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Gang fucked. How I got my wish.

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I was at the health club and just finished my shower when I walked back to my locker. There was a young man at the locker next to mine. He smiled and so did I. He then asked about my workout. I said it was good, was his? Yes he replied and then he asked if I was horny? He was smiling and looking at my cock. My cock was still soft but I must say it was on the verge of getting hard.

Talk about being shocked. I was drying my hair and stopped and said, “Why do you ask?”

He said because most guys cover up and I didn’t when we started to talk. He said he is Bi and figured I was too. He then said I had a nice body.

Now this guy is about 22 and I am 55. So I am really surprised at the whole scene.

I finally said as a matter of fact I am horny. But then again I am always horny.

He asked if I was bi and I admitted that I have done some bi activity in my past and always wanted to do it again.

He suggested his place, which was nearby. I said okay and away we went.

I followed him to his apt. We went up to the third floor. It was a nice place. Totally a bachelor pad with big screen TV and a Wi set up on the coffee table.

As soon as he closed the door he turned and dropped to his knees and started to undo my pants. He slid them down and pulled my boxers down also. Out sprang my half stiff cock. He then stroked it with his right hand and lifted it to his lips. He kissed it on the tip then all over it. He was making love to my cock. He licked it and kissed down to my balls. He then took my hard cock in his mouth and sucked me better then I ever had before. He stopped when he sensed I was close to coming.

He stood and quickly stripped all his clothes off. He is 5’ 5” about 150lbs and completely hairless except his blond hair cut short on his head. His cock was sticking up at a 45-degree angle like only a young man can accomplish. His body looked very nice and I couldn’t wait to taste his small but nice cock. His cock was 5” and thin. Perfect for sucking.

He led me to the couch and he sat down. I kneeled between his legs and then placed one hand on his balls and one on his cock. I then lowered my head to his cock. I did what he did. I kissed his cock and licked the shaft from tip to balls. I placed each ball in my mouth, first one then the other. I then licked my way back to the cock head and began to suck him as I massaged his balls. I went all the way down taking his cock down my throat. I then bobbed my head up and down and fucked his cock with my mouth. I slipped my hand between his legs. He lifted up and I found his young asshole. I used some spit to lube him up then slipped my finger in his ass. It was not tight. He was relaxed and my figure went all the way in. I found his prostate and rubbed it causing him the groan. He then stiffened up. His ass clinched my finger, his cock swelled up, his balls pulled up and he shot a powerful blast of hot boy cum that slammed into the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed. I drove my finger deep into his ass fucking him with it as hard as I could and then the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th shots of creamy hot spunk erupted. I took it all and in one big swallow I drank his wonderful cum down. I kept sucking him and fucking his ass until he started to go soft. I then pulled away and kissed his cock all over.

I then sat next to him until he regained his composer. He got up and fixed us both a beer. As we were drinking our beer there was a knock on the door. He got up, checked the peephole and opened the door. In walked 4 guys. I grabbed for my pants when one guy said hey you would not need them for a while.

All guys quickly stripped. They stood in front of me in a semi-circle. Cocks out and hands stroking them. I found out later Jim, the first guy, called them as we were heading to his apt. I was in for a gangbang!

One of my biggest fantasies was to be gang fucked by young men. I was about to get my wish.

They told me to suck their cocks and do it well. I looked at them all. Each guy was well built. Hard bodies. Young dumb and full of cum as they say.

I took the one on the left. He was 6” and avg. in girth. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck. He started to grunt and soon was coming like a fire hydrant. I drank it down and moved to the next. He was bigger. 7 ½ “ and thick. I stroked his cock as I sucked for all I was worth. He lasted only about a minute and he shot. His cum was salty and very thick. But I swallowed it down also. Then the next was thin and 6” and very smooth. I liked the way his cock just slid past my lips and down my throat. I sucked him and finger fucked his ass. He stiffened up and rewarded my efforts with the sweetest cum I ever tasted. The last guy was so worked up that pre-cum was dripping out and reaching the floor. I grabbed his cock and kissed the tip when he blasted his hot creamy load on my lips, nose, cheeks and forehead. The others laughed but I just opened my mouth and sucked him getting any cum left.

Then I was told to get on the floor on my hands and knees. I knew what was next. Jim moved behind me. He licked my ass and then my asshole. Then inserted a finger in my asshole. He pulled out and squirted K-Y on my hole. He smeared it on his cock then shoved in till he was balls deep. Good thing he is small. He fucked me for 15 minutes. One of the guys was ready again and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked his as I was being fucked. The others were jerking off and getting hard again.

Jim said here it comes. He slammed in me very hard and then shot his cum deep in my ass. I felt the warm flow as he pumped his cum in my virgin ass.

He pulled out with a pop and another cock took his place. He fucked me for only 5 minutes when he announced he was coming. He shot his load in me as well. The guy I was sucking then moved around and shoved his cock in me. The last guy who shot on my face put his cock in my mouth. They got in a rhythm and each was fucking me, one in the mouth and one in the asshole. The guy in my ass shot off and dumped his load in my well-fucked ass. Then the guy I was sucking said he wanted my ass also. I was tired so I lay on my back and rose up my legs and offered my ass to him.

He positioned himself between my legs. He put my ankles on his shoulders and lined up his cock. He slipped his cock in my wide-open asshole and drove it deep. He started to fuck me with slow deep strokes. He then surprised me by reaching out for my cock. He stroked my cock at the same pace as he was fucking me. I was close and so was he. I screamed out. My balls pulled up. My cock swelled to the biggest I ever saw it. He shot his load in my ass and I blew my hot load out at the same time. My cum shot out so far it landed on my face. I had cum all over my face. In my mouth, nose, eyes, everywhere.

Each guy wanted me to suck them again. I said as long as someone sucks me. Every guy said he would at the same time. We laughed. I did suck each guy and they all shot their cum down my throat. Two guys also fucked my ass again. Each guy sucked me and then I shot my load in Jim’s mouth. He swallowed his first load but I’m sure it won’t be his last.

We agreed it was a great day. My ass was sore for several days. As I walked around town I could feel the tingle in my ass and it reminded me of my first gangbang / gang-fuck.

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