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Grudge goes too far, or does it?

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Some people just hold a grudge way too long. A week is too long for some not to get over something, some it takes a year, some five years, and some, ten years later they are still steaming!

About nine and a half years ago, when Jillian was 24, she was an elementarty school teacher who reported a man not only hanging around the school playground, but when she asked him to leave, he sped away at a high rate of speed, endangering kids, and anyone else in the vicinity.

Anthony was the young man, 19 at the time, and swore he was there to see another teacher who taught in the system. Because of his verbal abuse, Jillian refused to drop the charges filed against Anthony for wreckless endangerment and driving in a manner not reasonable and proper.

Because of a prior conviction for possesion of drug paraphnelia, the suspended sentence he received was revoke and he had to serve time for the incident, plus the one in which Jillian filed a complaint. He never got over it!

A little more than ten years later, Jillian and her husband, Jerry, had twice moved to different cities in the same state. Anthony, with the help of a friend in his home town and the world wide web, tracked down exactly where Jillian lived.

He hope he had the two friends living there he knew before he served his time. As things unfolded, he did.

Jillian, at 34, stood at 5-5, long reddish brown hair, a marvelous set of c cup tits, and she loved wearing shorts that showed her tan legs.

Those who didn't like Jillian, besides Anthony of course, said it was her arrogance. "She just KNOWS that she is better than everyone else," one person said who didn't care for her.

She was still teaching, her husband was a minister there. No one was sure if he was a preacher, or music leader or worked with the youth. He shared her arrogance.

Anthony, now 28, getting ready to turn 29, made it the the town where Jillian and Jerry were residing and found there was a party the Jillian and Jerry were attending, along with his two friends, and he put a plan into action.

He gave it hours of thought. Anthony was a big man now, 6 feet 3 inches tall, and all muscle, with tatto's on both arms, and he was on a mission. He brought his girl friend Angel with him to help complete his mission!

The party was at a fancy, four star motel, and Angel found out for Anthony that Jillian and Jerry had rented a room there and were spending the night. One of Anthony's friends got Jerry's pager number for him, and he put the plan in motion, with the party begginning at 8 p.m. by the outside pool on the west side of the motel.

Anthony's friend paged him, told him he was needed back home to tend to an "old friend" who had fallen and needed him until family got there to take care of him.

After Jillian and Jerry discussed and "argued" about the situation, it was decided Jillian would stay at the party, just as Anthony had hoped and plan on and Jerry would return the next morning.

Anthony told Angel,"I can't wait to get revenge on this bitch! She will pay! She is going to get that arrogance fucked right out of her," he angrily explained to her, almost scaring his 24 year old girl friend of three years.

Jerry was the only man Jillian had ever fucked. Before meeting him, she did suck the cock of two football players, but due to a bad thunderstorm, they never got the privilege of fucking her.

Jillian was enjoying the party, dancing with friends and with friends of friends, and around 11 p.m. she decided to retire to her room.

That is when, from the middle of nowhere, Anthony, his two friends, Joey, and Tyson, grabbed her,gagged her, blindfolded her and entered her room making about as little noise as could be humanly possible, and her husband was 100 miles away, and mysteriously, his pager # had been disconnected, even if she could get to where she could dial it.

The three men, not real violent, but firm, strong, laid her on her bed and stripped her naked, not tearing a cloth. With the help of Angel they tied her ankles and wrist tight, she wasn't in any pain, other than being scared to death and unable to talk as they had firmly placed a pair of Angel's panties in her mouth and tied them around with kite string.

Anthony removed the blindfold from Jillian. She now got to see her abductors, and Anthony was smiling.

"You bitch! I was three weeks from having my charges espunged and you fucked it up! All you had to do was withdrawl the endangerment charges at the last minute. You didn't do it bitch, now you pay!"

Angel was smiling, licking her lips. Actually seeing Jillian tied there helpless had gotten her pussy wet, and Anthony could sense she was turned on, but wasn't going to let Angel have her way, "not just yet," is how he worded it.

Tyson was the biggest of the three, 6-6, black, muscular, and actually, considering the heat outside, he smelled "pretty good," one of the few things Jillian could recall after the ordeal.

She had always heard through high school and college black men had "huge" cocks that could literally bust a woman's pussy, and she was shaking inside wondering what Anthony would do, she was afraid he'd kill her, which Anthony had no intention of doing.

"Tyson, how do you think she looks?," he laughed, her trying to squirm from her restraints with no luck, trying to scream, but there were only muffels.

Tyson smiled, "She looks like she'd enjoy a good fucking," he laughed, removing his shirt, and gosh, he had a shiny chest,Jillian remembered, like it was covered with oil.

"Oh my God,God, look at that cock," she thought when he got naked, "that will kill me, it's huge!," she thought.

But Tyson took his time. He rubbed her marvelous tits. As much as she hated the restraints, her nipples became erect. As much as she hated the situation, the stimulation that Tyson was causing, and Angel, not helping matters, was rubbing her feet, toes, sending a direct chill right to her pussy. She never knew when Angel, a 5-5 beauty, got naked, but felt the sensationsof her soft hands and lips, the impact it had on her pussy.

At last, Tyson had gotten the lovely,sexy, naked Jillian all nice and wet and stuck his cock in her pussy, "God,God,God," she tried to scream, to no avail, and to her stunning amazement, it felt good, very good.

Tyson pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Jillian's tits and belly, and to her disgust at first, then her delight, Angel licked every drop off her,then got a damp clothed and sort of bathed her, smiling, kissing her occasionally, and actually, made her as comfortable as possible, for her predicament.

Joey took his turn, with Angel helping him get her all wet again, and Angel was becoming more brave sticking a finger, then two, in the school teacher's pussy, and Anthony saw a squirm, a shiver of delight in the young teacher.

" That's right bitch! Enjoy it bitch! Enjoy every bit of it, we will get by with this,"he screamed in her ears.

Like Anthony, she was becoming accustomed to the feel of a big cock, and to a certain extent was enjoying it. She especially liked when Joey shot his load over her tits and body and Angel would lick it up and get a warm wash cloth and sort of bathe her, " a sort of a sick enjoyment," she thought.

Then Anthony, who was sporting a huge bulge undressed, and he fucked her with a vengance, thrusting hard into her pussy, harder and harder and he made sure he came in her pussy, saying, "bitch, I have to leave Angel something to lick!"

Angel waisted no time working the young lady over, licking up every bit of Anthony's cum that she could, and bringing Jillian to climax, after climax, after climax, causing her to shutter and sweat with each climax.

When the guys left to go get beer, Angel had cleaned up Jillian and told her, "I will remove the gag, but if you scream, it goes back in, I want to tallk to you, you promise not to scream, move your head twice in vertical movement," she said and Jillian did.

Angel removed the gag, and smiled, said, "I'm Angel, you never,ever,been fucked like that," she laughed.

Jillian, almost crying, said,weakly, "No."

"Honey, you pissed off Anthony, he gets pissed and he goes on a mission, and he completes his mission, he is one happy man now, but I still don't think he likes you honey," she said sweetly, kissing her on the lips for the first time.

"I did what I thought I had to do Angel. I never expected this nor do I deserve it," Jillian said disappointedly, but surpisingly not angrily, to Angel.

"I know, but enough about that. Which cock did you enjoy most honey?," she asked.

Jillian was getting angry but knew she couldn't yell, although ungagged, if she screamed, being still tied, Angel could gag her in a heart beat. So she decided, as much as she hated to, to be honest.

"I-I-I, I liked them all. That first guy, dayum, that was a monster cock, it hurt at first, then he came and came and when you licked it off, that was a hell of an orgasm," Jillian said, not believing she was being this dayum honest.

Angel smiled and kissed her and told her, "I want to hear more."

When Anthony fucked me, I had never been fucked in anger. Dayum, his fast thrusting, made me cum several times before he came and God, Angel, that tongue of yours down there, I had never been eaten before, shit," she explained, "I should be angry but I never had as many orgasms in an hour nor had as hard of orgasms as I did,shit!," she said.

Angel gave her a long,long kiss and Jillian responded with a kiss of her own. "Now, they will be back anytime honey, so the gag goes back in," Angel said, kissing her lightly.

The three returned with beer and pop. Anthony removed the gag and let her drink a coke, with the condition that if she screamed he'd hurt her.

His girlfriend told him everything Jillian said. He never untied her, but left off the gag so he could hear her moan and the three men and four women repeated their sexual acts with Jillian well into the early morning. Then untied her and Angel helped her in the shower, the two showered, kissing often, and Jillian lay down, telling the four as they left, "stay in touch, please," she smiled. "I needed that. I am sorry for the pain I caused you."

Anthony smiled, thinking, "mission accomplished, knowing this performance would be hard to repeat.

Jillian, fucked thoroughly while tied and gagged, was sexually satisfied and slept until Jerry returned at noon, explaining his friend was ok and the two fucked with a passion, never finding about Jillian's experience.

About every three or four months now, Jillian travels to what she tells Jerry is a "teacher's conference," and renuites with Anthony, Tyson,Joey and Angel,and always returns home horny as hell and practically r*pes her husband!

Before their first reunion with Jillian Anthony asked Angel, "did my grudge go too far?"

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