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Girls night out (cuckold)

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My wife Tina and I have been in the lifestyle now for a few years, and to behonest I just love it when she gets fucked by other men and then comes home to me and I get to fuck her wet sloppy pussy. We go out in our little town to the bars and scope out men for her to be with, and for the past couple of months there has been this young guy, Jim, that she is very interested in and has been the subject of many fantasies. A few weeks back I sent her out on her own one Saturday night to see if Jim was out and if she could score another notch in her belt, I had no idea how big of a notch it would be.

She had been gone a few hours whenTina called, she said she was in the bathroom, Jim was the, but with three of his friends. She said he had been talking to her and buying her drinks all evening, hehad asked her to go with them to a party in a near by town, her, him and his three friends. Tina asked what she should do. I tyold her if she wanted to be alone with Jim, she should go and see what happens. Tina said she wanted to fuck Jim very much and since I was ok with it, she would go and not to wait up, she would wake me when she got home.

It was about 5:00 in the morning when Tina awakened me, she was still horney as hell and said she had one hell of a night. The story she told me had me so hard I thought I would explode before I would get the chance to fuck her.

She told me that they all got into the car and headed for the other town for the party, all the way tghere Jim had his hand on her thigh and she could tell hewas wanting more. The three other guys were all teasing him and her about being lovers and they should all get to watch. Once they all got to the party, they all got out and went into the houses back yard. Tina said there was alot of young people there, alot of booze and loud music. Now we are both in our early 50's and Jim and his friends are early thirties, but she said she had all their attention while they were there. After about an hour or so, the guy driving suggested they all head back. Once in the car they hit a country road and got out some beer. Jim had all the courage he needed. Tina said that she was in the back between Jim and one of his friends, a very cute friend. As soon as they hit the country road, jim started kissing Tina very deaply and then but his hand on her titty, while he was doing this Tina said she could feel his friends hand on her thigh, and he started massaging her thigh up and down. She didn't care, he was cute and she was very turned on. As Jim kept kissing her and playing with her tits, now inside her shirt and bra, his friend was getting more and more forward, working his way up to were hes was rubbing her pussy through her jeans. The guy driving anounced that they were out of beer and his house wasn't far, they would stop here and get more.

Once they stopped at the friends house, Tina had to go to the bathroom, Ji followed her in. She told me she undid her pants and sat down on the toilet, Jim came over, unaipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Tina said he had about a seven inch cock, but it was very thick, she took him into her mouth and began to suck him as she sat there taking a pee. After a few mintues Jim said they better get back, he pulled his cock back and stuffed it back into his pants. Tina started to zip up her pants, Jim said to leave them unzipped, the guys will get a kick out of it, she did and they went into the living room. It didn't take long before the guys noticed Tina's pants un done, Jim laughed and reached into her open jeans and start to finger her pussy. Tina said Jim was behind her so she just closed her eyes, leaned her head back and enjoyed the finger treatment. Jim fingered her for a litttle bit then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and her panties down to her ankles, by this time she didn't care she figure her wanted to show off a little, but what happened next was almost enough to make her cum and me too. As she stood there with her eyes closed and Jims fingers penetraiting her wet hole, she felt several more hands on other parts of her body. Jim's friends had all come over and started to explore her with their hands, this sent waves of excitement all over her. After a few minutes they started to pull her cloths off of her, she didn't resist, and within seconds she was standing there with four guys stark naked.

Tina said it didn't take long and all four of the guys had their clothes off and led her into one of the bedrooms. I asked her if she tried to resist, she said she was so turned on that she wanted them to do anything to her. Once in the bedroom, they lay her on the bed and all rubbed her body from top to bottom. Then Jim went down and started to eat her pussy, as he did the others got up by her face so she could take their cocks in her mouth and hands. After Tina came with Jim eating her, he got her up on all fours where she could still suck the other guys cocks, one at a time, and he entered her from behind. He pumped into her for several minutes until he grunted and shot his load deep into my wife's pussy. Whgen he pulled out she said you guys can have her now. One of his frinds layed down and told Tina to ride his cock, so she strattled him and lowered herself down onto his cock, about a eight inch cock and hard as a rock. She no sooner start to move on his cock with a good rythm, when she felt another one of Jim's friend behind her put the head of his cock to her asshole. Tina is not big on anal sex but she said she was so turned on she wanted to do everything to her. She said she about came instantly when she felt his cock enter her ass, she said it hurt a little but the pleasure was way more than the pain. Now the guy in her pussy and the guy in her ass move in sequence and she could fell the prgasm building fast in her. She said as soon as she was about to cum, the guy in her pussy grunted and shot his load into her and just a few seconds later she could feel the guy in her ass shoot his load into her too. As soon as they finished, the fourth guy rolled her over and plunged his cock into her sloppy cum filled pussy. Tina said it was just a matter of second until he too was adding his load to her allready over flowing pussy. Tina then said Jim got between her legs again and the four guys all took turns with her two more times.

By the time they got her home, where I could add my load to her wet, red, and very sore pussy, the sun was about to come up. Tina has gone out with the four friends a couple of times since then and she said the last time they asked her if she would be up for a few more of their frinds sometime, it only gets better!

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