simple as just offering security and other times it was my job to put together spur of the moment concerts or even gangbangs. It didn?t matter if it was for a male or female, I made sure they had everything in order for them. Well like I said it looked like it was to be an easy night. I was to do security for one of our customers. The order was simple, just make sure that all who entered had an invite and proper ID. The word was it was to be a gangbang. I had everything set up when the people who it was for came up to the suite. They had been parting a little and were feeling pretty good by the time they arrived. It was two men and a sexy older blonde woman. I?d say that she and one of the men were in their mid 50?s and the other male was a bit younger. Upon the older man flashing his credentials I let them in. As I opened the door for them the blonde looked my body up and down staying fixed on my crotch for a few seconds, then looked me in the eyes and gave me a wink as she walked past into the suite. I pretended not to notice but watched her sexy walk as she entered the suite dropping her coat on the couch exposing her sexy body. She was dressed in a tight fitting black evening gown with a slit that ran up the side to almost her hip. That black dress with her silky blonde hair that silhouetted her pretty face was perfect for her. Her stiletto high heels and black thigh high stockings were the final touches. She was hot and she knew it. She walked over to the window looking out at the lights of Vegas and stretched a sexy stretch rubbing her hands over her breasts and down over her hips, then turned towards me. She caught me looking at her as I glanced away. I couldn?t help but think, I?d love to fuck her. Soon the other guests were arriving and it didn?t take long to see what was going to happen here tonight. All the guests that were showing up were men. As they were walking up to the door I could hear them in the hallway saying how they were going to use & fuck this blonde whore. They?d knock and I?d open the door. Upon showing me the proper ID and invites I?d let them in. The two men that showed with the blonde had set up lighting and video equipment. This was going to be a hot gangbang video. One hot blonde and a room full of men to do her. I couldn?t help but look at her and she?d catch me every time giving me a lusty look and a smile. Shortly before the party began she slipped into the bedroom off the suite. Then later, I heard the hum of the videos start and then she came strolling back in where the men were waiting for her. She was dressed in nothing but lacy gloves and lacy thigh high nylons with her stiletto high heels. She had several pearls strands around her neck and pearl earrings. In my mind the pearls meant give me cum. The large diamond wedding ring she had on glistened and sparkled in the lights. She lustfully walked around the room teasing man after man then walked to the center of the room in front of the cameras and dropped to her knees. She wasted no time as she undid the pants of the first man. His pants fell to the floor unleashing a huge cock that hung in her face. That nasty blonde looked at his big cock with such lust in her eyes as she stroked it for the camera. As it grew bigger and harder, so grew her slutty smile and the wanting look in her eyes. I could tell she couldn?t hold back anymore as she shoved that big cock in her mouth. She worked his tool bobbing her head and stroking it?s full length. Her diamond ring sparkling as she stroked and sucked cock. Right away the men were making comments about this blonde bitch working cock. I heard one of them say, ?Married whore, I love to fuck married whores and give?em my load.? The man in her mouth didn?t take long as he wrapped his hands around the back of her head pulling her down on his cock. He said, ?Drink it bitch!? as he sprayed his load down her throat. She had earned the first of many cum loads tonight. The next man was balck and he told her to lay back and spread her legs, which she did so willingly. She looked so hot waiting to be fucked with her legs spread high and wide, stiletto heels in the air. Again the comments continued as they called her a white trash whore, nasty slut, and a fucking tramp. I saw them zoom in and get a great video shots between her legs and pan up the front of her showing off her pretty body & face. Looking into the camera she said, ?Fuck me honey, fuck me with that big black cock.? This was going to be one hot video! The black man laid down on her and drove his dick deep into her cunt. She let out a moan as his tool plowed deep into her. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and held the back of his head with one hand and the other was pulling the black man?s ass into her, pulling him in deeper into her cunt. She had a pained pleasured look on her face as she took his black cock hard and deep. Every time he plowed all the way into her cunt, she let out a muffled whining sound as she enjoyed her hard deep black fuck. I could see the look on her face and it turned me on seeing her getting used like that. This wasn?t just any whore, She loved to be used hard and the nastier the comment the more she enjoyed being the center of attention. That black man continued to fuck her hard and deep for a long long time. His strokes were ruthlessly hard and she only seemed to love it more and more the harder he used her. The men were saying, ?This slut?s cunt is never gonna be the same after this fucking.? When it was time for her next load of cum. The black man said, ?You?re going to take my load bitch.? the blonde slut grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him hard into her. She rocked her hips meeting his strokes, milking his big black cock for his load of jizz. The man yelled, ?Take It!!!? ?Take It You FUCKING WHORE!!!? as he blew his wad deep in her cunt. He moaned loudly as he filled her cunt with black jizz. This nasty blonde had a look of ecstasy written all over her beautiful slutty face and I could hear her murmur, ?Yes, yes, cum in me.? as she worked her hips milking his cock for everything she could get. After he had dumped his load, he rolled off and the next big cock was shoved deep into her juicy cunt. More comments from the men as they waited their turns, ?Filthy fucking bitch, take our cocks and our loads.? & ?Look at that nasty sperm whore take that cock.? As the men used her & fucked her cunt hard the other men cheered each other on. Shoving cock after cock in her cunt over and over fucking her hard. The men continued. ?Fill her full of jizz.? ?Fuck her like the whore she is.? ?Lets fuck this bitch?s face.? Man I had seen some wild stuff but this gangbang was hot. They rolled her over onto her hands & knees as the men circled around the blonde. While she was getting fucked doggy style the others started hanging their dicks in her face and she began to kiss the tips of thier dicks and suck them while being fucked from behind. From cock to cock & man to man she sucked taking turns on them. Other men had their cocks in hand and were rubbing their cocks all over her face while she sucked the one in her mouth for all she was worth. Damn I wanted to take a turn on this nasty blonde slut. Watching her taking cock after cock was so hot. She was loving every minute of it to. Even her husband was enjoying seeing her being gangfucked by all these men as he got it all on video tape. I watched her take at least 8 different men one after the other in her cunt. They were also stroking off onto her face and in her mouth while other men took their turns from behind her, holding her hips driving fat cocks deep up her cunt. She loved all the attention and sperm she was getting. She had jizz running down her face and hanging from her chin. Man after man worked and shot his wad all over her face and in her cunt. She had jizz all over & in her. After she had been fucked and used by all the men multiple times and taken all their loads, she laid there exhausted. She had sucked and been fucked by at least 15 different men. All taking turns in her mouth and pussy. She was hot, sweaty, and covered in cum. The room smelled of hot nasty sex as she lay there looking like a r*ped well used fuck whore. It had all been caught on tape and I wanted a copy of this one! The two men who had filmed this. (Her husband & boyfriend I think) left with the rest of the men leaving me with the blonde. I was security, they thought it was cool. The two said they would be back in a few hours and for her to shower up and they would meet her later. As they left I shut the door behind them. Waited a few minutes, then locked it. I strolled over and looked down upon the used blonde whore. As she laid there, She still had the men?s jizz on her face and all down the front of her. She was a hot spermy mess. Without a word the blonde whore spread her legs and smiled her slutty smile and looked at me with inviting eyes. She wanted me to fuck her to. I looked down at her shaved pussy. Her cunt was red & swollen from being fucked hard and deep for hours. Jizz was oozing out and running down across her pretty butthole. Down went my pants and up went my cock. She was a wonderful slut, freshly fucked. We had never spoken and didn?t even know each others names and we were about to fuck. She was still breathing kind of heavy from her fuckings or perhaps it was the nastiness & lust of two total strangers about to do it without saying a word. There we were, two uninhabited whores about to use each other for hot nasty sex. The first time I spoke to her I said, ?I love whores like you.? ?A whore that fucks everybody.? As I stepped out of my pants I said, ?I Like?m Well Fucked, Hot, Sweaty.? ?Sticky with Cum.? I could see her gazing at my hard cock, she spread her legs even wider and had the nastiest look on her face as I laid down between her legs and took my hard aching cock in hand lining it up with her wet cum filled cunt. Her first words to me were, ?Fuck me, Use me, Use me for your pleasure.? I said to her, ?I?m going to enjoy this, finishing off a freshly fucked whore.? ?I?m going to fuck your sore cunt till you beg me to cum in you.? ?I?m going to drain my balls and soothe your sore cunt with my hot load.? She smiled a nasty smile and said, ?Oh yes, Use me, Use me as your whore.? Using the jizz in her cunt as lube, I drove my cock straight up her cunt hard with one deep stroke. She let out a whimper of , ?Oooooh yes.? as she wrapped her arms and legs around me tight. We held each others asses as I pile drove my cock balls deep. I told her, ?I love to fuck used whores like you.? ?All those men, now it?s my turn.? ?You?re such a filthy slut.? ?Take my cock you fucking bitch.? ?Take it deep in your sore cunt.? She murmured into my ear, ?Yes deep, shove it deep.? ?Yes, yes my sore cunt, use me, use my sore cunt.? Her breath smelled of sperm and I could feel the stickiness of all the men?s jizz between our skin as I drove my cock hard and deep. She murmured into my ear, ?I can feel your balls slapping my asshole, Yes fuck me hard.? ?Fuck me deep.? I loved her nastiness. Her swollen pussy was tight as it gripped my hard cock. Jizz oozed from her cunt and ran down over her lovely asshole. As I fucked her I worked my finger into her butthole. I kept telling her, ?I love whores like you, All those men, You?re such a wonderful slut.? ?Fuck me honey.? ?Fuck me like the whore you are.? She?d respond, ?Yes, yes I?m your whore.? ?Fuck me, Use me.? I fucked her cunt hard and deep as we both enjoyed using one another. Two whores using each other for nasty sex. After a good hard fucking, she could tell I was getting near a climax. She was so sweet, she knew exactly what I wanted, what I needed. She started saying over and over, ?Use me, use my cunt.? ?Fuck me like the whore I am.? ?Drain your balls in me.? ?Fill me full of sperm.? She was bringing me closer and closer to an unbelievably hard climax. She knew exactly what to say, in a begging tone she said, ?Please, please drain your balls in me.? ?I need it, I want to feel it, dump your load in me, drain your balls in me.? ?Give me everything you?ve got, drain your balls in me.? ?I need it, I need it, soothe my sore cunt with hot cum.? ?Drain your balls in meeeeee.? ?Drain your balls in meeeeeeeee.? ?Dump your load in meeeeeeeee.? She was rolling her hips milking my cock, meeting every hard stroke with her hot wet cunt. That was it, this filthy whore had brought me to my hardest climax ever. I yelled, ?Here IT CUMS!!! HERE IT CUMS!!!? She held my ass tight pulling me as deep into her cunt as I could go. She was going, ?Give it to me.? ?Give it to me.? begging me for cum. I could feel my cum coming up through my cock as I was ready to blow. My body was frantically pumping my cock in & out of her tight swollen cunt as hard as I could. My cock swoll up getting very fat & hot ready to shoot my big gooey load in her. She said, ?Yes I can feel it,,, I can feel it,,, Give it to meeeeeeeee....? I just exploded deep in her cunt. Shot after shot of hot thick gooey sperm gushed out of my cock into her. She was going, ?Yes, yes, I can feel it.? ?Give me everything you?ve got, give me everything honey.? ?Drain your balls honey, drain your balls.? My body was shaking and shuddering as I dumped my wad. I gave her everything I had. I was cumming so hard I was speechless, I could only mutter, ?Oh,,, oh yeah.? She held me tight until I finished cumming in her. I loved hearing her saying, ?That?s it honey, that?s it.? ?Give it all to me.? We started kissing as my cock shot the last of my load in her. Her lips and face were sticky with the men?s cum. But I had to kiss her. She was so wonderful. Working my cock and taking all my cum like that. Begging me for my load after she had taken the loads of 15 men. With my cock still buried deep in her I continued to kiss her sticky lips. Then traced them with the tip of my tongue. I don?t think anyone had done this to her after using her like this. She seemed to enjoy the kisses and the licking of her lips. As I kissed her softly on her sweet sticky lips. I again told her, ?I love whores like you.? It wasn?t until then that I realized I had fucked & dumped my load in and the hottest cum loving whore I?d ever met and I didn?t even know her name. I told her she was so hot and thanked her for being such a wonderful whore. She had given me the best sex I ever had. I told her I had to know her name... She told me it was Michelle as she kissed my lips again....

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