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Great Conference!!!

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We had been in hte lifestyle for several years , but after my husband retired from the military we moved to the south. Me being from South America I kind of stuck out. I finally got a job working for a military group as an administrator. I worked pretty much alone in an office and had guys come in constantly and flirt with me or should i say they flirted with my 44d boobs. I would tell hubby about it and we would have wild sex he encouraged me to dress slutty and play solo with them if i wanted.At training one day Jeff kept flirting with me and brushing up against me. Well the day went on until the evening, so he asked me out to dinner I called my husband and he said have fun. of course we ended up having sex which is another story as we did i let him know we were in the lifesytle. He also asked if I had done any blacks and i said of course which turned him on, he said it made me more slutty.I told him that hubby calls me his little whore, and to keep quiet about our encounter and he would be pleased often.

About six months had past and we had a big conference out of town and of course Jeff would be there. Throughout the week several guys were being extremly nice paying for everything leaving me small gifts, so i got nervous that Jeff had let out our seceret. The last night we had a dinner so I called home and let him know what had been happening during the week, all he said was put on your sexy dress and have a good eveing he didnt care with who as long as i told him the details!He said he would be having fun thining of Jeff cumming inside of me then we laughed and said good bye. I put on a short black dress with a large slit in the side and a sheer white thong so I could flash Jeff or others at will. I went with no bra which is unusual because i have very large nipples that are clearly visiable through any fabric.

Well other than a little flashing and some wide smiles the night was uneventful. Jeff walked off with a couple of other guys so being disappointed I went back to my room.As soon as I closed the door there was a knock. It was Jeff he said he and his friends had a suprise for me then he kissed me. I said i would be down in a second. I closed the door nervous and excited as hell! I called hubby and told him there may be three men there and he was fine with it. As i got to the room Jeff immediately took my hand and pulled me in I quickly noticed there was five other guys there!I got extremely nervous now these were all co workers Jeff quickly got me some shots and started dancing with me he started felling me up as the others started paying more attention to us. He whispered to me to relax and be a good whore that he and our friends were going to give me a fucking to remember, I almost came with just that i was so hot now , I had never had more than 3 at one time.Another guy Dan came behind ne and said jeff shouldnt be having all the fun the others laughed.I could feel both of their hard cocks presing against me Jeff tried to pull donw the top of my dress but I quickly pulled it up all i Heard was moans then. Then Jeff kissed me and again pulled down my top this time I left it and my tits just fell out with this encouragement Dan reached around and slid my dress up and quicly put his hand inside my panties before I could resist. He shouted out she is wet as hell all the guys laughed and I noticed their clothes quickly were coming off. Jeff took out his cock and put my hand on it , then I went to my knees and the guys started cheering as I took Jeff's large cock in my mouth and began sucking it as good as I could , then I felt Dans cock and took turns sucking and stoking them both. Dan quicky came in my mouth an this got the bunch realy going I was lifed up and set on the bed. Jeff removed my panites I still had my dress bunched around my waist and he put his dick inside me , I came quickly and he followed shortly shooting his cum all over me. Then John moved in and started licking me and i had two new cocks beside my mouth. I was sucking on Tim and and Ricky now. and John began to fuck me. John started cumming. Then Ricky laid next to me and told be to come climb on his dick as soon as John pulled out. I did as told and his dick was almost ten inches and felt so good. as I rode him I continued to suck Tims dick. Then Mike came over and tried to put it in my ass with a little rearranging I was now being filled in all trhee wholes and it felt so good. Tim started to pull out my mouth and i just pulled him bakc in and took all his hot cum the guys were loving it now. They continued to rotate for about the next two hours I was soked with cum and probably had at least six loads in my mouth.I was wore out and Jeff came back on top of me for his thirds or fourths, as he was fucking me he said we are not done yet. I looked around and the others looked wore out and tired. I said I think we are done. As he finished a knock came and he said no your my whore tonight and the show is about to began. I was tired but liked being dirty and this had to be the dirtiest ever for me. Jeff answered the door and two big black guys came in. He introduced me as his whore and told them they could use me as they watched. Darrell and Marcus cmae over to me and took off thier clothes. they were massiveboth were close to 12 inches with Marcus being a little larger and thicker. Darrell said slut you better get on your knees and suck some black cock.I crawled out of bed as i moved i could feel cum running out of my pussy and ass, I took in their cocks alternating between the two I suddenly got a rush I had never had two big cocks at the same time.Darrell held my head and jammed his cock in as far as he could get it I could taste his precum. I continued to suck them until they moved me on the bed Marcus started to fuck me first as i still sucked Darrell. Marcus pounded me and shot his cum deep inside of me, then Darrell said now that he filled that pussy up he was going to fill my ass up. I thought no way he would get that big thing in there but he did with ease there was so much cum already in there he slid right in. I began to shake an quiver as I came I had never felt my ass stretched like that before! Then he quickly pulled out and told me to suck it. I dont normally do that but what the hell I was already a whore after what had happened and I greedly took it in my mouth and sucked it until he came. They both played wioth me a little longer then casually got up and left. I felt dirty slutty and sore as hell. Jeff just wrapped a sheet around me and walked me to my room. He slept there with me. The next day still sore as hell I checked out and saw Marcus at the front desked he just smiled and helped me to my car and said I would be welcome back anytime. Five days later I got a package at work it was a DVD of that night and a lot of money with a note that said now your my whore too so go buy some sexy clothes for me and the boys thanks Jeff. It took me a long time to tell my husband everything but now we watch it regularly when we have sex and even had some of our lifesytle friends watch it with us. Thanks to all for a greta night!

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