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Her first MiniGB and by surprise too!!!

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I had searched online at the two lifestyle websites with which we have profiles for possible encounters during our upcoming out of town trip to New Orleans. I found a profile that I found very promising. It gentleman that has that profile is just that a true gentleman. What I really liked about his profile was that he referred to setting up Gang Bangs for ladies. Now that wasn?t unusual as I had seen many profiles professing to set up gang bang for wives to enjoy the experience of that fantasy or for those already partaking of GB?s. What I found so exciting was that he spoke of the woman in an awesomely respectful manner. Not to make it too mushy as I am by no means as eloquent as he was in his write up but please understand that to paraphrase him in that what he spoke of was treating the wife as the beautiful creature she is and how she would be basically put on a pedestal and if you will, worshiped, as she is pleasure by the men during the encounter. It would be an uplifting and fulfilling treat for the woman and at no time would she be degraded or treated less than the queen she would be for the evening. That excited me to no end. Both she and I had fantasized about her being with several men at one time but it had never happened. Another issue that had also happened to us was that too many times we had been frustrated with plans not coming to fruition I decided to make this be a surprise for her and not let her know I had anything lined up for her/us. Actually when I approached Mr. ?G? about meeting and possibly having some fun with him I also approached him with the idea of which excited me tremendously of having it be a ?chance? encounter. G liked the idea too. Maybe it was the added thrill of during this chance encounter have the challenge of the chase and possible conquest. So keep in mind as I now tell the story of what happened that she has no idea the meeting is prearranged. Here goes. We check into our hotel and freshen up a bit after our long flight and decide to go check out Bourbon Street real quick before heading over to a microbrewery I had found online. She was all for checking out the microbrewery since we both enjoy them wherever we travel. So we take a quick stroll down Bourbon Street and head over to the Microbrewery. Once we get there, before ordering our first beer I excused myself to use the restroom. Having seen my wife?s pictures and then spotting her as soon we walked in the place G immediately followed me to the restroom and caught me by surprise when I came out of the restroom. Right away we exchanged hellos and headed back to my wife. I introduced G to her and told her I had just met him. Now I had never done anything like this before and right away she got very suspicious. When G walked over to a couple of his friends, she asked me what?s going on? Asked me if I knew him and well it just seemed odd to her and she was right. It was not typical of me to bump into someone and then bring them over. I feared the deal was broken but I couldn?t come out with the full story but I also couldn?t lie. So I did the next best thing, didn?t reveal more than needed. LOL. My response to her was not a lie. I said, ?I just met him?. Seemed to work for the time being though she seemed still unsure of what the deal was. G came to the rescue, smooth talker and very good at conversing. He would be telling this so much better than I but anyhow. So G starts conversing with us while we are watching a basketball game on the tv. I was also concerned about the tv cause she is very much into sports so I also feared that would be where her focus is and not really get into the conversations. Well again, G did a great job of keeping her still connected with us and his friends S and K. we chatted for I would say about an hour there all four of us guys and her and finally G suggests we walk back up to Bourbon Street. By the time we leave the brewery she has had two tall beers and one Long Island Ice Tea. So she is feeling pretty good and has relaxed a bit but still not thinking any sexual so far. We go to Bourbon Street and have one more drink and during which time I discretely ask them if they are interested in her knowing full well the answer. After confirming it, I then ask her if wants to have another drink with them up in the room? She says sure why not. I should point out here that still at this point of now heading up to our room having never invited someone we just met up to our room, she was if you will, naïve in thinking that us going up to the room for a drink just litteraly meant just that only a drink. She was still not thinking anything sexual at all. Since when does a guy accept an invitation from a couple to go to their hotel room for a drink and not have something other than a drink on his mind? Well we get into our room and I go to the restroom and when I get out of the restroom, G is on her right side already exposing her right breat and S is already slightly behing her on the bed on her left side starting to kiss her neck. The look on her face is one of total surprise but also of no resistance whatsoever. She looks like she can?t believe it this is happening but has no problem with it either. I too can?t believe it started so quickly and going so well. I got out our camera and started snapping away. They soon had her laying on her back on the bed and S is taking off her skintight black pants that awesome ass as she walks in her pumps. G is busy sucking that right tit and thoroughly enjoying her awesome nipples. Her nipples stick out at least a quarter inch and she so loves them nibbled. Often times she has he first orgasm just from tit action cause she loves it so much. Once S had her pants off, he moved her thong to one side and started to make her moan from his pussy licking. G is still having a blast with her right nipple but is now fondling her left tit too. Not to be left out of the action, K was now nude and went over by her left side and got up on the bed and had his huge cock. The biggest she had ever seen. He was at least 9? or more. She wasted no time in taking him into her mouth and continued to moan while S continued to eat her pussy and G was also driving her crazy with her tit action on her. Me? Will I am thoroughly enjoying watching my lovely wife having the time of her life. After a bit of this action, S went and took K?s place in her mouth. Now S was not as long as K but he was slightly thicker that him. So S did get her to open her mouth up even more. K came over and took S?s spot eating her out but only for maybe 10 minutes at which time he put on his condom and commenced to give her a thoroughly good fuck. He started off real slow but soon knew he didn?t have to take it slow with her. I think the fact she stopped holding on to S?s cock as she sucked him to grab K by the waist and dig her fingers into his ass cheeks as she tried to get him to ram his cock into her faster and harder. He complied willing and started pounding her with her legs on his shoulders as if he had to drive a hole to the other side of her. He was pouding away and she had to stop sucking S as she started throwing her head back and forth from side to side from the pounding she was getting. Yet is seemed like it might have been too much or too hard herself except for grabbing him more and trying to have him ram her even harder. Well it continue like this for at least another hour and a half. With each one taking turns being the one pounding her while the other tried to have his cock sucked. It was real hard for her to be consistently sucking one of them off while the others were pounding her so much. Like I said they would take turns and not just her laying on her back either. Other moments it was doggie style and others yet, she is on top of one of them just riding away and at the same time scaring them too. She would ram down on one of them so fast and hard after having a his cock nearly all the way out of her and then slamming right now her him trying to bottom out on his cock. She was wild with passion and just could not get enough. We know the guys all had a blast too as exhausted as they were when they left and by the raving complementary emails we got afterwards. Can?t wait to have more GB and see if we can have more participants during them.

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